AMAZED!! Giant joke nose is no more!

First off, my dr was always fantastic, attentive,...

First off, my dr was always fantastic, attentive, kind, and reassured me before surgery. My original nose is so bad that it's pretty much ruined an otherwise ok face. Anything would have to be better than that! It was hooked, droopy, bulbous, with flaring nostrils plus breathing difficulties and a deviated septum. In short, a nightmare of a nose.

Too early to tell the results, still look messed up and the cast will be on for two weeks for me, and not one.

May I just add though, while the operation went well according to my dr, the recovery has been hell. I feel like an invalid, can't wash my hair, can barely move and can only eat foods that I don't have to chew much.

The congestion is awful beyond nightmares and my body seriously had minor panic attacks when it discovered I couldn't breathe through the nose and switched to mouth breathing instead. Waking up at night is hell, mouth is so dry, and everything tastes like crap!

The plus side, even as messed up as I look, I can see the smaller and nicer shape of the nose even with the cast on. Also considerable swelling so too soon to tell too much. But I'm hopeful.

Don't be fooled, an open rhino-septoplasty is a GRUELLING operation (never EVER google pics of the actual operation, I did and nearly threw up, trust me, better just knowing you'll be asleep!) and while some may have an easy recovery period, with the amount of reconstruction I had done, this first week has been awful. And those nasal washes, UGH. I cringe every time I have to do one, it's horrible.

Fingers crossed for me that the results will be worth it.. I've hated my nose ever since it grew in awkwardly at age 14.. I'll have been happy to go through the pain if it looks the way it should have now.. Rather than the original which looks like someone stuck a big joke nose on my face!

So.. We wait. Update when I get the inner splints out in two days. (and you wouldn't believe how much I can't wait for that)!

Also - cost is inclusive of all fees. Actual procedure cost $9500.

Update - had the inner splints and stitches out...

Update - had the inner splints and stitches out yesterday, and those darn nurses, they avoid buzz-words like pain (to quote Brian Regan) but yeah, that hurt. One side a bit more so than the other.

On the plus side things seem to be healing well. The cast is still on for another week, and now it's starting to itch like hell (which I figure is good but damn!). The nostril asymmetry I noticed at the alar base is definitely improving, plus it does seem like the narrower side has been taped a bit more firmly so that could be a factor. But compared to when I first saw it, a drastic improvement.

The side incisions on the alar base have also healed cleanly without scarring (knock on wood) to my relief, and the width of my nose from the front was one of my biggest concerns.

I have a vague idea of the size now as opposed to before (funny how quickly we forget) and can't believe the difference even with a cast!

Nose still feels full and stuffy though my breathing is better. I'm using nose and mouth both to breathe. My recovery has only just started to turn around in the last few days, but I think it's been so bad due to the breathing concerns as well. I had my septum straightened, turbinates reduced, and a bone spur removed that had grown in one side to block the airway. That plus the extensive cosmetic work.

So.. Seven more days until the cast comes off. Here's hoping!

Cast off tomorrow- I'm both excited and nervous...

Cast off tomorrow- I'm both excited and nervous about 'the big reveal'!

This is the fifteenth day the cast has been on - I'd have liked to get it removed on day fourteen but my dr operates I think every day but mon and fri so.. I'm ok waiting until I can see him again to ask the questions I know I'll have.

Just over twenty four hours.. And I'll know. Yay and eek!

Oh well, at least the itching should stop!

Cast off today.. Still VERY swollen but I'm...

Cast off today.. Still VERY swollen but I'm amazed!!! I didn't think it could ever look like this! I was terrified going in to get the cast off but so worth ALL the pain! I'm so, so glad. My dr is a true artist!

Pics to follow soon!

Still more swollen in the front that I would like...

Still more swollen in the front that I would like - so I'll wait until that looks better before I post those! But the profile looks better already so here they are.

Ok, still swollen, but gone down enough I feel...

Ok, still swollen, but gone down enough I feel better posting front pics. So, here they are!

Ok, update time! The good and the not-so-good...

Ok, update time!

The good and the not-so-good.

The good:

The swelling has gone down a lot in front. And the itching at the sides of the nostrils (where I had the reduction) has FINALLY stopped. And it was truly torturous. The scarring is minimal, which is also a plus.

I LOVE my profile, it looks so cute now!

The bad:

I had steroid injections to help reduce the swelling, and also to get rid of the bump on the bridge which was trying to reform. While it got rid of the bump, there's now a slight dent there instead. However I let my dr know immediately as he said that might happen, and he injected that area with saline. In another week or so I'll know how it went.

I'll post new pics soon as it's been close to three months.
Name not provided

My doctor took the time to answer all my many questions no matter how silly or trivial. His staff are very caring and excellent. The hospital staff were incredible, I'm sure I wasn't the easiest of patients and they treated me with care and understanding. My doctor also specializes in noses/ENT. I think it really does make a difference as opposed to going with a general plastic surgeon (which I almost did).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fantastic.
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Hey ur nose looks great, has the swelling settled down now? Also what was Dr Marcells fee?
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Hey! Who was your surgeon? Looks great
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Hi Susy,

For me it was a difficult experience, but it was worth it. I now have the nose which I should have been born with, rather than the one I ended up with.

I didn't anticipate how difficult it'd be, but if I could go back, I'd still do it.

My advice is to do your research before you go ahead and see someone who specializes in noses, NOT just a general plastic surgeon.

Good luck, whatever you choose!
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Aww okay thanks! Just concerned I don't like they way it looks if I got it done but I don't think it could be worse than what it is now!
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i notice i had it done and love it everyday...especially my profile cause i had a hump nose. people i know very well even my best friend from childhood didnt notice it at first until i said something! i DO NOT regret it one bit even if it was really expensive. i have more confidence now. good luck!
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Hi everyone I'm waiting to hear if I'm getting nose job got meeting tomorrow. Iv wanted nose job for years have had a lot of nasty comments about my nose and I hate it! I have very low self esteem due to it. How does everyone feel after getting it done? Does anyone regret it? I'm scared that its not hat I expect and my kids are scared of bandages ect and the swelling as it will be noticable and people will know iv had it done. Susan :)
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Thanks :)

Still more swollen in front than I'd like and it doesn't feel normal yet.. But it's getting there and I can see a difference now, which is what I was hoping for!
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it looks sooooo good!!
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You're looking great! Thanks for posting your front pics!

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I can already tell that your results look amazing! Awesome!

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Hi There.
I am sure u read my post about my tip being big still after 2 months plus 1 week post tiplasty. U seem to post a lot and was wondering if you have any thoughts on the nose tip shrinking at 4 month post op? Has anyone had final results on their tip 2 1/2 month post op? My nose tip is big still and my doc said that I have 40 percent of swelling left to go in my tip. Do you think that would make a world of difference? I am venting on here as this looks like the place to vent.
I probably seem mental but just overly concerned.
Pls Advise on the swelling.
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I just sent you a personal message!


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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's still very swollen from the front! My tip is extremely swollen too - as are the insides of my nostrils and it doesn't feel like *my* nose yet. I can see the tops part of my nose is less swollen now...from what I hear the tip is the slowest to heal. And it feels strange!

When I got the cast off I was THRILLED, I loved it, but the splint would have held in the swelling as by that very evening it grew amazingly swollen. If it eventually looks like it first did when the splint came off I'll be a very happy girl. Until then - I wait!

Mt Hill - I went to Dr Marcells in Sydney.
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**edit -meant to say glad I'm not the only one with the experience of being swollen in the front of my nose! Not that others have to suffer it too...I wouldn't wish this swelling on anyone!
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Thanks for the comments again. It is just a waiting game I guess. I spent a lot of money so I am looking for a change. I wanted a drastic change, so maybe that is why there is builtup swelling in the tip. Again, the tip was all that was done.
People say that the nose tip drops around the 3 month mark? Would that be all of a sudden. IDK. Gotta go on I guess as it has been 2 months and 1 week and kinda sick of consuming myself with my nose uno.
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hey the majority of my swelling was at my bridge but my tip keeps getting smaller too so there must have been more swelling there than I noticed. Yeah at two months it still looked a little weird to me. My nose looks smaller month to month for real! Its more "defined" i guess you could say. My doc swears up and down it truly takes a whole year for ALL the swelling to go down! Maybe since you just had the tip worked on the rest of your nose is confused (as retarded as that sounds) and its reacting by holding onto fluid? i am prone to swelling myself. Its hard to see the big picture at this point. The nose tip is fragile and from what I've read thats always the last place the swelling resolves. I know its hard--I'm still getting used to my new look to and working through my own issues. Keep ya head up. We're here if you need us ;)
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Thanks for the comments again. I really do appreciate it.
It is just a waiting game like everyone says. I spent a lot of money so I am looking for a change. I wanted a drastic change, so maybe that is why there is so much builtup of swelling in the tip. Again, the tip was all that was done.
People say that the nose tip drops around the 3 month mark? Would that be all of a sudden. IDK. Gotta go on I guess as it has been 2 months and 1 week and kinda sick of consuming myself with my nose uno
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hey yo I had rhino back in June and just keep in mind it took WEEKS for my swelling to go down! Man oh man was it swollen at first--I'm talkin Shrek nose! Its been 4 months and I'm finally comfortable being photographed!

P.s Brian Regan rules!
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Was your tip swollen at 2 months? Were you insecure at two months? I sure am and still wish I had my old nose. My doc said that I have 40percent of swelling left, do you think it will look totally different in a month r two?
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All the swelling is in my tip as I just had my tip worked on. Supposably got it thinned out, but I dont see it yet..UGH :(
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What is your dortor name?
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I think I'll wait the standard week before I post my pics; I wish I'd taken them when the cast first came off - since then it's swollen a LOT, which I understand is normal, from what people say apparently in a week it should settle. Lol.. I expected the swelling but WOW.

Anon, the way I understand it is the tip is the slowest to heal and that it can take from six months to a year before seeing the 'true' results as it were. I'd say you still have a lot of healing to do, but see how it is at six months. Have you been taping it? I've been told to tape mine every night to help it with the healing/ swelling.

I'm seeing my dr in a month
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Oops, didn't finish that sentence, meant to say I'm seeing my dr in a month, to check on the progress, he said if the swelling hasn't progressed enough we can look at what options are available to help speed it up.

But my tip has always been big and bulbous too.. So I'm watching it carefully as well. The taping and massages seem to help but they're pretty painful. :(
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Thanks Lara for the comment.
I do not wish the aftermath of swelling on my worst enemy. I at 64 days post tip rhinoplasty and am miserable at the look of my tip. Very swollen. My doc says 40% percent of swelling I have left. I hope it makes a world of difference. Just miserable and isolated.
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