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After being over weight my whole life at the age...

After being over weight my whole life at the age of 21 I decided to get gastric banding and stop myself from a life of regrets and health problems. I am now 24 and have lost over over 30kg (66+ lbs) and I am now about 77kg (170 lbs) have had a lot of problems with my band and it has not really been in operation for the past year or so (I have had the liquid taken out of it so it's no restricted and have not managed to put on weight so I'm happy with that)

I have always carried most of my weight around my tummy... I have had a few friends who weighed in at 100-110kgs like me and have lost around the same amount of weight but have great bodies now - it's been really upsetting that I still have this bulge around my stomach although I'm close to my goal weight. I have found my tummy really demotivating and I'm hoping getting rid of it will encourage me to reach my fitness goals and get to my ultimate goal of 68kilos.

I'm relatively happy with my body now apart from my tummy. I'm happy to wear singlets, shorts (when I'm being good at the gym and keeping my thighs looking good) I have a thin somewhat pretty face, but there is still this misconception that I am fat or unfit and that is because of this gut!

I am booked in for November 18th at westmead private hospital in Sydney Australia. My doctor is dr peter hayward who seems great, is very experienced, and has even worked on a high profile case in Australia. A little girl named Sophie delizio was hit by a car (twice, once in a freak accident and again after leaving hospital so unlucky) and needed extensive reconstructive surgery on her face and my doctor did it! My mum has also been to him to remove some sun cancers on her face and there is no mark! He's also hilarious and makes me feel very comfortable so I'm happy with my choice!

I've been met with some resistance from family members, friends (especially those who have lost weigh and don't have loose skin) and coworkers who say I am "taking the easy way out" or "I could do it through exercise" and they don't seem to understand that it's not that easy. I saw many doctors before making my decision and they have all said I'm a perfect candidate. Anyway, all I need to do it flop my tummy out and as soon as my friends see how low it hangs (can't remember the last time I saw my vagina) they agree I probably do need it! I won't be getting much muscle work done as I haven't had a child so that should aid in the recovery.

I have taken three weeks off work but understand recovery will be tough and long but I'm looking forward to the future. Although I have lost all that weight I still feel I am withdrawing from from going out with friends and resisting the attention of boys because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I don't expect a perfect body, I don't even expect I will ever wear a bikini (and I never have as I have been overweight since the age of 3) I just want to be considered normal, and to be able t same size shirt and pants (not an Australian size 10-12 on top and an 18 on the bottom to try fit my tummy in)

Ill post up pics soon! Thanks for reading!


Before and After Weight Loss Photo

Before shots

Today's the day! Just about to leave for the hospital. Here are some before shots! I am thinner on my right side so hopefully the lipo will even it out. So happy my Body will never look like this again!

2.8kg of loose skin gone

Hi guys here is my first post op update I'll make it short and sweet because I feel horrible!
Everything went well, doc said he got rid of a lot - 2.8kgs he said so I look forward to jumping in the scales once the swelling goes down in a few weeks. I'm not really in pain just super itchy and uncomfortable! I have a Cathetor in but still feel the constant need to go to the toilet and the itching from the morphine is the worst. Tried to walk today got out of bed sat on a chair then started to feel faint and went back to bed... Was the worst burning pain getting out of bed! Don't know how you go home straight after... I have two more nights in hospital and I'm worried it's not enough
I haven't really seen my tummy yet but my surgeon seems very happy so I'm expecting good things. Thanks for all the well wishes guys helps so much xo

2 days post of photo update

Hi guys
Managed to have a shower today... Although it we assisted and wa a real struggle
Still can't walk far have a burning pain in the left side not sure it the stitches are pulling or if my gastric band port is irritated under there. Hope not. Have posted a photo update pretty happy with my results still a lot of bruising and swelling on the sides from lipo. Sucks about my stretch marks but what can you do hey! Hoping I get to go home tomorrow but guessing it may be Friday because I can't leave until I can walk to the car park x

Day 3 update

Hey guys
Well it seems as though I will be staying a 4th night in hospital... Not too happy about it but I can't walk yet so I guess it makes sense. My drains are still draining a lot too so I would still be here anyway. One of my drains hurt way more than the others and I don't think I will be walking until it's out.
Anyone else had the same drain pain? It burns so much it's like the fire of a thousand suns when I try to walk
Saw my surgeon today he basically told me to grow up and stop being so negative
I've been having some anxiety attacks at night feeling really nauseous and shaking a lot but it passes after a while. Just want to get better and get home already... Just don't have $1000 each night to spare!
Thanks for all the great messages about the picture. I keep looking at it to remind me it's all worth it.

3 days post op feeling better

Hi all
Feeling a little better today but woke up feeling horrible been feeling nauseous throughout the night. Can't wait to be in my own bed. Still have a catheter so not sure how I feel about getting up to wee all the time but I'm sure once the drains are out tomorrow I'll feel better. Really happy with me results so far but still not feeling it's worth it just yet anyway. Maybe I'm a whinger but it's bloody painful. I didn't even have any muscle repair... But a lot of lipo. Hoping I don't wake up with any panic attacks tonight like I have been... Horribles are such horrible places. Needed to fork out another grand to stay an extra night... But I guess it was necessary. Can't wait to get home and take some selfies without my drains! X

Photo update

Holy Moses! And this is 5 days post op. I cannot wait for the swelling to go down. :)

Side view

5 days post op

Side view two

No more fat hanging over my undies!

Home now

So I've been home for about a day now and I've been using the computer chair on wheels to get to the toilet - really having trouble walking it burns in the same spot so badly still. It's also been leaking in that area since I have had the drains out. Have been orchestrating my toilet breaks for when I have my pain killers. Still haven't opened my bowels which is a worry I don't know what the equivalent to milk or magnesia Is in Australia but I have been using coloxal with senna and it's not working. Can anyone in Aus suggest something else?
I'm taking two panadol and an endone every 6 hrs and anti nausea about twice a day when I feel it coming on just before a meal.
Still feel like a truck hit me but able to stand up for a few photos today and mum helped. I hadn't looked in a full body mirror yet I couldn't believe my eyes. My mums pretty amazed as well. Can't wait to get back to the gym and tone these thighs haha
Did you guys wear the hospital stockings in bed? I accidentally left mine at the hospital and am a little worried. I got a shot every day for blood clots while I was in the hospital (hence the bruises all over my legs) and now I'm just a little worried.
Have an appointment with the doc on Wednesday so hoping I can walk by then. Worried that pain in the one side is something wrong because I keep hearing about discomfort on day 5 but this is excruciating pain after I take a few steps and need to sit again. Anyone else experience this? When did it go away?

Weight loss before and after

Hi guys I posted his a few weeks ago with my face in it but then deleted it once I posted up my underwear shots
I've cropped out my head now so thought I'd repost them really reminds me of how far I've come after losing over 30kg. Seems really stupid that I want to hide my identity when anyone who saw these pics who knew me would know it was me hahaa look how round I was no wonder I needed a tt. The after pic is before my tt - always wore babydoll dresses to hide my tummy so excited to wear something more tight fitting in the coming weeks

Day 6 - night from hell! Day 7 - Intense pain!

After feeling so great on Saturday and taking lots of pics... on day 6 I took a turn for the worst... After trying the suppositories my bowels still would not open as there was a huge blockage and I was in so much pain I could not think. I called a doctor who came round for a home visit and wrote me a script for a fleet enema. Had my poor mother running around all night trying to find a chemist until she came home with the wrong product so she went out again and by 10pm I had what I needed. Took me a while to work up the courage to do it and when I finally did it felt like someone was sawing me in half... Then I was up til 4am watching the hobbit with the runs until I finally fell asleep. Night from hell! And the whole time trying to resist the urge to throw up. I called the hospital I was in and she said because I was so blocked it was trying to come out my mouth because it had to come out somewhere haha kill me now. Then when I woke up my stomach felt worse than day 1 post op. So tender and sore I've hardly moved all day trying not to hurt it more. I think it's gonna take me a few days to recover from that traumatic night! Take everyone's word for it and don't wait til day 6 to do something about your bowels... Enemas aren't fun. Oh the other thing I've discovered is how painful it is to sneeze I think I'm developing the flu. I wish it was day 21 already!

Day 9

I feel like all I talk about is constipation but I must have the worst bowels
After countless oral laxatives, suppositories and a fleet enema I am still constipated beyond belief
I'm about to do a second fleet enema (I got a script for two) and if this doesn't work I am going to the hospital! Scared out of my mind to do this second one because I've just recovered from the last - caused me so much abdominal pain. Can it cause any damage to my stitches or anything? I'm terrified.

On the plus side... I'm walking much straighter but still can't bathe myself or anything. Don't get people who post about going shopping on day 5 when I can barely make it to the bathroom without needing a rest on the way back to bed

A much overdue update

Hi everyone
Sorry I took so long to update! Been a busy Xmas and new year period! Hope you all had a good one
Just uploaded a few pics... My 2 weeks post op was pretty impressive - lost a lot of weight after the op was feeling pretty good
Packed it all on in my thighs over Xmas though! Went back to my PT last week going to get back on track and get my best body ever now I don't have that curtain of skin and fat clouding my view and my shape.
Bought my first ever bikini and off to the beach today - still have some pretty embarrassing stretch marks down my side and on my tummy as you can see (mine were really high couldn't cut them all off) but there is nothing to fix those so I'm still going to wear a bikini. YOLO!
I look forward to updating with some more pics soon once he swelling goes completely... Still unsure whether my hips are still fat or just swollen my left side especially... But time will tell!
My scar is looking pretty good... It's pretty purple still and it goes quite thick in the middle (the scab only just came off in that section) but it's very tidy my surgeon did a fantastic job highly recommend

With exercise I'm doing squats, lunges, lifting, weight assured chin ups, etc all fine but as soon as I try to run on the treadmill it hurts! Anyone else having the same trouble? How long until you could run comfortably?

Thanks to everyone for following my journey so far... Really looking forward to how it will look in 6 months once all the lipo swelling subsides completely

Front view

Definitely need to tone but happy to see I have some shape. You can see my gastric band port in pics it sticks out a little (see on my left side by new new belly button)

Another front on

Bikini bottoms are sitting on my scar line. Quite low! Very happy

Update 5 months on

So I thought I'd give a bit of an update -
I have a bit of an issue on my left side it's very pointy and uneven maybe he didn't do enough lipo there but it's very noticeable.... He said he'd fix it for free under local but I need to loose some weight first and come back in a few months. I plan to come back before my one year anniversary and get it fixed but my weight loss is not going well at all! It's almost like everything I eat goes directly to my thighs or lower back
A flat tummy is great but not when you have thighs you never had before.... My legs were always my favourite part but now i can't even fit into the pants I was wearing before my tt because they are too small in the legs. I read that fat cells form in different areas once they are removed from the tummy and if that's true they have definitely gone to my thighs. Very disappointing I thought after my tt I would be in the best shape of my life.
I actually pretty depressed. I feel like I've wasted my money and embarrassed myself
I haven't been able to run since my tt either had lots of pain in my hips and lowerback
Anyway my plan is to ramp up the exercise and get back to you guys with a progress pic in 3 months (the end of the Australian winter) because I'm not game to post one right now!

Anyone else had trouble with concentrated weight gain after a tt?
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Was the reconstructive surgeon of Sophie delizio and has a wicked sense of humour!

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You look so amazing, i would love to see an updated pic. We have a very similar story, i have lost around 25 kgs and am currently 78kgs, booked in to get my tt and BA in 3 weeks. I am so excited to see your results, i hope i look as good as you :)
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Hello!I've been reading your journey fora long time and now i wonder how are you?Are you okey?I hope you are feeling much better.Happy healing,keep us posted
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Oh hun that must have been awful. I'm just starting to have normal BM's without help now at 21 days. Still doing a suppository sometimes when I feel to full. I'm also taking inner health plus every day. All that flushing removes all the good bacteria and it helps to replace them. You look fantastic, won't be long and this pain will be over. x
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im with you girl I could barely walk around the house and get to bathroom and back on day 5, lol, anyway did you try the milk of magnesia and prune juice and lots of water? that is what worked for me, wow, when you do go watch out, on the other side of that yes you hate to be like having an obstruction, have you had a bowel movement at all? have you talked to doc, well you must have to get script. Well hoping this all works out for you, try to relax, but on a lighter note, congrats on that wonderful weight loss and they did an amazing job on you, you deserve this, great for you and happy turkey day, keep us posted
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You poor thing I hope your bowels open for you I'm on day 16 post opp and still have to take coloxyl every night. You look fantastic btw
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You look great!! Hope you will have that bowel movement I know you have to be mesirable
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Wow girl I loved ur before after picture u look fab ..... What u did to loose so much weigh
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Dulcolax suppositories are the gentle effective wonder cure. You don't get the cramping you do with laxatives and you will feel so much better. The painkillers stop your bowel working and all the food thats in your intestines before surgery and when you were fasting is by now a hard lump stopping the rest from coming out. Its probably a large degree of your pain too. They work pretty quickly and you will feel so much better. It keeps amazing me that our Dr's don't explain this to us. I've had to tell so many women this same thing. Mine didn't either and I love him to death! You'll need a coule of packets to get you through the early phase until your bowel starts working efficiently once you are off painkillers. Please believe me they really work and are gentle. You look amazing already. x
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I was so glad secret diva told me about those suppositories I had my hubby go buy them for me. I used them 2 days in a row and now haven't needed them again just using the stool softeners and that is working well. Your deal sounds like a Nightmare! So happy that's over! Xox
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you do look awesome and congrats on the weight loss
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There is a lot if discomfort after and I could barely walk from my bedroom to kitchen edict was frustrating as I am a fitness Instructor so It was upsetting me to see how unfit I was to walk but by week 2 it was so much better and remember week 3 feeling so good. Best part is when CG finally comes off. As for constipation I was given Coloflax (think that's how it's spelt) . 2 tablets at night and it opened my bowerls without any discomfort in the morning . Ask your ps or gp as I think it's on prescription .
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You look awesome!! Thanks for such great updates :)
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Thanks so much! You look fantastic! November 18 was a good day for us :D I look forward to following the rest of your journey and gauging how much pain I should be in by reading your updates since we were on the same day and both had lipo haha
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I decided not to unfill. How are you managing with your band? I heard that those without the band are restricted. Do you still feel restricted? Did he move the port? You can't see it. Thank you for sharing and you look good.
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Hey Hun how many Mls do you have in your band? I only had about 2mls and wasn't really relying on it much lately. I got it all taken out before the surgery because I didn't want to deal with heartburn etc but my doc said i could have kept it in. I feel somewhat restricted.. But I thjnk my appetite is low at the moment as I'm still in a fair bit of pain. He kept the port where it is but I can't find it :/ I guess because my tummy is so different now I don't know where to look because everything has moved when I sit up I can find it a little easier it's to the left of my belly button but when I lay down I have trouble locating it which is weird. I'm happy it's not sticking out of the skin though which I was worried about. I think you need to get really tiny before it starts to stick out of the skin. If you have a significant amount in your band it might be a good idea to remove some but I guess each person is different. I have been eating a lot lying down as I have trouble sitting up.. And if I still had liquid in my band that would have caused blockages for sure.
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Ive had some pretty sharp pains. Usually when I was getting up right around the same time as you. But as I walked it went away. As for getting clots in your legs, just be aware of pain in your legs, that would be an indication something is going on. My dr specifically asked about the calves. And try walking around a bit, that will help prevent it.
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Yep thr walking Dr told me to do too even if I didn't want to . I could walk miles right now no problem but my back starts to kill after 3 minutes I swear. Just move your legs even in bed and that should help avoid clotting as well Pa. Several people told me I was taking the easy way out too. It's so hard because I would want then to see and understand why I need the tuxk but what I found is some people don't care what or why they just want to be negative so it won't matter what you day or do they will still be rude. Another thing is I think.people are jealous....that we have surgery. They think it is for the rich and luxurious and for.some it is....but, this will be a payment for the next couple years that sucks to pay!!! But the hate and anguish I felt every time I looked in the mirror wasn't working for I had to do what I had sucks people can't be 100% encouraging and supportive but the reality is....some.people just can't be. That's THEIR issue not OURS. You're going to continue having great results. Just keep going and do your thing girl!!
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Dulcolax suppositories. Just about everyone has the same trouble at first. They work instantly, they are gentle and you will be so relieved. All the food that was in you before surgery becomes hard after fasting etc and stops all the rest and the wind coming out. The strong painkillers stop your bowel working at first so you really need them to clear the way at first. You will feel so much better. I'm still using them to stay ahead of that build up. I've had a few normal BMs now without them but don't wait for the severe pain, stay ahead of it.
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I followed secrets advice and got the dulcolax....worked very well. .no pain and worked with in 30 minutes . I hate laxatives b cuz of the cramping they've caused me and this did not do that to me sold
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Thank you! I will get someone to grab some from the pharmacy for me... I have used microlax enemas before and they are anything but gentle... Suppositories are different right? I'm so scared to poop lol but I need relief it's almost been a week! I will give dulcolax a go because I have taken 6 laxatives over two days and and they have done nothing. Thanks!
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Hey fitchick You're right the laxatives are horrible they make my tummy grumpy but don't do much more. I'll give dulcolax a go
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Thanks for sharing your experience! Hope your not in too much pain. Can't wait to see more pics!
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Thank you! Today was the first day I could stand up straight so I just did an update and it's before the swelling goes down I'm over the moon
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Conratulations mate you did it! It will be so worth it you'll see. I reacted to the morphine drugs too and was vomiting. You'll get there. You're going to look just like you have always imagined soon and the pain will be a thing of the past.
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