Finally have nice full boobies . Sydney

I have been wanting to have my breast done ever...

I have been wanting to have my breast done ever since having my daughter...

I am 5'2 about 48kg.. Im a small C cup and would love to go to a full C cup or small D :)

I have already been for my first consult.. Pretty much too meet the surgen. Talk about what i would like to achive.. And i tried on sizes... My PS suggested I go with 345cc silicone gel implants he said they will shrink about 10% once placed under muscle.. So now im just not sure :) any sugestions? I have my final consult next week sooo excited too finaly book in...

Soooooooo excited.. i had my final consult...

Soooooooo excited..

i had my final consult today and very happy with what i have chosen..

Im going with the 345 cc high profile, round gel implant! Under the muscel..

Im going high profile because after having my daughter i lost alot of volume at the top so should feel them back out nicely. So im booked in 26.7.2011 soo not too far away at all..

Well im a little sad today i have to change my...

Well im a little sad today i have to change my surgery date.. due to work, so i will be now getting it done sometime end aug this yr. Im dispointed but i guess everything happends for a reason.. :)

So im booked in for the 23.8.11.. so in about nine...

so im booked in for the 23.8.11.. so in about nine weeks.. it seems soo far away but im sure it will fly im am sooo excited..

So i have noticed that theres not alot of...

So i have noticed that theres not alot of information about scar management..
At my last visit to my PS i was given a brochure for scar management its called NewGel they are silicone strips that are applied to your incision and are ment to help to reduce,flatten and smooth scars .. The web sit is

I will be ordering myself some for sure..

If anyone has used something similar feel free to leave me a post :)

So my surgery is in about 5 weeks!!!!! I can...

So my surgery is in about 5 weeks!!!!! I can believe im finally doing it .. eeek im getting excited and nervous :D

Im only having 8 days off work so im a little worried! Im a hairdresser and only work three days so i should be ok!

My PS said i should be fine in a week so i guess i should trust him as he does have 25 years experience up his sleeve :p
I guess ill just have to take it easy...

Its about 3 1/2 weeks till my surgery, im not to...

its about 3 1/2 weeks till my surgery, im not to worried about the pain.. Prob most worried about being able to get back too normal activities.. Work ect!

3 weeks to go till my big day, and cannot wait :)

3 weeks to go till my big day, and cannot wait :)

Not long now till my big day! Im going in this...

Not long now till my big day! Im going in this monday the 15.8.11 for my pre op appointment, everythings happening my implants and compression bra have been ordered. So now just counting down the days..

So had my pre-op appointment im going with...

so had my pre-op appointment im going with the

hight profile, silicone gel implant.

going under the muscle, using the dual plane Technic.
through inframammary incision.

im really excited only a week to go :)doesnt feel real yet :)

TODAYS THE BIG DAY!!!! So i have to be there at...

So i have to be there at 12pm not sure what time ill be out :) really excited . Ill keep everyone posted . Yay to boobies :p

I DID IT :) i finally have my new boobies :) so i...

I DID IT :) i finally have my new boobies :)
so i went in for surgery at 1pm and woke up in recovery at about 6pm i was in a little pain and asked for some pain meds. I was ok within about 20 mins for me the pain was around a 4 out of 10 i didnt have the heavy presure that most woman experience for me it was more of a burning sensation like the feeling when you breast fill with milk when breast feeding, my chest muscles where very tender like i had done a massive chest workout times ten. Everything has turned out amazing im very happy with my results . Im still not aloud to have a shower till tomorrow so ill post a photo asap. I have to wear my compression bra 24/7 so im going to follow my doctors orders for best results :)

So i am now a week post opp and feeling alot...

so i am now a week post opp and feeling alot better. the first few days were really rough for me not being able to do anything for myself. i have an appointment tomorrow with my PS to have my dressings changed..

ill update again tomorrow :)

Two weeks and two days post opp.. 8.9.11 i feel...

two weeks and two days post opp.. 8.9.11

i feel pretty good so far!! still a little tender. my breast are dropping nicely, think most of my swelling has gone down they are pretty soft now not as hard. i do still have some numbness which is to be expected im starting to get an electric shock like feeling in my left breast which indicates that nerve activity is returning, but it feels soo gross lol..
im still wearing my compression bra which i think i have to wear for another two or more weeks while my breast are healing. i have an appointment with my PS next week 12.9.11 so ill update a photo then..

Four weeks post op feeling great! back to almost...

four weeks post op feeling great!
back to almost all my normal activities. still not aloud to go back to weight training for another few weeks but im not to stressed about that ATM. as i have my amazing new boobies keeping me occupied lol.

don't really have any pain or tenderness any more, still a little numb but its to be expected.
breast have settled nicely and feel like a part of me. over all i think i had a pretty good experience and im very happy i went through with it.
worth the two years wait that's for sure. im in Sydney Australia and we have just come into spring so can wait to go clothes shopping to buy lots of nice clothes that i can wear with out a bra hehe.. ill keep everyone posted anyway as i go ..
dr Angelo Preketes

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Your after photos are amazing , I'm booked into TCI in May and I was looking around the 345 mark Are you happy with the size ? Do you think they are big enough ?
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thank you. iv had mine for over two years now and i love them. i think 345cc is perfect for my chest size. good luck.
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Thanks mand, enjoy them !! I can't wait for mine to change my life and my perception of myself :)
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thank you so much for posting, reading this and everyone else's comments has made me feel so much better as I had similar worries. You look fantastic! I look just like your before photos but I have lost mine from exercise. I am going for surgery this monday and am so excited! yay!
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Wow, I'm going In for a consultation wed and have researched all the different variations of implants, I have great breasts now I just wantsd something more, yours look great, before and after:) I'm going to mention your particular combination :):)
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they look great
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Hi Mandy77 - I'm also a mum that has 'deflated' post baby (breastfeeding). Considering having surgery in Sydney but everywhere I look the prices are closer to $11k. Are you allowed to say who your doctor was? Thanks for your help.
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Oh you look GREAT!! I hope my boobs look that good!!! (p.s. I am a fellow Aussie but I live in the U.S.)
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Thanks my :) my ps is Dr Angelo Preketes you can google him :)
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Sorry twins4me that comment wasnt ment for you lol your results look really good great shape :)
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They look great! An sooo natural looking!!
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I have 400cc, silicone, under muscle. It took mine a few weeks before they started to relax. It is very normal, as your muscle is being stretched over the implant.
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Hi Mandy, your goodies look really great! I'm glad everything went well for you! I had my surgery done last friday dec 2nd, saline around 300cc, under muscle, inframammary 1.2 inch incision. I like the results and they feel great, but I'm concerned with the high/swollen pec muscle on top of the breasts. May I ask if you had similar issue? And if so, how long after did the top pec muscle relax and come/calm down? Thank you and take care girly!
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hey there, thank you and congrats to your new twins :) um no i didn't have that problem, it may take time for your muscle to loosen. once your aloud to massage them they will soften and drop and feel more natural:)it took me about a month for the swelling to go down completely.. best of luck
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Wow! You look great! I hope mine look just as good!
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thanyou. and good luck
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If she truly wants them she would contact some doctors and research on sites like this for herself. It is a decision that only she can make for herself. Perry4538 said it perfectly. However, size is one of the things to consider, but alot goes into picking the right size. Photos can only show what someone would hope to achieve. All women are different and the same size and style of implant will look different on each woman. The best thing to do is have your wife contact a few plastic surgeons and go to a few consultations. Have your wife print off photos of breasts that she likes and also tell her to be very verbally expressive on what she desires in an outcome. The reason for that is, for instants, a C or D cup can look very different in the eyes of each person. Also know that the actual implants are measures in cc size rather than actual cup size. So many women (myself included) get wrapped up in what size to get. A surgeon will take measurements of her body and based upon her desired outcome he/she will decide the size and style of implant to use. It is a very interesting process. For me, I found a PS I was 100% sure of and trusted. In the end, Iam 110% happy. As for your position, stand by her and help her in the process. That is what my husband did and I was very grateful. Best of luck!
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Hi there, ok first of all i'm a guy and i am asking questions pretty much because my wife wants to get implants but she says she wants to do them for me, she thinks i am not happy with how she looks, although i am pretty happy with how her breasts look, but she is a B size but i think its the way they look that she's not happy with. So that's a little background, so my questions is, what would be the first thing we should consider? how big? is this something that i should just let my wife decide? should i even give my opinion or just let her go with what she feels comfortable with? She asks what looks better and i don't really have anything to compare to. I've been looking at some of the pics on this forum but i am kind of embarrassed of tell my wife i've been looking around. Anyway, maybe one of you can give me some advice. Thanks!
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I just sent you a personal message.


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No offense, but if she is only getting them for your it is the WRONG reason and shame on you for even pushing the issue.
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Well she cant really be doing it only for me because im happy with how she is. And i never brought up the topic of breast implants. I do however think that she is not happy with how her breasts look and thinks that i am not happy either. Not that it matters. But if she really wants them done i can only be supportive and be part of what she wants. So how is this shame on me? I dont understand.
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You sound like you are just being a supportive and concerned husband. Just assure your wife you love the way she looks, but will support her in her decisions.
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hey jeta,
my partner was the same he was happy with what i had before and didnt think i needed them. i did it for mysel, and soo glad that i chose to do it :).. like perry4538 said just support her with any decision she makes.
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they look amazing! I am a similar cup size to what you were (c cup), but can't fill it. when I tried on sizes (325 cc) and they put me in the white t-shirt I felt like they looked WAY too big, but after seeing your pictures, I am wondering if I should go bigger than 325 cc as I am 5'7" with a long torso (127 pounds). I don't want to be too small and want to fill out a bra with some va va voom if I want to show them off a bit :-) I may consider 345cc after seeing your beautiful results!
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