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450cc high silicone implants.

So after having a baby and breastfeeding im just...

So after having a baby and breastfeeding im just not happy with my breast and considering im only 22 I feel like I should have good boobs haha, I didnt realize they would change so much. So I had a couple of consults and booked a surgury date, its still 10 weeks away but im a little nervous about the recovery time afterwards. My little boy will be 17months by then and im not sure how I will go comforting him and lifting him up, my dr has given me a rough idea what I will be able to do, but just wondering how any one else has gone after there BA.

All I can think about!!

5 weeks to go till my ba date! Can not wait, its all I can think about! My friend just got hers done the other day and they look really good, im glad she's had hers before mine because it gave me abit more confidence with recovery so im not so anxious now, even tho every one recovers different its still peace of mind that she is doing well!
So we decided to go with 450cc behind the muscle with a very high profile, im pretty broad around the shoulders and chest so hopefully they look good in the end! I shall put some before photos up soon! :)

Before shots.

Getting closer & stats

So not long now, must say time is dragging just abit. The next 2 weeks are school holidays here so il be busy with work and babysitting my neices which should make it go a little faster.
I dont think I have mentioned my stats
135 pounds
450cc very hp silicone under the muscle.
I think the most thing scaring me at the moment is the iv needle going in haha silly I know but not to keen on needles.

more photos


Had a pretty crappy weekend I got a stomuch bug so was sick in bed for the past 3 days, good news is tho atleast it happened a couple of weeks before my surgury coz it would suck if I had to reschedule it! And my husband took care of our little boy (16 month) while I was sick and he wasn't sooky for me at all, I think he kinda new I couldnt help out so hopefully he handles my post op the same.
Im going to go get my pre op bloods tomorrow and pick up my antibacterial wash and meds.

done n dusted

So had my breast augmentation on monday and today is Wednesday, everything went well, got there around 9 30 am but didnt go into surgery untill 2 30 but that was ok. So they wheeled me in put my iv in then dr kumar marked me up, crawled onto the operating bed which was so warm oh my gosh it was amazing haha last thing I remember was the doc holding my hand and I was out.
Woke up with no pain or nausea which was so relieving. Looked down and fell in love straight away they where beautiful haha considering they just got put in I was amazed! Left the hospital around 5 30 and the first night was pretty easy, second night was abit more rough, just sore in my back and shoulders I guess just really stiff from sleeping upright. So now onto day 3 and overall pretty happy with the pain and the look of my new boobs.. happy happy happy!!

1 week post op!!

So its one week since the twins got put in ;) and they are great. Not feeling any pain at all just some tightness in the morning or if I stretch a funny way but all good. My left is sitting a little higher then the right but I kinda expected that coz im left handed and it was the smaller boob originally. Got my post op appointment in a few days so see what doc has to say.

2 weeks

Just had my 2 week check up with my surgeon and everything is looking good. He showed me how to massage them today, so just gotta massage them everyday in the shower for about 5 mins. Oh and the other thing was I had abit of allergic reaction to my antibiotics so I stopped them and hopefully my rash on my arms with subside over the next few days.
dr kumar

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Are you happy with your incision site under the breast?
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Yeah im happy with my incision site, its less then 3cm long and there healing up nicely, so once my boobs drop abit more they wont be very noticeable at all.
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Beautiful results! Congratulations!
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wow,are you a fast healer? one week po and no pain after putting him in his seat.have you drive ywt? my biggest fear is not pain really but I cant stand not.to be in control driving.I am the worst back seat driver.planning on driving myself to my pre ops the day after.so funny yo say u hate needles but have a few tats,same here! people think im crazy.your wolf is very beautiful,great detail
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I wouldn't plan on driving the day after. I was ok driving after about 4 days, but I definitely couldn't have driven safely the day after our even the third day... key word being "safely."
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I didnt drive untill probley a week n ahalf post op, my mother did all the driving for me, mostly because I didnt want to drive on pain medication coz its like your in lala land while on them haha. Overall the experience wasnt what I call painful, just abit uncomfortable. I know weird huh tats I can handle haha!
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Looking fantastic Hun, glad to see how well your recovery is going...I hope mine goes as smoothly :) xxx
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congrats on the surgery! I think you chose a great size,maybe im partial to 450 causethats what im getting. interested in seeing how your baby does.my son will be15 months when I get mine.yay for boobies
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Thanks im really happy with the size, my little boy was great he has been a complete daddys boy so I havent needed to pick him up and comfort him coz he wouls rather go to dad. Bit today one week post and I put him in and out of his car seat and it was fine, no pain or anything. But not going to push myself tho. Good luck with you surgery!
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They look great! :)
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I know how you feel about having a friend go through it first. It really makes it seem easier. I think the younger you are the better you heal too. Good for you! Good luck!
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Everyone heals differently. Which doctor are you going with? I'm booked in for October 17. However, my roomate got hers done in February on a Friday and was back to work Monday. She was sore for about a week, but she was looking after herself after that :) I think there are quite a few things to consider. Like your health, your fitness, what placement the implants are going to be in, how big they are etc.
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I decided to go with dr kumar, im a pretty healthy person in general, walk everyday and barely every get sick. So hopefully I should be back on track soon after. I have my mother staying with us for the week after and im arranged to be back to work 7 days after surgery. Good luck with your ba!!
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Hey Hun, I'm 12 days post op and just starting to lift things such as the kettle, my handbag etc.. so things that still aren't that heavy. Like Iris said below you should try to avoid lifting anything for the first month if possible, but I've found at this point post op I'm feeling all most back to normal so I have to remind myself to take it easy. I just hung the washing out (I'm not suppose to life my arms above my head for two weeks) and now I'm feeling quite tight so going to relax for a bit. Good luck! :)
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I haven't had my surgery yet but my DS will be 2.5 almost by the time November gets here. Developmentally he is more like an 18 month old so he still likes to be held quite a bit. I'm having my surgery out of town where my sis lives so I won't have to worry about my kids for a week and a half (don't know how I will leave them that long though!). I think the main thing is trying not to lift your son for the first month if possible. Maybe you have some family that can come stay while you are recovering?
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