Invisalign - Looking forward to next Christmas - Sydney, AU

The first few days was awful, I was in such a pain...

The first few days was awful, I was in such a pain that I only took my tray out twice everyday to avoid the pain. Because it was Christmas holiday, I had one day that I only wore the tray for around 18 hours, I extended my time on this tray to 3 weeks according to my dentist.

The last few days were so easy, that I can take them out without any pain at all, I guess it just happen to everybody and every tray.

Very looking forward to how it looks like at the end,
Hi and welcome!!  Thank you so much for starting your story in our community!  Your experience is definitely within the normal experience.  The first few days are often terrible, though it ranges from mildly uncomfortable to 'I need to take a pain-killer', depending on the person and the tray.  By the end of the prescribed period, it feels comforting, like your teeth are getting a hug, and your teeth feel loose without the tray in.  

How many aligners will you have in all, and how long will your treatment be?

I look forward to following your progress!!

Invisialign - Tray 2 Completed - Sydney, AU

My teeth was sore for the first two days, but the soreness is definitely not as bad as the 1st set.

that's 2 out of 28 done!
Wow--28 sets.  So just over a year, unless there are refinements afterward.  I noticed that you didn't list your doctor…are you using a dentist or an orthodontist?

Invisialign - Tray 3 Completed

I am using a dentist based in Lane Cove Sydney.

Invisalign - Tray 4 completed

One of the bottom teeth is moved significantly, very happy about the progress.
Ah, thank you! :)  It's so cool how we're getting more and more people from Australia--but it's such a big country, they're pretty spread out :D.  I don't think I've seen two from the same doctor's office yet!

Tray 4 is very, very early to be seeing movement.  Congrats!

Invisalign - Tray 5 completed

My gum is getting itchy whenever I moved on to Tray 6 from yesterday, will check with my dentist why this is happening.
I have never heard of itchy gums before.  Please let us know what they say!

Invisalign - Tray 6 completed


Invisalign - Tray 7 completed


Invisalign - Tray 8 completed

Did you get a crown done?

Tray 10 completed

Looking good! I didn't have an itchy gum problem per se, but there was a tray or two that the tops really hit my gums and it was irritating. I didn't do anything about it because I didn't notice it after a bit. But it did cause some redness.

Tray 11 completed

Awesome to see changes, happy for ya :)

Tray 12 completed

Half way through

Tray 13 completed - half way through!

Compare photo - what a progress.

Very nice progress!

Tray 14 completed

Tray 15 completed

Tray 16 completed

Looks good, can see a lot of change!

Tray 17 completed

So I went to the check up after tray 17 was completed.
I checked my progress compared to the animation, apparently one of the upper teeth did not close as expected. My dentist said I might need a few more aligners after my full 25 sets finish.

Don't know if this is normal.. any ideas?
Yes, refinements are extremely common.  I can't say everyone gets them, but most people here on RealSelf certainly get them.  I had 6, I've read cases of up to in the twenties, though that's unusual.  But a few afterward is very common indeed :).

Tray 18 completed

Thank you!
Yes, but it was two years before the Invisalign!

Tray 22 Completed

Photo taken on 14/10/14.

My dentist is ordering more aligners because one of the teeth didn't move as expected. I will get more in the following week. Not sure how many more, will wait and see!
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