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I just had a rhino revision after 3 unsuccessful...

I just had a rhino revision after 3 unsuccessful surgery. It cost me this much. I did it in a clinic under twilight sedation. Took 4.5 hours in the operation. It was suppose to take only 3.5 hours.

I think the sedation wore off. I woke up slightly and could feel what my surgeon was doing. It was aweful and very uncomfortable experience when I was half awake feeling the pain, the needles piercing thru my nose n ear, a cut on my ear. It was so scary.

I could not breathe but the whole time I played in my mind of waking up n running away from the theatre. I felt my hands were bound. I could not get up. I was suffocating away. I could not swallow as well. My throat was hurting badly. I felt I was going to die but also struggling.

I kept saying I cant breathe. is it finished? It is over? My surgeon hushed me. But I think they injected me with a lot of sedation. Finally, when my surgeon n the assistant told me it was over, I was so relieved. But I felt so much pain on my nose n ear. It was so umcomfortable. Could feel my whole face has been punched badly.

Anyway, they sent me to a room for me to rest. I was so cold. They heat up the blanket for me. I slept till almost 6pm. when the ops was over, I saw the clock pointed 4.30pm. I must have felt asleep ard 11pm.

They called to wake up to feed me, but I did not respond. I could hear them, but could not wake up. This vietnanese assistant kept coming to my room n always calling my name to wake me up. I tot she was motherly, but she didnt behave like one. She is loud all the time.

I managed to wake myself up for food n water bc ny throat was hurting badly. Before I left the clinic, the doc came to see me n explained what he had done. I was not fully sober to hear what he said. He cleaned my wound both my ear n nose. It was lots of pain. he then asked me whether I cd breathe. I said I had difficulty breathing the whole time. He,then used his surgeon light to shine thru my nostril n discovered he left 2 gauze still in there. He pulled them out. the hurt stinks like salt touching the wound.

After that, I could breathe with ease. Imagine I hv gone home with the gauze left in my nostrils. The whole time I wd hv difficulty breathing.

I m not sure he is good yet bc today is only my 2nd day post op. He is a korean. I read koreans r good in tip plasty. I hv to wait for the swell to subside for me to judge. He seemed experience. He seemed to know what he is doing. At this stage, my whole face swells pretty badly. I hv bruises on my right eye. The bruise spread to my left eye now.

My lower forehead swells too. Most likely more thAn a wk for my swell to go down 80%.

My advice based on my experience is to go on a general anaethestic rather than twilight if any ops that is gg to take more than 1-2 hrs.

I just gone back to adjust my nose bridge after my...

I just gone back to adjust my nose bridge after my gortex moved to the left of my face. Now, my left eye is swollen. The korean doctor replaced gortex with silicon. Is this a good idea? Just wondering.

I went to adjust my operation 3 times with this korean doctor. Hopefully this will be end of my nose surgery. I won't recommend him to do nose surgery. Scary

Today, i took out my bandage b/c it was so...

today, i took out my bandage b/c it was so uncomfortable. my shock - my nose bridge swelled and half of my face swelled like a pig's face. from the side view, my face looked like a helmet. this is the 2nd time i had to go thru this with the same doc.

i am utterly disappointed with him, and will never recommend anyone to him for rhinoplasty.
whoever is interested to know who he is, pm me. i will send the details

Up to now, my nose gets worst. the cartilage has...

up to now, my nose gets worst. the cartilage has moved and it is protruding the flesh. now, my tip looks like it is sitting on one side of the nose. it looks weird now on my face with the nostril and tip not in the center. Bridge is too thick. the whole shape of the nose he created looks really bad. i can feel the cartilage on the tip and it is painful. this is not looking any good. it is really disappointing. I can't believe i have a nose created by him which is really big the reversed of what i wanted.

I had my whole implant and parts of the cartilage...

I had my whole implant and parts of the cartilage removed after the implant shifted and poked through the skin. My whole nose shrunk after the removal. After 1 week, the tip of my nose became very swollen. Now, my tip has broaden and i had a line depression on the tip. It looks like the nose is cut into half. My dorsum has gone down so much left the tip. Now my nose looks so bulbous. I went back to the doctor for review. He said i developed keloids. and he has to soften the scars by injections. I just had my anti inflammatory injections. I have to go back for another few more injections 2 weeks later, then monthly until my scars soften. Not sure whether the swell will reduce. Hopefully it will b/c the injections are really painful each prick. i think i have gone thru not only a long journey but also painful experience along the way. whoever wants my advice, send me a message.

Nose revision

I had another nose revision with the same doctor. He managed to remove the extra cartilage which caused the tip to swell up due to infection. He put in a new cartilage using my ear bone. The result was the left nose looks pretty alright, but the right side of the nose looks weird. My right nostril was cut slightly bigger b/c of the skin infection leaving my left nostril looks smaller which result my nose looking lopsided to the left. This is I can't remember how many times I went through the revision, and each time the result was not good. I have lost confidence. I didn't even want to take pictures of myself. Each time I went through revision, I was hoping it will be the last and final... but I think I have to fix my nose again since the nose doesn't look symmetrical. I am not sure when it will ever end. :'-(

Another revision

I consulted another doctor. The photos taken show that I have uneven and asymmetrical nose. Very bad situation. The other doctor said I need to wait for a few weeks to do another revision. Here I am another nose revision. I wonder when it will end my misery. The scar has become so bad, that i believe it formed its own shape.

I looked back at my previous photo, i looked so much better before this surgery. I wish I had not done the surgery. My nose is so badly damaged, that I have 2 scars visible to the public. i even have an uneven nostril. It's so embarrassing to have my photos taken. Look too weird. I deeply regret having this surgery.

I wish others to becareful. I might one day appear in the makeover show. who knows?

Another major revision

I had another revision yesterday. Had to recontruct my nose becoz my nose was not assymetrical, not straight & not in the centre. Took 4 hours & a bit. He had to take my rib to use as graft. He said i had so much scar in my nose. He had to thin down the skin & reused the scar to form the nose shape. The result is i am so swollen & bruised, but the nose looks symetrical. I now look funny, i will be wearing the splint till nx tuesday. He also insert internal splints in my nose to make my breathing easy which is true. My chest is really painful as he had to use my rib to construct the nose shape. I hope i will look okay next week, & hopefully this will be my last operation on my nose. I suffer such a deep phobia on going thru a knife again after so many failed ordeals.

My nose before the recent surgery

the nose is not symmetrical. you can see the tip of the nose went to the left. the right tip lost a bit of cartilage. resulted the right tip lost the support. the nose shape lost its definition and shape. correction had been done to the tip, but it still looked a bit lopsided. just that it is not as bad as before.

Nose after recent surgery

the nostrils are still a bit off centre. the first photo was taken on the next day after the next day after the surgery. looks very bruised and swollen. the 2nd photo was taken on day 5. the nostrils look more towards the centre but i doubt it will be 100% symmetrical.
Name not provided

His fees are relatively cheaper than other sydney cosmetic surgeons. However, I not sure whether he is a good candidate to perform nose surgery. But he is a responsible surgeon unlike other surgeons that i can name a few.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi there, Can you please message me and let me know who this Dr is? Regards
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The doctor who fixed my nose is Dr Michael Zacharia. He is based in Bondi Junction.
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I was thinking of going there, but I have declined. Seeing that he has not got the right qualifications to even do rhinoplasty, I am glad I never payed him to do my nose.
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Oh my gosh, you went through so much. I am so sorry. That doctor needs to be revealed to the community of plastic surgeons. I read they do need to be board certified. That doctor has NO business performing plastic surgery at all. I so hope for a positive turn around for you. I do not see any pictures of your nose after your casts were taken off. Send, if possible. Take care.
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As you said your nose looks different now, could you please update the current status and include photos so we can see how you are doing.
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i think u really need to identify the doctor, so other ppl wont follow your footstep
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this doctor he really tried to fix my nose. the last ops turned out my nose had an infection. as a result of this, my nose doesn't look straight even after the last op
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Please give all ur doctors names n sorry for ur situation
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thank you for your sympathy. my present doctor who is reviewing my case is Dr Zacharia. he is pretty good with the nose surgery. if u would like to do your nose, i would recommend him. he has very tight schedule. u most likely have to wait at least 2 months to consult with him.
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I agree with pamwu. you do need to identify the doctor
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poor thing. but your nose does seem to look better in the last 2 pic. how r u doing so far? who is the doctor ruined your nose?
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i always thought asian doctors are good with asian noses, but turned out to be the other way around.
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Poor poor girl.
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lol, thank you girl
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The last pic looks great! I hope all is good. Hugs
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That pix was a few months ago. Now it looks different
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What do u mean different ? Is it getting better or worse
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it starts to normalise. i have thick skin, so it doesn't take the shape as well as after the surgery.
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The last picture looks great. I hope your nose is doing good now.
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thank you
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Could you tell me who is the first doctor pls ,now I'm getting in the same trouble so sad
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What trouble?
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Hii can u please let me know who your first doctor was and who you would recommend for Asian rhinoplasty?? Thankss x
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send me a pm
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Beauty freak, which surgeon did you last see in 2013 for your rhinoplasty? Please pm me their name.
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