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Issues with Botox Wearing off Quickly and Subsequent Injections Not Working

I am 39 and had my first botox treatment in Nov....

I am 39 and had my first botox treatment in Nov. 2009. I was given 30 units to treat frown lines and horizontal forehead lines (20 units for 11's and 10 units for horizontals).

I started to feel the effect of the botox after 3 days and the full effect within a week. I was very pleased with the results with the exception of the areas above my outer eyebrows. It seemed he had missed these areas as my outer eyebrows had a hyper-extended appearance. I went back to my doctor 2 weeks later and he injected these areas. Within a few days, the problem was fixed and I was VERY pleased with the overall result of the botox. I was wrinkle-free and truly amazed at what the botox could do.

However, only 5 weeks later I began to feel the botox wearing off and the wrinkles and movement returned, particularly on my horizontal lines and slightly, although not as much, on my 11's.

I went back to my doctor this past Mon. Jan 18 and was injected with another 20 units, broken down into 8 individual units of 2.5 each. He used four 2.5's on my 11's and the remianing four 2.5's on my horizontals. I am very discouraged because here I am 5 days later and there has been NO change whatsoever. I have just as much movement now as I did on Monday and I am wondering if this round of injections is going to work at all. I realize it can take up to a week to work, but that was not the case with my initial injections back in November where I at least started to feel the effects by day three.

Pros: The complete results were amazing. The botox really did erase my wrinkles and gave me a natural looking result.

Cons: Initial injections only lasted 5 weeks, and 'touch-up' to correct this issue didn't work at all. Very discouraged.

My doctor is reputable and supposedly 'the best'. I was very pleased with my initial result after some tweeking, but it only lasted 5 weeks. Now after being injected with another 20 units to fix that problem, it isn't working at all. I am very discouraged, because I loved what the botox could do and I am wondering why it only lasted 5 weeks initially and now this last 20 units on Monday isn't working at all???? Any input would be most appreciated.
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Botox is not my favorite for the 11's. There is no perfect treatment,but for mild cases, there are new techniques under development that truly improve skin elasticity. For deeper 11's, it is much harder to get a long term result. Botox success depends on accurate placement in the affected muscles, which can be difficult. It is possible you may have antibodies that affect your Botox result.
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For some reason I have the same problem and have with two different providers including a Harley Street specialist. I think I'm definitely in that unlucky group where it wears off quickly- however this is only really in my forehead/ My crows and frown have lasted a bit longer. I'm going to wait until the end of February when it's worn off completely and go again. The last time there was still a little effect from the previous botox and this can be a problem- I hear that you can over-do the botox which can make it become less effective. I seem to get the most problems either side of my forehead, above the brows- that's where I'm most expressive.. Anyway, good luck with it.
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You know there could be many reasons including that you may be one of the very few that it won't last on. This is only my opinion based on my experiance. Let it wear off all the way and the choose another provider letting them know about your first experiance and see what happens. My first provider was well known also-my second provider even knew of him. However, I got longer lasting results with the derm I use now.
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