Awesome Tummy Tuck (W/diastasis Repair) Experience

I was so nervous going into this surgery as my...

I was so nervous going into this surgery as my husband and i separated the week before i was to have it done and i have a 1 year old and a 4 year old to care for, so i enlisted my mum to help and off i went. I had the surgery 2 days ago, and the experience has been amazing.

After gaining near 40kg with my 2 pregnancies and having long and large babies for my 5 ft stature my tummy was ruined and it made me lose all confidence in myself so for me was so important, but luckily (but unluckily) my muscles had separated so far that i had no core strength and my back was gong out all the time and i was always in pain, so my tummy tuck with diastasis repair is covered by my health fund.

I came out of surgery at 6pm without a catheter and 2 drains, calf compressors and compression stockings, my tummy binder, i had patient controlled analgesia (PCA) with morphine over night and was up at 5 am walking to the toilet..the first time hurt, but after that i was fine. I spent most of the day in bed resting with 6 visits to the toilet which got easier. I slept relatively well apart from the torch in the eyes and the light being turned on to do my observations.

DAY 2. I was up and about had a shower...kept the wound dry though but got to wash my hair with the help of a great nurse. My drains were taken out, my IV and PCA out and i was allowed to go home. So i am now home with mum looking after my balls of energy. Having my babes around is great but i would like to sleep a little so they might have a long trip to the park tomorrow;-)

I have just had my antibiotic and panadeine forte and am feeling a little sleepy. My pain is low, have heaps of bruising but i am already looking better than i could have ever imagined! Binder on and TED stockings as well.

Day 3 - it is heaven to be home, although not...

Day 3 - it is heaven to be home, although not getting rest in the day as such with the kiddies bouncing around but i look and feel even better today, coughing is horrible and painful but i am able to walk around up and down the stairs and had nearly a full night sleep only woke once to a sore back from lying in the same position. Mum and dad are here looking after he kids for me so i don't need to lift them, and they are giving me TLC which i need right now.

Gave myself a shower- or bird bath i guess so not to wet my wound, there is still a lot of bruising and swelling but really good considering.

Will post my pic for today


Well today is day 4 and i feel pretty good, i...

well today is day 4 and i feel pretty good, i can't stop checking out my new belly and love the fact that i don't have a muffin top :-)

I just went out to the shops and apart from walking all bent over and an extreemly painful cough it was good- mind the speed humps they hurt a little..i am not driving myself at the moment though as the muscles are still sore.

The back pain is not real nice but have been using ZEN on that and it has helped, i sleep on my back and don't move at all, i tried the side yesterday and got stuck and just cried and my 4 year old helped me roll back over, poor little thing. Have reduced the panadeine forte today to advil as having a little trouble with the poops despite all the fibre i have been drinking. Bruising is still extensive but fading and i am still swollen and tender but still happy, people have commented on the difference already. Still i say it is all worth it :-) Is nothing compared to a c-section!

Day 5i feel better today..when i get up out of be...

Day 5

i feel better today..when i get up out of be i am crooked but i am able to get a bit straighter as the day goes on. Saves my back a little!

I am swollen and retaining fluid even in the feet, keeping the low salt and moving around is all helping there...just don't get on the scales for any other reason than to monitor the fluid, there is no way a piece of toast and egg can make u gain weight ;-)

still on antibiotics and reduced to advil throughout the day and panadeine forte at night. Dressings stay intact till friday and the binder and stockings stay on too..

Having my parents here has been a lifesaver, just to know my kids are looked after is the biggest help anyone could ever do, and i am enjoying watching spongebob squarepants movies wih my boy!

Day 7i can't believe that this time last week i...

day 7

i can't believe that this time last week i was on the operating table getting flubber removed!

Yesterday i HAD to go out in the morning and do something that i could not get out of and i got busy throughout the day doing more stuff and by the time it got to about 7 last night i was starting to feel strange. I puffed up like a balloon. I was so uncomfortable and tight that i just did not know where to put myself, i got on the scales and was 1.5kg (3.3lbs) heavier than what i was this morning, i was up weeing all night and tightening my binder several times as the fluid went down, apart from niggling pain i feel better today, just exhausted and sore in the back, but i am NEARLY upright at the start of the day, i just get more and more bent as the day goes on. So i just have to remind myself to rest! A foreign thing with kids and no husband around, thank god for mum!

I had enough of bending over a basin to wash hair and washing a limb at a time so i wrapped myself up in a garbage bag and tape so my dressing would stay dry and had the best shower so nice on the back! Have my appointment for removal of dressing in 2 days...can't wait to see...i have done everything to stop myself peeling off the dressing to take a sneaky peek. will get a pic and post it for u to see x

Day 9swell hell is easing a little but still...

Day 9

swell hell is easing a little but still weeing a lot!

Dressing came off today and i saw my scar for the first time...very impressed!!!! stitches came out of my belly button which i couldn't feel as the area is still numb and the nurse cut the ends off my other sutures and they will continue to dissolve. I look slightly asymmetrical as i am still swollen but it is fantastic. the pubic line is a little higher but i guess that can be waxed if it bothers me. I now have micropore tape on the scar for the next few weeks, continue to wear the binder...i realised i was not wearing that tight enough either...oops! so for the hourglass shape...tighter we go!

I am nearly standing upright when i try and it is all going well, still sleeping upright on my back in bed with a pillow under my legs, continue to not lift and i can work out ways to do things with the babes that stop me lifting them.

Is such an awesome time but also a sad time that my husband is not sharing the new me, oh well...his loss!

Posted the pics for u today to see my surgeons art work!

Dr Laith Barnouti - Broadway, Sydney

great receptionist and great dr with a reassuring approach and great follow up.

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You look great! I'm excited for you!! I also have diasatis recti and it sticks! So ready for it to be fixed!! 13 days for me!!!
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Looks great!
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You look great and have healed so well!. Please post more photos!... My surgery is tomarrow!.
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Hey girl! How are you feeling? Is everything still going well? I go in for my six week check up on the 18th. I'm thinking I might need to have a little fluid drained on the right side but other than that I'm really happy with it. I can start wearing my binder for 12 hours on and 12 off then too. :D Let me know how you are doing.
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Thanks for sharing your pictures! Swell hell - I bet, you are a good bruiser too! :) I hope that the rest of your recovery continues to go well! Remember to take it easy and only do stuff when you feel ready to!
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my surgeon said the binder had to be worn for several months as it supplies the right compression, i tell u without it i would not be as comfy and mobile it is awesome...they said to not use the support style undies yet. Definately if the wound has not healed as it will make u sweat more than normal and can irritate ur wound plus the binder helps with the hourglass figure ;-) i am using the dale abdominal binder..not sure u have them there but google it and see what style it is u might have similar there, and the nurse and dr did it really tight i was not doing it near tight enough, is not that uncomfy..i am so much better wearing it.
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I am also wondering about the binder. I had my surgery April 21 as well. I have started wearing a pantie type girdle, which I am hoping is sufficient compression. I did buy a Spanx, but I think it is too small because it is hard to get on and then is extremely tight. I wish I knew just how tight they need to be.
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Your tummy looks awesome... also noticed the birthmark that was previously above your bellybutton is now below your new bellybutton :) ... just some trivial info to muse you while u recover ! PS Thanks so much for your post... am due for tt with lipo soon.
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i know funny huh? everyone told me i should have got that removed but it is me and that is not why i wanted my tummy fixed so it stayed :-) at least u can see how much skin was pulled down :-) good luck with ur op, hope it goes as well as mine did x
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do u still have the binder on all the time? I find it hard to stand without mine for long- normally just enough to shower then i am really sore. I am 2 weeks and 2 days past and i am near straight but when i start off from sitting i am bent.. then gradually stretch it out. I had a horrible back, so i think i have really tried hard to straighten it...and keep up with ur pain killers and do gentle walking i found that although it is painful it helped me recover so quick. I will never forget the nurse the morning after my op telling me i did not need to be that bent over and to straighten up...yeah right...u get ur tummy muscles tightened and jump out of bed love!'Hope u r feeling better, just keep in mind u will look hot so it is all worth it!
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I had a full TT on April 16th and I am in so much pain right now. I start off the day standing up straight but by the end of the day I can hardly walk. Can anybody tell me what this is all about. How long before I will be able to walk normally without the back pain?
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Wow!! Your PS did an amazing job! You look so amazing! I'm so happy for you. :) Keep healing!
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he is pretty good...i am impressed! I had a few red areas yesterday that i thought i should get him to see so i went in and turns out my body was "spitting" out the internal dissolving stitches, so he cut them out and a piece of skin under local that was making my scar look untidy so hopefully it will be ok now. I still seem to be a little uneven but he said he would have to wait til 6wks and if i need more lipo to even it out i can arrange it...not that i am against more fat coming out of my boby but i would prefer it to just even itself out! hope u r loving ur belly, you look great xxx
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We must have had our surgeries close to the same day. Mine was April 21. Your bruising looks just like mine. You are looking great, and hopefully soon you will get through the whole day without swelling up. I'm afraid I have a slight infection in the navel, and have been given another round of antibiotics. But things will get better. Please take care of yourself. I know it is great to have family to help out. You are going to look awesome.
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u look awesome...april 21st was one of the best days of my life...i got a little piece of myself back! hope u recover quickly xxx take care and rest lots x
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That is great that you are healing so fast! Showers are the best feeling in the world aren't they?! I puffed up like crazy too. I've heard a lot of people call it swell hell. It lasted a couple days for me. It is super uncomfy! I can't imagine having to wait 7 days to see the result. I thought I was going to go crazy waiting after 2 days! Can't wait to see your results. Keep getting better! :)
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how awesome do u look!!!!!! swell hell alright, i puff up and then pee all night! The dressings are driving me nutters and making me itch i can't wait to get them off so see everything...i feel healed i can even feel my stitches thru the skin going down to my belly button so there is not much fat there:-) yippee one more sleep to see it! thanks again 4 ur support x
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Wow, you sound like you are bouncing back really fast!! i had an extended TT with muscle repair and some hip lipo on April 7th and I am still complaining! :) I am recovering too slow for my patience. You however, must be in great shape and from the photos, it looks like you will look FABULOUS!! I am so happy for you!
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i seem to be lucky i think but not without complications but that is my own stupidity and thinking i can do more than i should! I just think i am a person who expects the worst and i end up pleasantly surprised when things go better than anticipated...but i am also open to the fact that i am early days and am like u and impatient...i wanna be jumping up and down and am all ready getting bored! But just think how hot we will will all be so worth it xxx
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Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear your doing so good all ready.
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you look awesome u must be so happy with ur results, i hope when my dressings come down, i look as good as u! x
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glad to hear everything is going well for you. im almost 4 weeks post op and im feeling great. cant wait to go back to work :) im not yet 100% back to normal yet but i think im getting there. my recovery has been bit more difficult because i also had a breast lift and augmentation at once together with full TT. but everything is looking good so far. as far as the drains goes, i guess every surgeon is different. most surgeons here leave the drains in from 7 to 14 days and sometimes even longer. my friend had seroma 2 weeks after they removed her drains. she only had them in for 4 days. but i think risk of seroma can happen to anyone at any time. my surgeon advised me to keep the drains for 2 weeks and take antibiotics 4 times a day until the drain is removed and i can honestly tell you i was draining 40cc per day for 12 days and when i went in to have them removed like you said i was afraid it was going to hurt relaly bad due to the holes starting to close but i didnt even feel it it felt like a pulling a spagetti out loll no pain at all i was so happy. your resuls look amazing. and yes i didnt get pampered i was sent home 3 hours after surgery. did you have lipo too? is that bruise from lipo suction?
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sorry u did not get pampered for a day or 2...must have been a rough drive home:-( on day 2 my drains had not drained any more than 5 mls and i think if it had continued i would have been sent home with them. I had lipo as well and he kindly did a little more around the hip to give me a nicer contour, he said all up he took a kilo off me :-) Back pain and the hunch back walk are still bothering me but straightening up day by day a little. I hope it all gets there for u quickly so u can go back to life, i start a new job in about 3 weeks so i am hoping i will recover quickly from now. i hope u love ur new belly and boobs, it will make such a difference to ur self confidence x
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everything will get better. Just last week i was thinking im never going to recover and be myself again but its amazing how just one week makes alot of difference. I went to the mall today. who would of thought? and next week im going back to work. im still not 100% straight yet and have a little hunching to work on but im getting there. i spent the whole morining massaging my right breast because its taking longer to drop so they look uneven and its annoying me lolll leftie is settling nicely but rightie is taking its time. take it easy and dont rush your recovery.. things will happen when its time :)) i was bent over for 3 weeks and i finally graduated from our couch and moved to my bed and i can sleep on my side now which is great.
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How are you doing with fluid retention since the drains were taken out before you left?My doctor is keeping me overnight at the hospital and taking the drains out before I leave.I worried about it being to soon.Let me know how it goes!
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