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My Invisalign Experience - First Week - Sydney, AU

I am really not into this blogging thing, but I...

I am really not into this blogging thing, but I got my first invisalign plate yesterday and I can't stop reading other peoples reviews so im hoping to add some insight for other people. I got my teeth cleaned yesterday and I had a gum infection too. So my teeth would not stop bleeding and so it was really embarassing to be putting in my invisalign plates because it would just be holding the blood and i looked like a vampire! I called my orthodontist and he said it is normal because i just got my teeth cleaned and it should be gone by tomorrow (it stopped last night, thankfully!).

So last night was my first night of wearing them. What I dont love is the fact that i have one of the 'buttons' on my front right tooth, so it makes my Invisalign a bit more obvious. But hey, I'll live. When I woke up this morning to brush my teeth and took them out, it was such a relief on my teeth! My teeth felt so sore and so sensitive. But when it was time to put them back on, I honestly felt like crying! It was so painful!!! But after about 20 minutes, the pain went away. But I bought some paracetamol to ease my pain throughout the day.

So I am on my second day right now. Theres moments where i think, "OMG! what have I done... I have 12 months left of this..." but by reading everyone elses reviews and from speaking to my friends, I am in hope that things will just get better.

My day to day job is in Sales so I was concerned about the lisp that i would have when I got my Invisalign. I am pretty self conscious about it and I am hoping that it will eventually ease.

But yeah, so far so good. I can even tell already that my teeth look a little better.

Note: My procedure cost was $6200AUD

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Pic of my first tray - Day 3

Pic of my first tray - Day 3

Just a mini update - I'm kinda getting used to my trays. My teeth are still sore when I wake up in the mornings though, I feel like someone has punched me in the mouth.

Eating is becoming a bit of an effort, but it's good because I'm eating only when I am ACTUALLY hungry!

I haven't been in a restaurant situation yet so that will be interesting. But yeah, so far so good.


I too am in a position where I talk a lot for work but what has helped is to actually pay attention to your words and concentrate on enunciation (sp?). As far as the restaurant setting, just excuse yourself and go to the restroom to remove them. Besides, you'll want to wash your hands before sticking them in your mouth to remove your trays. ;-) Much success to you!
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Thanks ShanJohn_NC It's been getting easier as the days have gone by that's for sure. But yeah, just still a little self conscious about talking. Hopefully the lisp improves :)
me too! I had braces 30 years ago and now teeth really started shifting 3 years ago, so here I am, 44..with invisalign ;)
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Day 5 - Invisalign

Hello. I just thought i'd provide a quick update again.
I am happy to say that things have gotten much better! The pain has gone, I still have a bit of a lisp when I speak and when I say a bit, I mean a BIT. So I am not as self conscious anymore which I am happy about.

I am also finding it much more easier to put on my top tray in. I don't know if that's normal or if maybe I have done something wrong to it to make it easier? I am hoping not.

It's not great having to floss and brush my teeth after every meal but it has to be done. So I am getting used to it and its becoming more of a habit than anything which is good.

I am a bit confused as to how I am meant to clean my trays though? I have read a few conflicting articles; some saying to clean my trays with some toothpaste and toothbrush, others with just my tooth brush, others saying with a special retainer cleaner and others saying stay away from them. So I am hoping someone can provide me with some insight as to what is best?

I can smell a bit of an odour coming through and I am hoping its not reflecting on my breath too. Advice?


Hi there, just wondering what clinic you go to for your invisalign treatment.
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I use retainer bright or polident to clean mine in the mornings. I use a designated toothbrush just for my aligners and brush them with it and plain water once a day. I think if you always rinse your aligners when you take them out and keep your aligners from drying out when they aren't in may help with the odor. I try to soak mine in water if I can. You will get used to eating out with them. Takes a few months. I am going into 4 months with mine and I no longer even get up from the table to take them out anymore. I just discretely get them out and put them in my case. Congrats on starting your journey!!
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I just used a little tooth paste on a manual toothbrush to clean them. I found no need to spend money on any special cleaner although invisalign would probably love it if you did. I brushed mine in the morning b4 putting them in and during the day would just rinse them if taken out for any reason.
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Tray 2

So I put in my 2nd tray tonight (of 30) tonight! I was so excited. I love the fact that every 2 weeks I change the trays because it gives me something to look forward to (sounds a bit sad, but true). I feel like it's a step closer to my perfect smile.

Right now I'm in a little bit of pain and I'm sure I'll wake up with a bit more pain and sensitive teeth, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I went out for dinner with my girlfriends tonight and some of them didn't even notice them, which is great!

I'm definitely getting more confident again speaking with them in. I still wish I didn't have a button on my right front tooth, but again - I just need to get over it!!

So, so far - so good :)


I'm on day 5, and I want to give up. My mouth is dry. My gums are on fire, and my teeth hurt so bad. I'm hoping is going to get better.

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Congrats on going to tray 2! How are things feeling today?

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Guys, if you have any issues with the trays rubbing against your gums, tell your orthodontist. Mine would trim each upper tray in the back when i would get a new series of trays.
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After 1 month...

I change to my new tray tonight. Its true, you get used to the invisalign.
But things that don't change:
- Still annoying if i want to eat
- I still get self conscious when I am talking to people that aren't aware of my invisalign, i feel like i need to tell them that i have it on because of the button on my front tooth

I know it'll all be worth it in the end.. but yeah. end rant.


I swear, if I would have found these blogs before ordering my treatment, I wouldn't have! I'm on day 3 of my first set and my tongue has sores all over. I went to my dentist this morning asking him to buffer down the edges so they stop cutting into the underside of my tongue and gums, but I haven't noticed much improvement. Please, someone tell me the tongue sores go away too! My dentist was kind of a jerk about it, and pretty much told me it was my fault because I was touching the trays with my tongue too much. I'm not! I'm just talking normally and by the end of the work day (I talk a lot for work) I wanna cry from the pain!
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Also, any tips on how to remove the trays without DESTROYING your fingernails would be appreciated.
Hi vane, i didnt have finernails to worry about but, they way they showed me how to do it worked well. On the bottom, start in the back on the outside, then peal it off. On the top, start on inside back and peal it off. Try that. That guy does sound like an jerk, but i guess you are stuck with him. There should be nothing cutting into anything. period!

5th Tray

I am on my 5th tray now. I feel like it is all apart of my everyday life now haha
I have also recently bought some Steradent to clean my Invisalign every night. At first I wasn't too bothered but it makes such a difference because now my Invisalign trays actually stay CLEAR as opposed to a murky yellow colour which was a bit gross.

The down side is that i used to be a lover of white wine, so it wasnt an issue for me to be able to go out drinking, but now I have turned to love red wine and I can enjoy it over a long period of time. Also when I go out, I have limited things I can drink.. but that is probably the worst of it.

Other than that, it is going well.


Hi PD! Glad your coming along well. See if you were old like me, going out wouldn't be an issue LOL. I wonder if they use a different plastic material in Oz. because my trays never turned yellow. Anyway, glad u found a remedy for that. Thanks for the update :)
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Tray 1 vs Tray 5

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