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Ear Correction/Otoplasty - Stitch Method - Does This Look Right??? - Sydney, AU

I had the stitch method ear correction performed 5...

I had the stitch method ear correction performed 5 days ago. I was so excited to have it as I've wanted my ears done since a little girl and due to other serious health issues couldn't put myself through another surgery or risk infection with the traditional method. I know it is very early days and I'm sure that's what I'll be told but I feel more deformed than before. Does this look normal for this timeframe?? My ear looks folded. The doctor was very good when I told him I've been in tears and I'm going back to see him in three weeks when the swelling goes down and potentially put another stitch lower down to pull the rest back and hopefully not look so obvious (my suggestion) but will the top still look so folded and the tip closest to head still be far from my head? Could I put another stitch at the very top to bring it closer to my head? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Sometimes the photos do not depict the problem accurately. I think the hollow of your ear ( that is referred to as the conchal bowl) is very large due to excess cartilage. The natural curve of the cartilage of the conchal bowl is to face forward. once the swelling comes down you will be able to assess better. Surgical resection of the excess of the cartilage will be one way to achieve a good result
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The advantage of the stitch method is that if one is not satisfied with the result, the position of the ear can be changed by the removal of one or more threads and the placement of new threads. However, I advise you not to have this done till at least 3 months after the operation as only then can the result be adequately assessed. It is quite possible that the position of the ears could still change till then. Furthermore, I recommend, in the case of a necessary revision operation, that you co-determine the new position of your ears during the operation with the aid of a hand mirror. This possibility is just one of the many advantages of the stitch method over the traditional methods.
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Thank you so much for your reply Dr Merck, I really appreciate your expertise. I understand it's early days but most of the "after" photos I see look good even if they are still swollen and not quite in shape. I feel mine look a bit strange and elf like. I'm going to see the doctor on Wednesday can you let me know the best way to explain to him as he's relatively new in using your method. I believe that another stitch lower down would draw the bottom of the ear back and give it a more believable shape from the front, back and side but I'm so paranoid about the fold over at the top of each ear and am unsure how this could be rectified. I will add some new photos as examples.

More recent photos

Some more recent photos


Hi, sorry to hear of your issues with surgery. Can I ask where you had this done?
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Can any doctor try your stitch method, is it open for anyone to use it if they wish? Do you have training videos ? How did the girl in Sydney have it done? Do you have clinic there Dr Merck?
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Hallo admiral_awesome777. In a publication that appeared in the „Journal für Ästhetische Chirurgie” (Journal of Aesthetic Surgery) in 2013, I described how to pin protruding ears with the stitch method for doctors. Training videos do not exist. I do not know whether the girl in Sydney had her ears pinned with my stitch method or not. I don’t have a clinic in Sydney.
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