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Had a good experience with the original app., the...

Had a good experience with the original app., the woman I talked to was very knowledgable. The Doctor came in the room and explained the procedure, sat me infront of a mirror to show me what to expect from the lift, eye and neck surgery.

The clinic called and gave me a list of things to buy for after care.

Had the procedure done Feburary 10th,2009. The swelling in my eyes continues to be a problem. Three months later I have alot of swelling around my eyes every morning, that gets some what better by noon-2.00. I still have swelling on my cheek bone right under my eyes all the time. The scaring on my chin is all puckered up, and looks awful.

I have been back to the clinic once, and they said to give it more time. My doctor is no longer with LSL, and I wonder why!! I will be returning in the next month or so if things don"t get any better!

I had this done because it was time to do something for myself. I have fixed everything else that I have, and it was time for me to fix me.

I'm sorry that I didn't know about this web site before I did this. If anybody else would have advertized the existance of the care Credit card, I could have gone anyplace!

Does it bother anyone that they advertise a (comparatively speaking) low price for the 'Lifestyle Lift', but then almost every single person is sold lots of 'Extras', like eye procedures, lipo, laser, etc. DOUBLING THE ORIGINAL PRICE.

This is basically a bait and switch, you go in for an advertised 'lower priced' item that is advertised, but end up spending so much more in the end to get 'results'.

Look up News reports posted on YOUTUBE. Watch Dr. Kent walk out on a news interview.

Besides those Dr's there was a Dr Rachel and a Dr Parangao there also .I think they left in 2008..Both were facial Plastic surgeons I think only worked there 2x a month. I could be wrong. I've heard a Dr Kagan was working there, maybe Dr J mis-spelled the name or he went elsewhere? Ya have to follow your gut on these procedures& check out your Dr's. There are some good ones w/ the centers , as there are in any practice. Even board certified plastic surgeons need to be checked out. Good Luck to you.

Thanks for all the help and advice.
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It didn't turn out as he said!

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