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Green Peel for Scars/acne - Sydney, Australia

I have had really bad acne in the past and was...

I have had really bad acne in the past and was left with terrible scars. I could cover them with makeup but they would still show through. I heard about Green Peel from my beauty therapist and after seeing some before and after photos i just decided i might as well try it, since ive tried so many things! It did hurt when they rub the herbs in but its not the worst pain in the world, ive done 3 treatments (1 a month) and followed all the home care steps that ive been given and my scarr are pretty much almost gone, i dont need to cake my makeup on!! I think its definately one of those treatments where you need a very good and qualified therapist as well as making sure you follow the home care advice properly and dont slack off otherwise it probably wont work as well as it should! Definately give it a go!

They actually use a professional mixture (if im not mistaken it comes in powder form) and they mix it with some foam or cream and that's what they apply to your skin. The main powder has different things in it like "horse tail". For me it was quite uncomfortable the 1st time I had it done and fairly sensitive for a day or 2 after. It feels like pins and needles on your skin when you touch (not to your fingers but in your skin. When you touch after treatment it kinda "bites") My best description is that you look and feel like you have a sunburn. Now the second time I had it done (2 days ago) I feel like she didn't spend as much time rubbing the treatment in so I had far less "symptoms" less burn like, less biting, less discomfort. I wish it was more like the 1st treatment as I would have felt like I got more for my money. It is not a relaxing facial but I feel it is worth it. I don't have bad markings on my skin but I have worse acne in my 40's than I did in my early teens and 20's and when I had this done I didn't have a single spot for at least 2 or more months. It is definitely worth trying once anyway for all the skeptics.

Whoa, it cleared your skin for 2 months?! That definitely would convert me to a regular user too! Please keep us posted on what results you are seeing this time around.


I always love reading when someone has found a good treatment to help with their skin! You mentioned that they "rub the herbs in". I'm not familiar with the process, is it a herb based substance they put on you, or do they actually use some sort of fresh herbs? I'm assuming its a lotion or liquid form?

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