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Ever since I had my second child 3 1/2 years ago...

Ever since I had my second child 3 1/2 years ago my belly has been flabby and looking pregnid. Excercise and healthy diet could not cure this so I decided to finally get a tummy tuck. My doctor proposed a full tummy tuck since I had some laxity above the navel. The cost and convalescence for a full tt was not an option for me. I went for a second consultation and he said that I could get a nice result with a mini tt aswell, if the scar could be long enough. I also wanted an improvement of my bellybutton (scar after piercing long ago in combo with saggy skin) so he has done some kind of correction.

6 days post

My recovery has gone really well regarding pain. Took meds for three days, feeling bliss on the kodein (dangerous stuff - also woke up really happy from surgery). I only had draines at t Was out walking on the forth day and am moving freely today although i feel a bit streched. I am pleased with the
shape of my belly. The skin is pretty tight, i feared that a mini would leave some laxity. Less happy with the position and look of my belly button. It has stiches and bruises and is pretty low on my long torso. But i guess it is fine..I was aware of that effect before.

2 weeks post

I started working one week after surgery which was too early. Also I was stupidly curious about the scar and ripped the tape off - the scar opened a bit and started bleeding. I just desinfected and taped it vack together, promising myself to leave it for a week. Ok my tummy looks ok in the morning. In the afternoon it swells up. I wear a girdle from maidenform at work since the binder is impossible to wear discretely. The swelling is a consequence of destroyed lymphatic paths. Maybe the girdle is not good enough and most likely I need to watch my salt consumtion. Ok so this is what I look like in the morning...a bit rounder than a week ago..hopefully mostly water but could be caused by less exercise.

side 2 weeks post - a bit puffy

24 days post

I can't wait for the scars to heal better. Think my belly button looks ugly and scarry. He moved my old scar that was just above the bb in to the bb was the intention anyway. Really hope it will heal and look smoother. Generally I'm happy though with the mini tt. I love having a small waist again and more of an hour glass shape, thanks to the good muscle repair work my surgeon did. I think he went pretty far up. Getting many compliments for the way I look in dresses. I was most anxious about the horrible saggy skin before the surgery, the waist made me surprised and happy, just feels like a bonus. My skin above the bb has a little laxity still but that's fine. It only shows when I'm sitting down and that looks pretty natural I think.


I have noticed that I have worse swelling on my left side, also that's where my incision split a bit the other week. I noticed a little bleeding there last night again. can't believe that I didn't check on that in the first place (also I fell on my left side). Anyway called
and will have a check up tonight.

no worries

Apparently there was nothing to worry about. Just some reaction to the stiches. So now I just need to be patient for the body to heal and the swelling to go down.

4 weeks post

Not much has changed. This is what I look like in the morning. I look so swollen in the evening especially after work. My left side is significantly more swollen. Can't wait for it to go down. I also think my bb i really
unattractive, hoping it will look better. I guess it is streched and will ease further on
when skin is less swollen. I read that around weel 8 most swelling will have resolved. What's your experiences about when it goes down? How long after surgery do you wear binders/spanx?
Doctor Hans Mark

Experienced, nice and confident surgeon.

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You seem to be looking better and better :)
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Wow! I think you look great! Swelling doesn't look bad at all from here.
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Thank JDen! Get's worse in the evening. ;-)
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You look great! Congrats! How was your pain for the first couple of days? I'm getting my MTT with muscle repair in June.
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Look below. :')
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So my doc said he may do some lower muscle repair once in there...no lipo still. Does the muscle repair hurt bad?
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Hi Mamax and and Brown eyes! Thanks! I think it is somewhat individual how one tolerates pain. I can only compare to c-section pain, and muscle repair was not as painful. only had pain that felt bad at the clinic, but got good pain meds right away. I mostly was only painful when I was to rise up from bed the first days. Think of your technique there. I would do it again, no problem. Can't compare to c-section or giving birth. Also tell your surgeons to go as far up as he/she can. For me that gave me a nice waist, unexpectedly, without lipo. :-)
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Thank you for the tip, i'll def ask him to! How did you get out of bed? Roll maybe?
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Well, yeah roll over to your side and push your self up with your arms while your on your side, getting your feet on the floor. First 24 hours or so you will need somebody to help you to get up, at the clinic or at home. your muscles will be sore for weeks, but not in a painful way most likely.
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Sore or not I feel like it will be worth it :) thank you for answering my questions. It's great being able to talk to people who know.
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Yes for sure. It's a great place to share all the thoughts and questions that arise in the process. :-) it will be fun to follow your journey soon too! (Sorry if I spell weirdly since English is not my first language. )
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You'd never know it wasn't your first language. You're just not quite as lazy in your descriptions as most of us lol.
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Haha good to know. ;-)
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I think you look fantasic,congrats!
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Thank you! :-)
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I think I'm looking similar to you. Puffier than week 1 for sure. I also can't decide if it's swelling or no exercise. Can't wait to work out again! It's definitely an improvement from pre-surgery
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Comforting that I'm not the only one feeling the swelling process. Perhaps it's a combination but let's decide it's mostly water. ;-) The body is really struggeling with damaged lymphatic system around the inscision. I feel like comfort eating lots of candy but keep reminding myself of the results and money spent. So trying to eat treats in moderation. Yeah workout will be nice. It will get better for sure.
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Yeah, I am assuming swelling, but I'm in a house of Easter candy. I think I've been doing pretty well, but it would be way easier without all the temptation! I've found drinking tons of water helps with the swelling.
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Wow! You look so flat already! I had a mini with umbilical float and am nervous about how flat I will be. I too don't love how low my belly button is on my long torso but am hopeful it will settle better after the swelling is down.
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Thanks JDen! I think you look great, flat and your bb is not too low. Today l'm swelling a lot. I fell yesterday outside like an old lady. Hurt badly. My tummy is swollen on the side where i fell. But i think it's ok. Well I guess the bb will look more natural over time.
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Ugh. Sounds awful. I almost tripped on a baby toy yesterday! Thanks about the bb. I'm adjusting. I think your location looks good too. Hope you heal well from the fall! No fun to have extra to worry about!
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Thank you :-) !
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Wow! You look amazing already!
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Wow your before belly looks so much like mine did! He repaired my droopy belly button too! I hate that I'll have a scar on my belly button but oh well! Post more pics when you can! Happy healing!
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Thank you! Happy healing to you too. :-) my belly button looks worse than before at the moment. :-/
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