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Tummy Tuck and Lipo to Flanks

Had a tt and lipo to flanks as well as tightening...

Had a tt and lipo to flanks as well as tightening of breast augmentation I had 16 months ago. I wanted to be tighter in breasts although my ps didn't think it was necessary but I thought whilst I am under I may as well go as tight as possible :). Very happy with all results . Herewith some pics of tt. Bruising on thighs from lipo took 3 weeks to disappear . I am now 5 weeks post op


Looking good!!!!
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Wow!! you belly button and the TT scar is THE NEATEST that I have seen so far!! A really good job by your PS. I am really impressed!! Congratulations..
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Thank you. Counting down the days to taking the compression garment off! That's the only thing that bothered me throughout this whole procedure

Bruising to thighs after lipo

Forgot to add this pic of bruising to thigh area after lipo on the flanks. It looks worse than what it is, I am still numb around there and have been informed that it can take upto 18 months to get feeling back


Holy CRAP! Your bruising is astronomical. Did it go down? Your scar is spectacular!!! Gorgeous!!!! What kind of binder did you receive? Did it go down your legs? I'm very curious about your experience with your lipo. My lipo of flanks continues to swell. I have a binder that cuts me off at the thigh level and all of my fluid retention is happening there. My hips and thighs feel HUGE. I am miserable. My tummy is looking fantastic but I have acquired a new "thunder ass" as I have been calling it. What the heck? I would say flank lipo has been the hardest recovery. Would you agree?
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Bruising looked worse than what it was. I freaked out at the first sight of it. No pain at all but still tender at 6 weeks post op. brusing was gone at week 3. Binders were a nightmare. When I woke up after op there was one in me which I had purchased prior to procedure. It clipped between the legs and zipped close n the sides. It was most uncomfy and way too tight . Day after op my ps pulled that garment off me as I was battling to breathe it was so tight and he ordered another one from theatre. It was a wrap around Velcro binder which is used for back op's too. It was so much better but after 10 days I had to find a different one as my skin became so sensitive. I searched websites and found another medical supplier with similar binder but bette and softer material. It was s much more comfy. Also dries quickly after wash. Anyhow good news is today I am 6 Weeks Post Op. GOODBYE BINDERS! Will post pics of my tt a 6 weeks post op shortly :)
Awe this is so great. Congrats! I finally got my doc's office to write me back. They said that they'd get me a full body binder. Hopefully this gets rid of the weird indentation and transition lump on my thighs. :)

6 Weeks post op Tummy Tuck and Lipo to Flanks

Finally at 6 weeks. Been a long recovery and first 3 weeks were probably the hardest . Today I can go with out my binder. Yay!! Herewith some pics .


Congrats, your scar is unbelievable. Imagine if it looks so good at six weeks, by 3 months it should be almost invisible. Your surgeon really did good for you. Look great. God Bless!
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I think you look amazing!! if my results in 2 weeks time are half as good as yours Ill be a very happy woman!
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You look fantastic! Glad you're out of the binder. I was glad to be out of it, then went back to it for selling and security. I stopped wearing it completely now. . If I swell, I swell. And I do! But used to it now. Hopefully, juggle will go away soon. Glad you are doing well. Take care.
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8 weeks post op

Here some pics of my tummy tuck at 8 weeks post op. still get swelling at night


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At how man u weeks were u able to apply the biooil to the scar??? And is that all you used
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Started using bio oil at 3 weeks and use it twice a day

Close up of belly button at 8 weeks post op


You look amazing!
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You look fantastic!
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Bio oil used on scars at 3 weeks


12 weeks Po. Still numb on Tummy and flanks and swell a bit at night. Not comfortable sleeping on tummy yet, but healing well
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best I've seen!! you look great! I Have sx on Wednesday.... :0
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You look great!!!
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12 weeks Post Op

Herewith pics of my Tt and lipo to flanks at 12 weeks

Still swell at night but not as much as before


Looking good MB
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Thank you
You have one outstanding belly button there! :)
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Fullness after eating

Do you feel the same way after eating?

I get the bloated feeling from ribs up and not tummy down. Sometimes so bloated that I can almost taste it. Lol Maybe not such a bad thing as it will stop me from over eating :)


YOU LOOK GREAT!!!! what kind of tape were you using n your incisions?
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your incision and tummy looks absolutely wonderful!
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Thanks . I buy the bio oil from the pharmacy. If you can't get it there let me know and I could organise it for you . I use it daily and most times twice a day. Will post my 3 months po photos tomorrow :) happy healing everyone
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4 months post op

Hi. Just had my 4 month po checkup and all looking good. Can't do any abs workout until I am 6 months post op. showed my ps the dog ear on the one side and he said I need to wait a few more months as my body is still changing and it could still flatten out. I Booked to see him 1st week Feb and if any adjustments need to be done then he will do it in his rooms with a local anaesethic . Herewith a few updated pics


Your scar looks amazing
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Your scar looks really good!!
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Thanks :) it is healing really well just itchy on the sides but my ps said that's normal as scar us slightly thicker there than in front and its from the healing. I just gotta keep moisturising . I use bio oil regularly

Almost 5 months

Am I the only one battling . I hv tried changing my eating plans and just can't lose weight. Almost 5 months po and still numb on flanks area and below bb. Above bb is numb too but not as much as it was previously . My scar feels like its pulling at times and I just keep moisturusing it with bio oil. It does get itchy of which I was told was from the healing and again just keep moisturising that area, will post some pictures on the weekend. 1 more month to go and I can start ab exercises . Oh and when I sneeze its still tender on the tummy.


Hi. My ps is Dr Thomas Lam in Sydney Australia
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Hi, your scar looks really good, just want to know which dr did tt for u? Thanks
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You look great!!!! I hope that my scar heals that I also have bio oil too. I'm just not looking to be in a lot of pain. But I know that comes with wanting to have a flat stomach.
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6 months

Here I am at 6 months po. Feeling great but now I want to start doing ab exercises and build strength in upper body. Need to drop a bit of weight then I will be happier but finding it so hard. Anyone else battling with weight after TT?

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6 months po


love love your results and review! thanks for sharing!
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Wow looks great
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Amazing!!!!! I hope my results are as good!
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8 month po

8 months po and have gained 2 kg in weight. At least it's not too much to lose but the Xmas / New Year holidays are always challenging with adding on a few kilo's. I have my check up in Feb and will see what my ps has to say . All in all I am doing great. I do swell at times at night which is very uncomfy. I still have the tightness feeling which I usually feel it more on the right side of abdomen . I haven't done any tummy exercises and hoping to start very soon. Still numb around bb area and scaring gets itchy especially on sides. I stopped using scaring treatments to see if that was the cause. Still not sure but prior to stopping I was using bio oil on bb, TT and breasts and only place that seems irritated is side /hip area. Will post more updates in about a months time and hopefully there will be more definition from my abs workout. Happy New Year and happy Healing


You look so awesome. Your dr. Did a great job with your cut. Love how low it is.
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Thanks. Just had my check up and so far so good except he is going to fix up the left side as a bit of a bulge (dog ear ) but will hv that done with my labiaplasty.
U look great!

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