Three Large Tattoos Very, One Very Large and Dense Black and Blue - Sydney, AU

Hey guys, so my story is quite frustrating. I...

Hey guys, so my story is quite frustrating. I originally had a bird design on my hip that I liked, however I made a decision to add some flowers and shading to it- worst mistake of my life! I had it done by a different artist to the original. The tattoo ended up becoming so dark, large and dense and it didn't flow at all. In an attempt to try and fix the tattoo I kept going back for more sessions however it finally got to what was supposed to be the finished project and it was horrible. In hindsight I should have stopped and began a removal process but I kept going and here I am. I used to be so comfortable with my body and loved spending time at the beach in a bikini but now I can't even stand my tattoo to be out. I refuse to look at it in the mirror because it makes me so upset and angry. The other two designs I am having removed are ok, not debilitating but I am not happy with so all three are being removed. Ideally I am looking for full removal of all three but understand that I probably won't achieve a full removal on my hip so I am preparing for a coverup there. I looked into the picosure laser however it was out of my price range. So I have decided to go with the medlite c6. I had my first treatment today on all three and can already see all the light shading gone. He couldn't hit the blue today because it needed a different wave length and it would be to much for my skin in one go so please only pay attention to the black. Will keep updated as I go on my journey.

3 Weeks After First Treatment

3 weeks after my first treatment and it feels like forever since I had it! probably because i and checking everyday for progress. I experienced no blistering, just a lot of heat, redness, swelling and itchiness. I am excited about the progress of my two smaller tattoos as they seem to have faded quite a bit, however the tattoo i have the main issue with is still quite dark and strong - i guess that one will be a long road. I was hoping to have it ready for a coverup before summer (australian summer) but looks like it will probably be a lot longer. I am excited for my next treatment and will keep my forum updated! Thanks for all the support, It helps a lot on those down days :)
Troels Thomason at hunter and fox

Troels was so amazing, so nice and kept checking during treatment to make sure I was ok. Couldn't have been in better hands!

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You have a very good fading so far! Amazing results! Keep it going! I am sure you will do great!
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Very impressive fading for 3 weeks into your 1st treatment! Congrats!
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Thanks so much everyone! I didn't blister at all on any of the treated areas. It was hot and itchy for about 4-5 days but then was back to normal skin. I have noticed in the large dark piece that the black outlines haven't really budged but all the light shading has seemed to have gone. The shading in my two lighter pieces is pretty much non existent and the dark lines are starting to break up. Having my next treatment on the 1st of August! long way to go but at least on the right track :) Will try post some healed photos of my tattoos after first treatment
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Hello, Thank you so much for your story. I have a new tattoo on my ribs/side it's about 20cm big not finished but I just feel I do not suit it - have been to a few clinics to talk about laser... How many treatments did they give you?
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I am looking at a full removal of my ribs and I am thinking probably about 6-8 at this stage, although it is responding really well so maybe less, it's just going to be an issue getting that blue out. But black and shading is responding really well. Good luck with your treatment. If your not feeling right about it please take my advice and stop and start a removal process. I made the mistake of spending thousands on trying to improve a tattoo I wasn't happy with and ended up getting further away from what I really wanted - which was for it to be removed. Good luck
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wow lots of fading after just one treatment, so jelly, mine doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast :/ you didn't blister at all after treatment? my skin went horribly blistery and scabs took two weeks to start falling off!
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Hi and welcome! Like WC i think your fading looks brilliant, and i wish you the best of luck!
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Congratulations on starting your removal. I think your fading is excellent so far and your photos are brilliantly clear! I wish my photography skills were that good, lol. Please keep us updated. :-)
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wow your results so far look good...i think u will have good success with the removal of ur tattoos. i cant wait to start my removal process
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