Vaser lipo to inner+outer thigh, hips, inner knee + ?? skin tightening above knee - Sydney, AU

Firstly I'd like to say I'm posting this purely...

Firstly I'd like to say I'm posting this purely because I have found this site so helpful in making my decision and also with post op concerns. I chose to tell no one other than my partner about the operation and have found this site a source of comfort as I can't discuss this with anyone.

I am now 10 days post op - wouldn't hesitate doing it again - though I am still very sore.
I am 169cm (5ft 5in) and pre op weighed 57.5kg (127 Ib)

I am 46, since my teens I had always been around 56kg and have always had saddlebags. I have never been overweight but didn't like my figure because of my thighs. Since turning 40 I have developed fat pods on my hips giving me the dreaded muffin top - and generally carry more weight in my upper legs. After a lot of research I actually decided on my Cosmetic Surgeon over the Plastic Surgeon as she was very focused on sculpturing my figure rather than the PS who seemed focused on specific areas. The PS said he would take about 1 litre (1000cc) fat and would not do the inner thigh as there wasn't much there - the CS said she thought about 2 litres (2000cc) fat but post procedure she said she was very surprised to have actually taken 2.9 litres (2900cc). My operation covered a lot of areas but not a huge amount of fat removal. I had 18 incision sites.

The procedure was done in the clinic surgery under local anaesthetic (twilight I think). I was aware of what was going on throughout the op but drifted in and out of sleep. The tumescent fluid was a little painful feeling like a rollerball of pin pricks. I could feel the pressure of the suction wand at times but nothing to bad. I remember putting on the compression garment and taking photos of the suctioned fat afterward. My appointment was at 12 noon and I was walking out the door at 5pm. I was sick 3 times that evening. Only used Panadeine Extra for pain and had an uncomfortable but reasonable sleep.

My surgeon also did more of an experimental procedure above my knees where I had kind of like cellulite appearance (hard to explain but not a nice look in shorts). Both PS and CS said they would not remove fat from this area but my CS said she could try placing the vaser probe under the skin to try to tighten the skin. This was quite painful but the results are excellent at the moment but we are not sure if it has been successful or if it is a little swollen giving a smoother appearance - I have my fingers crossed (she charged a nominal fee $600.00au as not sure of the outcome and I was happy to be a guinea pig in the hope of good outcome)

I have found the recovery stories vary so much in the posts I have read. For me I could easily say I was up the next day fending for myself as my partner had to work - then went for afternoon tea and cooked a roast dinner - I did do all this and was pretty good but I was also VERY sore especially when moving from sitting to standing and vice versa (and sitting on the toilet!!). After you stand up and start walking there is this terrible drawing/pulling/million little ant bite type pain that lasts for a while then settles. (hard to describe). What has amazed me most is that this pain is still very similar now on day 10 and hasn't subsided. I can move much more freely now though. It's still uncomfortable to sleep on my side. There is a lot of time when sitting or walking that you have no pain at all so it's not like your in constant pain - just different actions cause pain (getting in and out of the car is still a big OOUCH factor).

I didn't take any time off work - procedure on Friday and planned to work on Monday - ha ha - I only work 3 days a week and decided to take Monday and Wednesday off and I went back on Saturday. I am a nurse and on my feet all day and we don't stop. It was a difficult shift and I have decided to take more days off this week. Being on my feet for so long I felt the pressure in my legs and the swelling around my knees a little to much. Remember I have told no one that I had this done so I am trying to act as if nothing is wrong the whole time!!

Sorry there is just so much to tell - Going back to the first 24hrs - I remember thinking that I was so lucky because I had had no drainage. I was just so well strapped up with absorbent padding that I just couldn't feel it. When I took off the pads and blue sheets the next night for my shower I couldn't believe the weight of them. They were saturated. I weighed them and it was 3kg. So there would have been at least 2.5 litres of fluid drained out of me. I then discovered I had not been given enough pads to cover all 18 incision sites. I was totally unprepared for this and quite upset but we made do by boiling scissors and cutting the pads we had. I stocked up the next day. Applying the pads as dressings was the worst of the experience - I went from pads to large absorbent type bandaids over the first 7 days. Day 8 no dressings needed and all insision sites healing nicely. Some sites drained heaps and some sites very little. I only had to change dressings daily. My left leg has more swelling around the knee than the right and it had much less drainage. I managed to wear a pear of jeans for the first time yesterday (day 9).

I was so excited on day 1 when i'd taken the dressings down - I looked in the mirror and for the first time in my life I had no thighs - so exciting and amazing. At this point there was no swelling and looked fabulous. The love handles were completely gone too. Unfortunately there is then some swelling that sets in - I don't have much except for the inner knee/ lower part of my leg where it gets quite tight. My big concern is that the compression garment in not adequate - it is just a spandex one and I'm sure something firmer would be much better. I commented that I thought it was to big but was told that was the smallest size. My Doctor said with the amount of fat removal I have had it was sufficient. I do think more compression would help with the pain when you stand and start walking. If any Doctors happen to read this I would love your feed back.

Bruising......Hips - barely any.....Inner thigh - barely any (now light yellowish).......outer thighs - dark purple, moderate sized area......Inner knee (and 6inches above) dark purple, large bruised area.....above knee with vaser probe - a small amount.

I am applying arnica cream to the bruising but only twice a day and have no idea if it is of any benefit or not. My chemist said the massaging motion is the most helpful to increase circulation. I am also still taking oral arnica.

To this point I don't have any fibrous hard lumps forming - At what point in the healing process does this happen?? I hope I'm lucky and don't get any!!

Due to the distance I live from the surgeon - I had my post op visit on day 7. She was very pleased - she did comment that I had quite a lot of bruising - I also had 1 session of ultrasound. She said she won't take my measurements for another month as swelling needs to settle but I know I've lost cm's already.

I am really happy with my results so far. All I ever wanted was to have no thighs sticking out when I wear my jeans and I think we have mission accomplished. Can't wait for the final result and can't wait for the pain to be gone.

I can't believe how many times my teenage kids hug and squeeze me and pat me on the legs - they don't know what I've and I just have to grit my teeth.

I will try to post photos - wish me luck - I'm not very techno savvy.

Can't believe I have just worked out how to do an...

Can't believe I have just worked out how to do an update - I thought I was doing updates but they were in my comments, so I will rewrite them for the benefit of people seeking lipo info. (I've been slack and there are only 2) Then followed by my current update :-

DAY 10 - I decided t rest up and not do much all day and also started sleeping with my legs elevated on pillows to help reduce swelling. I am still wearing compression garment and wouldn't even consider stopping due to the swelling. My Doctors recommendation was to wear it until day 10. After reading so many reviews I think I will be wearing it for a long time to come.

DAY 11 - Legs felt much better after having a day of rest - however I had a comment from one of the Doctors on this site saying it is best to keep active and stay upright - I really appreciate the input from the surgeons on this site - they are like little angels watching over us - so i'm back off my butt and into it.

DAY 12 - Legs are back to being super swollen and not at all looking forward to returning to work tomorrow were I'm on my feet all shift and don't stop. It's the pressure around my inner knees and inner thigh from the swelling that is the worst. Still painful moving positions and especially when standing and starting to walk. Looking at before and after photos keeps me positive. It is very daunting though because the swelling makes it look as though the fat is back.

DAY 15 - returning to work second time around wasn't as bad as returning on day 8 - Swelling ++ though. Purely my recommendation and I know everyone is different but after having inner and outer thigh + inner knee + hips + experiment above knee I would strongly recommend you take at least 10 - 14 days off work if you don't have a desk job.

DAY 19 - One of the surgeons on this site recommended to me to have MLD - after googling MLD to find out what it was (manual lymphatic drainage) I investigated but was unable to find anyone in my hometown who could do it so I taught myself how to do it by watching items on You Tube and it has been the best advise of all. I am also wearing my shape-wear leggins as well as my compression garment (lycra with very little compression) when I work and this is helping.

A couple of people have commented that I have lost weight but they think it's because I've been unwell on sick leave. My work pants are a bit looser and slip down a bit now but my jeans don't seem to be any looser. My weight hasn't really changed??? (i'm guessing because of the fluid weight of the swelling). Still sleeping with my legs elevated. Still painful to sleep on my side.

My one concern at the moment is when I raise my leg to my chest I get a very tight feeling and some pain at the back of my leg at the incision site below my buttock - I have to massage this to get it to loosen up.

DAY 28 - bruising is all gone - still tender though. Incision sites still noticeable - still swelling and doing MLD almost every 2nd evening - no way I would be in a bikini yet. I am starting to reduce the time I wear the compression garment.

5 WEEKS - I can sleep on my sides YEAH - still tender if applying any pressure especially to inner knee and thigh area but general day to day activities I experience no discomfort at all. I wouldn't want anyone to be discouraged because of the pain/tenderness/discomfort that you experience - it's nothing unbearable, you just know it's there and when you consider what your body has been subjected to it's a little price to pay for the end result.

I was meant to see my Surgeon this week but have had my mum in hospital and with Xmas pending and the 5hr trip to get there it just wont happen.

My weight has slowly been reducing - I hit 55.5kg which is so exciting - that's nearly 2kg less than pre lipo. I haven't been doing any exercise yet but will get back on my weight and step machine soon. You other girls all seem so motivated and make me feel really slack. My mum's condition takes up a lot of time with her care but I have to not let that be an excuse!!

6 WEEKS - For Xmas my partner bought me the pair of jeans that were the final straw in making my decision to have lipo done. I adored this pair of jeans and when I tried them on I looked so disgusting in them and was so disappointed in myself - I tried several other pairs of jeans that day and went home totally depressed. Now I have those jeans as a reward to myself. Funny thing my partner keeps telling me he can't really notice a difference - he didn't think I needed the lipo. When he sees the before and after pics though he can appreciate what I've done. (I just read this to him and he said he can notice the difference he has just been playing with me!!!)

Well the swelling is minimal now - still do a quick MLD some nights. I seem to have been very lucky and haven't really had any lumps that so many people talk about. I did experience very hard areas from swelling but I massaged them all the time and that relieved them. I'm not wearing the compression garment any more.

I can now wear all the clothes in my wardrobe again and they fit better than ever. So I am still in the same size clothes but they just look so much better without the thunder thighs and the muffin roll.

Incision sites are still quite noticeable but have now started wearing shorts (longer shorts).

Worst thing at the moment is with the swelling decreasing I can now see a couple of indents in my left thigh that don't look so great. I will wait a little longer though before I panic incase it is a little uneven swelling. I must try to get in for my follow up visit soon to the surgeon.

I still am not sure about the experimental area above the knee where she attempted just to tighten the skin - it is better than it was before but I am slowly getting that cellulite appearance back :(

Hope everyone had a lovely xmas and hope you all have a fabulous new year.

7 weeks post today - every day now I get up and...

7 weeks post today - every day now I get up and fell so much better in my clothes - it is well worth the $ outlay for the peace of mind that I am feeling.

Well it's 9 weeks post today - and I can hear my...

Well it's 9 weeks post today - and I can hear my kids in the kitchen cooking me bacon and eggs for my birthday!! - My hips still have some swelling (i hope that's what it is) but I didn't really do the MLD back there very well cause it was a bit awkward. Still get a tiny bit of swelling in the legs but hardly worth mentioning. I've lost 5 or 6 cm off my thighs YEAH!! I'm not sure what my knee measurement was but It's heaps less as well. I still get minor sensations that let me know I've had the surgery but pretty much back to normal. I am a little disappointed that I have found a couple of small spots that appear a little irregular - the profile line of my inner leg a couple of inches above the knee is different on the left leg compared to the right - but I finally go back to the surgeon on Tuesday for my 2nd post op visit. I have been very slack as it's a 5hr drive and with xmas and work it just hasn't happened yet. The other disappointing thing is she was meant to do the little muffins that extend from the hips to around the front a little and she didn't touch them so that I am very upset about!! My partner also tells me that side on it has made it look as though my buttocks droop :( and I think he is right but anyway it's all better than THUNDER THIGHS!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their progress!! xx I finally have more pics to show! P.S I think the skin tightening above my knees has been somewhat successful but it certainly doesn't look like when I was 20!!

12wks today - I had my apt with the surgeon 2wks...

12wks today - I had my apt with the surgeon 2wks ago and she just seemed to dismiss my concerns - the area that makes my inner leg profile irregular she just said was minor. I told her she didn't do the little muffins that extend around the front from the hips - she looked at them puzzled (BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL THERE) then after quite a wait she produced my pre photos (SCAREY) which showed that area marked in texter so she assures me that she did it. I can see no change in this area at all, she said it may just be skin but there are definitely fat pods there. What I would like to know is how she could even manage to get to the area at the front when the only incision I have is on my lower back (I had 3 incisions just for the inner knee so how do you explain no incision for the front) I think I will get a second opinion as to weather it is possible to get to that front area from the back and if it's not she will have to do something. Sorry to complain - I was so excited about my thighs being gone at first I didn't really give much thought to the rest but as time has gone on I've been thinking I've paid thousands of dollars for these other areas so they are just as important. At the moment I feel like my hips aren't great either but I have been back on my home gym so I am wondering if there is a bit of swelling there again. My doc said all my swelling should be gone now??? Anyway I must say I love putting on my jeans and not feeling self conscious!!! Also when I went for my apt she didn't weigh me or do my measurements - why do this pre surgery if your not going to do them for comparison post. I think I will ring them today and get my measurements and a copy of pre and post photos.
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Hi, just wondering which surgeon performed your lipo?
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Hi Bjausie I think you look great! You mentioning swelling after using the gym is making me wonder if that is what my problem is? I've just been away at a training camp - averaging 2 hours hard training every day, eating well etc. And I seemed to get lumpier during the week! And weighed 2kg MORE on my return. My doc dismissed my concerns too. But I'm still happy overall and hope you are too.
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Swelling after exercise is fairly common in the first few months. I would still wear the compression garment during exercise. Failing that you can always have more MLD. Looks like you recovered well though. Dr Wolf
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Hi Sally - Nice to hear from you - You sound like a real fitness fanatic - Wish I was - I'm sure the exercise is playing a part with swelling/lumps and weight so it should be great when it all settles. I'm really happy in clothes but I'm going to get into the exercise and see if I can tone up a bit!!
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Loved reading your review and I think you look amazing in your pics. You've got hot sexy thighs now! Hope you're still doing well :)
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Yeah another Aussie - Thanks, I feel so much better in my own skin these days, I'm so glad I did this for myself. I checked out your pics, your surgeon has done a fabulous job - you have a six pack - looks great, congratulations. Hope you have a speedy recovery - it's a bit of a slow process but worth it!
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Thanks! Mine did last quite a while but my skin was much younger then. The kind I had was the old fashioned kind with a cannula and a sort of jabbing motion b the doctor. There are visible lines on my legs and the tight band on the girdle is very obvious on one leg. I don't know wht I will get because my skin is so dimply now from age and my skin has that crepe paper texture.
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That was so thorough! I appreciate it very much. I had lipo a million years ago, twice! But I would like to do it again though my skin is aged. Thanks again! Alice
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Do you think you will be able to do it again - it's a big decision isn't it when you have to consider sagging as side effect. Vazer supposedly helps tighten the skin ?? At 46 I was worried about sagging but you wouldn't even know. My doctor put the vaser probe under the skin above my knee as I have mentioned above - and I really think it has helped but I still don't want to get to excited incase there is still a bit of swelling puffing the dimples out. You are probably your own worst critique (as we all are) and maybe it would be OK. What lipo did you have in the past and did the results last a long time?? Thanks bj
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Great to hear your recovery is going so well. I've just bought some new jeans too. They look sooo much better!
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That's great considering its not that long since your second operation. Happy new year!!
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Day 19 - Today I have noticed I can stand and start walking without that terrible pain/discomfort that I was getting. Everything is getting easier. I have just had 2 days at work wearing my useless compression lycra plus I also wore my shapewear leggins which have reduced the swelling heaps. I am so disappointed with my supposed compression garment. Anyway it is a huge relief not to have so much swelling especially around my knees and inner thigh. I've been doing my own MLD which surprisingly seems to be really working. I've noticed my work pants are slipping down - a couple of people have commented that I've lost weight but they think it's from being unwell because I had been on sick leave. My jeans still don't seem to be getting any looser though - darn it. My bruising is almost gone. I'm still sleeping on my back with my legs elevated on a pillow - I'm enjoying this new position. My only concern at the moment is when I raise me leg to my chest I get a very tight feeling with some pain in the back of my leg near where the incisions below my buttocks were. I have to massage this area which is very tight to get it to loosen up. Apart from that everything is going OK and I'm not worrying about the swelling because it seems to be par for the course.
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Glad to hear everything seems to be on track. Day 19 and things are now ok.... It's really NOT the 2 days and you're fine surgery the marketing stuff talks about!
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It actually makes me annoyed that the surgeons don't prepare you for what's to come. What I have experienced realistically is what you would imagine your body would go through for such an invasive procedure. Imagining having a rod shoved up and down, in and out under your skin - that's traumatic - but they make it seem like two days and your back at work no worries, so you tend to put logic aside. Anyway just think how great it will be when we have the end result....Have you had your apt yet with the surgeon??
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Hi, was wondering how you are getting on?? How was being back at work?
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Hi - I just also commented on your last post. I'm doing really well. I am still a bit sore shifting positions but in general pretty good. My bruising is settling nicely. The worst thing is the swelling. It's such a shame it takes so long to see the final results. You spend so much money you want it NOW. My shift at work was good but the swelling that night was major - I'm sure my compression garment is totally inadequate. I haven't been able to get anyone to do MLD in my hometown yet - The lady who does is it will return to work tomorrow. I've have been doing it myself using the internet instruction videos and it helps heaps. I wore my jeans to a party on the weekend and they are still firm - I just wish the swelling would be gone so I would know what I've achieved. I have three days in a row at work this week so that will be interesting. I've learnt to sleep on my back with pillow under my knees to elevate them and I think this helps with the swelling as well. It's still tender to sleep on my side. Read my other reply on your site and let me know how your going. Thanks for thinking of me.
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Day 12 returned to work for second time - much better day this time around. Much less pain and discomfort though very swollen that evening. Day 14 Bruising is subsiding and soreness has improved quite a lot. Today I decided to wear a pair of shape-wear style leggings over my compression lycra and think this has help with the swelling. Just can't wait for a really good nights sleep on my side. Also can't wait for the swelling to be gone so my jeans are loose.
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Your thighs are looking great! Congrats! Hope you are feeling better now.
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I've seen your pics. Your side profile looks great. Your tummy looks really swollen. How are you feeling and good luck with the next one. My hips were the the least painful, least bruised of all if that's some comfort. They were so flat the next couple of days after surgery but now I have some swelling. The hips were a piece of cake compared to the thighs and knees. Hope your well.
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Are there videos on-line? Can you post a link? I am working fulltime again now and can't have mld during the week anymore, so I am going Saturdays. But some DIY massage in the meantime could be good.
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I just went on YouTube and typed in - manual lymphatic drainage massage legs - and several videos came up. I liked the one by "massagebyheather" - her name is Heather Wibbles. (she explains it with her clothes on which I thought was a bit odd) You should be fine doing it yourself cos you have already had it by a professional so will have an idea of the correct pressure to apply.
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have a look at this best would be to have alternate day sessions if you can. Try find someone that does evenings or home visits.
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Before and after pics show a massive improvement! Good luck back at work.
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