30 yr old mama to 4. After breastfeeding deflated 34A to 34C/D. 400cc Silicone Mod Plus+ Unders

So excited about tomorrow's operation! Can not...

So excited about tomorrow's operation! Can not wait to feel renewed. I've certainly earned them. My stats are 5"8 138 lbs 34A hoping for 34C. I'm going with Mentor Memory Gel Silicone 400cc sub-muscular. I tried o many sizers from 350-450cc felt the most comfortable with the 400cc. My doctor seems to think I will be very pleased with the outcome! Got my RX's filled. Childcare lined up. House cleaned and shopping done!! Tomorrow is the big day! Yay!!!!
Hopefully your surgery went well, be careful with the kids, I have 4 as well and have to remind myself from time to time that I cant do certain things right now. I am 15 days post and feeling great, I had full range of motion the next day and only felt engorged no real pain. Take your meds as rx'd and rest, you need it and definitely deserve it, happy healing :)
Thank You so much!!
Woohoo, good luck mamma of 4!!!! First few days are a bit painfil but then it gets better. Congrats!

24 hours Post Op update

Surgery went well. Awoke with much more pain than anticipated. But they were kind to give me pain meds before I left. Came home and started my RX's. I'm taking hydro codeine and Tylenol 10/325 but cutting the pill and taking only half. Nausea was bad because I wasn't able to eat much and taking pain pills on empty stomach is the worst. If I had to redo it. I would just take extra strength Tylenol maybe 1000mg to ease the pain without the nausea to get myself eating. THEN I would start the pain meds. Today I've found my groove with all the medications. Every 3-4 hours I take pain pill with food and stool softener. Every 6 hours I take my antibiotics with a probiotic to help balance my stomach. As needed I take Arnica an over the counter homeopathic med that is for bruising swelling and soreness. A friend recommended it to me and boy does it work wonders! Today I'm just resting as much as I can. Crazy sore and feel like I've been shot in the chest. Icing every 2 hrs for 20 min. Helps so much! My left side is more swollen and tender than my right. So thankful my inlaws have my kids. There is NO WAY I could recover with the children home. Here's day one.
Wtg on your breastfeeding journey, and congrats on it being your turn now! :)
Thank you so much!
Congrats and happy healing! I think you choose a perfect size (we have pretty similar stats). Looking forward to updates :)

11 Days Post Op - Feeling Pretty good.

11 Days post Op and I'm feeling good! Nights around 8pm my incisions get really sore and achey. But Ill take Tylenol or half a pain pill. I prefer to not take a pain pill if I can do without but some nights the pain is pretty bad.

I have had a few moments of wondering if I should have gone bigger! I had 400cc Mentor memory gel silicone under the muscle. They haven't dropped yet. Still high and right but MUCH softer than a week ago. Is is just my constant view of myself in sports bras that is obscuring my view? Will I be much happier once I'm wearing normal bras? I just feel like they're a little smaller than I expected they would be. I guess I expected it to be super obvious. I mean I started off with hardly anything so this is certainly 2 sizes bigger than I started! Has anyone else suffered from this "boobie greed"? I def want to be happy with them. My husband thinks I'm crazy! Maybe I'm just having a moment? I def do not want to have surgery again for a VERY long time! Haha
You are looking so great! Congrats! I had the same sort of boobie greed/indecision. Some days I think my new boobs look small and other days they look huge to me. I had 371/421cc implants and I'm right around a 32D now...I'm guessing you will end up with at least a C if not more ;)
Thanks lady! You look amazing!
I have to agree with you a little on the boob greed but then also say I think it has a lot to do with the dang sports bra 24/7 for so long... I am almost 4 weeks post of and I went this past Saturday and bought my first Victoria's Secret bra EVER!!! I was so excited to actually fit in one. I was a 36A before and didn't fit into any VS bra. I got 400cc Mentor Silicone Dual Plan and was measured at a 34DD or 36D, so I'm ecstatic! I did buy one bra and It does wonders for the girls! I had people actually ask if the $5000 was worth it because they couldn't tell a difference. I got upset at first then I thought... I did this for me not them, I know I'm bigger than I used to be, they are squished into a sports bra right now so that doesn't help the look, and also you can't wear cute clothes with a sports bra! Some people! I think you will love them once they drop and fluff and you can get out of the dreaded sports bra phase!!

2 week post op feeling amazing!

My only annoyance is the sensitivity of my breasts right now. It's like my nerve endings are freaking out. But honestly. It worth every bit of it. I can wear a swimsuit and feel so confident. Reay pleased with my surgery. I can't believe how back to norm I feel already. I am trying my very best to do little lifting but I'm not gonna lie it's not that easy. I drive, cook, shop, lite cleaning etc and feel perfectly fine the next day. Incision aches from time to time but nothing that Tylenol can't fix. They seem to be settling nicely so no complaints. ;) I've had my moments of wondering IF I should have gone bigger. But honestly I think I made a good choice for me. I was worried bc no one seemed to noticed. But that's exactly what I wanted. No one to notice. So instead I chopped 10 inches off my hair. And let me tell you man I feel REFRESHED!! #hellospring
Uhh hair before and after? Don't leave us hanging!
Yes ma'am! On it! :))

Scars 16 days post op.

So my scars are looking pretty good. But when I touch them they feel a little thick. I'm wondering if this is normal. Also still little squishiness around the bottom. Still maybe some of the antibiotic fluid? But this far out I thought it may be gone by now.

Pic update

Just adding a few pics
You look awesome!!!
Wow thanks!
Your results look absolutely beautiful! I would have to say that if you went any bigger, they would look out of proportion and could earn you the "boob job girl" nickname. You have a smaller frame, and to me they appear perfect! :)

Before and After Wow!

Today is day 22 post op. I decided to try on a bra I wore the day of surgery. This VS bra is a 34B which I couldn't even fill out. Look at the cupping! I have NO idea why I wore the wrong size. I was def an A cup. Look at me now! I think its safe to say I'm a C cup now!

Because you asked.

Hair update. I chopped 9 almost 10 inches off my locks 2 weeks Post op. Felt so good! The ends needed them bad plus I sorta love the whole cycle of cutting and growing. Feels refreshing. If people haven't noticed my breasts they certainly have noticed my hair. ???????? ;)
your looking great
Thank you!!
Love the haircut!

4 weeks post op

Today is 4 weeks to the day. Just had my follow up with my PS. Everything going perfect! She gave me silicone strips to start on my scars for the next 3 months and showed me the massage I'm to do to keep the pockets soft. Thankfully the sensitivity isn't as intense as it was a week ago.

Silicone strips for scars

You look fantastic! congrats! Your scars look really great too. I'm curious: are you wearing a bra with the black and white stripped shirt and if so what kind (wow!). Very happy for you :)
No bra in that pic! Crazy!! I love that now I can go without!
Gorgeous! And the perfect size for you. You must be very happy :)

5 weeks post op update

My girls are softening beautifully. Loving that they're feeling more and more like my own. I've certainly began to feel proportionate for the first time in a Looong time. Def not feeling like I just nursed 4 kids and had the life sucked outta me. Feeling revived! ????
They look amazing! Thanks for the review it's really helpful for us who still have our procedure coming up
Thank You so glad my story is helping someone. :))
Congratulations, you look fantastic!

6 Weeks Post Op update

I've finally made it! And the time FLEW by! I'm officially at the "I can do push-ups, weight training, handstands and lift whatever the heck I want" stage. Yay! :)) Feeling so great and loving going with out a bra.
You look fantastic! Xoxo
Thanks sooo much!!!

8 weeks post op 34D !!!

Can't believe it's already been 8 weeks. Things have softened up even more. They bounce now. Haha! No one can tell I've had them down. They look so natural and fit my body perfectly. I have those "moments" occasionally of wondering what that extra 25cc's would look like. But they come and go so quick it really doesn't effect me. I'm so happy overall!! I've officially been sized at VS this week. Tried on tons of bras. I'm a 34D!! 32DD fits be too and some bras I found the more snug the better. I'm posting some pics of venture to VS. :)
They look great!! xoxo!!
They look great! Happy 8 wks!
Thank you!

10 weeks post op.

Feeling AH-mazzzing!!! Honestly feel like a part of me now.
Look Good On You! Not Too Big Or To Small.
Thank you!!! I'm loving them!
Amazing! Mother to 4 kids! You look just amazing! Great choice too!!! I love how you compared your before and after pics. Thank you!

6 months post breast aug and feeling amazing!!

It's been months since my last update. Had my aug back in feb of this year. This month marks 6 months! I can not believe it! First summer in my life that I've walked around in a bikini and proud!!! My breasts are so soft. Feel everything and have dropped perfectly. After I removed my silicone strips back a couple months ago my scars began to itch like crazy. But that only lasted a few weeks. Now they are very smooth. And beginning to look a very healthy color. Before they were pretty red. I feel totally proportional now. I went 400cc silicone. From a 34A to now a 34D/32DD. I tried in bras again at VS and the 34C gives me so much double boob it looks terrible. I never imagined I'd be a D cup. Haha. When I tell people they don't believe it. Because I look small. Not the avg D. But who knows. I'm not lying about the size of bras I buy. :) I look TOTALLY natural. Like they came w my body :))

Cheers to you all out there! Getting my BA was one of the best things I've ever done!! I'm so happy!!


6 months Post Op Scar

Here is a picture of my scar post Op :)
they look great on your frame, perfect size!!
Thank you!!!
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