21 Year Old Fat Transfer to the Breast Augmentation with BRAVA - How I Grew 3 Cups in 6 Weeks - Sydney, Australia

Hi every one :) I have been researching this...

Hi every one :)

I have been researching this procedure on this website and have found everyone's reviews so helpful so I decided to share my experiences. This is going to be really long as i only had my op today so please bear with me.

Since I first started going through puberty i was always self conscious about my breasts. My mum and sister both had natural D/DD cups and i was stuck with lousy little B cups (in my opinion). Also i had quite bad A-symmetry which got worse after i had recently lost some weight. I have never liked the look of implants and didn't want a foreign object in my body so when i found out about this procedure i knew i had to give it a try. After consultations with my surgeon we decided to try to go up 2 cup sizes using fat from my love handles, inner thighs and a little from my outer thighs

Using brava:
I received my brava 26/03/14 (6 weeks prior to surgery) and began wearing it 8 hours the first night, 10 the second and aimed for 12 every night since -the last week and a half i aimed for 14 hours a night and the last 3 days i wore them for 24 hours minus a couple hours a day to give my skin a break and wash the domes (they were getting all sweaty and smelly lol). I know this sounds like a lot of effort and i would be lying to you if i promised that its easy, it takes a lot of commitment and discipline and not to mention the BRAVA can get itchy and uncomfortable, but its so worth it! My surgeon was thrilled with my growth and it also meant that i was able to get more fat injected into the breasts (400cc each).

My skin started reacting badly to the BRAVA so i switched from using the skin prep stuff provided with brava and instead started using aloe vera gel prior to wear and savalon cream, moisturiser and bio oil during the day when i was not wearing it. This helped my skin greatly! Every now and then i would start to get marks (especially when using the hand pump) but i would cover these marks with a fabric bandaid (the BRAVA wouldn't seal on top of the plastic ones) before wearing brava and the skin would clear up in a couple of days. Its really important to wash your domes properly (no matter how late you're already running for work) as bacteria on the domes make them twice as itchy and leaves even worse marks (i found this out the hard way). I think what really helped with my growth was 'cycling' with the hand pump. If you have not heard of it, you pump the domes until you have reached maximum pressure and cannot pump anymore. You leave it for 2mins, release the pump, let it sit for 30seconds and then repeat - you do this for about an hour for up to four times a day (i only did twice up until the last couple of days).

My surgery experience:
I had my surgery at St. Lukes hospital in Potts Point NSW. The staff there are lovely and to any fellow Australians I highly recommend St. Lukes and Dr Matousek. I was put under general anesthetics and pumped with lots of pain killers!! When i first woke i was in a bit of pain in the thighs but nothing over a 6 - but i was given more pain killers that reduced this to about a 2. After resting for a couple of hours i was able to get out of bed and go for a walk, very dizzy at first but pain wasn't too bad - i just felt like i had done a crazy leg workout and had sore muscles. The garment for liposuction was a little uncomfortable at first but really, its quite functional and you get used to it. I'm not sure about bruising or anything just yet i will update in a couple of days :)

As for my breasts they are extremely stiff but my boyfriend is liking the fact that they need to be massaged 3 times a day for 3 weeks lol. I intend to wear the BRAVA for 24 hours for the next 3 days (strictly no hand pump after surgery). My surgeon said that only 8-10 hours a day is needed for the next 2 weeks but most of the reviews i've read from ladies with awesome results have said they wore theirs the whole first 3 days so i'm going to combine both of them. I only have before and after photos of my breasts at this stage but will hopefully be able to upload some of my donor sites in my next update. Thanks for reading :) i know i basically wrote a novel haha but if i get to help one person out there then my work is done!


Hi Kate, Thank you so much for posting this review, very interested to hear your protocol re BRAVA after surgery. Was the BRAVA on top of the $10000 or was that included in the price? Keep up the great work Kate and may all your fat survive
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Thank you for your kind words :) the brava costs an extra 2 grand (inc every thing) on top of the surgery but its definitely worth it in my opinion. Recent studies show that with brava the amount of fat that survives is approx. 30% higher than without.. My surgeon says that i need to Wear the brava for the next two weeks 8-10 hours a day but i had read other reviews that said they had worn them for 3 days followed by 3 weeks post op. I was able to wear the brava for most of the 3 days with a couple of hours rest in between and plan to wear my brava for the next 2-3 weeks if i can
Wow they look good! I wish I had enough fat to transfer, well I understand u how you felt with your previous size, imagine I had 34a ( 32b push up from Victoria secret) I always used to wear padded push up because my breast so small, after fat transfer( 2 months ago) shape is nicer but I did lost fat(I would say at least 40%) I hade around 100cc each breast so imagine loosing this fat no good:( :( I did ask doctor about brava but he didn't recommend me, also I think you need to have bigger breast for that, how it works? I just wander if I can use brava now,

Front view before

I stuffed up before and added two of the same images.. This is my front view from before brava wear. I was quite small and had bad asymmetry

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One week post op

Hi all :)
So its been a week tomorrow so i thought i would post an update. I have been recovering well post liposuction, still a little bit sore but have been able to get up and go shopping for a couple of hours at a time. The compression garment is annoying to wear but im slowly getting used to it. I have been using arnica cream once a day after my shower which has really helped to reduce swelling and i have hardly bruised up at all! The stiffness in my breasts is starting to ease up with regular massaging and they're slowly starting to droop down, i'm still a DD at this stage but i expect to lose atleast one cup size and am hoping my boobs will drop a little bit more to look a bit more natural. I am having trouble with scarring from the brava wear but have been started using ungvita ointment and its already starting to look a lot better, i will try to remember to say whether it works in my next update. I will try my best to update my review regularly and hopefully will get some photos from my liposuction sites up as well
Thanks for reading guys!


Kate, you look great! What a 'wow' on your breast shape and increase. Congrats!! How do your lipo sites look? How many marks do you have? Amelia
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Hi amelia :) thanks so much for the kind words. Im very lucky to have the shape i do and they're starting to look even better now they're starting to drop down a little bit and look more natural. I have 6 marks all up from lipo. My lipo sites were my love handles (two very small marks on my lower back - where my underwear line is), my outer thighs (two very small marks on outer thighs), and my inner thighs (two small marks in my groin area also where my underwear line is). Most will be covered by my underwear except my outer thighs but my surgeon made the incisions in different spots as it will look suspicious having two symmetrical scars.. Im already seeing a change on my hips even though its only been a week. I've been really lucky with my swelling, the only place that has really swelled up a lot is inner thighs and knees but its slowly going down.. The place where i swelled and bruised the most was my knees and i didn't even get any work done there lol. I am actually about to upload some before and 1 week post op photos :)
Thanks for the update Katie, your looking great! Keep them coming xxx
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Lipo sites one week post op

My before photos aren't very good sorry i forgot to take some and was very self conscious/camera shy about my wobbly bits beforehand. Lipo sites were my inner thighs, outer thighs and love handles


You look great. Are you happy with your lower body changes as well from lipo? Glad your marks are small & few. Isn't it funny how the knees swell? The swelling tends to travel down. Same thing happened to me. Happy healing & keep us posted on your progress!
Thanks so much :) i am loving my lipo results so far i can't wait to see how much i'll go down!! I will definitely keep updating

Quick update - 2 weeks post op

Hi guys thought i would do a quick update.. Went shopping for bras and bikinis for the first time since my op yesterday, it was very exciting! I'm so happy with my results although i'm sad to see that some of the swelling has gone down, i knew it would happen but didn't want it to lol. I'm still wearing the BRAVA and plan to continue until friday (3 weeks post op). Anyway i just wanted to share this photo with you all.. The left is a photo of me last year, i had an "adds 2 cups sizes" top on and i was sucking in so much trying to make my hips look smaller. The second photo is me yesterday (just two weeks post op). My legs and hips are still pretty swollen but im already seeig quite a bug difference and my top has no padding at all :)


How are you doing? Any updates?
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Hi Kate, did you have a mammogram before or an ultrasound on your breasts?
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I had to have an mri then a follow up ultrasound as there was what looked like a cyst but i ended up being in the clear

1 month post op

Hi all :) sorry its been awhile! As of last friday i've hit my 1 month mark since my operation. Still feel a little bit sore sometimes in my thighs and especially my lower back but a part from that everything is going well. I've started to shrink down but not too much i am still a small DD, big D cup. The swelling from the lipo has started to go down although so far i am not seeing a huge difference in my hips just yet. I have a weird lumpy bit on one of my thighs but its started to smooth out with regular massage. I am still massaging my boobs too as they are still a bit stiff in some places but overall everything is going well with them. Still have a bit of scarring that is pretty bad from the BRAVA but thats slowly fading with regular use of bio oil. I am only wearing my compression garment for 12 hours a day at this stage as it was driving me crazy, i bought a stage 2 garment hoping it would be a little bit more comfortable but unfortunately not. I've read that most women feel better wearing theirs, its funny how everyone is different. I started back at regular exercising at around the 2 week mark which made me swell bad at first but now its not too bad. I will post photos of my breast below :) will try to upload some photos of my lipo sites a bit later


Hi Kate How are you going? How is the fat holding up?
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Hi again :) Its going well all the swelling and stiffness has gone down and im still a D cup. So happy with the results i will try to get some updated pictures up
omg I love the results!! how do your breasts feel? just fuller? do they hurt? I had a bBl but ireally want to do the fat transferring to my breasts now!!
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3 month update

Hi guys :)
Just a quick 3 month update. All the swelling has gone down fully in my breasts and although i was sad to lose a lot of size i was still able to hold most of it and remain a full D cup which is amazing :) loving the shape and fullness of my breasts. Still a little bit of scarring but its fading well. Still get a bit sore in my lipo sites at times but overall everything is going well. Definitely glad i went through with it!! I reccommend this procedure to anyone wanting to get rid of fat and go up just a couple of sizes


I heard wonderful things about Dr. Matousek and your post inspired me to book a consultation with her in a few weeks. I hope I can get results as good as yours. How long did all your bruising take to heal completely?
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Hi :) I actually didnt bruise up at all really but everyone is different. Im glad you were inspired!
Looks beautiful, congrats and thanks for sharing!
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Dr Simone Matousek

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