295cc or 330cc?? pre op size - a/small b would like to be full C/small D

Hi Girls, i have been thinking about and...

Hi Girls,

i have been thinking about and obsessing over the decision of getting breast implants or not for the last 3 years. I have looked into the pros and cons. Read endless stories on girls who are happy with their decision and then those who completely regret it and wish they never done it. I have very little breast tissue naturally and don't feel confident when naked in front of my wonderful boyfriend of 4 years who loves me regardless. This has always been completely my idea and i have mustered up the courage to write a post as i would really appreciate any advice from both girls who are happy with or regret their implants. my main concerns are constant discomfort once surgery is settled… issues with sleeping? exercising? and am i just young and being vain>????
I have 355 silicone implants. I was asymmetric before now I'm really not. Before I had kids I was an a/b after a b/c. I had no issues pain wise but mine are subglandular. I have had them for almost 5 months and measure a 34DD. I now have joint issues in my feet anytime I sit for awhile it hurts to stand or walk. So one day I searched "severe foot pain after ba" and came to silicone poisoning sites. I don't know if I believe that but I do believe that its a foreign body that our systems attacks. Auto immune disorders are discussed on a lot of the manufacturers websites and in there pampletes. They can happen but can also be managed. Having said all of that I truly don't regret them even if my immune system is overly sensitive. I love the confidence that I have gained by having done this. I'm 31 and I wanted & wish I would have done this at 18. At the end of the day it needs to be you who decide. O and aren't we entitled to like what we see in the mirror? No different than makeup or braces :)
thanks appreciate you taking the time to comment =)
When you feel great about your body, your whole world opens up. You open doors that you wouldn't have opened otherwise because you feel good. It's not a "required" surgery in order for you to gain this type of confidence, but if you already have a positive self image, it helps even more. And let's face it -- this is about intimacy, ultimately, and it improves that immensely, even if it was already good. So to me, it makes everything better in subtle ways that are inexplicable until you've been there, done that. You can work out to feel good but this takes it up a notch and helps you appreciate the body you've been taking good care of for so long. I never thought I would have this surgery, but I decided to and even with the recovery, it's worth it to me. Your concerns are valid, but after the first few days, there's no pain, only discomfort for a few weeks for opening heavy doors, etcetera, and then they feel as if they have always been there!!! Initially, buy a wedge pillow to help you sleep -- I used mine for over 5 weeks!! And slept beautifully. You have a hard time getting in and out of bed, so that helps. The reason so many women have boob greed is because after a few months and everything settles, they seem to get smaller so you realize you could have gone larger, because initially there's swelling and you get used to the swollen size. Check out my story when you get a chance. Best of luck. It's a difficult decision, but this is our life -- for me, it helps me live it even more joyfully, and that makes it worth it.

Surgery Booked! 09.12.14

Hi ladies

i have booked in my surgery for 9th Dec, going with CPG implants, under muscle, silicone, not 100% on the size just yet. Going back and forth between 295cc and 330cc? i am scared the 295cc will be too small as you can see in my photo i don't have much to start with. would like to be a full C- small D. Any advice on which size to achieve this look would be great!!!
Hi boogie buddy. I'm booked in with him on the same day :)
hiiii :) how exciting! i'm scared and excited!!! What size you going for
I haven't had my consult yet, but with ricers I'm thinking 300-330??
Dr Michael Miroshnik

Have choose Dr Miroshnik as he is highly recommended and extremely qualified. Can't fault his work

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