23, Mum to Two, 105lbs (47kg), 5'5, Needing Boobies! Sydney, AU

So I'm new here and I've been wanting a BA since I...

So I'm new here and I've been wanting a BA since I was about 13 years old. I didn't have boobs then anyway, but being naturally slim, I knew that one day I wanted big boobs.

Although my goals have changed (I was obsessed with becoming a nude model or a pornstar, don't ask me why haha) I just want the boobs I've always wanted now that I'm done with having children. I breastfed my son for 2 weeks but he was losing weight so I decided to bottle feed (as I did with my daughter as well) and my boobs went from a large B to a very deflated A. I also put on and the lost 25kg (55lbs) I put on during pregnancy and now have the floppy boob sacks of an 80 year old.

I am still saving the money but I'm hoping to pay around $6000 at The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney. So I'm not keen to put on photos of myself just yet, since I'm no where near getting them soon.

But I'll happily be stalking all your progress and get myself excited for some new boobies!

(Ps heres some of my DREAM BOOBIES, Sorry if I stolen them, but your boobs are amazing)
I wanted to be a nude model or porn star too lol a long long time ago, I just wanted the body that went with it among the attention lol
Me too! Haha, its funny how so many young girls have that in their heads.
Hey hun, you should check out Australia Plastic Surgery -there's 2 PS to choose from and they have a payment plan. All details are on their website :)

Seems so far away!

So, after talking to my partner, he's not wanting to put our conjoined money together in order to help me out. Which is sucky. He's in the mind that I'm perfect the way I am blah blah and doesn't really understand how important it is to me. After having the kids my boobs deflated and sagged and I can't stand the sight of them. I can't wear nice tops and I haven't worn a bikini in over 6 years. I'm only 23 and I want to FEEL 23, not 80.

Anyway, I have no idea the way that would work financially. I either have to save my own money (lets just say that would equal about 30 dollars every fortnight and would take me forever), get a personal loan and pay it off, borrow money (which is not going to work since everyone I know is as broke as me haha) or someone sent me a link to myfreeimplants and I'm not sure my surgeon would accept it. I have no idea! Anyway heres some boobies to stare at!


Heres me haha
My husband was not exactly supportive in the beginning either, but when I got a new, well paid job he said that after I have earned the amount a BA will cost us, I am free to go ahead and do it. His earnings have supported us both for years already, another 4-5 months will not make a difference. Now he is almost more excited about it all, than I am! Is there any way you could take up another small job in order to finance it? Good luck!
Oh well done! Thats brilliant! We decided for me to be a SAHM until the kids go to school, to save money really. But I've been thinking of opening an online jewlery store, but no idea how to go about it.

A little worried

The other night I realised that if I do get a BA that there might be complications :(

I had large calcium deposits in my breasts as a child (around 10 years old and one was the size of my adult palm!) and I was told they should go away by the time I hit puberty. Well, after both pregnancies (at 19/20 and 20/21 years old) they DID seem to reduce. But I've noticed my boobs are still lumpy and have some little lumps in them. I have no idea what to do and if they would cause me to have problems or if it would stop the process all together! I would be DEVASTATED.

On the plus, I have made a bobbie jar and I have a whopping, wait for it.... $30! Haha not going to get them anytime soon.
Hahaha I had a boob fund jar too. I felt like it was more incentive to save. I'm sorry your other half has decided he's not going to help you. Silly guys. They don't realize what this can do for us physically and mentally! I have you can have your dream boobs sooner rather than later. Looking forward to following you! Xo
I hope you can have* - sorry stupid autocorrect!
I like the jar! And you will have to start somewhere, do why not? :-) if you made that, why not sell something handmade? about the calcium deposits.. Only a doctor would be able to advise you regarding this. Maybe ask your GP first?
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