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I had light acne scars, 2 chicken pox scars. and...

I had light acne scars, 2 chicken pox scars. and perfect clear skin apart from that the odd freckle etc. I underwent laser 4 months ago at a presumably reputable doctor in sydney that specialises in facial rejuvenation . paloma emege non ablative fractional laser . worst decision of my life . Im 23 and this has taken all the joy out of life. I have a young family , have moved into my dream home , was set to get married and this has destroyed all my happiness and confidence. 90% of my face is scarred with track marks in squares . The micro dots have caused deep ice pick scarring and I have new raised scars. I CAN NOT wear makeup as it sits deeply it the creases and scars and does not blend. my skin is highly sensitive and reactive. I do not yet know how this happened, wether it was the settings /the wrong type of laser or neglect. I am investigating what went so terribly wrong. I hope I can share my story and steer people (with no real problem in the first place) away from laser procedures. I hope I can find a treatment to repair the damage. If I do, I know I will be sharing with other laser victims. Please dont get laser! The doctor I went to was experienced and quite good my fillers were fine and other things never went so wrong. The problem is the lasers ! Its too risky and the side effects are not well documented . I was told being non ablative this WOULD NOT ruin my skin . THEY WERE WRONG ..... DONT DO IT ..
I'm 6 yrs out & still have problems from my laser treatment, I have scars all over my cheeks & a dent w/a brown spot where the laser hit. Lines too. I was red for months & had broken blood vessels. I went back for different kinds of lasers to help since I had nothing to lose. I was that bad. Now I'm sticking to needling. I got better results from doing that than with lasers, Don't let them talk you into it if you have good skin. I had scars I wanted to get rid of . It did nothing for them. I know others say it works for them but you might be one of the unlucky ones. Like Sandy said. Have a patch test done, My forehead was ok but my damage is on my cheeks. I was told I was a perfect candidate & they would help if anything went wrong. When they saw the damage they told me to see a psychiatrist & left me crying on the table.. Other doctors don't want to touch you to help when they see what happen..Check out IPL & the laser damage boards or here on RS, My life was ruined. You can't hide scars & dents. I've been living like a hermit ever since. Think twice before having any laser done.
Sandy, how are you doing? Are things getting any better? I truest feel for you. Did your doctor give you any help?
Hi I'm in Sydney and am planning on going to a place in the city soon called cosmetic medical clinic for EXELO2 CO2 fractional laser resurfacing (which I think is more intense than what you got) Hearing how things went for you scares me and seeing other posts on here is making me think twice..can u give more specific info about where you went, who you saw and what you got done? I hope you sorted something out to improve the situation and thanks for posting.

Horrendous life changing damage

I was treated by one of the best* doctors in Sydney . I still walked away with damage . Don't do it .
A list of my current damage -
Texture changed ( rash texture )
Lines indents
Burnt holes
Fat loss
Sagging skin
Slow recovery
Damaged DNA of skin
Damaged under eyes
Broken capillaries
Red marks
Off shade skin
New ice pick scars
New surface damage
Dermal damage
Shallow sunken patches
Fine lines
New merged wrinkles
Orange peel skin
Lifeless skin
Emotion damage
Severe depression
No interest in life
No joy in activities
Social phobias
Don't want to get out of bed
Can't wear makeup as it looks worse and sits in deep holes from tracks
Severe phycological damage
Pretty much I am ruined.

I am 24 years old , was told this laser was safe ( Palomer emerge non ablative ) and it ruined my life . I cannot believe the way my life turned around so quickly. do not ever underestimate the effects of even the safest lasers . I would honestly give up my home to be happy and healthy again. This is a terrible fate . I never thought this would happen to me . I researched picked a good doctor and had 2-3 consults . Choose not to get laser . Then was talked into a new safe* laser.
Well it wasn't safe . And my life is over .
Whatever you do think carefully about laser and so anything else first , fillers , needling, whatever . Laser is dangerous . My story is backed up by lots of other cases on real self with the exact same symptoms . Your lively charismatic doctor will dump your ass as soon as you have a problem . Trust me .

Don't do fraxel ( fractional laser )
Don't let your friends do fraxel
Don't let your children do fraxel
Do not let your mother do fraxel
Do not let a greedy doc talk you into it .

Don't do any kind of fractional laser non ablative / ablative / fraxel / whatever do not get any kind of gridded - tracked laser !!!!!!!!
I was left in a mess !! They told me I had to see a psychologist too !!!! Um no !!!! It's not me it's the damage you left me with an denied !!!! They play absolute games with your head .
Sats, what laser did you have done ???
I had Erbium laser in 07 for a few scars. Derms wouldn't touch me when they saw the damage It has taken my life from me. My only hope is needleing but I gave up on any miracles happening. I have panic attacks every day & I shake when I get up thinking what my face will look like that day. If anyone has nice skin & is just looking to make it look better stick to creams or needling. My skin is so dry & flaky from the oil glads not working anymore. Nothing sinks in to moistureize. I'm happy for the people it worked for but we're all not the same. Don't take the risk. It's so not worth it. I am so sick of this, all I wanted is to be able to go out without showing a few scars. Now I wish I had them back.

6 months post laser damage update

Still have damage . After speaking to a couple of ladies on real self and having advice from a couple of real self doctors , I think I will try the tca peel or derma needling next . I'm not sure which option to take , but I will absolutely not touch another fractional ( grid ) laser . I also know the only way to fix broken capillaries under eyes and across the bridge on nose is bbl laser . I have had 7 sessions of bbl in the past and no reaction . So I am confident the fraction method is to blame for all my troubles . I am currently using glycic acid 30 percent and retin a 1 percent . This is to help smooth out blemishes and help with the textural issues , also to prep the skin for tca peels if I still am confident to do so once my active acne has cleared. Still angry and damaged that this laser caused so much damage .
Stay strong Sandy!
How long after laser you had the peel ? Was it just you under eyes that laser damaged? I have holes all over my face and the entire skin texture has changed for orangepeel.
I only had the laser under my eyes, so that is where the pinhole texture was. I waited 2 months or so before having the peels- cleared it up nicely for 1/3 the price of the laser. TCA peels are old school, but cheaper and more effective than lasers. I went to a dermatologic plastic surgeon who still prefers peels. He was pretty aggressive with them, and I was pink for a while, but it literally cleared everything up and made me forget that I ever even had a problem there.

Retin A -skin prep

Here are photos from 2 months ago when I started retin a . As I've shared with other ladies on real self , I have read the clinical studies for topical retanoid . I would recommend reading the studies for anyone thinking of using a retanoid product . Some valuable info I picked up was the length of time it actually takes to work , long term ! 6 months to 2 years . There should be a gradual increase in strength as retinoid dermatitis can form . ( I experienced this from going straight on a 1 percent ) and sun sensitivity is serious business . It can actually encourage the growth of skin cancers ; so avoid the sun at all costs . It's also worth mentioning it is clinically one of the only studied and reviewed products to show collagen stimulation and cell turn over . The side effects are also documented this product may not be for everyone . Some ladies have experienced very serious reactions to retinoids similar to laser damage ( orange peel skin ) so I would be conservative And monitor your skin while treating. From what I have read some of these ladies have had laser in the past and it runs through my mind weather it is laser damage coming up months later ( laser damage shows later its even in studies! ) and they have linked the orange peel texture to the retin a and not the laser ??? Just a thought .

So the above photos do not show the laser damage . It is nearly impossible to capture the micro scarring and textural changes from the Palomer fractional laser on a low quality iPhone camera. The task is hard believe me . I will post more pictures and I will try and capture the laser damage in natural light . Trust me its there . The reason I'm trying the retin a is for collagen stimulation , and skin prep for a tca peel . I'm also using a 30 percent glycolic acid overnight serum which i have used for years. My next task is getting through the school holidays and trying to figure what doctor I should see for my future potential peels to fix the laser damage . Also thank you to the lovely ladies on real self that have offered support and advice for laser damage . Lef0x for her post on trying to correct laser damage with tca + jessner you are so brave ! and Clare3343 for sharing her tca correction for laser damage story, thanks for giving us hope . I also feel I should share more pics of my face to put an image to laser damage . It's important we tell our story's since the doctors won't . God bless all with luck and recovery . Lets find a solution to laser damage .

Damage 6 months

Here are the laser damage pictures . My under eyes are ruined . Skin texture ruined . Extreme broken capillaries . In general weird orange peel wave like texture . Very distressing . But hopefully I can find a way to fix this .

Before laser

Photos of before laser . Wish I never set foot in that cosmetic clinics doors . Life is not the same . My confidence is nowhere near the same . I would never recommend this. I wish I knew there was a serious risk . I would have never done this .
I hope all is well with you Sandy.
Hi I have just read all your info and I feel sick inside as I had the same treatment with the same machine and I am 6 months post procedure now. I have grid marks raised lines throughout my skin orange peel texture shallow dents/scars on my forehead and chin. It scares me when I read that the damage dosnt show up straight away as over the last few days ive noticed more dents and lines but not sure if its becausei am looking at my skin so much im. I ve been on anti depressents been to see 3 different doctors but they don't seem to want to comment too much. Ive been back to where I had it done 3 times and been on the phone and emailed them numerous times but I keep being told it is safe and the laser wouldn't cause the dents. what a load of rubbish because they wasn't there before. The clinic did offer to pay and send me to a plastic surgeon but guess what it was a guy she knew and had worked with, is he really going to admit her clinic damaged my face, I don't think so he will stand by her surely. So I refused to go to him. I just don't know what to do anymore don't know what creams to use if I should have other skin treatments or just leave it. When you read all the different posts on here I don't know about you but it confuses you with what you should and shouldn't use. I think im going to go back to my doctor and asked to be referred to a dermatologist. Im am so down its affecting my young daughter aswell because im crying all the time at it upsets her. I have emailed the clinic to say I want to go back in so they can see what they have done not heard back yet as they are still on xmas hols till the 7th Jan. Hows your skin looking at the moment.
I've been trying AHA from Acne.org.. AHA helps take off top layers of skin & gives you thicker skin. My skin thinned out a from the laser & got a ton of scars from it. So now for all the damage I'm sticking to needling then putting Vit c on & AHA, I'm starting to see a bit of a difference now that I started to do those 3 things, I've been dealing with damage for going on 7 yrs. Retin a is too strong for my skin now that it's sensitive from the laser. Made me dry & red, didn't do anything for me except make me look older. I'll exfoiate with Aqua Cure a couple times a week too to get the dead skin off. Healing skin takes a lot of time so go slow with what ever you decide to do. MedicineNet.com on line has some good things to say about peels.

Current skin picture

Clear damage to the skin as you can see . Thousands of tiny indentation scars from the tip of the laser . These are not pores , my pores are still fine and small the holes are micro scaring caused by the fractional laser ( non ablative Palomer) I am still trying to figure out what to do . Either peels or skin needling . Obviously I'm still distressed and suffering and want to fix the damage caused by this laser .
Hi, The exact same thing happened to me and I have been depressed for the past 2 years. I had it done 4 years ago and the symptoms have been getting worse and worse.. Has anything helped you?
Please write me if find anything helps- ***removed email***. I am in the same boat but I have 2 year old daughter.
I forgot to mention that I was told you can put the isshogenki supplement straight onto your skin, although I have not tried this yet, but will try it soon. I'm happy with the results so far of taking it daily and consistently as a supplement.

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