Finally have nice full boobies . Sydney

I have been wanting to have my breast done ever...

I have been wanting to have my breast done ever since having my daughter...

I am 5'2 about 48kg.. Im a small C cup and would love to go to a full C cup or small D :)

I have already been for my first consult.. Pretty much too meet the surgen. Talk about what i would like to achive.. And i tried on sizes... My PS suggested I go with 345cc silicone gel implants he said they will shrink about 10% once placed under muscle.. So now im just not sure :) any sugestions? I have my final consult next week sooo excited too finaly book in...

Soooooooo excited.. i had my final consult...

Soooooooo excited..

i had my final consult today and very happy with what i have chosen..

Im going with the 345 cc high profile, round gel implant! Under the muscel..

Im going high profile because after having my daughter i lost alot of volume at the top so should feel them back out nicely. So im booked in 26.7.2011 soo not too far away at all..

It's coming right up. I'm glad you got your sizing figured out. Please keep us posted on how you're feeling as the big day nears!

Thanks :) ill be sure too stay posted... YAY

Well im a little sad today i have to change my...

Well im a little sad today i have to change my surgery date.. due to work, so i will be now getting it done sometime end aug this yr. Im dispointed but i guess everything happends for a reason.. :)

Hi - I've just had 325cc round high profile under the muscle. I was a deflated B cup before and now theyre a DD, think when theyve settled they'll be a D as I'm only 12 days post op. Best thing I've ever done by the way, and I'm so glad theyre a big bigger than what I orognally wanted. They look natural and my clothes look exactly the same as I always wore heavily padded bras. Good luck with your op :0)
hey, glad your surgery went well and ur happy with ur results :)
Im a small c cup atm, i have lost alot of fullness after having my daughter, cant wait to have nice full breast again :P.. just wondering how tall you are?
i also jus got hp round inplants but with 500cc saline..r urs saline or sicone..they seem really big but thats exactly wat i wanted soo happy as im sure u r..good luck with the healin hun!!

So im booked in for the 23.8.11.. so in about nine...

so im booked in for the 23.8.11.. so in about nine weeks.. it seems soo far away but im sure it will fly im am sooo excited..
Hey kcjojo,

Thankyou for your comment, thanks for ur concern. I also had the same question when my PS said high profile! My PS said because im going under the muscle they will be nice and smooth And not round 'fake' looking i dont mind if they are full at the top because thats where i have lost all my volume. My breast used to be about alot bigger before breast feeding my daughter so im looking forward to filling them back out.. Congrats on your new boobies hope all goes well and they drop nicley for you..
I too agreed w/ other people here that you have really nice natural breasts. Have you asked for other opinions about the high profile? I heard high profile tends to look a bit fake since they're narrow and stick out.

I just had my BA 5 days ago going with saline moderate plus 300cc overfilled to 330cc. I was thinking of 275cc and no more than 300cc but my surgeon said at the surgery table he saw that 330cc looks much nicer than 300cc or less on me (I'm only 5"2 and 95 lbs).

I'm still recovering so I hope the implant will drop down nicely later. Right now it doesn't look too big as I thought it would given that I'm so small and getting 330cc is like a high C for me.

I would go w/ silicone gel if i have to do it over again so you've made a right choice there, but you might consider a few more other opinions about which profile will be best for you so that you have the best results.

Good luck with your surgery!
Do you have before and after pics?

So i have noticed that theres not alot of...

So i have noticed that theres not alot of information about scar management..
At my last visit to my PS i was given a brochure for scar management its called NewGel they are silicone strips that are applied to your incision and are ment to help to reduce,flatten and smooth scars .. The web sit is

I will be ordering myself some for sure..

If anyone has used something similar feel free to leave me a post :)

So my surgery is in about 5 weeks!!!!! I can...

So my surgery is in about 5 weeks!!!!! I can believe im finally doing it .. eeek im getting excited and nervous :D

Im only having 8 days off work so im a little worried! Im a hairdresser and only work three days so i should be ok!

My PS said i should be fine in a week so i guess i should trust him as he does have 25 years experience up his sleeve :p
I guess ill just have to take it easy...
Hi - I only just realized your from Aus - me too! I'm in TAS :) not long for us now;, August is very close...
im in sydney :) i know not long now :)all the best
Your new boobs will look great!! Good luck!

Its about 3 1/2 weeks till my surgery, im not to...

its about 3 1/2 weeks till my surgery, im not to worried about the pain.. Prob most worried about being able to get back too normal activities.. Work ect!

can't wait to see your pics:)

3 weeks to go till my big day, and cannot wait :)

3 weeks to go till my big day, and cannot wait :)
Hi Mandy. I also live in Sydney and I'm looking for a doctor to do my implants. That seems like a great rate, Do you recommend He/she? I noticed that you mentioned they had allot of experience?
Hey kimmysare,
Im out west of sydney. I was refurred to dr preketes by a friend of mine, she had a breast aug done by him back in 09. And another friend of mine had a nose job last year.. Amazing work. If you want to have a look at his website its or
I think he has about 22 yrs experience..
Ill let you know how i go anyway :) havent had them done yet! But im pretty confident he will do a great job .
All the ladies in the office are really helpfull and friendly aswell.
Hi Mandy77! I'm sure you are so excited only 1.5 weeks left. I had mine done on 7/22 and I am so happy I did it and love my new boobies. I noticed you mentioned you are a small C and want to go to a full C or small D. My boobs were way more saggy than yours. I was a 34B and got moderate profile 420 cc's in one and 400 in the other and I think I'm a full C right now. Now looking at my boobs I wouldn't of minded going to a small D. I asked for a full C. I think you would be happier with a small D considering you are already a C. I'm still wearing the surgical sports bra which comes in Small, Medium and Large so I'm not really sure if I will be a C or D but I think I'm a full C.
Let me know if you have any questions. I know before my surgery I had a lot of questions.
Best of luck. Can't wait to see your results.

Not long now till my big day! Im going in this...

Not long now till my big day! Im going in this monday the 15.8.11 for my pre op appointment, everythings happening my implants and compression bra have been ordered. So now just counting down the days..
So exciting! I just got mine done this morning. Hope all goes well!
yay :) how did you go with everything? im going in next Tuesday cant wait :)
I know I am so excited! Everything went way better than expected. I was in at 8am and out by 12pm. I woke up from surgery with a little bit of an upset stomach, but not too much pain. The nurses and staff were very helpful with providing me enough meds to help with pain/sickness. The ride home wasn't bad at all, and basically the first day went great. I only needed to take muscle relaxers and tylenol 500mg to help with the pain. I only took the stronger meds for 2 days post surgery. The pain was a lot better than I thought it would be! I am now 4 days post op and I feel awesome! Really in no pain; just have some tightness and soreness in my chest. I can pretty much sleep on my back now, and do things on my own. The only thing I still have trouble with is lifting my arms above my head and sometimes getting up from a laying down position. But all in all, I feel like the girls are apart of me and I am so happy I did it! So excited for you; keep us posted! Good luck! You will love them!

So had my pre-op appointment im going with...

so had my pre-op appointment im going with the

hight profile, silicone gel implant.

going under the muscle, using the dual plane Technic.
through inframammary incision.

im really excited only a week to go :)doesnt feel real yet :)
im glad to hear everything went smoothly . Have you got to have a look yet? I have no idea what to expect with the pain im not real worried though :) but i know ill be sore. Ill keep you posted anyway, not too long now only five days to go woo hoo :)
Thanks :] I got too look on post op day 2. I was very happy with the results. I did get really nervous as the bandages were getting unwrapped, though. They are still high and swollen, but I know that will only get better with time. They already are now and it's only been 5 days. I was sure the pain was going to be way worse, but nope! Nothing I couldn't handle. You will be fine :] Yay only a couple more days for you! So exciting!

TODAYS THE BIG DAY!!!! So i have to be there at...

So i have to be there at 12pm not sure what time ill be out :) really excited . Ill keep everyone posted . Yay to boobies :p
I hope that all went well today!
thankyou everything went well and i love them :)
Good luck to you today! I hope all goes well for you :)

I DID IT :) i finally have my new boobies :) so i...

I DID IT :) i finally have my new boobies :)
so i went in for surgery at 1pm and woke up in recovery at about 6pm i was in a little pain and asked for some pain meds. I was ok within about 20 mins for me the pain was around a 4 out of 10 i didnt have the heavy presure that most woman experience for me it was more of a burning sensation like the feeling when you breast fill with milk when breast feeding, my chest muscles where very tender like i had done a massive chest workout times ten. Everything has turned out amazing im very happy with my results . Im still not aloud to have a shower till tomorrow so ill post a photo asap. I have to wear my compression bra 24/7 so im going to follow my doctors orders for best results :)

So i am now a week post opp and feeling alot...

so i am now a week post opp and feeling alot better. the first few days were really rough for me not being able to do anything for myself. i have an appointment tomorrow with my PS to have my dressings changed..

ill update again tomorrow :)
They look great and very natural. Glad everything went well. You will feel better with each passing day. I had to sleep propped up for a few weeks to help with pressure.
thanks perry. i love them :) i had to sleep in our recliner for the first week but feels so good to be back in our bed i just sleep on heaps of pillows :)
Congrats on the new boobs! They look great. Try just to take it easy as much as possible. I know the first week can be rough, and just sitting up from a reclined position is hard and uncomfortable. You have the same incision location I got. My incisions were very sore for the first month, especially when I was wearing a bra because the bra was rubbing on it. SO I wore cotton pads or gauze on my incision to help relieve the discomfort from the bra. I am 5-1/2 weeks post op now and my incisions feel much better, but my Dr. gave me some silicone strips to wear on my incisions to help with healing and discomfort and they help tremendously. How many CC's did you end up getting?
Keep us posted.

Two weeks and two days post opp.. 8.9.11 i feel...

two weeks and two days post opp.. 8.9.11

i feel pretty good so far!! still a little tender. my breast are dropping nicely, think most of my swelling has gone down they are pretty soft now not as hard. i do still have some numbness which is to be expected im starting to get an electric shock like feeling in my left breast which indicates that nerve activity is returning, but it feels soo gross lol..
im still wearing my compression bra which i think i have to wear for another two or more weeks while my breast are healing. i have an appointment with my PS next week 12.9.11 so ill update a photo then..
Hi Mandy77

Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I think you are right as my doctor basically said the 2 sizes I tried on (335cc being the larger of 2) were both suitable for me but wouldn't recommend I go larger than 335cc because I am quite tall and slim. I have so many worries that they will be too high, low, hard etc etc lol but I think I just need to chill out and trust that my PS knows what he's doing. I am so excited though.

Not too worried post-op. As long as they look amazing, I don't care how much I need to rest. I have booked 2 1/2 weeks off work and my hubbie has booked time off as well. Although I picture myself clothes shopping in week 2 - am I kidding myself? :-) How soon did you start exercising?

It's so great to read everything has worked out for you. You look fabulous! :-)
hey belle33

i was worried about placement too and them looking to fake because i went high profile but they look very natural. my breast were very hard for the first three weeks mainly from the swelling, now that im massaging them they are alot softer.

i went shopping on my second week post op, but to buy work clothes to cover my compression bra :)it defiantly took it out of my so make sure your with someone :) i brought my first new bra yesterday was very excited..

I still haven't been back to the gym yet as im only 4 weeks post op i have another two weeks before my next appointment so hopefully he will give me the all clear to get back to the gym.

you could properly go back sooner just depends what type of exercise you do. where i like to do weight training.. its abit to strenuous atm
all the best too and thankyou

Four weeks post op feeling great! back to almost...

four weeks post op feeling great!
back to almost all my normal activities. still not aloud to go back to weight training for another few weeks but im not to stressed about that ATM. as i have my amazing new boobies keeping me occupied lol.

don't really have any pain or tenderness any more, still a little numb but its to be expected.
breast have settled nicely and feel like a part of me. over all i think i had a pretty good experience and im very happy i went through with it.
worth the two years wait that's for sure. im in Sydney Australia and we have just come into spring so can wait to go clothes shopping to buy lots of nice clothes that i can wear with out a bra hehe.. ill keep everyone posted anyway as i go ..
Your after photos are amazing , I'm booked into TCI in May and I was looking around the 345 mark Are you happy with the size ? Do you think they are big enough ?
thank you. iv had mine for over two years now and i love them. i think 345cc is perfect for my chest size. good luck.
Thanks mand, enjoy them !! I can't wait for mine to change my life and my perception of myself :)
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