25yr Old with Two Massive 8H Ladies! - Sydney, AU

I have been looking at this forum of about a year...

I have been looking at this forum of about a year now and thought it was about time to post.

I have gone completely thought medicare, it was at no cost to me, however I have been on the waiting list for 1 year .. And tomorrow is the day.

I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

I get very bad back pain and shoulder pain, due to having a smaller frame support two giant boobs!

I hope this will be a life changer!
I am so happy that you finally joined the community.  How are you feeling?
This will definitely be a life changer for you.  
I am feeling fantastic! Surgery was on Wednesday, was discharged on Thursday and now at home recovering. I was not in any sort of pain, only discomfort occasionally. I would highly recommend this surgery!
Wonderful to hear this news!!  
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been extremely helpful and his staff are very supportive. Have called me couple of times to see how I am going and to assure me that everything will be fine.

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