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I've always had pretty good boobs and was a good C...

I've always had pretty good boobs and was a good C cup and after breast feeding and losing weight, putting on weight getting up to a D cup then losing weight again, I couldn't fill out my clothes as well as I would have liked to. Even wearing a push up bra made them look great but a bit too wobbly for my liking. I have toyed with the idea for many years on and off and working in a fashion, beauty industry with breast implants everywhere, i started to really want them. One of the reasons I didn't think too much about it was because my mother had breast cancer and I thought it would be a bad choice to make.
After doing a lot of research and I'm talking so much I was doing my own head in, I decided to go for it. As the kids would say "YOLO". I could either sit around and think "I could get breast cancer one day" or just do something that would build up my confidence and make me feel sexy. At one stage I was looking at Thailand but then noticed the prices were starting to come down in Australia. Because I am getting something foreign put in my body, I would feel a lot safer doing it at home in case problems arise. I have decided on The Cosmetic Institute in Bondi with Dr Lee. I have spoken with them a few times, stalked their facebook and instagram sights at before and afters and read a lot of reviews from their other patients. Finally I was happy to book and put down my deposit. Wow there were a few different feelings going on once I had committed e.g nerves and what the hell did I just do. I'm sure a lot of us have been there. The hardest thing I am dealing with at the moment is how to tell my family and do I tell my family. One friend is already trying to talk me out of it because it can make mammograms difficult. This angered me a bit as like I said have done loads of research and am confident that it will be ok especially going under the muscle. I think I'm just scared of negative reactions. Does everyone feel this?
The next hardest decision is how big, what profile. OMG!!! for the life of me I keep changing my mind. I have a friend who has them and said she should have gone bigger and you read that everywhere but then I think, if I go too big are they going to be really fake looking or If I'm going to all this pain and trouble shouldn't I just go big or go home. What a bloody headache.
Anyway I hope to keep you updated with decisions and some before and after shots as I must thank all the wonderful ladies who have written on here as they help me so much with their stories.


Hi! I'm a bit more conservative than your other comments. I'm afraid of going too big. Hahhaa, I'm 57 and this could be due to my age. The PA at my Surgeons office says that the younger gals want big the older ones usually worry about being too big. The rice sizers are such a good way to figure out the size issue. Be sure to put the rice into a nylon knee high stocking and not in a plastic baggie. It's comfy, not hot and sweaty. Also kind of fun to make the knot tight and cut it. Makes a perfect fake nipple, lol!! I have tried the silicone sizers on at the PS office and will go one more time to be sure. On my next visit I will compare my rice sizers to see if I'm close. I put mine on every evening when I get home from work and wear them till bed time. Last night I tried on every single dress, blouse, and sweater in my closet. My goal is to love how I look naked, yes, but also to love how I look in my every day clothing. I'm older in decent shape and don't want the matronly look as I further age. I want to look fabulous in sweaters yet still be able to wear a button up fitted shirt type blouse and not be bursting at the buttons. I can't wait to see how it goes for you and what size you decide on!! Best wishes!!
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Congratulations on making your deposit! If you get saline implants, the radiologist can just gently push your implants back out of the way for annual mammograms. I know many other women who have mothers with breast cancer and they also had twinges of "should I or shouldn't I" with implants. It seems that some these women are more proactive in breast health care than lots of other women without implants. ;)

Here is a forum of women who are preparing for their October 2014 breast aug surgeries. Feel free to jump in and join them!
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I had mine done the last year, June. The day after my 47th borthday. I had NEVER EVER HAD BOOBS TO SPEAK OF. I had a nice breast shape I thought and I was always at attention so I wanted porn star boobs!! Hahahaha. That's what my husband calls em. Unders, smooth mod saline 700cc!! I am so happily. Any less would have been too small. I'm a 34DDD now from an 36A. I was a 36 round but lost some weight before the summer. This is the best gift you will ever give yourself so don't listen to the doubting Thomas's. they only make u second guess yourself. Don't worry about it too much. You will try many sizes and try big ones too for fun, or in my case, who woulda thought? They looked perfect the minute I tried them on and they are hide able if needed. You won't want to but.....now, to tell or not to tell, that is the question???? I find in life honesty is always the best policy. People will figure it out anyway. Embrace your decision!! It's your body and you have to live in it!! A BREAST AUG IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!! Any questions or wanNa chat... Message me if you like anytime!!! All love Dawna
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not long to go now

Well i just have over a week to go now and have a real mix of emotions. One minute excitement then doubting myself and worried about being judged. Even though i shouldnt care what people think, it still concerns me. I am pre menstrual at the moment which makes my boobs swell and get sore and they dont look so bad at the moment. See what i mean, its a roller coaster. Im sure im not alone. Will start taking before and after shots this week so i can put my journey on here.

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Got new boobies

Had my surgery on the 1st October so am 6 days post op. I was already a D cup but very flat in the upper pole area. So in I go on the day of surgery and started fasting at 7am and surgery didnt happen till about 3pm. Very hard to keep calm all that time. Its an amazing feeling lying on a table getting a needle in your arm then waking up with big boobs. I was shaking like crazy but other than that felt quite good. My pain over the next three days was fairly minimal probably a 4/10 so I just stuck to the milder pain killers so I didn't get sick. I managed to go for short walks but you just don't have any energy.
I was allowed to shower after 24hrs and I was so nervous to take off my bra. They recommend to sit while taking it off as it is a pretty overwhelming experience and they are so heavy. My husband has been a godsend as he has had to wash me each time and pretty much do everything for me. A good bit of advice for anyone getting it done is to sleep with a travel pillow. Makes nights a lot easier.
My boobs are sitting very high and sre an odd shape. Luckily I did a lot of research before hand so I new what to expect. I have been getting a lot of zinging and quick sharp pains and my left nipple is numb. Have a lot of bruising on my sides, down my cleavage and along my incisions. My bra is quite tight around me under my boobs which would be from swelling and bruising.
I will update after 1 week check up.

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Dr Lee from the cosmetic institutes was fantastic and made me feel at ease.

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