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7 months and scar revision and top up lipo

Ok 5 day countdown is on to TT. Im very nervous,...

Ok 5 day countdown is on to TT. Im very nervous, after 7 children and 60 years my mid section isnt what it was. I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 25 years, so have spent most of my adult life doing varying forms of exercise including weight training. I also do around 2 hrs of cardio per day.but im afraid gravity has eventually won.

I would love some tips on how to get through the recovery, what to expect etc.I hate being sick and sitting around so any tips for coping with that would be great too.I also cant tollerate Morphine so will have to rely on an alternative, which is also a worry. I am also totally without scars or stretch marks, and have not a lot of body fat, mainly loose skin, so am a little sad at the large scar, and have to keep reminding myself that the flat non hanging tummy are worth it, again any tips for the best scar results?

I will post pictures before I leave for hospital and then again after.Thanks to all who take the time to read and reply

3 day countdown, and packing the bags , finishing...

3 day countdown, and packing the bags , finishing super cleaning the house, so it stays clean as long as possible as I dont trust my husband to keep it quite the way I do.

Just wondering those of you already been through this , how long until they stood up straight and how is the belly button ? It becomes an unnatural bellybutton so does it pass as the real thing?

Thank again

1 Day togo!!!!!!I have cooked 6 meals and frozen...

1 Day togo!!!!!!I have cooked 6 meals and frozen them., My bag is packed, and I am nervous as hell.

I think of nothing else but this bloody opp.

I am still working ( I am a fitness tainer) and everyone wants to keep going , getting ready for Christmas.

Its so wonderful having support from other,s in the same boat, Im so grateful, for there time taken to write .

I have organized fluid retention cell salts to take after surgery, plus have my thrush therapy (just in case) and inner health to put my gut back in shape after the antibiotics. Tried to get the Silicone strips but they are sooo expensive here in Australia . So will just rely on my own body to do the job.

Any other tips?

Not sure whether its day 3 or 4, its Saturday and...

Not sure whether its day 3 or 4, its Saturday and surgery was Wednesday at mid day?

Anyway off drips and PCA,Still havnt showered, still in hospital.Nursing staff have been a mixed bag,have been ignored, left without a wash and pain meds, and pampered, with the nurse bringing in icepacks, and proping me up for comfort,ughhh....Love it when the pampering happens.

Havnt even seen Dr. yet?? think thats, a little wierd, they usually come in each day, but got a call last night, his kids yelling in the background, asking me how I was.

That was the night the nurses couldnt be bothered getting me a sleeping tablet or cenocot for constipation. Thankfully the next nurse on didnt have the same difficulty and it was all done in a wink and I was off to sleep, no pain, thankfully.

Think my Dr. will be in today, and maybe have alook at the results, feel real mixed about this,scared it wont be worth all the pain etc. Is this what everyone worries about?

Well hope someone is out there to communicate with, feel pretty isolated here,as my husband cant come visit.

Looking forward to the first shower though,might feel normal again.

Didnt tell friends or family about procedure, they think Im in for back opp. so hope I pull it off alright. Its considered a bit vain having cosmetic stuff done, but I am vain

no appologies.

Look forward to hearing from someone?

1st day home, and all I can say is I dont know...

1st day home, and all I can say is I dont know what id do without Realself... thank you to all who keep in touch, and please anyone feel free to answer or give me your experiences as well.

We had a 2 1/2hr drive home , which was relatively easy as sitting isnt a problem, just got out of the car each hr to walk around as per dr. instructions.

I immediately wanted to clean the floor, walk to the beach, go shopping, play with grandkids and work ughhhhh

ofcourse after standing and walking for 15 mins I was exhausted , my tummy felt extremely tight and I feel like something is wrong.!!!So didnt do any of the above (dosnt mean I still dont want to)

Ive asked my husband to do some of these things , but he dosnt think they need doing, and they probably dont!

Anyway, what is other,s experience with 1/ Standing straight. 2/ swelling.3/ going back to work.

After seeing my poor tummy, Im just amazed it can stretch at all, how does it do it?

I am drinking loads of water, I only have small amounts of Celtic sea salt, and I am resting regularly.

I am having 1 coffee a day and I would like a wine sometime, what more can I do?

I have also read some posts where some are still not standing upright for 6 months and still very very swollen, is that extreme , is something possibly wrong?

It is so frustrating and I cant wait to walk upright, oh forgot a big question, when can I swim? Thank you all so much

Im on day 19 post opp. and have developed an area...

Im on day 19 post opp. and have developed an area under my skin around the right side of my naval that is raised and when I touch it , it ripples with fluid, can anyone tell me what this is and what I do, ? I am also draining slowly but constantly from the left old drainage hole, so not completely healed yet, is this normal?

I still feel pulling when standing upright, but its not all I think about , so not as bad. Pain is gone, can even cough and laugh, (not too vigourously)

Stitches out on day 16 for the naval, all except one which we can't find the knot for (nurse, tried hard enough, it was bleeding) looking again later, they are certainly hidden. Cant really see results properly yet, no its too early, but my tummy is very flat and smooth, except for the fluid area, seemed less swollen this morning other than that area.

I have been walking around an hour a day,and basically back to normal activities other than no lifting, which is hard with the grand children.

Love to hear back from those who have had some experiences like this, as I can't contact my dr. until after christmas will have to go to GP or hospital if needed.

Thank you

Can I hear from anyone out there with a seroma ?

Can I hear from anyone out there with a seroma ?

17 days post op. Wow it does go quickly, was doing...

17 days post op. Wow it does go quickly, was doing pictures this morning, but the day got away, will try again tomorrow. Morning is best as swelling distorts the shape a little
I have a wet section on the incision scar where the last drain was, its still leaking and causing me some concern, as a result I'm still on anti biopics, as a precaution. Can swim when it heals , so very eager to heal, as we have 42 degree weather predicted for the next few days, ill be sitting in the air con. by the looks of things.
Tummy looks great otherwise, belly button seems to be healing well, my back is truly killing, (don't see much mention of this from others??) is this still me bending forward a little, I try so hard to stand straight, but the pulling is still pretty intense. I know it gets the better of me when I'm tired.
Still wearing the binder, just go into a lighter one (only started yesterday) to go out in nice skinny clothes.
Pain totally under control.
Swelling seems to still be in lipo,d area, is this normal or is the lipo just not good enough? when do you know?
Thanks to anyone for listening, and adding their comments

Ok, surgery was 1 month yesterday, and I really...

ok, surgery was 1 month yesterday, and I really want to see what I will look like, Please please will someone talk to me who is further down the track?
I am almost losing hope, although what I would do about that, I dont know.?
I am so swollen on the right side and where I had lipo on my love handles on the right side , looks either swollen or uneven with the left side,I still have right hand love handle!Also the right side of my abdomen is still very swollen and the pucking on the right side more pronounced.
I have a very small amount of draining from the first drain hole, but only a drop now. so hopefully will finish soon, and I can swim.
I really cant see what I am going to get, or at least I hope I cant , cause if this is it, I will be devistated.
Am posting pics of 3 weeks then 1 month milestone,s including close ups, of puckering, so any information or feedback will be so appreciated.
On a good note, no pain, still not doing weights, as dr. said 6 weeks, so not long, my training buddy is very impatient. Being an old time body builder, my weights are heavy and no point with the light ones, so will just wait it out.
stretching is still bothering, and seem to have some stretch marks appearing under my boobs, but I hope im imagining this. Will find out at ps visit, I guess.
Thanks for taking time to read, if you got this far.Good luck to all you girls out there .

Ok, 2 questions 1/ How do you get the Dr.s on...

ok, 2 questions 1/ How do you get the Dr.s on Realself to answer a question? I have asked the question about the pleating/ridges on the upper half of my wound a couple of times hoping for some answers from them also , but no such luck, so wondered where I direct the question, the second question is do any other,s have trouble with their husbands after this procedure?
My husband dosnt want to look at me, let alone touch me, I am finding it very distressing, I feel down anyway and this is making me feel absolutely horrible. I am wishing I didn't get this done, as I feel like we will never be the same again.
He, when asked about 10 times tells me, he didn't want me to get it done ( not what he said before) and he hates the scar/puckering/flatness of my tummy, he can see know way of it getting any better, we see the ps on Monday so hope he can reassure him, as Im not having any luck. He just gets angrier with me.
Please please someone help.!

Well, 6 weeks down post opp Went to my PS visit...

Well, 6 weeks down post opp Went to my PS visit yesterday for the checkup, and he is happy with my progress, I have a small skin irritation near a drain hole. I thought it was leaking from the wound , but apparently it is only an irritation from a self dissolving stitch. Will settle with time,
I CAN SWIM! YAHOO, He believes 90% of the swelling has settled and I should relax and enjoy my new tummy.
If I have advise for anyone else, It would be to do just that.
Sometimes the negative stories from others dosnt help, unfortunately.
I can't thank all you beautiful ladies enough for sharing, but I think Im too much of a worry wort , so need to just take my own journey, as well.
My scar line is very very low, which is great on one level, but would have loved it to go up at the end,s to fit into my bikini. Although next summer when it is a white line, Im sure it will be ok.
I still have a raised scar line which it sounds like will persist for up to a year.
Will post new pictures after tomorrow.
Thanks again for everyone,s help.

Well this has been a long time coming , but life...

Well this has been a long time coming , but life just gets going once recovery is on the way, especially with 7 children 7 grandchildren and a personl training business to run.
Today is 12 weeks post opp., I'll start with the good stuff.....
Have been wearing my bikini with pride, once the scar is covered, my lovely flat tummy looks amazing and my profile without the lumps of love handles looks great too.
I have been swimming and sunbathing to my hearts content, and even wearing a midrif top to show off!!! Thank you ps.
The down side,The puckering is still quite prominent and I really hate hate hate the scar in general.
My scar is like a very wiggly line up higher on the right side , infact love to hear from others about there scar, Please , please, please.
Infact my scar is totally different on the left side to the right side, I like the left side better, the love handle is smaller, the scar flat and lower and more faded, how come???
I still occasionally wear my compression garment, (didnt wear the lighter ones , I bought at all, so my advise is dont buy them) the tightness is still very apparent,, infact I feel as if I have a very tight girdle on .
I am in a smaller sized jean and pants, but just the one size, I was a 6/8 and now Im a 4/6 but im happy with that, I didnt mind my size.
I am back doing abdominal work, as I normally did, I also do heavy weight training and Im fully back to that.
Love to hear from other,s thanks for listening
Good luck all tummy tuck ladies

Ok been 6 months since TT . scar is much flatter ,...

ok been 6 months since TT . scar is much flatter , but I'm still so unhappy with the scar puckering which is better in the middle but still on the ends where it also drops,
We had a wonderful holiday in USA and then Hawaii so my tummy had its first big debut, it was quite hard to hide the scar in a bikini, so am organising a scar revision with my dr. I also want the lipo redone a little on one side of the love handle, it is uneven, and even though I know its not much I CAN SEE IT!
I DO love my lovely flat tummy and am quite happy I have had it done, it really is about patience.

I have just returned to my PS for an in surgery...

I have just returned to my PS for an in surgery scar revision and a fix up on the lipo,
Done under a general without any sedative, in bright lights was the most horrible experience I have every had.
Has anyone else been through this as well?
To start with he injected area,s involved with a huge horse needle to deaden the area. I was then left on my own , scared to death in a brightly lit room to contemplate my ordeal, so I managed to get sufficiently worked up , by the time he and his nurse arrived.
I could feel cutting and pulling with the stitching but no pain, but when he started with the lipo, I felt stabbing and dragging, truly painful.
I would never suggest this method of scar revision or lipo, unless a sedative and a gentler approach is adopted.
Would love to hear any other experiences.
My PS has sunk pretty low in my opinion after this . I had no preparation, and he hasn't bothered to ring to see how Im doing.
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Pre-opp Dr was great answered everything I asked via email. Sounded very honest and possitive. I had full confidence, His staff unfortunately didnt back him up, they forgot to send papers for hospital in and to write down messages.I was ringing them ! Didnt see him after surgery early enough , but when I did see him, he was great answering all questions and giving me confidence again.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You're 60 and in a bikini!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! There's light at the end of this tunnel. I'm 13 days post op for my granny takeover.
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HEY Aussy Girl! My partner in TT's lol You look fabulous!! Such a hottie! Yes it is our 12 weeks & while I see what you mean about the puckering around your scar, did your PS say that is something that will stretch & fade as you heal? I'm not thrilled at where my scar is at (healing wise) either! its very red & angry looking again & I'm supposed to be wearing a bikini by next sunday for our vacation :( But honestly I think you look amazing! I love your belly button & your tummy looks so tight & flat. Check in with your ps & see what he/she says about a revision or any treatments you can do to help reduce the puckered look. I think i'd prefer to have that than the way mine is looking. I'm going to post pics tonight or tomorrow as I'm having a revision on the drain hole sites!! Ugh But it sounds like your back to normal, good to hear from you & see a pretty pic of you as well :)
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Thank you dear Lisee, what a sweet lovely person you are.
I have an appointment with my ps in a week, so will put to him , what is to happen,
Unfortunately his response last time was on the defensive side, which is a shame, as I just want him to help, I know he is human.
Cant wait to see your 12 week pics,
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first off i want to say how amazing you look! wow and btw you dont need to lose a pound! you are tiny ! tummy looks beautiful...wanted to tell you though that your ps can def do scar revision ! it should be at no additional scar either! give him a call and make app to see him! he can most likely do it in the office..i had revisions done under local...i had to go to hospital but i got addition lipo..so you should be able to have it done easily in office...you look great though you should be happy!
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Thank you klewis,
Its great to hear from someone a little further on and know that things improve.
Good luck with your new body too. and with the weight loss, its an incentive to loose the loose skin and tummy,
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Hi Aussie - I hope you are doing better. I think you look great! Your results will continue to get better. I am 3 months post op. I initially had the "pleats" on the ends of my incision. I was like... WTH?? But they did in fact smooth out. My tummy isn't as flat as I would like for it to be, but it is no where near where is was. As I continue to lose weight, it will continue to improve. Enjoy your new body. Enjoy your life. Was also glad to read you have your loving hubby back. (smile)
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Aussgirl you look awesome, I am so, so happy for you hope you enjoyed your swim and enjoy you new body...
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Hi Aussygirl! I looked at your pics and must say that you're looking GOOD! I noticed the six-pack abs and, look at that little waist you've got now!

I wondered how are you doing with regard to Swell Hell? It seems to last so long. I suppose mine is coming up and I can't bear to think of it. :(
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Hi Kathe, thank you so much for your kind words, swelling is worse by the end of the day, and with me only in a couple of spots, just near my new navel, and on the incision line, which looks very raised, slightly sore as well.
If I wear the compression garment it is better, (I'm nearly 10 weeks post) So I tend to wear the garment more often than not.
Good luck, will take a look at your progress,
Thank you again
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Thank you so much for commenting, its great to have some support, had a really big talk to him that day, and he is more worried than anything, it turns out.
Who knows, what goes on in their minds? He fears, the puckering won't go and he is struggling with the whole scar thing, (its early days, and it is raised and purple, so will improve a whole heap, as you know.
We have sorted things out anyway, now, and my loving husband is back, so all going better.
Also went to Ps on Monday and he explained it all as well, said the puckering was due to him not taking the incision as long on the lower cut, as he said it is permanent whilst the puckering will go.
So feel more confident now.
It is all such a roller coaster ride, isn't it. One day I feel confident the next Im so down,ohhhh....
My week 6 today and its the first day out of the compression garment, I feel a little weird, but am enjoying my new tummy, size 4 shorts a little big on me, and my tummy is very flat.
Concentrating on the positives, can swim so off to take the little one now.
Thank you again, You look amazing by the way, you must be so happy with your results.
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Wow I am so sorry your husband is acting
Like that but that's just not right! I know it was
An elective surgery (blah blah) but if he's saying
Not touching you bc
Of the puckering. ??? Wow what the heck! Look my hub was
Against it too and when we lay together he touches my tummy and says he misses it! Men are weird . Maybe yours is alittle insecure
Now that your shape
Is perfect? Mine will
Get upset when I even wear a cute shirt w jeans! Either way I'm
Sorry your going through this and if the puckering doesn't go
Away (which is might ) after swelling is gone your ps can easily fix it under local so no worries
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HI ok im almost 5 months post op...and the swelling will get better...i would say i swelled (at night) till around 3.5 months post op..it will get less and less...and i know it sucks but i promise it doesnt last forever!! also i didnt have puckering but have seen some girls on here who had and it did go away when swelling went down so hopefully yours will! your tummy looks flat! we are our own worst critics...i am having revision to have bb fixed in feb...( bb of center) but if you take a look at how swollen i was and how i am now who can see what a diffence!!! try to be patient..i know its hard!! it will be worth it in the end!
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Just read your story puggymum, i am in awe of you, wow, you are such an inspiration, i will totally try to be patient,and not complain. boy I have nothing to complain about!
You will be so happy with how you look, I know, (you are already, I think?)
It certainly sounds like a long term recovery thing.
Thank you for your time, it was so appreciated.
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You are still pretty early in healing. It will keep improving month after month. Hang in there. Be sure to ask your doctor your questions and maybe that will ease your mind a little. I'm 20 weeks out and the swelling & shrinking does keep happening. My right side is more tender and swells more than the left. I seem to have a nerve that gets tweaked on the right too.

I also think we expect our bodies to be symmetrical when they probably aren't. Hard to tell when we are dealing w/ stretched out tummies. I know my right side is not the same as my left. It is less of a curve but that is the hip that got damaged when I was delivering my kids. Anyway....give it time. I know that's hard to hear but you've been through a big surgery and it does take our insides time.

You look good though!!
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Hey Aussygirl!!! Keep your head up I was just talking about this with another TT'er who just hut 4 weeks and we both felt like we'd look better than we do right now. Although I will say I just checked today & I lost another inch off my waist. So patience is the name of the game :) are u still on antibiotics? Ugh mine make me nauseous but at least the drain hOle is now healing & appears to be closing up. I'm sure ur pics looks great!
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Thank you so much Lisee, your support is so helpful, not coping today at all, just did more pics, which hopefully Ive posted (im technically challenged) and I hate myself (its offical). Feel i looked better before I did this thing. ughhhh.
oh well, yes Im listening girls, PATIENCE! I will keep trying .
Yes I am on antibiotics still, and thankfully dont feel sick. You poor love, hopefully you,ll feel better soon. How much longer for the anti biotics for you? My drain hope is beginning to close, only a little draining now. Much better with that. Just worried im getting stretch marks from the dragging down, I actually have red lines coming from my scar line on my boobs!
Go back to ps. on the 23rd so will have a lot to say I think. Thanks again for the support.
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just checked out your pics & just as i thought, you look great. i really like your belly button!!! i saw the marks under your boobs, are u sure thats not from your compression garment? you just have normal swelling. i literally measured my waist on tuesday (my 1 month mark) & re-measured today (cuz i was feeling skinnier lol) & i lost an inch. honestly i think it'll be 1 full year until we stop seeing changes. by the way, I love the patriotic
bikini, too cute :)
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Thanks Lisee, great to have others opinions, yes I don't mind the belly button,hate these down days, we have had such lovely weather, the beach has been calling, and have had some of the grandkids up, missed out on the beach , miss my training, miss riding my bike, and not sure of the results all end up in a bad day. Will try to settle petal and remember Patience.
Thank you,
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Swelling is horrible for the first six months...I am 16 weeks PO and I still get very swollen. It's been 3 1/2 months since surgery! It's just something that you have to deal with and know that it will get better over time...I personally experienced more swelling in weeks 9-12 then in the first month....I had a full TT, no lipo or muscle repair, and still have horrible swelling. I hope this helps hun! I get down sometimes too...I just tell myself that things will get better!!!
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That was such a helpful comment thank you so much. Please keep in contact, I would love to hear how your doing , thanks again, taking it day by day
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Well I got released to ease back into working out & running today!! But I am now on antibiotics as 1 of my sutures (where my drain was) caused that to open up. He may possible stitch it up but I go back in 2 weeks so we'll see. i had a drs appointment with my gyn and she really liked my ps's work so i felt better! lol i'm going to the gym 2morrow and will attempt to run 2 miles, do elliptical & lift so wish me luck :) cant wait to see your pics, im sure you look wonderful, & happy new year to you & your family
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Happy New Year Lisee, thanks for your reply, yes fluid ok, under control anyway. Worse at night which I'm sure is quite normal.Very impatient to see the results, as I feel like I'm still looking dragged down. My ps did say he did make it very tight, my husband thinks he could beat out a rhythm on the abs their so stretched and it does look like its being dragged down at the moment, but the gp taking a look was quite impressed, so hopefully all these issues will be resolved.
I have the pictures now, but we have just converted to an apple and not sure how to import them, oh well, will keep trying,
You poor thing I totally understand, I'm a person trainer and am missing my work, although I'm back next week, so not long now. I can't do my usual 3 days a week weight training for another 3 weeks, but at least half way there.
i know what you mean regarding slow progress, good luck with the opened up area, my oozing is sure driving me mad.Keep up the good work with your walking and the weights you can do.
Happy New year, to you and your new body haha
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Hey Ausssie Girl! It sounds Like your doing great & that you were promptly taken care of in regards to your fluid under the skin & drain problem! I only had back probs after the 1st 2 days post op & was walking pretty much straight up but everyone is different & I've still read about some women having some back pain at 4 weeks post op, what's your dr say about it? I'm sure you look good as your last pics were really good! I go in Tuesday as now the site where my drain on my right side appears to have opened up but no fluid coming out & my belly button looks a mess (to me I guess cuz no one else thinks so lol) but I think it is either infected or in the verge of being infected as it's still not dry! Grrrrrrr this is such a long process! I just hope he releases ms to workout soon b/c I'm going crazy with all the stress of the holidays & healing I need more than power walks & tiny dumbbells to release this stress! Lol Happy New Year!!
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Would like to update my pictures but, cant find where to do this??
Will keep trying
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Hi Mommy73 , not really sure if the question is for me or not,? there seems a lot of activity with the others, so if it is... yes I think my ps does lipo to the surrounding area,s to blend the tummy tuck in with the rest of you.
Thank you, it is still very early days , so don't really look at it as the finished product yet, and as my belly button is always covered its hard to get the full effect, but it does seem to be the one area I'm patient (not like me at all) and I am happy to wait the 6 weeks or whatever it takes to see the new me.Will take a look at your post, how did you go?
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