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Last monday, January 27, I had another suurgery to...

Last monday, January 27, I had another suurgery to my breast (you can read my previous review here). I'm 42 years old, had my first set of implants hen I was 19, change of implants at 38, corrective surgery 2012, at 40, and explantation in december the same year. I was so tired of my boobs and the same time curious how boobs would look without implant. The looked fine, or at least ok, but very small, and the more I thought of fat transfer to fill out the whinkles and empty skin above the over the nipples, the better sounded the idea. But now I am not so sure, 6 days post op I don't feel very well and boobs are purple, very very swollen an hot. Doctor says it's normal to reach maximum swelling after a week, but I am worrying about infection even though I am on antibiotics. Well, can only wait and see. Already tired of wearing the compression pants as well. I'll upload some pictures, and this worries me too, when I have glances at other women's pictures here, my boobs seem extranordinarily bruised?
I had fat taken from outside of thighs and a little from flanks, 280 cc was transferred to each breast.


Welcome to Rs! I pray your recovery is speedy and free from infections ...just stay onto of your post opt recovery and keep your ps aware of everything!
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Good luck with recovery
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Thanks! I'm feeling a lot better today than this weekend. Stitches will be taken on Thursday.

Soon 2 weeks post op, feeling better

This thursday I was back on check with a nurse and stitches were taken. I have only 4 little scars, one on each hip and one under each breast. Thighs look ok, most of bruising is gone but it still hurts like muscle pain. I am so, so tired of these compression pants, and nurse told med I am supposed to wear these 24/7 for 5 weeks and then day or night for 5 more weeks! Gah, I thought I could throw these away soon. So I have ordered a new pair and I hope that they will itch less.
Boobs are ok, less and less purple for each day, and their shape look much as before only a little bigger. Unfortenately it looks like my scar tissue under the right breast is still there. I have had this since former breast surgery and it causes the skin to be drawn in under the right breast. Actually it is more visible now as my crease is a little lowered, fat is not only filled in the middle of the breast but on a bigger area around the breast. I am not sure if I made the right desicion to do this, the look of my breasts now doesn't make me jump of joy but still I know I have to wait much longer for the final result.


His are you doing Mary? Are you satisfied wit your results so far?
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Hi Shantel, I am ok, thanks for asking! Bruising is mostly gone but boobs are a bit sore. I still can not say if I'm satisified with the result. My worst fear of lumps has not happened but size, I really do not know, I hope that boobs will not shrink any more. Thighs look fine though! Even if I think a little more could have been taken away, but maybe PS saved some for another round of FT.
Hi! In april I am having my implants removed, getting a lift, and getting fat transfer to my breasts from my inner thighs. Thank you for sharing your story and making me aware of what I can expect. Am I going to have to wear compression pants?? Where do u get them? Online Thanks and any tips or advice is appreciated!
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Please don't shrink more!

Yesterday it was 16 days post FT and from morning when I got dressed and until night when I got undressed and went to bed, help! I think boobs shrunk a lot, what did I do, have I've not rested properly and worked too much or lifted my child? No work out for 4 weeks PS said but everyday life is hard to escape from. I really hope that they wont get smaller, or it just won't be worth the money or pain. Well, apart from thighs, they look fine but still a bit swelling.
I am a little sad about my dent or scar tissue, I posted a new picture and in the picture it really shows how the right boob is a little misshaped. I've tried to contact PS but he is on vacation. I understand that nothing can be done about it right now, but I would like to know if it is fixable or I will need to learn to live with it.


Please keep us posted -- I was just reading another girls fat transfer to breasts --- but totally different looking -- hope all keeps getting better for you ---
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Thanks for your comment! I will keep posting and add pictures. It is only 4 days since my last picture ( sorry about it upside down) but when I look at it now I think boobs are even smaller today. How I dislike this boob focus that takes over my brain. When I decided for this procedure I was definitive on not doing it a second time. I just wanted a little more to fill out the emptiness. Well, where is my mind going now? Already thinking of a refill as there is clearly so much more to take on my legs. I will post pictures on thighs soon but it is hard to take good pics on legs by yourself. Best wishes.
I jys had fat graft on my face 5 days ago n i m devastated.. I look out of proportion with long chin.. Wat should i do i jus need it to be reversed
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3,5 weeks and I long for being pain free

Well, I have told you here that I haven't been been in much pain, and thats true. The pain from lipo and FT haven't been similar to pain after breast augmentation and not so hard to bear. But now I am tired of the sore breasts and legs. I long for not yelling in pain when my 5 year old jumps into my lap.
About the result, I think my thighs look fine, no loose skin and no bumps. Breasts are much smaller than right after surgery, and I thought myself that it is not much difference from before. But maybe there is, I think I do suffer from incorrect body perception or what to call it. There may be a change worth it, but it is quite stressfull not knowing at all how long the shrinking will go on and when the final result is here.


I got my third set of silicone implants on 2/20/14 due to capsular contracture. It's good to know there are other options. I got them at 28, 39, 63. I could have gotten more years out of the last ones but I changed because of changes to our health care system. You look great. Thank you for sharing. I wish I has been educated about this procedure in January. Are you glad you did it? Would you do it again?
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Thanks for your comment! Yes I am glad that I did it, it is worth it for the result and I did not want anymore implants. But still, it is very expensive. I would do it again and I'm thinking of doing it a second time, but I have not decided yet.
Is it cheaper in Sweden then ohio!?
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I did it again

Well, after some consideration I did a second fat transfer, this Monday, 3 days ago. My biggest issue with the boobs have been my scar tissue, and this time I saw the PS at 2 consultations just to make sure that we were on the same page about that. He said that rigottomy (that's the name for when you release subcutaneous tissue) needs to be done at the same time as FT, as the fat fills in where the tissue is released so it won't grow back again in the same way.
When I woke up from anesthesia, PS came to my bed and said that it looked very fine, he had transferred 320 cc to the right breast and 290 cc to the left, and had filled out the lower pole of the breasts so it wasn't necessary with the rigottomy. I did not belive my ears, but still I was so blurred, I could hardly argue with him there.
Boobs look OK, a little swelling on the upper parts, but I am so so disappointed, the scar tissue looks very much the same as before. I have contacted the PS as he clearly has not followed our signed agreement, but he just says we will see at check up in 6 weeks.
And it is very strange, first time I was so bruised, this time there is very little bruising, funny as it has been the same volume, same doctor and close donor sites. Fat has been taken from thighs again, from just under my bum and back and outer sides of the thighs. Tummy, inner thighs and flanks were optional, but there was enough fat on my legs for a second refill. It feels weird, how fat were my thighs really? Have I went to the beach with these thighs that were holding som much fat?
After surgery, I am not in much pain, but I am tired and this time I have taken a week off from work, not just 2 days as I did first time.


Hi mary! how's it going with your boobs? I took my implants out yesterday and i want to have a fat transfer. Could you tell me the name of your clinic & surgeon and if its worth it? Are your boobs bigger now? I really want to have a fat transfer asap but i cant choose between uk and sweden.
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How are you going? How are your beautiful breasts?
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Mary- you look great! Congrats on your 2nd transfer!! I am sending you tons of retention wishes. The shape and fullness of your breasts look very nice!
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