Tummy tuck and muscle tighing here i come :) -Sydney, AU

HI all i am 45 and have 4 grown children and after...

HI all i am 45 and have 4 grown children and after years of wanting a tummy tuck i have finely booked i want to get a bit of a shape back in my tummy as i have a lot of living to do yet . i am so nervous about the opp but i have had 4 kids i guess i can do this
i have no photos yet i will take some and put them up soon so sick of people asking me if iam pregnant no matter how much i work out the belly and and marks are not going anywhere wish me luck :)

Before photos

My jelly belly before my opp
See you all next week for a update x

Before 5 days to go

Trying to suck my tummy in

Height and weight

5.4 ...162cm

All done

Checked in seen the dr who is so nice taken up to my beautiful room
All marked up and back down star s on my bed
Had a joke with dr Richard told him to make me look hot lol
So now Iam out and feeling not to bad the drugs help a lot can't wait to have a look at my tummy tomorrow
Feeling a little groggy now
Funny thing happened well it want not to funny at the time my daughter who is 22 lent across the bed to kiss me and pressed the bed remote to put the bed down it killed like hell but all is ok the poor bugger cried as I screamed
So note to self never put the bed remote were itt can be bumped

Day 2

Feeling a little better than yesterday drip out Cather out got up for a little walk but very happy
It kills to cough or laugh ????????????

12 midnight and feeling a little rough

I am over this ???? I know it takes time but wow it sucks a the moment hopefully drains can come out tomorrow and I can have a shower and feel a little bit more human
Sorry guys just having a dummy spit ????

Still haven't seen my tummy yet

Drains out and bindings of so I can shower hope it looks ok

Sneaky look drains out

Happy so far

A gift

Oh my god I am so happy

Wow wow !!!!! If I could I would dance right now but it hurts how it has changed I love my doctor

Day 6

Went to my wonderful ps today for my checkup before I travel home tomorrow 6 hours away but I am flying which is better then sitting in the car.
Well he took off my tapes and I got to check the scar out well I was very happy and my belly button looks great.
I didn't get a pic as he taped it up again.
this gets the best result for a flat scar so each week for three months I will change the tape .
so when I do it myself I will take a pic of my scrar
Standing a bit taller to day alls good

Glass of wine

Just what the dr ordered NOT but I did ;)
No really I am not on any pain killers now for two days
Had a glass of wine with dinner and I think I will sleep like a baby .

Crying mess today

Woke up teary eyed felt un loved no one cares blaablaablaa !!!!!! You know how it's goes just had my meltdown I think it had to come I was feeling to good .
Oh we'll I through the airport waiting for my plane home
I am sure they think there's something up my dress and they way I am walking lol
Anyway that's my update for today

Day 9

Hi girls
Feeling pretty good today still very tired
But I need to go get some Christmas shopping done
I am taking my son to carry it all poor fella lol
All healing well still feel very tight and not standing well
I still wear my binder my tummy is swollen still
It's a slow race
Have a great day all


Just a little update after Christmas
I am going well standing up pretty good now my scare is healing well it looks yuk but I am sure it will get better with time so here's some pics

Healing day 20

Feeling great

Last checkup

Seen Dr Richards today is very happy and so am I it was so worth it

2 months

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

His so lovely

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! Love your figure!
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You look great. I'm also in Sydney :) planning on starting my journey this year. I might go check out your surgeon.
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His great u will love him
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Beautiful results!!!
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Very nice results sista!
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Wow wow wow love ur results:-) x
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Thank you I am so happy I did it I will have to take a photo up date it's 1 month since I had it done and I feel great .
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Tats brilliant:-) yes post some pix!! X
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So great to hear from you on RS. I have missed your posts. My swelling is now softening up and def going down. Plz keep in touch. You are looking wonderful. I haven't dared to donn a bikini yet.
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That's crazy because I was so emotional today! I cried most of the day for any little reason. Guess it's just part of the emotions of this recovery. I am also six days post OP. Go figure! Lol
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Cheer up, I'm thinking of you hope after a good cry tomorrow feels better.
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Those feelings are normal. I felt the same way today. It will pass don't worry. You look awesome! Keep looking at those pictures of you and see how beautiful you look so far. Happy healing :)
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You look awesome! Hope your flight home goes well!
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Great result so far! Congratulations. Let us know how the trip home went. Will you fly back for post op appointments? Do you have a contingency plan in case there are complications? (My procedure is out of town too and I'm trying to plan)
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Hi i have post op appointments in my Home town i am lucky my ps flys out there to see people and I can ring anytime if I want to know something or ask a question , I all so have a good local doctor so I should be fine . Good luck It's only been a week but so glad I did it .
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Looking good, happy healing :)
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your pics look wonderful! hope you are feeling well and have a safe trip home.
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Great pics, Congrats...Happy healing....
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Wow, you look amazing! Happy recovery. Keep us posted of your progress. :)
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So wanted to do a morning stretch ;( it was not a good idea Hi all up and about today standing a little taller today not as tied as I have been . Had a lovely long shower and got all the knots out of my hair as my head has spent a lot of time on a pillow lol So now I feel a lot more human this is a slow progress so don't rush it lady's Scar is getting a little itchy as it it is still coved in tape and belly button is coved to I will probably get my first look at it tomorrow at the ps surgery office Cheers for now
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The car trip from the hospital in North Sydney to East Sydney made me feel sick Going back to bed with a cup of tea
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Feel better!
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