One week post op- LOVE my new boobs- stitches out today.

Hello All! This site has been so incredibly...

Hello All! This site has been so incredibly helpful so far and I am so thank ful for it. I am a 32 year old wife and mother of 2, 2 and 4 years old. 5'7" 123# (working on getting back to my pre-baby 118!). I am very athletic in personality and build and being active is super important to me. Long story short, I have been a small 34B my entire life and it never bothered me. This was how God made me and I was cool with that. Being a runner, I looked at breasts as being extra fat and was in no need to have larger bobbies. Well fast forward after breast feeding both of my children- each for an entire year- and my 34B is now a deflated 34/4 AA. I was up to a beuatiful full C when I was breast feeding and I absolutely loved it. Now, I know I am an AA because I was formally sized at Vickies recently and left crying :(
Anywho...I am an extremely confident (not cocky, but confident) person. I work with the public and have to do public speaking frequently. I never in a million years would have thought this issue with my body would bother me this much. I have always cared about my appearance and been involved in some sort of work out routine, but had always thought it was vain to have work done. Not no more!
Approx 8 months ago I started hitting my work out routine again hard, trying to get that extra baby weight off. It was then I really started to notice that what little I had was reducing even further. I really started to feel undesirable, and we all know how well that goes over in the bed room. My husband is super into me and super sweet and knew something was up. I, in my mind and to him, played it off that it was the little extra weight, but finally after a long chat that he prompted, broke down and told him how much the loss of my breasts was affecting me. He was stunned and really had no idea that I felt the way I did. His immediate response was "Then we fix it...I do not want you feeling this way about yourself." I literally almost fell over. What?? I thought. He was giving me permission to get a boob job? I really was stunned that we were even talking about this issue. And I was even more shocked that he was so, lets go for it! So, that night I started researching local surgeons and found a wonderful doc with tons of experience and really good photos. Schedule a consultation and just loved him. Very caring, spent a lot of time with me explaining the procedure, implants types, size, etc. So....I called later that day and booked my surgery...eeeeeek!!!! Holy crap I still cannot believe I am doing this!

So, what I would love some feedback on is size. You lovely ladies can see my stats. My goal is to be a FULL B/Small C. Not a D. I can't go there. I do not want anyone to notice that I have had this done. I am already prepping with a VS bombshell bra and trying to make them look larger with different tops etc., but I do not want the fam to know. This will just be kept between my husband and I. I tried on the 275cc, 300cc and the 325cc. the doc likes the 325s but I was more into the 300s. Could be I'm just scared of too much change, but I want a favorable result, and with very little breast tissue left, I don't want to regret not going big enough. If anyone with similar stats can give some advice, pls do!

I am also concerned about recovery. My surgery is on a thursday morning and I plan to be back to work on Monday. Is that realistic? I am also very worried about being mommy and not lifting on my kiddos. The pain does not scare me. 2 babies, no pain meds, hurt like hell, but I survived. So I know I can get through this.

I am also struggling a bit with the guilt of spending the money on myself. My husband is totally fine with it! He says I work hard, and take great care of my family so I deserve to do something for myself, but it still is hard to swallow that I am going to spend this money on body parts. :)
Any thoughts or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories. It has really helped me accept and go forward with doing this for myself.

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Forgot to mention, my PS recommends silicone...

Forgot to mention, my PS recommends silicone unders as I have very little breast tissue. Not sure about profiles, but I have pre-op on March 21, so I'm sure we will discuss that then. Very torn between the 300cc and 325cc. Similar stats, pls let me know what size you ended up. Thank you!


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You'd spend more than that on a car, right? I think body parts are more important than cars. Just think of it as your hot rod. :)

I hope you'll continue to keep us updated throughout your journey!

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And I love that analogy!! Thank you for that.

All you ladies out there that had A cup breast b4...

All you ladies out there that had A cup breast b4 surgery and decide don 325s to 350 cc's:
1.) do you wish you went larger?
2.) what size did you achieve?
Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you thank you ladies!!


My surgery is scheduled for April 17th which makes me sad...b/c I'm ready for it, but not. I am not sure on size my PS stated he would not go anymore than 300cc, he also chose high profile silicone submuscular (he administers a pain pump which lets of a medication similar to lidicaine, it last for 4 days) I am excited for this but would like to know anyones expirences....which i am not for certain on the silicone...but it does feel so much better. I too am 31- 3 kids all nursed from my 34A bra size. I am just wanting a natural, non bothersome size so I have even been thinking of 200-250cc....I am so happy to hear your story. keep us posted on the awesomeness to come :)
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All you ladies who had an A cup and chose 300-325cc's, a couple of questions: 1.) Do you wish you went larger? 2.) Have people noticed your breast augmentation?
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The only people who knew about my surgery were my hubby, my mom & sister. I had a repair of another scar, from melanoma on my right breast, done at the same as my BA. (The other Dr did a terrible job, ive always hated how it looked!) My dad was here almost every day taking care of my 2 yr old, he thinks it was because of the scar surgery! He has NO idea I had the BA! My 10 year old didn't until my 15 year old blabbed, & that was 2 weeks after! And I got 400cc.

Hello ladies. I am agonizing over the appropriate...

Hello ladies. I am agonizing over the appropriate size!! I keep going back and forth between the 300s and 325s. I really wish I could go to my doctors office and try on the sizers again before my pre-op, which is March 21st. I am relentlessly looking at photos of women with similar stats. Uh...such a big decision! What I know, is that I am going with silicone, unders. I guess I will have to wait until the 21st to completely decide :( Hope all you post op ladies are feeling great!


Ok, so we are a LOT a like. I never really wanted to go that big, but my dr encouraged me to try the 350 sizers, even though I really wasn't wanting that big. I HAVE been wearing major bras to prep so people don't notice too! Lol! Two things my best friend says ( we decided on BA together this year! She JUST had hers done 6 days ago) 1. She's 5'9 120 and went 400cc. (I almost flipped when she said her size! But you really would never guess 400cc!) 2. She's active, we ran track in college together 3.) she has NOT bought any new clothes or had any change in appearance besides looking naturally perky/full/cleavage. 4. Her words: you wear these big padded bras that push up and add fullness and then it's like where the padding is, you have breasts now! It's not too much of a difference according to her, just now she has boobs instead if push-ups. The only way you can tell she had it done is if you see her naked or in a skimpy bra. That was hugely reassuring to me bc I work with junior high kids, and don't want any nosy inquisitives questions or wonderings!
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Oh my gosh that us do refreshing to hear! I am really thinking 325 will be the way to go for me but we shall see. I'm not sure about profile either yet. Thinking about trying to get in earlier for my prep do I have some more time to decide. I really trust my doc though, and will go with his suggestions. His photos at every natural looking and he has 30 years experience. He is recommending the 325 as well.
I'm trying to decide around that too, maybe even 275 just cause I don't wanna go that big! Did your ps recommend which profile? Mine said hp but I'm afraid of having a huge gap so when I see him for my 3rd consult this week lol I'm going to ask about mod+
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1.) Kicking my A$$ at the gym. 2.) Drinking a TON...

1.) Kicking my A$$ at the gym.
2.) Drinking a TON of water.
3.) Ordering the arnica and some comfy sports bras.
4.) Buying a few extra button up shirts for work if I have difficulty raising my arms up overhead (my surgery is Thursday and I plan to return to work Monday).

Any other suggestions post op ladies?


Oh also, I wear the target 2x bra (which is like the bombshell) with the silicone inserts so ppl already think I'm kinda "big" still tho, the shape of them might be totally different. I'm a pastors wife so my biggest concern is ppl in the church :( ppl can be so judgmental unfortunatly!
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Hello! You should check out my profile it seems that some things are pretty similar! I also have my pre op Mar 21st :) also, agonizing over size as well as NO ONE is to find out :/ I have a 1 and 2 yr old and that also concerns me. AND we aren't that far from each other haha I'm deciding what I should be doing to be preparing for surgery...check out maggie2013ba posts she has a list of dos and donts :) it's pretty helpful!!
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My only advice is don't get caught up on ccs .. they are different for everyone. I can easily hide my 36D's .. I didn't need new clothes and with a suit on or my gym clothes you cannot tell I have anything done much less 457ccs in my boobies! For you tall ladies, 400 ccs will be like nothing!  (I'm 5'2) I love my size and even wish I went bigger.  I kind of thought I would need a whole new wardrobe LOL!  Turns out I don't but all of my clothes just fit better.  I figure if I am going through this pain and recovery I want it to be worth it.  Unless someone sees you naked or you wear something REALLY revealing or skin tight no one is going to say anything and no one will have the balls to actually ask you with all of the special push up bras on the market. :) xoxo

Hi Ladies- Wow, I have such a mixed bag of...

Hi Ladies-

Wow, I have such a mixed bag of emotions, and that is not my norm. Pretty low key, steady, can handle anything. Low drama lady. That's how I roll. But, I am going from anxious to excited, to scared, and then a bit sad. Weird! I keep looking in the mirror with just my sportsbra, then put my rice sizers in, then just sports I really need to do this??? Any every time I take the sizers out, I am like wow.....I have no boobs and actually feel slightly deformed. I have to do this. I have decided on the 325cc, but need to decide on my incision. I am really thinking more towards the armpit incision. Would any of you lovely ladies that chose this operative procedure please let me know how you are doing??
I have been kicking my butt at the gym, doing the spartacus workout, watching my diet closely and drinking a ton of water. Want to be top notch for this procedure and may actually be putting a bit too much pressure on myself to get back to my pre baby weight. This is yet another reason why I am super excited for boobs, and maybe you other thinner ladies can relate?? I feel like because my boobs are small, I have to make the rest of my body appear proportionate. Kind of hard bc I have a booty! Excited to be proportional and let go of some of that pressure.
Thank you all for your support, and feedback. It is so greatly appreciated. 2 weeks to my pre-op. 3 weeks to a new me! Exciting!!


I had the armpit incision. I am very glad not to have scars on my actual breasts. My incision is healing well (I am 2 months post op). They say that with the armpit incision it takes longer to heal but I didn't think it was that bad for me. I took a week off work and I was fine by the time I went back. My ps did say that dropping tends to be slower with the armpit incision but I also had tight tissues (no kids) so that is a factor as well. I am very happy I chose the armpit incision
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Thank you for the feedback!! Glad you are healing well and on the other side of things!

Hello ladies! Sorry I have not posted in some...

Hello ladies! Sorry I have not posted in some time, been very busy nesting around here. Trying to get everything wrapped up before surgery, which is 13 days away!!! We've been cleaning, painting, carpeting at the house, organizing, purging, and most importantly, cooking and freezing meals. I am totally ready for this, mentally, and physically. The only thing I am still unsure of is the incision. I am not sure if I want to go with the armpit or below the breast. I want the armpit incision so that my scars are not visible, but what I have read is that the incision below the breast has less risk of capsular contracture. HELP!! Anyway, I am going with the 325cc implants for a large B, small C. Can not wait to be on the other side of this and healing. My pre-op in next thursday. I'll let you ladies know how it goes! Hope everyone is healing well! :)


Looking forward to watching your journey. I am also having a size crisis. Was sure about 360, but now I think I am moving towards 300 or 325. Just don't want to be too big. I am going with a crease incision, silicon unders.
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Oh my gosh this is really starting to set in!! I...

Oh my gosh this is really starting to set in!! I am so excited/ nervous for tomorrow. I keep going back and forth between sizes!! 300 vs 325cc. My wish pic is a girl exactly my height, weigh and with the same pre-op breast tissue, she has 300cc and looks perfect! So now I'm back leaning towards the 300. But have to decide on profile. Bottom line, my surgeon is very experienced, and I trust him. So I will go with what he recommends. Well ladies, I will upload some pics from the office with my sizers. It's happening!


Hey there! We look a lot alike in appearance I believe!? I'm 33, 5'4" and 125lbs. I am feeling exactly the same as you with size. I liked the way the 375cc looked at my consult, so we have tentatively decided on 400cc silicone unders. However; I am very much like you, in that I do not want to look fake and just want to be proportionate. I'm now thinking 400cc will be too big. I want a mid-full C. My PS said he will not go any more than 400cc on me anyway. My surgery is scheduled for April 26. I'm going through the exact same emotions/hesitancies that you are as well. I'm looking forward to following your journey!! :)
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Size is so hard. I went from 300 to 350, then 375 and then realized I just had boob envy and am back to 300. I'm a runner, just want fullness and nothing big. Feel good about 300 now. Nerves are what is taking over my life right now. They are awful!
Wow, when I read your story it sounds so much like me. All your fears, size issues, etc. I've decided on 300 moderate plus profile mentor silicone unders. Feel so much better now that I decided. I know that they say that most wish they would have gone bigger, but i dont think that will ever be me. I never wanted big boobs, just want to fill upmwhat inused to have. Large B, small C. I wish I was only a week away. I have three to go! It's so stressful. You are going to look fantastic after! Can't wait to see your progress.
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Omg I am really doing this!!!! I am super excited,...

Omg I am really doing this!!!! I am super excited, slightly anxious and driving my husband NUTS! He officially told me no more boob talk til Thursday...haha. He has been a trooper for the past 4 months, so no complaints here. Anyway, tomorrow morning at 8:00am I have my sono/mammography. Then pick up all my scripts, then to work. Wednesday, work, then drop the kids off to my family for an overnight as we have to leave the house my 7:30 to be at the PS office by 8:30 am.

At my pre-op last Thursday, I decided on the 325s, mod profile, unders, crease incision. This is what my PS recommends for the look I want and I have to trust him on that. So there is no backing out now. Praying for a quick recovery, God's protection as I will be under twighlight anasthetia, which I am very thankful for! No intubation. Well, by my next post I will have new boobs! Pray for me ladies.


Hey u are almost on the other side girl ! Good luck !! Can't wait to see the after ;))
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Good luck! You will be just fine! As for size that's all up to you! Mine was a huge secret, I didn't tell anyone and so far no one has noticed! I was like you I wore extremely padded bras, now I don't need them! Feeling guilty for spending money on this is very natural! I had a real hard tone with that part but then again you need to treat yourself every once in a while! It shows you are a good mom because you are feeling that way! Me and my PS talked about sizes ranging from 350-400, he brought sizers in the OR so he could choose what looked the best. While he was marking me up I told him to use his judgement as to what looked the best, he ended up going with 450. I couldn't be happier with the size! I love it!
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Good luck on Thursday!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!
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Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for all of your...

Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words! Here is how the day went. The night prior I took my antibiotic and anti-nausea patch. Not food or drink after 12. I opted not to take the xanax. I am not an anxious person, and I hate taking meds. We arrived at the PS office around 8:15. They brought me back at about 8:30 and started my IV. My PS uses twighlight sedation, so the next thing I remember is the blue curtain going up and I remember saying "Ouch" a few times throughout the procedure, but it was other wise super easy. I was in recovery by 11:00 and out the door by 12:15. Everything went very well. Took my hydrochodone in the car on the way home. Immediately went for the couch. Gingerale and crackers were going well but I just through all that up :( I can't even think about eating anything. Anyway. my boobs are hard as rocks. And bandaged pretty tight, but I can tell they are going to be great! Once the swelling subsides and I get out of this ace bandage. I have my post op tomorrow at 1:30 and will get my first peak! I wont bore you with pics of me in the bandage. There really is nothing to see. Just been handing out of the couch all day and taking my pain meds every 3 hrs. My nurse actually just had hers done at the end of January, and she told me for at least the first 2 days to take them. She feels great at 2 months post op, so that was encouragement! Well, I'll give you ladies a peak tomorrow. Going to try and keep down some applesauce. Have a good night and happy healing everyone!!


congrats! Can't wait to see how they turned out. Looking forward to more updates when you are up to it.
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Yay! Congrats! Welcome to boobville :) Rest, update soon.
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Hello Ladies! Yes it is 3:45 am and I am sitting...

Hello Ladies! Yes it is 3:45 am and I am sitting updating, but I woke up to go potty and now I am wide awake. I am doing really great. I am off the hydrochodone completely, just taking tylenol. Saw the PS yesterday. They put me in sports bra and gave me the ok to shower. Everything looks good, and I go back in one week to get my stitches out. Overall, this experience has been very easy, but again I do have a high pain tolerance. I do feel discomfort at my sternum and definitely pulling in my chest if I am overdoing it. I have not lifted the kids at all, and thankfully we are managing quite well. My husband has been amazing, He brought all of his work home for the past 2 days and now has to work from home tomorrow too as he obviously has not been as productive, but I love the fact that he is willing to do so. Things I can not do- open my pill bottles, carry anything heavier than 2 lbs, lift my arms overhead. My implants are still like rocks and quite high, but they look good so far. Again, 1 got 325cc mod plus unders, and I am all of a 34c right now, but I may be a small c when they drop and swelling goes down. I am totally fine with that. Just waiting for them to get out of my arm pit! Well thank you all for your support! Hope my pics are helpful and please if you have any questions ladies that are waiting to go under, don't hesitate to ask!


I need to hit the gym. Glad your doing so well they look great.
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Thank you so much. They are still hard as rocks, but slowly softening and dropping.
Your pics look great! I'm getting close to the same size, so good to see how they look. Glad you are doing well so soon. You're inspiring and I hope mine goes this well.
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Wow, I really feel great today. I was super tired...

Wow, I really feel great today. I was super tired yesterday and was really worried that I would struggle through the day at work, but I did not! I made it through the day, business as usual, and no one knew I had just had my BA. I wore a slightly baggy , peasant style top and a cute scarf, something I would normally wear anyway, and no one was giving me the once over. I took (1) ibuprofen pill today for pain in the am. I am getting some very light sharp pains in the L breast, but only if I am overdoing it. My breast are definitely softening. Dropping very slightly. I'm no longer icing, just following my precautions. I see my PS again on Thursday to get my stitches out. Hoping to start my massages. So far, this has been an easy experience and totally worth it. I already feel SO much better about my body. Best money ever spent! The husband is loving them too! Can't wait to go bra shopping and summer clothes shopping! For now, I'm in my trusty zip up sports bra :) Hope all you PO ladies are healing well :)

Oh, questions, once these babies drop and fluff will them be larger? I'm a full C cup now.

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Ladies that have dropped and fluffed, did your...

Ladies that have dropped and fluffed, did your breast size increase? Right now I am measuring a 32D by vickie's standards, which I know runs small, and am wondering if these babies are going to project more/ increase in size when they drop? Thank you thank you for all your support! My one week post op is tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes! :)


They look amazing! I am looking to get mine done too and I am also base in NY. May I ask the name of your doctor who performed the surgery? I also don't want to go too big, I am very petite myself. I am very nervous!
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Thank you! Are you down state? I am way upstate

Hello lovely ladies. I had my one week post op...

Hello lovely ladies. I had my one week post op today. PS says everything looks great. Had my stitches removed. HAve to stay tight n the sports bra and push breast towards one another to stretch my tissues. Other than that, he wants me wearing the band at night time, but can already see that they are dropping :) I am loving my new boobs! Best money ever spent and so happy I did this. Thank you all for your encouragement and for all of you who responded to my endless questions! I will post a new pic soon!


You look great!! I'm in Syracuse and similar to your size. What Dr did your surgery? I appreciate any info you can offer. I'm calling this week to schedule some consults.
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You look great! Thanks for all the info, your posts are so helpful!! :) I'm having surgery this thur am & am planning to return to work Monday, so I was especially excited to read that you did well returning to work so quickly!! Congrats!!!
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Looks good!
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