Implants are out after 21 years, silicone implants, 2 revisions- Sweden

My story starts in 1991 when I was 19 years old. I...

My story starts in 1991 when I was 19 years old. I had wanted bigger breasts throughout my adolescence, I was a 34A and in the early nineties there was no bra in that size available in Sweden, it was before padding or wonderbra existed. I felt that my breasts were too small to fit my body and I felt unfeminine as I couldn´t wear any nice underwear. When I met a friend of a friend who had had BA and she was so very pleased with her result, and at the same time my grandfather passed away and left me some money, I went through with it.

Omg, when I think of it now, what did I knew when I was 19? There was no internet, so the only information I got was from my PS. I don´t remember him talking about any risks or complications, but maybe he did and I just couldn´t take it in. I got 200 cc implants with liquid silicone over the muscle, incision under nipple. The size and place I learnt later, I had absolutely no idea at the time of surgery. The size was ok, but I didn´t like the look of my breast any more than I had done before. With clothes on I looked great, but in nude I thought my breasts were ugly. My breast were also very hard and my nipples were all numb, this came as a shock for me, I didn´t get sensation back until 2 years after surgery.

So the years went by and I developed an indifferent relation to my breasts, I really didn´t care about them though I liked the size. From time to time I considered the need to change implants, but I postponed it until I had had children. So when my second daughter was born and I was done breastfeeding, I suddenly felt how awkward my breasts felt. I had developed a very hard capsule and my breast tissue had dropped from the implants that looked like they were stuck to my upper chest. Not a great look. I didn´t want to see my PS from 1991, so I booked an appointment at another clinic, but that PS was so negative about just a change of implants, he told me I needed a lift, which was something I was, and am , quite sure that I do not want. I still have some issues with sensation in the nipples and I don´t want a lot of scars. All I wanted was natural looking breasts for my age, so I went to another clinic. I thought about explanting, but my vanity was stronger and I was scheduled for a change of implants 1 of April 2010, Mentor 325 cc over muscle, incision under the breast with an internal lift.

Boy, I had expectations of the result, was I finally getting the nice, soft breasts that I had wanted all the time? Well, I didn´t. The under muscle position made every muscle flex in my chest muscles to make my breasts look deformed, swimming was extremely uncomfortable and the muscle problems gave me pain in my left arm and I got DB. My PS said it would improve, but it didn´t. So as a last chance to fix my boobies, I did a revision surgery in May 2012, and changed the same implants to above the muscle. Directly after surgery my breasts looked and felt wonderful and I was so pleased! But it didn´t last for long, after 3 or 4 weeks I discovered rippling underneath my right breast, it doesn´t show much, but it feels disgusting to touch, it is more like a crease on the implant than “common” rippling on the sides.

Then I found this site and have been reading all of your stories, which have made me so sure about that I want an explantation, I have lived for over 20 years with implants that I don´t like, now is the time to go natural. I am 40 years old and so many things have changed in my life the last years and this is something I need to do. Unfortunately, my PS don´t want to explant now, he wants me to wait. But I cannot see why I should wait, I want it done and I want to be healed before next spring. So tomorrow I have an appointment with another surgeon, will see how that works out.

My consultation on Thursday 22 went well! I am so...

My consultation on Thursday 22 went well! I am so pleased, the new PS was very nice and I have confidence in him. So now I am scheduled for surgery on December 12! I hope this is the right decision, but I am so very tired on focusing on my breasts. It seems like the last 2,5 years has been all about waiting for the new implants to settle, wait for correction, wait again, oh is the rippling getting worse or better? I am really sick of these implants and curious of what my natural breasts look like. Probably they won´t be pretty, but I hope I am a big girl and can take it.
I am sorry for not having any older photos to show and I hope my english is not to bad.
Have a nice weekend all of you nice ladies here:)
They look beautiful with the implants, but what matters most is your health and how you feel. I hope you can get through this in the best possible way. xoxo
Hi Mary my surgery is two days earlier than yours ! Will be keeping each other company... Im 47 and health is on my priority rather than appearance. Keep us posted!
Hello, good luck to your explant! I will keep you all posted. I think you are brave to be all focused on your health rather than appearance! I hope I can be that too, even though I do not have any health problems right now.

Now I have paid for my surgery, no turning back...

Now I have paid for my surgery, no turning back then! Yes, I want to get rid of these bags from my body and yes, I am prepared to look like a 40 year old mum with very small breast who has breastfed her 2 children for almost a year each. But still, I am terrified of getting disfigured breasts, can't stop looking at pictures from some women who has not been so fortunate with their explantations. I hate to be this shallow and vain.
Love to all of you nice people in here:)
Wow your surgery is so close. I think your result will really be great! I can't wait to see your results and I wish you a speedy recover! :)
Thanks! Yes, it is soon, less than a week from today! I am really curious about the result.
Mine come out the 5th. Have had them 20 years. Cannot wait!!! Hoping my health issues will improve after explant.

So, now I am very close to my surgery date, and...

So, now I am very close to my surgery date, and I'm freaking out! Today I went sports bra shopping, to have something to wear the first time after the surgery. And I was fast rewind 20 years back in time, there was no A cup bras! Is At last I found 2 that were ok in A/B size and that went down a bit on the ribcage so that they wont carve in to the incisions.
I have been so busy finish my work, right now I am out of employment as the company I used to work for shut down their business in my town, and the last weeks were loaded with work so I haven't had the time to think so much about this.
Now that I have been at home for a week, I realize that I am very lonely, my husband is not at all supportive and thinks this is the most stupid idea that I ever had. Quite funny when he did not like my breasts with the first set of implants as they were hard, then he did not like me to get them replaced and even less liked when I did the change of position from under the muscle to above. Maybe he is just afraid of changes? Still I hope he will support me and take the kids to school and do the grocery shopping for the first days. My mum helps out, but she can't do too much as she suffers from arthritis. Well, when I write this I go from anxious to angry, I really would like to live with a man that I could expect more of, it would be nice to feel taken care of for once.
The clinic has changed my appointment time from 7 am to noon, so I will be nervous (and hungry) for the whole morning. Now I just want this to be over and be nice and calm with the morphine (if I get some:))
Hugs to all you lovely ladies here!

Oh my god, I just realized that I am scheduled for...

Oh my god, I just realized that I am scheduled for surgery 12 december 2012 at 12 o'clock! Well. let's not get superstitious now!
Now it's time for shower no 1 and then I will try to take som more before pictures.

This afternoon nurse called me and told me that...

This afternoon nurse called me and told me that my PS is sick! But I was rescheduled with another PS, feels a little funny that I haven't met him, but I've heard only good of him and he is a senior partner of the clinic. So I hope this will be ok too. Could do with some sleep now, but right now I don't feel sleepy at all.
See you tomorrow or day after that, and then I will only be me, no silicone balls that comes bumpin ahead of me;)
Silicone free??? I had mine out two days ago and am still in disbelief, i guess it will take a while to get used to the missing members of your body. Afterall they made part of me for six and a half years!
Good luck tomorrow! Just think, tomorrow afternoon you will be about a pound a half lighter forever!! Keep us posted! BTW, I think the 12-12-12-12 should be very lucky..... this is the last time for 987 years that we will see a month-day-year-hour that is the same! No 13th month!!
Good luck. Just think how amazing you will feel after they are out. So light and relieved.

Yesterday afternoon my implants were taken out! It...

Yesterday afternoon my implants were taken out! It all went well and i was feeling ok straight away when I woke up from anaesthesia. Incisions are quite sore but not much pain. I think you all are so brave here and looking at your breasts and taking pictures the same day as surgery! I haven't dared to peep yet, kept my eyes shut when the nurse put on the sports bra an putting some cotton wool into it to make a little extra pressure. I see that most of you have drains, but I haven't, don't think it is that common in Sweden.
It is nice that iit is over, but still, I am not feeling that relief and joy that many of you writes about, guess I am a little scared that I won't heal well and also I feel a little lonely as my husband doesn't seem to care a bit about my well being, only as he has lost his playmates. Selfish bastard (sorry for that, I know this is an explant forum, not a relationship forum).
my husband also wasn't the best at taking care of me. he expected everything to go back to normal a few days after the surgery! i warned him it is a lot to go through, physically and mentally! rest up and happy healing!
I can relate to the husband desl somewhat. Mine has the hardest time anticipating my needs and doing stuff for me without me having to ask more than once... Also he wont do it lovingly most of the time i can sense he does it cause there is no other option... Ive been trying to not request a lot from him - it usually ends up in a confrontation and my blood pressure rises which i reallly dont need right now. We are not sex objects!
Yes it will probably take a while to get used to the new profile of our bodies. But I guess I am impatient to heal, I am so glad that this is all over, no more surgery (I hope) and no more waiting to see if the result of change or correction will be fine. Now it is as it is, I still think that there are a lot of beautiful breasts out there, with implants. It was just that my time with implants was up.

Two days after surgery and I daren't take my bra...

Two days after surgery and I daren't take my bra off and take pictures. Now I have looked down under the sports bra and, what can I say, it doesn't look good. Cleavage is ok, but the sides are so empty and wrinkled, there are wrinkles around my nipples too. The boobs look all too wide. I put some extra cotton wool in the sports bra to keep them more closely to my body, as that was what the PS said was important for good healing. Next week, on the 19th I will have a check up with a nurse and change the dressings, stitches are dissolvable. Maybe I can ask her to take some pictures, I think I will keep the bra on until then and just wash my hair over the sink in the laundry room and take a shower on the lower part of my body. Not too depressed over the look anyway, and no regrets.
Hi Mary, I just read your review. I hope you are having a good recovery. I pray that you are happy with your end results. I'm actually thinking of having a BA...Jan 4th to be exact. I'm afraid of not being happy but terrified of health issues. Thank you for posting and letting me see a different view to a BA.
Hi Gokusgirl, Yes I have explanted, and in a way I do regret that I got implants back then. But still, I was so young and that was what I thought whas right then. I am not anti breast implants, it is just that I can't do this anymore, I can not spent more money or energy on getting the perfect breasts that work for me. My advice to you is to really consider the different feeling that fake boobs give, they feel, in most cases, different to touch than real ones. I also advice you not to get the insicion under the nipple, as it may cause losing your sensitivity. And think about the future need for extra surgery, the implants used these days may last a lifetime but you can still get CC, DB, BO or other problems with your implants. Well, maybe I am sounding like your mum:) Hugs
Hi. Thanks for the advice. If I do get them, I would be 31yrs old. I'm done having children. I'm very proud to have breastfed but my breasts just don't look the same, I was always full and a good size. I don't resemble myself and that's why I'm doing this. I have considered the price and health risks. I guess I just want my body back...the thought of surgery alone is what scares me the most. I would be getting 400cc silicone, under the muscle, fold incision - funnel technique. Sorry for rambling.

Brace yourselves, here comes som pics. I had the...

Brace yourselves, here comes som pics. I had the house to myself and really wanted a proper shower. This is quite hard to get used to, my boobs are really ugly. No way I am ever gonna show myself naked to my husband again, I know him too well and can guess his reaction.
you look really good! they will continue to improve and firm up for weeks! i think you are just shell shocked right now. unless you are married to mr. universe, i am sure your husband will find them plenty appealing. and if he reacts negatively because he likes implants so much, tell him to get himself a pair! ;-)
Haha! Just before surgery, nurse asked if I would like to keep the implants, and I said no, don't have any really practical use for them anymore. But then I thought that I could have handed them to my husband in a giftbag, then he could squeeze them whenever he wanted:) Don't think he would have appreciated that joke.... Yes, I know they will improve and I am confident that the outcome will be if not fine, so ok. It's just that I have to get used to my new look, after all I have had implants more than half my life and all of my grown up life. Thanks for your support, hope you are feeling fine!
You look great!! I can't wait for my explant, and to be able to wear cute little shirts again!

It actually seems that there is a little...

It actually seems that there is a little improvement every morning when I wake up. Boobs are less raisin like than only 2 days ago and now the feeling of relief is kicking in! The worst is over and I hope it gets onward and upwards from now on.
To be honest, I had hoped that my own boobs would be just a little bigger now than 21 years ago, but I am not surprised with their smallness. After all, I don't put on weight on my breasts and when pregnant and breastfeeding my boobs have not been significant bigger than usual.
Today spells REST as I think I overstretched a little yesterday when the kids and I was out buying a Christmas tree. The girls were so impatient and wanted to start decorating the tree at once so I carried or dragged the tree inside and put it up. It did't hurt at the time but in the evening I was in pain, felt like muscle pain.
Love it! Every man that loves implants should get "themselves a pair"! :)
Good luck to your surgery! As i wrote, I am not at all anti implants, there are a lot of women out there who are happy with their lovely boobs and I hope you will be fine! If you are only healthy, surgery is very safe but I guess the scare that something will happen comes when you get kids, that is how I feel anyway.

Yesterday I was at check up and removed the...

Yesterday I was at check up and removed the stitches. I was so sure that I had dissolvable stitches, but they were regular ones. Just 7 days after sugery may be a little early to remove stitches, but it was all healed.
As I had 3 layers of surgical tape under each breast I was a little afraid that the tape was holding the skin up and that the boobs would sag ever more when removing the tape. But it was ok.
One funny thing, with implants in, I had no visible stretchmarks, Now after explant, my boobs are full of white stretchmarks, or maybe they could be called shrinkmarks?
Doctors advice is to wear a tight sportsbra for 4 weeks, day and night, and to fill the bra with cotton wool for extra pressure.
Today I was out shopping for Christmas gifts and I couldn't help myself trying new bras on and it seems like I am a small A now.
Makes me wonder what the difference between dissolvable stiches and removable is as far as scar outcome goes?

Took a new picture today, a little better than 5...

Took a new picture today, a little better than 5 days ago. My skin looks kind of old, maybe that's what my other PS said repeatedly; you have such bad skin quality! Either way I am so glad that implants are out, now I just yearn for sleeping on my stomach and stretch my whole body out with hands over my head. Can't do that yet as scars hurt.
Merry Christmas to all of you!
I don't think your skin quality is bad at all, and it makes me really mad that your plastic surgeon would say such a negative thing to you! I think the skin is just still shrinking up after having the implants in all those years. Everybody's look like that right after and then they just get better and better. I think your boobs look great!
Yes I agree with all. For only 9 days your skin looks great I can see big improvement. Just give it time... no miracle workers here :)
they look perfect! and the skin will continue to contract and smooth out!

Today I noticed that the skin under the right...

Today I noticed that the skin under the right breast is caving in when I lift my arm, my skin is just drawn inwards. Do I need to massage the tissue? I have read about it here but I do not really know how to do it and how often?
Funny that's the right breast again that's bugging me, with implants in, I had both the DB and the rippling on the right side.
After the stitches are taken, I don't have anymore check ups planned, I could call whenever I needed the nurse said, but there is no plan of 3 or 6 months check up like I had when getting the implants. And the only advice I got from the PS was to wear a tight sports bra for 4 weeks, no mentioning of massage.
Otherwise I am fine, just small issues with finding a comfortable but still firm sports bra and I have a little ache in neck and shoulders as I am less physically active than I use to be.
I think maybe you're supposed to wait until about a month post-op to start massaging, but I'd call your doctor and ask just to make sure.
Yes, I have e-mailed with my doctor and he said that it probably is remains of the that make the indentation and it is normal and will go away in some months. Massage was OK but not too much.
Is there any doctors in Los Angeles area that are reasonable with what they are charging? Help. 7,500 is out of my range.

Today I took some new pics, but I didn't succeed...

Today I took some new pics, but I didn't succeed to get a picture to show my indentation under right boob and when I was to upload the front picture I realized that photo from today looked same or even worse than the 9 day photo. So I wait a little more with new pics.
I did send a picture in an e-mail to my PS and asked about advice on massage and about the indentation, feels funny to send breast pics on e-mail but I guess it's their job to look at these things. Well, he answered that it probably is remains of the capsule that causes this and that it will most probably go away in a few months. Massage can be good, but not necessary and I am not to overdo it. So I continue to massage a little twice a day.
Today is a bad day concerning my look and how I feel about the small boobs, it is really up and down. One one hand I am glad that I am healthy and relieved to be out of silicone and fake boobs and on the other hand I think I looked better with bigger boobs. I guess it it just a process as well as it was a process to make up my mind to explant, but still..... they are sooo small. Sorry to be so vain.
You look fantastic! I breastfed 3 kids, 1 year each prior to getting implants. I just had mine removed after 7 years of hell. My breasts are starting to look "normal" like they did when I weaned my last child. I am starting to appreciate the way they look, like a trophy of my motherhood - don't worry about anyone's opinion - you will look and feel better every day!
Thanks Liv! Well, most of the time I do feel great! I was really just ventilating a bad day and I think I look my age, whatever that means. Without padding I look very small, but I am not totally flat. With implants I was so devastated when it didn't look ok with DB and rippling and implants too high up. But now I am calmer and more patient with healing time.
You look great!!!:)

Today I found a push up bra that really pushed...

Today I found a push up bra that really pushed things up! Felt almost unreal to see a cleavage again. But I am not to wear it now, no underwire bra for a couple of months, so I continue with my sports bras 24-7, both because it feels comfortable with the support and because I am afraid that they will sag more.
I feel fairly ok and have started to go to the gym, but no upper body excercises, and power walk. Post surgery rest and Christmas holidays are not a great combination, it feels like I have put on some weight and I hadn't my ideal weight before the surgery either. So I think I will feel better if I get in shape, small, saggy boobs don't go well with a fat, floppy tummy.
When I look at the pictures that I have posted, I don't see any difference from day 9 til now, at least not in a good way. But I think it is very difficult to take good pictures, or pics that show the truth. The stretch marks that I wrote about before are almost gone, very funny. They did't show all the time, only sometime when I took off a really tight bra and then it looked like a cobweb on my breasts, really freaky, like witches boobs:)
The indentation under right breast is still there, no change and I did not manage to capture it on pic today either. But it is OK, it only shows when I rise my arm.
I have micropore tape on the scars, doctors advice to have it on as long as scars are red and only change it when it is dirty or fall of, like in every 10 days. But since I do the massage twice a day, with lotion on my hands, the tape falls of only after a couple of days.
Well, now I long for the breast obsessing state to be over, I am kind of tired of focusing on how do they look, massage, putting tape on, this bra or that bra and how much can I exercise. Maybe I am too impatient, but I just long for being carefree and take my small saggy boobs for a run.
Your newest pictures look great, we have very similar results I think. I see the cobweb looking marks too when I take off a tight bra lol witch's boobs. I'm happy I did it - small boobs sagging and all :)

Today I was to the bath house with my kids (don't...

Today I was to the bath house with my kids (don't know if that is the correct word for a indoor swimming place?). Very fortunately as I have thrown away all my old bathing suits and bikini bras, I found a bikini bra with price tags on in my drawer that fitted, I had bought it a year ago without trying it on, and it was way to small when I came home, but now it was OK.
It felt a little awkward to take the small, only just healed boobs out in public, but it went fine, I am ok with how I look. In the shower I saw a very petite woman with HUGE implants, and I know it is none of my business, but I almost felt sorry for her. I am not at all judgemental and not anti implants, but I guess these reactions come after all the problems and corrections and thinking about explanting or not explanting.
This boob stalking that I have been doing for some time really must come to and end, before I looked at boobs if they were with implants and now I look at small boobs and compare to my own sagginess. It feels a little weird to not be able to refrain from looking at boobs, but at least I know how men's eyes work now:))
*when i see a girl* not then
I totally understand, I have to remind myself how miserable I was then i see a girl with a huge rack now, especially implants! I have had serious "small boob envy" for the last few months as I obsessed about getting mine out. Don't feel bad I think it's something we will all go through, comparing breast sizes everywhere we go lol. I also feel pity now for women with implants who think they're stuck with them forever, I thought I was. I'm not "anti-implant" but I wish someone would have shook me personally.
HI!! Swedish Mary I love the bra you're wearing You look awesome !:)What size is it? Does it have removal pads or is it just a push up bra?

I added new pictures of the drawn in skin on my...

I added new pictures of the drawn in skin on my right breast. It doesn't bother me that much as it doesn't show if I not rise my arm. I have no planned check ups with my PS, I feel that even if he was very sympathetic and nice, this was not "real" surgery for the clinic, this was not surgery where how it looks afterwards matters, it was just, I don't know how to describe it, but as they can not do more for me if I am not in for any other plastic surgery procedure as fat transfer for example.
For quite some time after surgery I had pain over my left breast to left armpit and it felt like muscle pain. Now it has gone away and I think it is becaus I have started to go to the gym and spinning.
Everything feels OK at the moment, just a little tired of sports bras which I think are hard to combine with nice clothes.
you look so great! i don't think you look saggy at all, especially compared to me! lol! if your husband ever comes to la, he is going to get slapped! it is so hard for me to read about his negative comments, as if you aren't going through enough emotion already. your boobs are not ruined, i think they look perfectly sexy.
Thanks Girlie! You are most welcome to slap my husband;) I don't care so much now, I am fine and I am so happy that I made this decision but it is sad that a grown man in his forties is sooo into fake boobs. I have actually shown him before and after pictures from this community which I think look so much better after, without implants. But in his opinion everyone looks better with implants, no matter how big and fake looking or weird shapes caused by capsular contraction. Men! But it is a relief that not all men are like that. I haven't seen any of your recent picures if you had posted some, but I think you look fine!
Thank you for such an honest and upfront blog, it's such a hard decision to make and hearing other women's stories is proving more valuable to me than the endless consultations with well meaning but confusing surgeons, I hope you are continuing to heal well : )

Now I am nearly 2 months post op, can't believe...

Now I am nearly 2 months post op, can't believe how time flies. However, I am happy with my decision and the outcome.
At the time of surgery I was not workning, but now I have started a new job. It feels so liberating to get to know new work mates without any focus on my breasts, noone is looking down my cleavage anymore and it is great! I think I look better and leaner in clothes now, even if I want to loose a little more weight.
Without clothes, well.... don't think boobs look great but ok, I am fine with them. I don't think they have changed anything from my last pictures and I do not upload any new pics today.
Funny thing is that I felt the same with implants, fine with clothes on but felt ashamed of them naked as they were fake. It is like getting closer to the real me, this is me and there is nothing more to it, my real self;) As many other women in here have said, it is a really emotional journey to go through an explantation.
The indentation or drawn in skin on my right breast is still the same. I haven't seen my PS but have had email contact with him and he is sure about that it is remains of the old capsule that causes this. I am not worried and it doesn't show unless I rise my arms, but he will see me if there is no change before summer.
I think all this has made my mind to shift, before I could look at a flat chested woman and think that her boobs would look great with implants ( I know, shame on me, stupid before-Mary) Now I think everyone in here look better without implants, with their natural breasts, fake is just........ the road to misery. Not judgemental though, everyone can do what they think is right, it was just my time with implants that was up and I don't think I will go for fat transfer either, it feels too insecure and too expensive.
Hi Swedish Mary, How are you? You were the first person's post I looked at on the site that helped me make the choice to explant. I explanted 3 weeks ago and am so happy I did. How are your boobies doing? Have they filled in more? You have naturally beautiful breast and your young, so that all works in your favor. I'm sure you are going to enjoy your first summer explant free. I am looking forward to wearing summer clothing that I am not busting out of. Thank you again for your story, it helped me out so very much! Warmly, Birdie
your boobies are so cute!
Hey rk200 are you going to set up a profile and post some pics on another ladies site you have issues after explant ....not sure if u have same issues as me?

Now I am 3,5 months post explants and it feels...

Now I am 3,5 months post explants and it feels like I have settled with my final result. It is not much difference from my last pictures, if any difference at all. Boobs look fine sometimes, just after massage and shoulders slightly backwards, then they look great!
It took me some time to be able to sleep on my stomach, but now it is comfy and it is great, one of the things I longed for with implants in.
Now I can show myself naked to my children again, I didn't want to do that at first because I didn't want their questions. Not that it is a secret that I have had implants, but they are just too small to understand.
Husband, well, he has seen them and is frank about him liking them more before. I know he likes big boobies and I know he likes me, but still, his attitude and comments at first when I explanted has made something to me or to our relationship. And that something is not something good.
I have not been so active here lately, but like Nervous Girlie I have noticed that the number of stories here have increased a lot! When I found this forum early in 2012 I looked for women my age who had had implants for about as many years as I, and they were not many! Now there are so many of us and this site is great as there are not much information out there or from PS:s about explantation. Thanks to all of you lovely, brave ladies who post your stories and pictures!
Thank you for your update and sharing your journey. Your posts and support helped me loads before and after explant. You have been a star! xx
I bet your boobs have changed/ improved, Mary! It's just hard to appreciate the change in the mirror since you see them everyday. Sleeping on the stomach without feeling beach balls underneath is the best! Too bad your husband still hasn't come around. I would think he would be so glad to see you feeling happy and confident with your natural breasts that he would view things in a more positive light. Thanks for the update! :)
Hi Birdie, thanks, I am so happy if just one single woman out there has been helped of anything in my post or picures! I think if you have started to think of explant, you will do it sooner or later. This community meant the world to me too when I decided to explant, if I had only listened to PSs I would have waited much longer. Boobs are fine, maybe they have filled in a little more on the sides, but it is hard to tell. Maybe I have just got more used to how I look now, I really do not know. In clothes I am all comfortable, I think I look so much better with clothes on now and I have just started to wear under wire bras, not every day though, still in sports bras some days. It is great to be able to wear anything and not draw too much attention to the boob area:) My right boob has still a dent, or a pull from scar or something, it is no difference from a month ago. But it doesn't worry me too much. Happy healing to you, Birdie and thanks for your nice comment! Best wishes

13 months post explant

Finally I take time to update, can hardly believe that more than a year has passed since I explanted. Not a single moment have I regretted that I took out the silicone balls from my chest, and over all I have been fine with my small, slightly wrinkled boobs. I think I got my final result very fast, boobs have not changed much after 3-4 months, but when I look at the pictures they may look a little smaller, but I have lost a little weight. When I started working out properly and started running again, the excessive skin or fat under my armpit disappeared.
The indentation under the right breast is scar tissue and have not changed.
However, the wrinkling and smallness got me thinking about fat transfer and after some consideration I did it, Monday 27. Now I am here with huge bandage on my chest to keep boobs warm, and tight pants. It is hard to see the result, boobs are tense and feels like I am breastfeeding again. Fat was transferred from thighs and lower back, 280 ml to each breast. Doctor said that he tried to force the scar tissue with the fat injection needle, it sounds scary but I hope he succeeded, I will be back on check up Feb 6.
Soon I am off to work for a few hours and I am a little worried, this huge padding can not be hidden in clothes, it looks like I have put in huge silicone implants. Guess I will keep my coat on all day;)
As I haven’t been active here for a long time, I don’t know if my explant friends are still here, but love and luck to all you great women in here.
Sorry, I should have read through all your comments. Can't help but being more nervous about FT than explant surgery. Enjoyed reading your story and thanks for sharing.
I would love to know how the fat transfer went. I am scheduled for an explant in 3 weeks with fat transfer. My first set of implants were in my body for almost 25 years! Second set for 1 year and I am so done with them.
For what it's worth, I think you looked beautiful before the FT. Will love to see after the ft. Do you think it was worth it? I've heard it hurts but like you said, so does implants. I would love to use the fat from my stomach, since I always wanted to rid of it. Lol
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