28 Years Old, Need of a Bodacious Body Swanee, GA

I expect Dr. J's hands that have been blessed to...

I expect Dr. J's hands that have been blessed to work his god given talent and make this a** fat and waist small. I currently weight 165 and I'm 5'5 I was 190 and was told to loose 10 lbs. I lost more because from what i hear the ideal weight is 170 for my height... I'm getting abd, bra roll, flanks and upper back liposuctioned august 27th 2014. ...however I want a deelishis booty.... I'm praying this ass will stretch ...I need at least 1100cc each buttocks ... Projection , projection projection, I I've seen him do it...waiting on Shelly to call me back to see if I need to gain.. ..... I want a small frame and a fat ass.... my mother and her sisters all have fat @$$ but it missed me...... Dr. Wurrrrrkkkk
Welcome and good luck chic. I'm sure he will snatch u by the gods. Can't wait to see ur results. I'm 2 weeks away and I can't wait. The booty gods are calling our names... Ciao. Peace love and safe recovery

pics pre op and wish

Just had to edit the pics


Hello all well if I can say so my self communication can cause so much anxiety for us... just be consistent, we have to remember the staff and Dr. J are very busy.... I was able to call this am and spoke with shelly..... will update later....
I had my bbl, TT, and lip by Dr Jimerson last month. He does awesome work!! Im sure he'll give you exactly what you want. The only issue I had was trying to get ahold of someone at the office. I can't wait to see your results! I know you're going to love it!!
Lipo.... not lip Lol
You look great. I was able to talk to Shelly today, and I was told not to worry about the cc's because they don't go by that, and that my skin on my buttocks looks tight, and I should expect to come back for a second procedure.. .. soo I'm a little discouraged .....

Does my skin look tight

Does my skin look tight ... I know the ass is flat so don't remind me ....
Oh yeah follow Docs instructions to the T. If he say 10 lbs. It's 10 lbs no more.
Congratulations! Dr. J is gonna HOOK you up Hunty so get ready fa some changes. The stares from man & women. Spending more money on clothes then ever. Oh and the handsome, secure husband I once had has now started showing signs of oh boy you already know. But best wishes not if u need any info just let me know
Thanks dear ad yes I'm going to try to loose a more as I was asked to ...time is flying by faster than I expected it to ..I wake up and go to sleep thinking about ass... lol ...I'm ready for the shopping I never by my self clothes. Because I don't look and feel right in them ...

13 days reality hitting

Well I recieved a call from kelly the nurse of Dr. J and was told to stop taking phen. Reality is hitting ... This must be official ..... 13 days to go
When is your procedure?
Nevermind I see it lol....good luck girl!
Its going to go by fast! Keep us posted :)

Well 5 days to go

5 days to go... # team jimerson
Terris is here with me ...:) and getting my meds....
Oh your staying with Terris? She is awesome. She will take good care of you!!
Tomorrow is your big day!! Keep us posted on how everything goes :)

Well I now have my curves

For the record ladies, Dr. Jimerson and his staff are awesome, professional and they make you feel so comfortable... everything was explained from head to toe... and terris was with me the whole way through and she called my family to let's them know I was doing well and had no complications. ..I did have to pay for my medications but oh well... I have J Curves... As far as my pain it's is managed with my current medications. I was up and moving around the same night....The nurse also came and gave my injections and meds and discussed a few do's and dont's...

Here they are

Congratulations & welcome to the land of Bootay! I can't wait to see your post op pics.
Omg, girl mines coming up in 11 days!!!! So was he able to give you a small waist????
Yes, the swelling is still there but it's going to take a while to go away.

Ms. Big booty by J.Curves

Ms. Big booty ,I was told by Terri he said he put in 1500 in each buttocks... I will verify that on tuesday... but I believe it because my ass was flat....
Good luck hope your loving your new body!

Big booty P

can you please post pics how is your tummy looking after lipo

post op day 3

Well last night I tossed and turned all night , yesterday "D" the medical assistant came by and helped me remove my garmet, then I was allowed to wash off , she provided wound care for me and dressed my drainage tube site. She also washed my garmet allowed it to air dry and helped me put it back on. She changed my sheets checked my vitals and gave me my lovenox injection. I was so uncomfortable last night because it seemed like the garmet had gotten tighter. But this morning I'm moving around better and pain is managed. I had a BM today and was able to take off and put on my garmet without help .Well Terri just called and it's time for lunch.
I'm also trying to upload new pic but I'm having a hard time

This morning my pain is better I'm moving around more and I had a BM. It is necessary to have a BM by the 3rd or 4th day however I had to take the garmet off and on by my self because terri left this morning to get her hair fixed . However I'm pretty self sufficient. Here at goldplatinumcare Terri provides you transportation , meals, and a place to lay your head it's laid back here and If you want peace and quiet this is the place to be. But you also need to be self sufficient because there is not a 24 hour nurse, and being self sufficient will optimize your recovery result.
Hey, just checking on you. How are you feeling?
Looking good!!
Congrats again you look amazing! I wish you a speedy, successful recovery.

1 month post op

I have to say I am happy with my results... but I want bigger lol... however I'm only 1 month post op ... so I'm guessing it's going to fluff out ... I'm not sure...
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Dr. J and his staff were great . From the beginning to the end they all made me feel very comfortable. I am more than satisfied with my curves

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