Rhinoplasty!! Excited but Also Scared! - Swansea, GB

I've wanted this done since I can remember i'm 22...

I've wanted this done since I can remember i'm 22 and i've always been so self conscious! just over 3 weeks til i have my operation! I've had breast augmentation with transform and excited but also very scared! I'm scared that i'm going to regret having the operation even though i've wanted this for so long!

Me before my operation

As you can see why I want the operation, I want the hump removed and the tip made a bit smaller. So the countdown begins 3 weeks and 2 days to go.

more before pics

Here are some before pics

big changes!!!

So I have had a tattoo to signify such a big change in my life.... I chose marilyn monroe because she is my ultimate idol, beautiful woman, I chose to have half her face as a skull to signify the skull as the old me and marilyn as the new me. Im making this change for me and for me only. I have had bullies bringing me down over my nose all my life. Calling me names. I know deep down what kind of person I am and maybe I dont need to have this surgery but to make me feel whole as a person I do need it. 2 weeks tomorrow :) medical on tuesdayy !!! Its coming closer!!!!

change of op date & surgeon

Well I meant to have dr khan on the 29th of november. But I expressed my concerns that mr khan was very blunt and I didnt feel comfortable after seeing a lot of bad reviews. So I had a consultation with dr bassem nathan. I took my dad with me and we asked him lots of questions and he told me exactly what he would do. He said he would be very happy to do my nose. I felt a lot more comfortable with him and I seen a lot of before and afters which were exactly how I want my nose. So I am now scheduled 3 days after on the 2nd! I cant wait.

day before my operation!

Well I thought id update you with the kind of feelings that im experiencing. Firstly I am very excited, ive been waiting for so long and now its finally here its quite surreal. At the moment im on route to london im staying here overnight as my admission time is 7.30am. I am feeling pretty scared too, scared that im going to be in pain and scared that I wont like the result. Hopefully everything is gonna go to plan. I know that this is the right choice for me. Its brought out some feelings in me and other people in my life that I thought id never feel or see. Its a crazy feeling but even though I despise my nose I think im going to miss it!! Weird I know!! Also people showing so much concern about my operation is great really feeling loved at the moment!! Well il update u on how im feeling after my op. Wish me luck!! Xx

Its done!!!

Wow cant believe its all over with. The long road to recovery now. Only gonna write a short one as im quite drowsy. Worst thing is breathing its so hard to swallow and breath. But im not actually in any pain my nose is throbbing a little and I have a bit of headache pressure. Il keep u updated !!

day 1

Hey guys thought id write a little blog as im waiting to go home. I feel absolutly fine!! Had a bit of an episode where I was crying because I read having the packs removed from your nose was like having ur brains removed... just dont believe everything u read it was a weird sensation but not painful. I didnt have any pain relief til this morning. And my face doesnt look that swollen or bruised but hey its early days but so far everything has gone well. Was worried when I seen my nose it looks very upturned but thats the splint and the swelling and its expected so not to worried about it now I know that its a long process to see the final results. Il keep u all updated if anything comes up but if not il update u the day of my splint removal which is next monday the 9th!!! Thanks for your support guys I hope im helping a few of u who are considering or on the path to a new nose. Much love rach :) x

dried blood up nose :(

Feeling great however the congested feeling and being blocked up. Ive tried cleaning around the nostrils with sterile water however I think my stitches are covered with congealed blood so its making it quite painful. Cant wait til monday to take this splint off. Its soo annoying and itchy!! Then I will be able to have a nice hot shower or a bath and hopefully it will open my airways and get rid of these nasty scabs!!

Well ive put a picture up of before and after of the underneath of my nose. I am really happy with what mr nathan has done he has take away most of the cartilage and made my nostrils bigger. I didnt realise how small my nostrils were before and how big that lump of cartilage was at the end of my nose!!!

my splint fell off!!!

Well its the day before my splint was due to come off but it was hanging off anyway to I couldnt cope with it flapping in the wind and irritating me to I took it off. And wow I was an emotional wreck.... so many emotions I love what hes done. I got the perfect nose now. But im a bit worried as it seems I got 2 lumps of fleshy skin inside my nose. U cant see it unless u look underneath but I can feel them and they are uncomfortable I will be seeing my nurse tomoro in post op anyway and il discuss my issues. Well heres a few pics woww and my tip is still swollen at mo and it looks great
Dr Khan - Transform

Amazing surgeon dr bassem nathan. Hes made my nose perfect im so happy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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could you please post an old direct frontal photo vs new?
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Great Results !! :) I too have the problem with the fleshy lump inside my nostril only if you look up it? I am hoping that it will go away. But i was told to be patient I am only 14 days out.
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Hi! Your nose really suits you, so natural and you look so pretty! X
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You look gorgeous :) I really love you new nose, just perfect. Congrats!!
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It looks brilliant!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!
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Great stuff! Glad you are feeling well. I was so relieved that the packing in my nose was disolvable... until it came out via my mouth in big bloody chunks on day six. In hindsight it prob would've been better to have it removed by surgeon! Glad it wasn't too bad for you. Looking forward to seeing your splint removed!!!
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Good bye old nose, hello new. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to the updated photos when you get the cast off. Love the fact that you posted right after your surgery. You look darn good for just having the procedure done. Bravo!
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Good luck! I had my Rhino and Breast Aug done together 3 weeks ago and had no pain whatsoever from the Rhino, just the annoyance of being blocked up etc x
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Good luck with everything, will be thinking of you :) keep us updated! Xxx
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Haha, welcome to London! And thanks so much for the update! Again, so freaking excited for you! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! >///< Hope everything goes well! Haha for me people concerning over my nose makes me more nervous XD;;
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Gahh, your so close! I'm really excited for you. >///< ( Is that weird haha?) Hope it all goes well.
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Hi, How did you surgery go with Dr Nathan at Transform? I had a consultation with him a few days ago. Was wondering if you were happy with the outcome of your procedure. Hope your well. x
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My operation is on monday hun. Il keep u updated xx
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He is a blunt guy isn't he? ^ ^; I think customer service is especially important in consultations too xP Haha I'm exited for you! I have mine the 3rd of Jan :) Good luck to ya!
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Heh - I totally understand why you want to do this, but please check out reviews on your surgeon first!
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Theres mixed reviews on him but ive expressed my worries with my co ordinator and been reassured. So still going ahead with surgery I guess its just a risk im willing to take as with all types of surgery!
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Good luck with your surgery, everything will go great! You are gorgeous already, your going to be stunning after! :)
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Good luck Hun I hope everything goes well for you
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Thank you
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I'm glad you've started your story with us here on RealSelf! I hope we can be a great source of support for you through this process. Here's a list of supplies that might come in handy for recovery.

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Thank you so much im sure you will :)
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Good luck. i have my nose surgery in the morning. I also have the same concerns, I'm really nervous and i always get a surge of adrenaline when i think about it,but i think it'll be worth it.
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I go from being nervous to excited then scared! It will definitely be worth it though! I almost want to be a recluse and not go anywhere until I have my new nose! :)
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Good luck! I'm sure it will all go smoothly. I'd love to hear about it because I've got 3 days before my surgery.
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Im hoping its goin to go as planned 3 weeks today!! Thank you for ur support!
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