Excited!!! BBL surgery scheduled for Jan 8th with...

Excited!!! BBL surgery scheduled for Jan 8th with Dr. Jimerson. I'm having all the normal gitters and pre op anxiety, stalking the blogs, reading reviews, researching supplies, having secod thoughts...all the above!!! Can't wait till it's done and I'm at least a couple weeks post op. This is something I've wanted to do for years and now my opportunity has come and I know I've chosen the best with Dr. J curves! #cantwait #Ideserveit!
Yes you do deserve it!! And me too!! I'm so excited !!
Thank you! I'm counting down the days! When is your transformation date?
Welcome & blessings on your journey hun!

Before pics

2 before pics. I didn't realize how flat my behind was till I took these pics...sad!
Everything you have described girl I've been going through it as well. I'm just a plain stalker of anything that has to do with Bbl. Lol! I as well go in January with Dr. jimerson. A long awaited dream about to come true. The best of luck on your journey ;)
Niqua218 you too!?? My date is the 8th what's yours? We might need to meet for drinks! I haven't told any of my close friends or family.
Good luck it will turn out just fine :-)

Wish pics

Today is third day reco wrong I'm feeling amazing 'n waiting till swelling goes down to take pics !! Any have any advise on messages and food to eat after procedure?
Congratulations! I would suggest soft easy to digest foods as much as possible to avoid constipation. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Happy healing!
You are SO lucky! I havent seen ANY docs' before and after pics that even come CLOSE to Dr. J. His body sculpting skills blow my mind! I wish I could afford him, but hubby has given me a budget of about $7k (not financing, so cash price). If I cant find someone amazing for that price, I wont do it. Im jelly! Cant wait to see your after pics! So excited for you. Are you doing the hips, too? I noticed his best pics had about 200cc added to each hip. So pretty!

78 days and counting!

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I'm also considering doing a breast lift (still undecided on implants). Have any of you ladies done both at the same time?
It's not crazy I picked up a few things this weekend, lol. I didn't realize you were flying in. My procedure is the 8th of Jan and it can't come soon enough! People can definitely be judgmental, especially family (at least mine, lol). Yeah and I'm with you on the negativity, don't have time for that :) !

74 days before I crossover to the bootylicious side!

My sx date can't come soon enough!!!!! I have been up since 3 am, having trouble sleeping all week. I CONSTANTLY think about this procedure, read RealSelf (Facebook who??) and let me say THANK YOU a million times to the ladies that spend the time and effort to document their journey!!! It is soooo helpful reading the posts, seeing the pics and getting the REAL nitty griddy on the process and recovery. Although this is all in vain and will give most women the body they dream for, it is plastic surgery. The magic these surgeons perform make some of us forget what it takes to obtain them. Having first hand knowledge of the recovery process is such an advantage!!! I know I will be more prepared, I'm less nervous and most importantly, I'm more MENTALLY prepared.

Research overload!!! OMG, I think I have search obsession! ALL my free online time is spent searching wish pics, supplies, bbl blogs, compression garments...ALL THINGS BBL!!

I reeeeeally wish I had someone I thought I could tell about my decision to do this. Not to diminish the support my husband has given me. He thinks its a great idea and supports me 150%%%. I run all my wish pics by him to get his opinion and I think he gets a big kick out of me enthusiasm and excitement. At first he's say babe you're looking at booty pics again!!?? Now he joins right in with, I like that one, or I think that would fit your body type. He is quick to tell me if the doesn't like the look of a particular size and shape lol. Thank GOD for him.

^^ excuse the typos^^

It's early, lol!


I've looked at LOTS of booty pics and I'm leaning toward the upside down heart with bubble. I think it's sexy to have the meaty bubble and narrow lower back the leads down into the cheeks. I just read a post form one of the ladies and she mentioned a back board which wen worn under the compression garment during recovery (along with your stomach board, I believe helps achieve this result. If anyone can provide some feedback about the boards I'd appreciate your knowledge and experience with them.

PERFECT 'day of' dress!!!

Perfect for my January day since it will be on the cool side. Long with sleeves, completely snap front with hood!!! OF COURSE it's out of stock, (with Halloween coming) dayuuum! In stock late December ugh! don't know if it can be delivered in time.

More wish pics!!

There are booties ALL over the internet, lol! When I first started considering having a BBL I thought I just wanted a nice medium sized, NOW I want a phatty with a niiiiice bubble! It's got to be jelly cuz jam don't shake like that!
@azzmatazz.....hey congrats on ur soon to be transformation...I will be 4 months post op soon....the advice I can give u is make sure u tell him u want it huge...if u don't...u will be disappointed....once the swelling goes down.... U won't have much


Sharing info that another BBL sista posted if you still need a boppy pillow, you just pay $12.95 shipping!
NURSINGPILLOWS.COM at checkout enter promo code (in all caps) FAMILY2013!!
Thanks Sis! That info came right on time. Trying to bid on them on Ebay was wearing me out. And I definitely didn't want to pay $40 for one. I ordered my boppy and the promo most definitely worked.Thanks again!
You're welcome!
I want $11000 worth of ass & I'll make sure he knows it! I don't want any fat in the trash, lol.


Ladies if you still need a funnel don't waste your money on a Pee Whiz or whatever they're called. I almost ordered one on EBAY with the extension and that bad boy was $15. I got a funnel from Walgreens drugstore (they have them at Walmart too) for $2.99, it's black and it has a long bottom and wide 'mouth'. Gotta save some $ somewhere this procedure, supplies, meds, medical clearance $$$ adds up!!!! I could've renovated my bathroom! No investment better than an investment in yourself! Whoooop!
I cut the bottom of a couple water bottles out. Put one in a zip loc bag in my purse in case I was out. Worked perfect. Being able to pee standing up those first couple days was great! I
that's a great idea!-
Im so happy for u, n im glad u get the support u need from ur hisband thatll help alot! Is he going with u?


Now that's a PHAT AZZ! Dr. Jimerson I will LUV you forever if you can give me this kinda junk in my trunk!!
So excited for you hun!!! Reading you're posts makes me see you're ready to burst with excitement. Not long before you're transformation!!! Thanks for sharing;) 
Thanks Doll! Is it obvious, lol?? Deciding to have sx is such a big decision but actually booking the date OMG. Now the rest of my life revolves around Jan 8th. Just want it to be over!!!! I haven't checked out your full review yet but I think your having surgery in Feb?? Congrats to you and I will most definitely be following your journey!! Smooches!
Haha! Yep, we think obsession before but after booking it becomes way realer! Hurrryyyy!!! Give me my goods allrrreeedyyyy so this anticipation will end! Lol!! Yes, I'm a Feb angel;))

Breast comfort pillow-

Definitely not a must have but sure looks comfortable!

The breast comfort pillow allows you to lay flat on your stomach without experiencing any pain or discomfort on your lady gagas. The pillow features an innovative design which includes an opening where the breasts can rest without being compressed by the weight of the body.
Hii do u have a pic of the upside down heart w/bubble booty I wud luv to c it
My advice to u on supplies that ur really going to need: 1 bottle of hiblicens disinfectant (I brought 2 and just used 1). Tape & 3x3 gauze Culturelle probiotics (to avoid infection-very important). Antibacterial soap Arnica gel (removed the bruises on my body in 4 days). protein shakes and plenty of water. I also took my vitamins (B100, C1000 mg, D600 mg, Iron 325 mg) two months prior surgery and still taking them. Good luck in ur journey!
Thanks DonaBella98, It's definitely a journey :)

Upside down hearty with bubble!

Oo that's cute
You know I do! Just added it for you

62 days to go!!! Time is flying!

Whew! It's gettin real! Yikes...I go back and forth from exicted to nervous, then anxious omg! I just want this to be over already, past that first dreaded week... drain out ugggh!!!!!!! the thought of that thing just makes me cringe. I'm sooo ready to rock my J Curves! Every time I get dressed I imagine what I'm wearing will look like with my new body. I've lived the first half of my life with this mediocre.. body, NOW it's time, MY time to get what I should of been born with!

Negative comments

You can stay of my profile with that ish because I don't want to hear it!!!! If you don't have anything positive to say keep your thoughts to yourself. Choosing a PS surgeon is a very personal choice, you have to make a decision that best suits your needs, your comfort zone, your desired results and lastly budget. Do what's right for YOU! I consulted with several of the top PS's and I chose who I determined would be able to give me what I want in terms of results but also who suits my needs best. I'm not going on the surgeons who I didn't choose and telling those girls and saying anything negative....for what???? Rise above the nonsense and keep it classy.
hola! can you pay a pic of your funnel? I went to Wal-Mart and. didn't find it... thank you and good luck, I willl be following your upcoming journey!


$2.99 Walgreens & Walmart
Sure! Just added pic
I got mine at walmart too but mine is plastic and it was only .97 it's in the automotive section

Less than 2 months to go!!!

After today I will 55 days until my sx date!! Time is flying and I'm getting more nervous as the days go by!
I went to see a new gyn yesterday to have some blood tests and to just get an overall check up in preparation for my medical clearance. When I tried to talk to her about my sx and post op support she looked at me like I was crazy! Then she said, 'no we don't do that, we won't prescribe pain or sleeping meds' (I've also been having trouble sleeping). To top it off this doctor is at the same hospital where Dr. Jimerson was Chief of Plastic Surgery and she said she'd never heard of him...smh. Back to the drawing board, I guess I'll try a PCP this time. What a freakin waste of time!
I don't want to say it but as big as his name is in ATL I find it hard to believe she has never heard of him... Remember there's a large pitcher of Haterade out there that even other Doctors have indulge in a taste. (But I hope that's not the case) Your Doc not wanting to fill those addictive script is not a surprise to me. Its too much criminal activity with meds nowadays.
Niqua218 that's all she wanted to talk about was the details of the sx and HER breast lift :-/

Already planning my next sx, lol

So just for the hell of it this wk I emailed Dra Duran and Dra Yily to get quotes- I'm thinking I'll go to the DR to get my breast lift, not sure about implants I'm a DD. I actually want a slight reduction (1 cup) so I can get brand new perky boobies. Mostly I just don't want to have to wear a bra around the house and during the summer. I requested a quote for full back and ab lipo, breast lift and (with and without) bbl. My husband said he would go and maybe get laser (sculpting) ab lipo, lol. It's catching on!
Hey how much yily said for the reduction and lift and back lipo with n without bbl? I want a serious reduction and i want more lipo
Haven't got a response from either yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know
LOL... things that make you say hmmmm

What am I thinkin??!

Dr. Yily accept my friend request on FB! Ok whyyyy am I excited- the thought of going to the DR for anything other than a vaca shares me s---less! The things we'll do for vanity!! and I ain't (yes ain't) afraid to admit I'm vain as h----

Free boppy pillow :-/

Nursingpillows.com......uuuum yeah, maybe I was expecting too much but this thing is super small.


I just read your review & greatly enjoyed it. I'm glad you hubby is supportive & excited, that Will take you a long way in recovery. I remember when I first started researching I became so obsessive that my bf and I had a big argument and he said he almost didn't want me to get the bbl anymore, so I took a step back and then he was the one that would send/show me "wish pics" lol
Thank you mesan! Obsessing is an understatement. Yes girl my hubby knows all the terms and everything, I think he just wants it to be over already so I can stop talking about it, lol.
I bet plus I'm sure he's also looking forward to having fun with it lol

52 days OMG, time is ticking

It's close and I'm gettin hella nervous. I think I'm going to schedule a second consult. I want to chat with the Doc more specifically about my expectation and show some wish pics. I him to tell me whether or not my expectation is realistic and hopefully reassure me that it can be achieved in one surgery. I think I might require a little more lipo, like full ab and back. I'm also hoping he can tell me approx how many cc's he thinks he can remove from my lower back, bra roll, flanks and stomach. My first consult was more general, I was greeted by my patient coordinator (who made me feel really comfortable is super cute). then met with Dr. J we talked, he said I could gain maybe 5 pds just to be sure he could get enough fat. At that time before I became a bbl research fool and totally obsessed with viewing wish pics and reading RS, I thought I just wanted a 'nice' ass but NOW....... (drumroll please) I want a PHAT ASS!!! I want all $114000 worth of fat sucked out, I want my waist snatched and booty bountiful. I know Dr J is know for his self bootays but I don't necessarily want a shelf- but I do want nice projection. Bottom line is I want an ass tailor made just for me. Knowing that there is a average reabsorption of 30%, I want it bigger to compensate for that possibility, if it all keeps that's fine too. My ass has been flat obviously all my life..well flatter in the last 10 yrs or so and now I'm ready to be bootylicious for real! I want my babe to turn his head when I walk out the room. I want more cushin for the pushin, I want more body, I've lived with this curveless frame too long!!

Real or BBL?

I've seen this pic on a lot of reviews. This is projection at it's finest!!! I love that it's not necessarily shelf, has amazing projection with a nice drop. Yeah baby this is it!! I would rock the H--- outta this baby! My sweetie wouldn't know what to do!! I know he loves booty, God bless him for living with this fllllaaaat ass for sooo long, shoot I hate looking at it. I want all my junk relocated to my trunk!


I know my ass is flat but I have to say I got a lil reality check when I had my sweetie take some pics off me from behind. It's gotten flatter! Our looks like all I do is sit on my ass on day. Its BAD. Booty Gods please hear my prayers.

typo ^^

*It looks like

Pre op frontal

Left boob is larger an droops more ( but that's for another sx) and my non existent waist :-/


Style 50 - Fat Transfer Garment by ContourMD - Variation of Style 28 Body

Has anyone used this faja? It has a built in corset and comes in full and 1/2 length leg.


I always post and forget to ad photo duhhhh lol

Another beautiful Dr. J masterpiece

Perfection!!! Love the way you can spot a JCurve immediately. She didn't have much fat- & he still works magic!
I hear what your saying about the negativity, that's why I hardly post anymore. Anyway, I feel the same way about living & breathing the surgery. I'm going to have my Breasts done & a round 2 BBL and I have the gitters and I keep reading reviews on people who have done both at the same time and I'm getting scared. I'm shooting for Dec. 10th.
Bellisima2013, it's crazy. It's curious to me why someone who did not have sx with my PS of choice wants to come and talk negative about what he can, will and won't do.
R u kidding? A know it all. A preacher, LOL. I ignore all negativity I haven't been updating my post anymore. I may make comments & answer questions but that's it. We are on here to help each other out and to give advice but you always get those that don't know how to act & like to bash other people just because they didn't get the results they wanted, basically jealousy.

$11 Maxi on Ebay

I just got mine today. Shipped quickly, cotton, thin material but not see through, great for post recovery. Cheap enough to get several and throw way if you get blood on it. Nice enough to keep and wear during the summer. I'm 5'6, 156 pds and I ordered a large to fit over faja and drain, perfect sizing just a lil big on me now.

I love that dress! I'm going to look for one right now. Maxi dresses are for sure the most comfortable thing to wear during recovery, that's all I've been wearing, only wore sweatsuits 2 days so far (I'm on day 9). I also got my dresses on eBay, got great bargains! I recommend you also get a "plush robe" I got one on eBay for like $12 and I use it everyday.
mesan- I started hunting on ebay after you posted those deals you got lol!
Aw I feel special, glad I inspired you. I'm such an ebay junkie lol so it was just natural to me. I see you've been doing some bargain hunting yourself with the urinal/funnel and the boppy, that's great because things do add up quick! You need to save wherever you can.

Might have a change of plans!!

As soon as I'm completely settled into my decision, I get some news that might throw this whole thing in another direction! God has a way of delivering when you don't even know a change is needed!
Hi :) I'm also here in the A and was wondering who will be doing your massages afterwards? I'm having surgery in Jan. but w Yily in Dominican Republic.. Was looking for one around here for when I get.. Also, was the boppy pillow SUPER SMALL? U didn't seem too thrilled about it...
Exotic I have a couple names that come highly recommended here on RS, I post the info later. Looks likei might be going to the DR too. When's your date?
The boppy pillow is smaller than I expected but after giving it a test run, I think it'll be sufficient. Those podster pillows are good too.


Oh well ladies, I'm feeling some type of way! My sweet patient coordinator has turned on me :( Long story short, omitting details - I canceled my Jan 8 th date cuz my babe got a promotion and we are most likely moving. Being the proactive person that I am, I called my PC to tell her bcuz I had already given a $5000 deposit aaaand didn't want to risk losing it if I had to change plans. A few days passed and I called her back on Thursday to tell her I was going to be able to work it out and be in ATL for the original sx date.. She tells me the date is already taken by someone else. Me- okay, when is your next available? Her- Uhhhh, there's nothing available. Me- PAUSE..... nothing????? Not one slot? Let me be clear, as a cash paying customer who's ready to go, you're telling me that you can not put me back on the schedule? (As they're holding my $5000 dwn pymt). Her- I will keep you in mind if something opens up. Me- *thinking* keep me in mind!!?? What's the f----- protocol on re scheduling? Me- trying to stay calm...... okay when Can I expect my refund for down pymt? Her- I'm not sure how much of that you'll get back. Me- *deep breath.... Well based on the information YOU sent me I will receive all but the $500 sx deposit. Her- Oh okay, call me back on Friday to see if that's been credited. Me- how long does it take before refund is processed? Her- well it had to go to corporate first. Me- Corporate??? Dr Jimerson is in private practice? Her- call me on friday. ALLLRIGHTY THEN :-/

SO OOOOOO.......UHHHHH YEAH, disapointed, didn't want to believe the gossip......team US who???????........ :(

SOOOOO....THIS Diva IS NEVER STUCK WITHOUT A PLAN B!!! I've lived too much life and had too much experience to put all this assss in one basket. SHE already had a backup. ...;) BAM!
Do you have a copy of the agreement babe? I hope you get your money due to you sooner than later. Sorry to see you've had to deal with this. Happy you have a back up plan. I just love the way you put it sis "God has a way of delivering when you don't even know a change is needed" well spoken & so true. I'm so glad I had to change my date because so much has happened since that I couldn't have dealt with very well during recovery;) Gotta thank & praise him for that gift;)) Best wishes & prayers darlin!
I had to email Kristi to change my doctor. I think there was a link somewhere but I can't remember where right now. I'll look when I'm home if you can't find it. :)
Hope you get your money back mami I was also going to go with him but due to running into some of his other patients with feedback much like yours I decided to switch as we'll money changes folks I tell ya but I do hope you get yours back


Since the whole mishap with my sx date with Jimerson I've been thinking....everything happens for a reason. I'd be less than honest I'd I didn't second guess my choice of PS. The more wish pics I reviewed, the more I researched, the more I feel in love with the Dominican upside down heart bubble. I knew I didn't want a shelf and more importantly I know I do want a nice sculpted figure 8. It's not just the ass it's the entire package and I do not want to be nickle & dimed for each section of lipo BBL should be a total package!! I'm feeling better about switching surgeons, my initial decisions was based on popularity and location. I know Jimerson is good but customer service and aftercare are vital in a patients overall experience. $12000 might be a drop in the bucket for some but for most is not and to be treated like just another # by his staff is going to eventually start to having an effect on his business.
Well it clearly wasn't meant to be. After reading several of Dr J's reviews, I'd say you dodged a bullet. There are way too many Drs out there for that coordinator to treat patients that way. No doubt you'll get your money back minus the deposit. I had the same experience before settling on my Dr, the surgical coordinator at my first choice was so unprofessional, they truly lost me as a client. Sorry this happened to you but you'll find someone better!
No doubt! Thanks hon :)
Of course! If it's not returned ina timely manner, I will have the cc company reverse the charge. I would have never given cash-


This process is all consuming!!! I had made my original choice in PS very easily because I'm in ATL and he's very popular here, period, done that's who I'll use. I can recover at home, hire a nurse if my hubby cant handle it, hire a masseuse that comes to the house.DONE! Right???? Wrong. Now I'm sorta back at square one....sorta. I was admiring Yily's work from afar, while I supported team USA and talked up Jimersons skill to the RS haters that say he does do this he doesn't do that, my opinion was you have to take charge and communicate exactly want you want, ask questions, schedule a second consult if necessary. If he doesn't give the results or use the methods you desire then maybe he's not the PS for you. That's why we have choices! Not every PS is right for everybody. I'm not going to criticize someone elses choice because I didn't like that DOcs before and afters, it's HER choice and obviously she chose the PS for a reason. Sooooooo with all that said I am now considering Dra Yily, wel more than considering I have a date of Jan31st with my RS sista COO COO thank you Boo! Through all of this I have to say I am so blessed to now have her in my life, we talk and text all day and she's the sister I never had! Love her to pieces and I haven't even met her in person yet.
So if I can get everything set up to my level of comfort it's off to the DR! Dra Yiliy does amazing things, i have NO DOUBT that she would give me a result I will be more than satisfied with, it the having sx out of the country that makes me nervous! No that scares me shitless!!! I read about girls going by the handfulls here on RS and 98% are glad they did. Some have a few stories to tell about the experience as a whole but I've yet to read someone complain about they're result. Will I be a Yily Doll???? I wish I could fly her to me lol!
All I can say is things happen for a reason. I am in a similar situation. I decided to change PS and take the monetary loss. I'm at peace with my decision to move in a different direction. This is major surgery you have to go with your gut and what you heart feels that's all we have along with educating ourselves as much as we can. Good luck with your decision.


My sx buudy and I have looked at a few and narrowed down to 2. However I would like some more feedback from the DR vets, HELP!!! One very important detail for me is that the RH is able to hire a bilingual PRIVATE nurse/asst to accompany me to Cipla, be there to translate pre op and the stay overnight with me in my room. I know Cilpa has nurses, it is a hospital right? However, I dont want to find my self in a position where there is a language barrier between myself and the Cipla staff and more importantly Dra Yily. I dont want to be in my room post op and need a nurse but cant get a response, I dont want to need something from my bad, blanket, meds heating pad whatever and not be able to move to get it. I need someone there who is dedicated to be and will be a support and translator throughout the 24hrs. I've read so may reviews about the experience at Cipla and lots of girls say that that's the worst part of the whole experience. One RS sista said that the Cipla nurse would bring food and water and just sit it inside the door on a table if she was sleep. She wakes to find food but can't get to it so there it sat for 2 hours until another nurse came. Another RS sista talked about the Cipla nurse closing her door when she left the room and when she needed someone later she called out but got no response because her door was closed!!! Scary. The prices in the DR are so inexpensive that I can and want to hire whomever I need to make this experience as comfortable and smooth as humanly possible. I will pay for my comfort and peace of mind!! Bilingual private nurse, asst, driver, cook etc. I just want to have to worry about me and not the driver ripping me off or the asst at the RH charging me for something thats 'included' or not being able to communicate effectively with my caregivers I could go on cause my mind is spinning and it's on 6:05 am ughhh.

If any other RS sistas have any tips, advice, contacts, can share pleasant RH experiences please help! I've done a lot of traveling but have NEVER been out of the country. Wait I take that back I've been to Cancun a few times lol.
Sooo true. Thanks girl and good luck on your journey as well!

Thanks to Jill81 my previous Doctors name was removed

Now I can't get the Review title to update...oh well maybe it's too early I will try again later :)
I recovered at home so understand where your coming from. After reading BrklynBeauty's (Duran doll), I would no doubt hire a nurse, cook, driver. Hopefully the ladies can give you some good referral sources. Did you check out LolaJae's blog yet?She's a Yily doll--very informative blog. Also, I hear NJPRbeauty (Yily doll) has started her own RH
Also Mamacita1987 (BrklynBeauty's surgery twin) just got Yilyfied--she is an absolute sweetheart--Mamacita is on pretty regularly--she will give you the skinny as well
LolaJae gives an excellent run down on Fajas to help save you time/money


For some reason I cant change my main review title still....anywho. Okay now I'm considering getting a BL too. Hell If I go to the DR to have sx I might as well just go all in right!?????? I just read a sistas blog who was getting BBL, BL aaaaaand a TT. God bless her! She gonna have to sleep standing up! The thought of front and back surgery at the same time......ehhhhh yeah dosent even sound good as I type it. I think I might of just talked myself out of it. I could go back in 3 months if all goes well and get the BL....really would be nice to be 4 wks post op and I have the total package....hmmmm can't decide. No rush I still have time...


This is another reason why I wanted to do this locally because I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how this is gonna go down. See I'm a planner, I think about every minute detail to the point of exhaustion sometime and this is one of those decisions that you cant think yourself out of lol. #WHEW
I'm right there with you! The shortest flight home that I can find from Miami to San Diego is over 6 hours! Lol. All I can picture is how uncomfortable and embarrassing that flight will be. Haha. I read one review where the girl knelt on her knees facing the back of the chair? Lord help us! Haha
Lmao anytHing to protect the ass
Hilarious! Can you imagine the surprise of the ppl behind her! Lol


So I've uploaded and deleted pre op pics a couple times cause when I look back at my profile I think heck naw I don't want that image on the world wide web. This is what I came up with after playing in the mirror this morning. I can't wait to get rid of this flat 'cut off' ass!!!


Me no likey!!
Lol gurly u look gud ur jus goin to look Better
Thanks girl!
Welcome sweetie


TURKEY2013- YOU JUST PAY $12.95 FOR SHIPPING & HANDLING. This pillow is a smaller version that what you'll get for $39.95. There's a pic further up in my review of the one I got.
Hey boo....I'm trying to lose a little weight so I can get a stomach like yours....your results are going to come out really nice I bet....that button down dress where can I get it..your right it's great for sx...I need something like that.....
Thanks! I really hope so. here's the link for the dress- most sizes are sold out and not available until dec 20th- http://www.pyramidcollection.com/Itemdy00.aspx?T1=P97596+S&source=igodigital&pagetype=ProductB


Here we go again!! So last week I saw my PCP to discuss post op support and pain meds, no go. She was not supporting my decision to have ps sx out of the country- she brought up risks and complications, most of which I had already considered and some I hadn't. After spending a couple weeks trying to syke myself into being comfortable with the decision to go to Dra Yily- I left her office seriously reconsidering ....damn it!! Scheduled a second appt with another PCP- no luck, no meds, no support. After the second appt I was really feeling discouraged, after all I had booked my ticket, hooked up with a surgery buddy, researched RH's....thought about logistics, nurses ...etc. Then my hubby tells me he can't make the trip :( uuugh!! That did it...no meds AND no hubby-my overnight Cipla support, my rock, my comfort zone...can't do it. BACK TO SQUARE ONE.
Good grief!!!! Darn PCP!!!! This is definitely a sign. Now you have more time to do more research! That's a plus!!! Hope you find the most bad A doctor out there!!!


I have been reviewing profiles every free moment I get ever since I discovered RS. Now I'm recalling all the post ops pics that I've admired and going back to those profiles for a second and third look. I'm feeling like I have an advantage in making the third choice, I have the knowledge of the experiences of 100's of BBL sisters that have crossed before me.
I made my first choice of Dr Jimerson because of popularity and location- never considered customer service, after care and follow up & inconsistency. My second choice - Dra Yily was made after reading the countless reviews of ladies practically flocking to the DR for dramatic and sometimes extreme transformations and of course the $$ was definitely appealing as well......
OKAY regrouping....after 2 months of reading reviews and viewing countless probably 100's of profile pics...I'm coming from a different perspective. I want a surgeon that surrounds him/herself with a team that makes me feel welcomed, that returns calls and is available for questions. I want a surgeon I can communicate with, I want a surgeon that has great customer service, post op and follow up history, I want surgeon that returns calls, is available by phone or email. I want a surgeon that shows consistency, has great lipo and sculpting skill. I want a surgeon that injects the transferred fat underneath, throughout and on top of the muscle like Jimerson & DR docs do. I don't want to travel too far- I want to be able to access my surgeon post op. I narrowed down to Dr. Salzhauer!!! After exchanging several emails with his Direction of communication on a Sunday afternoon, yes Sunday- then receiving a follow up call from Dr. Salzhauer himself the next day to discuss my wish pics and expectations, I was sold. He is so patient and down to earth, I was very impressed by his explanation of what details he considers when sculpting and shaping. Bal Harbour Miami here I come!!!!


I saw your updates yesterday but didn't get a chance to comment. Everything happens for a reason, as you already know and I'm happy you are going with Dr. Salzhauer, he does excellent work. So what's your date now that you've switched? Btw I'm jealous of your recovery place, it looks amazing, makes me want to take a vacation lol
Heeeey Mesan :) My new new date is Jan 28th! THIS IS IT and it's going down. I think I've lost about $1000 changing plans :-/
If you don't mind me asking what is your height and weight? I don't see it on here but if I missed it I apologize. I feel like we have a similar body type (you have more booty than me though... lucky gurl). :)


Any my husband! You soon find out who your TRUE friends are through tough processes. It's hard not having good girlfriends or sisters to share with....I keep my circle small and it sooo disappointing when someone you trust doesn't support your decision to invest in yourself.
Can't wait to see your results I'm going in march :) goodluck
I feel you on friends and this journey. I think they are unknowingly jealous which sucks because it takes away from your happy time
It seriously does- I tried sharing with my mom & sister but no bueno, they both just kinda brushed it off. The one friend I told was just like 'I cant imagine what you want to get done' the only support I get is my babe, thank God for him!

Personalized welcome letter from Dr. Salzhauer

I just got a welcome letter from Dr Salzhauer thanking me for choosing him and giving me his contact info should I have any questions before my preop. Love that! I'm BIG on communication.


Along with my welcome letter I also got my prescriptions. Dr Salzhauer prescribes the GOOD STUFF along with a little something something for preop anxiety..... :) I'm gonna stay nice medicated for the first 3 or 4 days post op.
Sounds like great customer service, plus that anti anxiety med will come in handy :-)
Yes mam! Now I have to resist the temptation to fill the script now! LOL
Thanks Jess05- I can't wait to get it over with!

A quote from RS sista Back2Me45

I had to copy and re-post this, very powerful words!!

I continue to pray for the ability post-op to recognize "improvement" and not "perfection". To go under the knife expecting perfection is a lot to ask for from a surgeon. There is only one person that I know that can deliver perfection. I go into surgery with a body with many deficiencies, uneven cheeks, cellulite, dents, loose skin etc, so I welcome improvement. As long as I'm able to say the famous words "I might not be where I want to be but I'm sure not where I use to be" then mission will be accomplished.

Even though Back2Me45 & I have different body types, this rang so close to my journey thus far!! After changing surgeons a couple times, envying the bodies produced in the DR but coming back home to reality and choosing a surgeon that will give me what I know I NEED.....THANK YOU SISTA YOU BLESSED ME, I NEEDED THAT!!!!!!!
Wow very powerful words. This just hit home for me as well. Just yesterday I was looking in the mirror for a long time & I love what I saw but still managed to find imperfections, then my bf arrived & I said "wow now you have the perfect body". I told him no look at this & that. So now I'm realizing that we can get really caught up in chasing perfection when we should really be focused on improvement. U have your head in the right place hun, I'm sure you're going to get great results.
We are our own worst critics and enemies! My hubby said to me one day, 'I don't think you realize how that it makes me feel when you criticize yourself.' That really made me open my eyes.


So it's rainy and nasty in the ATL and I'm as usual immersed in wish pics. :) This has got to stop lol, I feel like an addict! My hubby and I have different visions ...he likes the high shelf- he calls it the 'athletic booty' and I like the heart shaped bubble 'dominican' booty. Honestly I just want ass, not huge..video vixen ass (I'm in the 40+ club not a good look) just something sexy and juicy that makes me feel NAKED FINE, makes me want to flaunt it for my babe, feel confident in a bikini, want to by lingerie, just have fun trying on clothes again! I miss the days I could try on clothes with no bra and admire my frame in the dressing room 3 way mirrors. I've come to hate shopping and I'm not a big girl, I'm that chick that looks tall and slender to other people but I feel horrible in my clothes and I definitely don't feel comfortable naked. NOT FOR LONG!!! Dr. Salzhauer here I come!!


*buy lingerie
Awesome. That was quite a whirl wind you were on trying to find which dr was right for you. Im glad you settled on one. When is your new date?
Deciding on a doc is definitely a process! New date is Jan 28th
omg that's damn near tomorrow Yayyyyy im excited for you. I'll be following suit a month after you. Good luck, ill say a little prayer for you.


So I've heard so much about this massage therapist in Atlanta, she comes highly recommended by a one of my bbl sistas.
I've been super sore the last couple days cause I've started working out again in preparation for my upcoming sx and Lookin4change (Thanks Boo!) must have felt my pain yesterday cause she told her (Tiana the therapist) to call me. Talk about right on time!!!! I wanted to tell her, can you come now! So I scheduled a deep tissue massage for today (might as well get acquainted pre op :) . .. and OMG, I just left her office and she worked the H-E-L-L outta my shoulders!!!!! She is a tiny little thing and the first thought was how's she gonna work on my body, shes so petite. Let me tell you, she did her thing!!! I feel like a new woman, THANK YOU TIANA! I wish she was on RS. FYI- her prices are very reasonable, if your interested in details inbox me. TRUST me you will not be disappointed.

*NO I'm not a paid spokes person* just a satisfied customer!
I love your review and I am happy that you have decided to stay in the states. This is a never ending daily battle in my mind and I get exhausted and weary. Although I love the DR and the results- I constantly think of the issues I will have coming back home and finding a doctor to treat me with the extra expenses. I live in Atlanta and I know how difficult it is to find a support group (especially women). Hit me up if you would like to text outside of RH.
That's great you found such a wonderful massage therapist!!!! I felt the same way!! I've told everyone I could about mine!!! TETYANA SMITH !!! 17 years exp. .... You and your hubby come to an agreement on shape yet?? I'm sure you'll love any shape you get!!!!!
I thought she was the one you'd recommended as well bcuz the first name is so similar- good to know there's 2 good local medical massage therapists. Hubby wants me to get what I want and I just want nice and PLUMP!!


Ughhhh I've switched docs a couple times I know how u feel . As long as ur ultimately happy with ur decision that's all that matters ... Ur gonna look wonderful !! And remember the more fat the merrier , lol!!
Yes girl! Inboxing :)

2 new purchases for the birth of my bootay!


Another RS sista found hers at a thrift shop for $6 and raved about the comfort, she said it's more comfortable than a boppy pillow. Makes sense that if it can cradle a baby, it will surely cradle that newborn bootay just right! Found it on amazon.com
Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger by Leachco
Price:$36.95 & FREE Shipping. FREE Returns. Details @ amazon.com

$54.95 Buy It Now Free shipping Details @ ebay.com
Another RS sista took her son to the dentist (she was a few days/wk post op) and discovered the comfort of this stool, great idea!!! The version she posted was much more expensive, around the $250. I searched and search and found this one on ebay for $54.95! The back rest, which post op becomes the chest rest and the round cushioned seat, perfect for backwards sitting.

Bought both today!! Thanks RS sistas!
NJ- yes it's a process that's for sure! Thanks girl!

32 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD! It's getting REAL!! I was laying in bed wide awake at 4:15am thinking about my surgery!!! In my head going through my list of supplies, I feel like I've spent soooo much money already. Changing doctors, loosing my $500 deposit (which I'm disputing and trying to get back) $200 my flight change, $153 hubby's flight change -$853 in the hole for nothing UUGGGGH!!! Now on to the supplies - I havent even kept track of everything but after reading NJexciteddd 's review I feel ill prepared!!
So far I've purchased: (Don't remember prices on everything right off hand)
Iron 27mg ( had my hemo checked and I'm @ 12.4 so I just taking 1 tablet a day to maintain)
Calcium w/D3 600mg
D3 1000IU
C 500mg
B12 2500mcg
Folic Acid 800 mcg
Lysine 1000mg (skin & tissue health)
Hibiclens liquid skin cleanser
2x3 & 4x4 gauze pads
Waterproof medical tape
Roll of plastic (in the painting dept only $2.99 to protect mattress at rental condo, will use use mattress cover for double protection)
Travel size toiletries

Arnica Montana 30x- 250 tablets
Arnica cream
Bromelain tablets 500mg
1 hospital gown- for 1st 3 or 4 days, easy on & off and don't want to get blood and fluids on robe
Lg Chux pads 50 count
Leacho Podster pillow


Boppy pillow- (really small :()

5 maxi dresses
medical stool ( for sitting ;)

I think that's it so far, I might have missed something.

Things I already had:
Waterproof mattress cover

Things I still need:
Plastic gloves
Maxi pads
.......ugh now I'm drawing a blank but I know there are some other last minute items. Gotta check my list sent to me by my BBL sista & sx vet Lookn4change- she also warned me about over purchasing! So trying to not overdue but still be prepared for every possible need!!

Flights booked
Condo booked
Rental Car booked
Nurse booked
Medical massage therapist booked

Still need to arrange wheelchair service @ airport for return trip & book off airport parking, don't want to pay $16 pr day to park while in MIA!!!- Also have to check with Arianny to see if I need to book massages while in Miami or if I can wait till I get home to start. I'l be in Miami for a total of 8 days after sx.

WHEW!!!! So much to think about!!! Trying to dot my i's and cross my t's.....I'm a planner, don't roll last minute. I need everything in place so that I can focus only RECOVERY post op.

^^ typo- will use plastic drop cloth under waterproof mattress cover for double protection-

Don't want to loose my condo deposit! Also bringing large black trash bags to dispose of all bloody items, Chux pads, maxi pads & gauze used for drainage. I'm renting a private condo and I'm sure the owner would freak if she found all that stuff left in the condo. I didn't tell the owner I'm having surgery TMI! she might have chosen not to rent to me for fear of damage to property from bleeding etc so I will take extra precaution to protect bed and furniture.
You are so close too!!
Nerves are setting in!
girllll your time is so around the corner!!!!!!!

SUPPLY LIST FROM POST OP BBL VET- thanks Lookn4change!

Supplies while in FL:
1. wipes
2. 3-4 tank tops (you won't be changing or showering much--trust me)
3. cheap/bulky super maxi pads (for padding garment & vjj area)
4. open toe sandals/flip flops
5. socks
6. tylenol
7. arnica pills/cream
8. bromelin (optional)
9. lotion or thick cream to keep your skin moist
10. gauze pads & tape
11. bandaids
12. triple ointment (neosporin/bacitracin)
13. 3-4 maxi dresses
14. robe (i lived in mine the entire week)
15. boppy or pillows to help you sleep
16. Chux/wee wee pads and/or shower curtain (for 1st day or 2 - ensures blood doesn't get on sheets)
17. thermometer
18. straws (you'll be laying on your stomach and drinking won't be easy w/o them)
19. hair band to keep drain on leg (if he uses drain)
20. antibacterial soap
21. funnel/urinal
22. vitamin c and iron pills
(if the doc doesn't prescribe stool softeners, you will need to by something for pooping :)

Some foods you must have! (easy stuff to make since you won't have seasonings):
1. Ensure
2. Yogurt
3. Gatorade/Powerade
4. Water
5. Chili, or soup (low salt)
6. Oatmeal if you like it
7. Green leafy veggies (spinach, broccoli, etc)
8. Meat (chicken, turkey, etc)

Ok.. this is a great start.. You will need things when you get home, but for FL you don't need much of anything else!

In comparing what I've accumulated to the her list- I'm doing pretty good, I DEFintely don't want to buy stuff I'm not going to need.
The list will be great and I totally agree on the RH vs waterfront.
Thank you for the list!
YW! Thank YOU for taking the time to post such a detailed review!! RS is my BBL bible! I'm with you I'd rather be safe than sorry so I've allowed myself some items that are not absolute necessities but will make the time spent recovering more comfortable.

Forgotten 1 addition to my supply list-

Lipo foam (4)- purchased on amazon.com $7.50 each

I was browsing at Burlington Coat Factory and found my self in the intimiates department browsing shapewear! I've never worn a spanks or anytype of shapewear in my life but all of a sudden found myself wanting to buy one lol! I wonder why??? Burlington carries a lot of Valentina shapewear garment items- I wonder how these compare to the expensive ones?? I'm thinking these are items I could use while washing my 'real' garment and then after a couple months post op when I'm over the critical period of recovery. I bought a seamless shape suit for $12.99- I want to have at least one option for immediately after surgery because all the vets say wait until you know what size you need before you invest another $120. I had to force myself out of there, I wanted to get a couple other items but I don't want to over purchase, *I have to keep telling myself this****

Seamless shape suit

It even a opening for the vajay jay, lol! Looks funny in the pic.
Typo sorry I got her date now I'm scheduled the 9th... yepeeeee
you will be so happy with dr.s I was:))))
It helps to get confirmation :)))) I hate that he doesn't have many post op dolls on RS. Thanks!


So ladies....When your surgery date is booked months in advance it seems like it can't come soon enough. Now I'm inside of 30 days and the time is flying!! I have a long list of things I want to get done around the house since I know I won't be able to do anything physical like cleaning for at least 3 wks.

So as I'm typing this my hubby walks in from getting a haircut and yells, "babe look I got you something for after you have your procedure"- I walk to the kitchen to find a walker! This thing is fully equipped it has wheels, a seat, breaks and a basket. He was so proud of himself!! OMG! A walker wasn't on my radar but it just might come in handy lol! What's funny is he bought it from someone who was selling them at the barbershop...smh hilarious.

Still browsing :)

I found some fun things on EBAY!! Not must haves but definitely items that might make being comfortable easier. My master bdrm is upstairs in my house and I am worried about going up and down the stairs throughout the day and getting in and out of our bed which is higher up than usual because my hubby is tall- so I'm searching on ebay and found a cot. This thing has a lot of possiblities- I could get one for upstairs in the bedroom, and one for downstairs in the den. I could cut a whole in the one that reclines for watching tv...they range from about $17 to 50- The 2 I'm going to post are both under $20!

I also found a inflatable ring and a firm lumbar roll- the ring can be used similar to the boppy and the Firm Lumbar Roll can also be used to sit- while keeping the new asset raised off the seat or for back support.

Item details from EBAY.com
Folding Reclining Beach Sun Patio Chaise Lounge Chair Pool Lawn Lounger - Black $19.99

Portable Folding Camping Bed Cot Military-Style Hammock Steel Pipe -Sunny Blue $16.99

Inflatable Invalid Ring Cushion Vinyl Donut 200lb $8.97

Lumbar Roll Firm $11.97


*cut a hole- NOT whole...ugh hate when phone auto corrects
I was reading doctor answers on this site and a bunch said not to use the donut. I'm not sure which is true, as some docs recommend them. I'd do a little research first though?
giiirllll be for you know it you gonna be with us in big booty land the last month flies by so fast, your review is detailed you look ready your right This SX is a Journey and is LIFE CHANGING you have to prepare your self mentally for what comes after YOUR GOING TO LOOK AMAZING Dr. Salzhauer been putting out some bangin bodies congrats
LOL!! Gotta love those well-intentioned husbands! I'm pretty sure you will not need a walker - but maybe you'll have to use it just so hubby doesn't feel bad. I also have a bed that's high up - that was a real b*tch to get in and out of especially on days 1 and 2. If you are not getting fat grafted to your hips, the cut out beach chair will probably be a great idea. Girl, you are more than prepared for this!


This is sooo unsettling and REEK OF SUSPICION. For pre op patients trying to make a decision or just find information on the PS they've chose, seeing new reviews with just one post and no pics does NO justice because typically on these reviews the creator doesn't respond to comments or requests for pics or answers to questions.r I don't know if this is staff creating reviews in an attempt to create new business but it just seems odd that a patient who had surgery weeks ago is suddenly motivated to create a review with GLOWING recommendations and comments about how satisfied they are with their results but are not inspired to share pictures???? On one review I ran across recently the creator went as far as to to say she didn't have any pics but would TRY to get her pre and post op pics from the PS's office!!!??? Hmmmmm two words......CAMERA PHONE. I would venture to say that if you're getting and can afford plastic surgery you probably own a smart phone....smh. I'm a little over 3 weeks pre op and my anxiety is thru the roof...and this DOES NOT HELP. You can read 10 great reviews, see pre and post op pics on the PS's website (no PS is going to post bad pics so that's kinda bias) and come across one fishy review with none or not so good pics and it will send you reeling! Literally! UGGGGGH! ***NOTE TO STAFF OR WHOEVER IT IS**** these reviews are not helpful!!!! RS is not for marketing purposes it is to share real life personal experiences, information and pictures- if that's not your intention do us girls who are here for legitimate reasons a favor and market on sites that are created for that purpose.
I hope your doing well????
Hey Syl! Yes girl just ready. Question, how many garments does Dr Salz provide? Do I need to buy one to bring?
So excited for you!!!!!' I'm going in march! Mine is 2 months away. I'm so stuck with garments and over spending aswell lol. Dr S is the best! I'm very pleased with my decision I'm sure you will be! Too excited for you :)

Shout out to Luckgryl37!!! Todays her day!

Prayers going up for you chica!!!

Medical clearance appt today

I had my hemo checked about 3 wks ago and it was 12.4. I take a cocktail of vitamins everyday to which I added iron and folic acid about a month ago. I also juice at least 3 times weekly and I've added beets to my regimen soooo all should be good. It's cold as heck here in Atl, 10 degrees real feel -11 yikes!!!! This is such unusual weather for Atlanta I really don't even want to leave the house today brrrrrrrr.
I'm so nervous I haven't had anything checked and right when I bought my vitamins and acid to take I got sick ugh!! So I can barely eat and keep anything down right now sucks. I'm sooo excited for u! It's looking like I might have to push my date blah. Not sure though :/ I have too much to gain in little time
Eat lots of pineapple it is so helpful in reducing the amount of swelling and bruising
My hemo was at 15, I juiced/smoothie kale everyday. I highly recommend kale. It's higher in iron than spinach. I had no dizziness or anemic feeling after surgery what so ever. What lipo technique does Salhauzer use?

Time is flyin!!!!

Got my medical clearance results back today and my hemo is 14.4!! Up 2.1 in 2 months. I have been taking just 27 mg of iron daily along with my cocktail of vitamins (I posted the list earlier in my review) and continuing to eat healthy and voila! The doctor I saw for my medical clearance (not my reg doc) said while we were going over the test results "I think we might your birthday wrong?" Ha! He thought they had the wrong year on the forms, if I wasn't married I would have kissed that man, he thought I was 10 yrs younger and says, 'well whatever you're eating is working." Hey a girl can always use a compliment *chessin*

After reviewing my list of meds the Doc also told me I'll be in lala land. Niiice :) just what I want...to stay nice a buzzzzed for a couple days post op, I'll coast over the worst days please and thank you.

All my prescription meds were only $79.19 total, yeeees! Dr. Salzhauer prescribes 7 medications for post op, so I was expecting it to be a lot higher.

Medical clearance... done!
Prescriptions filled... done!

The only thing I have left to do is pack and reserve off airport parking....I'm sooo ready.

JUST WHAT I NEEDED! Bellisima (sp?) just posted some pre and post ops and she looks amazing! Love to see post op Salz dolls :) If I can get a booty like hers I'm straight!!!
Girl thanks for the shout out! I wish you all the best and I will be looking out for your after pics. I'm sure he will hook you up just like he did me. He is awesome. You will have a big ass!

THAT ASS THO! Salz Supa Star Bellisima2013!!!

I wanna keep focused on what my Doc can do. Searching the internet and looking at pics of video chics and men's magazine models doesn't really give a real perspective. We don't know what most of these girls have done- if they've had implants, injections, fat transfer or all the above! Being sooooo close to sx I'm staying in the safe lane and reviewing pics of his work to keep me calm and focused on what I can realistically expect.

Bellisima2013's hourglass is Krrrazy! Ass to hips ratio, projection LOVE!!!
Yea salzhaur is sooo sketchy. I was going through his reviews and a majority of them dont have pics or dont even have a journey just random post after their surgery is done. Plus i noticed alot of the reviews were written on october 16th. Really tho -_- seems like one of the desk girls got bored and wrote a bunch of fake reviews one day smh
He DID do stephani santiago tho and shes known for that ass lol. I think ull look great just dont get the fake reviews when he provenly does good work.
I agree with you he also did mine and I believe in dr.salzhauer he works wonders my bootie is huge and round my tummy tuck looks amazing !!! I posted pics and will post more soon:-)

4:38 am can't sleep!

It's fast approaching! I'm up thinking about everything I want to get done before I leave for Miami wheeeew. I hope the next 2 wks isnt filled with sleepless nights a girl needs her beauty rest. Had the weirdest dream last night that I lost my car and keys in a parking lot and while I was walking up the winding parking deck I realized I didnt have any clothes on!???? Crazy. My mind is on overdrive.
Your gonna look so amazing, I think its awesome that your so prepared. Im definitely following your regimen to get my hemo up, went to the doc 2 weeks ago and it was at 12.3 so ill be juicing and snacking on spinach, Kale and eating liver from now until sx. Along with some oj.
Thanks Chica! I feel like I've been planning FOREVVVVER lol. If you have at least 4-6wks you should be able to get your hemo up to where you want it good luck!
I don't get the fake reviews either but I have complete confidence in his skill (obviously) & his customer service and aftercare reviews are stellar. My experience thus far has been perfect- they are always very accommodating and quick to respond. Dr. Salzhauer was voted Miami's Best PS in 2012 and I'm ready for him to work his magic on this azzzzz!

Stephanie Santiago a Dr. Salzhauer mASSterpiece!!

She did 2 rounds

Podster pillow

My podster arrived today and this thing is HUGE! It's a supersized boppy with a cover on it. Probably too large to travel with but works great for a variety uses. Stomach or side sleeper pillow, prop for watching TV and last but not least a booooty cradle.
omg!!!!! time is ticking!!!!!
Good luck
Thanks! :)


These pics won't stay up long because I can't stand looking at them ha!!! I just wanted to post condolences to my old body, it's dying a slow death and this is one funeral I'm excited to attend!!! Whooop Whooop!!!
good luck hun, its almost time
A wk awaaaaaay ;)
u got me laughing like crazy.....condoleneces to your old body!!! enjoy the funeral hahaha too funny


A very sweet an generous RS sister aren't me these today. You know who you are, THANK YOU!!! Talk about right on time, I haven't purchased any garments AND I just decided yesterday to maybe add my arms, might as well- I'll be on the table right!
She sent this package I internationally and ignored my offer to pay for shipping. Once again from the bottom of my spirit THANK YOU!!



****SENT me these today
That is the sweetest thing ever, bless her heart. You deserve it.
I know right!!! That was such an amazing gesture! Thanks!
your day is close omg so excited for you... I will be in Miami for my f/u with dr.salz on jan 31. I cant wait to see your results.....yayyyyyyyyyyyy


All the dreaming, questioning, back and forth, researching, planning, decision making, shopping, wish pic searching, emotional high and lows and *sigh* sleepless nights........these last few days feel soooooo surreal, somebody pinch me!!
Good Luck Hun! You are almost there!
Ooooo so excited!!! You are in my prayers
Congrats and good luck tomorrow. I know this journey is so emotionally and stressful. You are finally going to get your big booty..

The BBL mASSter!! Dr. Salzhauer!

Dr. Salzhauer is so sweet and personable!!! He completely put my nerves at ease. He described in great detail where what and how. Realself get ready!!!
OMGGGGG!!!!!!! Babe!!!! It's almost here! You are going to do great! You have worked so hard to make sure you were making the right decisions and had everything you might need. You deserve this my friend. :) I can't wait to see your transformation. Sending you lots of love and strength. I love the pic of Salz! He's a cutie! *BIGGGG HUGSSS*
Praying for u Hun.....Dr.S is such a sweet heart!!!!! U r going to look fabulous!!!!!
So excited for you!!! You're gonna look amazing! Keep up on your percs (I take one every 2-3 hrs!) and you'll be awesome! Xoxo!!!!


They are the sweetest!!
Wishing you all the best today! I know you are going to look amazing!!


And I was worried of I'd gained enough weight for surgery haha!!!
In my thoughts & in my prayers. Hope you are doing fine & get your wish body. The count down begins for me (less then 2 weeks away). Please keep us posted when you feel up to it :). Wishing u a painless recovery!
I've been thinking of you all day!!!!!!! I hope everything went well and you have the body you've been dreaming of. I'll text you tomorrow! *lots of love and BIG HUGS*
Yayyyy, I know your gnna cme out lookin fab honey many blessings hun

1500 cc's per cheek!#!!! this AZZ is heavy!!!

Thank you For all the prayers, well wishes, texts and phone calls, I will respond individually soon as I can. Everything went great no complications or nausea. I can already tell that Dr Salzhauer did his thing .
Wow 1500 congrats lady. I know you look great..
Get well soon
Wow, 1500 ccs , can't wait to see your photos

Smooth recovery

Sorry ladies I haven't detailed everyday but I didn't bring my laptop and typing on the phone is a headache. I'm doing great, the usual stiffness and soreness but that's to be expected. Staying on top of my meds. Finally did #2 today and it was not pretty, I usually go really easy and even with the stool softeners out was hard DO NOT GET GENERIC BUY COLACE- I think it might of made a difference. I have the same advice drink lots of water, gatorade, walk every hour, eat soft foods so that first #2 is not such a struggle. That's about it for now...Oh I do have some fluid build up and Dr Salz and his nurse are coming by my condo to drain me...eeeeek! I'll let you know how that goes.
I was waiting for your update can't wait to see pics, take it easy. Wish I could tell you the fluid removal will be smooth but it's gonna be a bitch so take some pain meds beforehand it'll help. I'm happy to hear all went well. Can't wait to hear from you girl!

Fluid removed

It actually want that bad I took a vivid in about 30 before the nurse came and I am still pretty numb so it felt more like getting a shot. I have a feeling I will have to get it done again on Monday.


Sorry for typos that's why I hate updating from my phone- auto correct. *wasn't & vicodin
Can't wait to see ur pix! Happy healing!!
Hey girl! Congrats! Wishing you a happy and very healthy healing!! So excited for you. Dr.Salzhauer's amazing :)
I'm praying for you to have a fast recovery!

Wow ladies

So we all know this surgery is not easy. I would say the biggest hurdles for me have been swelling. My legs & knees are the size of tree trunks- I did have inner and outer thigh lipo- and every time I lay down on my stomach my face gets really swollen. I also had chin lipo- which is the only thing I would change if I had a do over- only because the doc wants you to lay on your back for the first 3 or 4 days which I just can't bring myself to do. So that has complicated this process for me. Chin or Ass.......Assss! If I have to compromise one you already know..
My husband has has to make me lay on my back a couple times and when I do my lower back is super sore and only could for about an hour at a time. So just being comfortable is a chore. I up every hour and half all through the night to pee or just move around to alleviate the stiffness and soreness.
So that's it for now. I promise when I look more normal and the swelling has subsided some I will post pics.
i had chin lipo and the doc never told me to lay on my back? i wouldnt do that arent you going to kill the fat? why dont you do what ladyb did and wrap a tie around your chin and head to compress some of the swelling?
Happy healing love


I am not a waxer, I usually use my husbands beard trimmer to keep it neat and low. I got the bright idea to do a clean cut about a week prep thinking ill be neaton the table & by the time it grows in ill be home and comfortable enough to trim again. Between the pressure and swelling and the hairs growing in OMG!!!! MY GIRL HAS BEEN SPOOK UNCOMFORTABLE and now is poking through the opening in the garment ouchy!!! Finally got it comfortable by pulling the legs of the garment down to give more room and siding maxi pads in the opening to put pressure on my lips and hold them up. Lol! Might be TMI for some but let me tell you, it's been annoying as hell- the LAST thing you need is something else hindering your comfort ESPECIALLY when it's controllable.
Oooh girl! I'm glad I'm a waxer :D Hows the FATTIE????
lol you are too funny!! i hope you start to feel better soon with the swelling and all.


Went a day early to get drained again. That shyt hurt this time! But it's quick and necessary but yeah I should a took a vicodin before I went. Got my stitches out too so I feel a little more normal now at least I know i won't pop a stitch with as sudden movement. That car ride was a biatch, just could not get comfortable and I'm thinking this is the way I'm going to have to ride in the car for the next couple months Ugggggh the things we do for vanity. So my bruising is gone down some but not much. I used the Arnica ointment twice .... no I used it 3 times after each shower. Not really sure if the bromelain, arnica tablets and the oint are doing that much for me damn my auto type is screwing up. But I'm using the tablets faithfully and eating pineapple daily. This swelling above my VA Jay Jay bothers me cut it looks so weird but the nurse assured me again today that swelling in that area is perfectly normal.

My damn side is killing me after reading ExoticAsiablue's update she is sooooo freaking hilarious- she definitely kept it 100!!! Gotta have some balls to deal with nurses.! she kept it light hearted and funny though but I appreciate that she gave all the details about her experience
Congrats on your surgery!! What meds did your surgeon prescribe?
Oweeeee..... goose bumps for you... The draining... :'( So sorry sis. Glad the stitches are out. They are so irritating. Have you changed garments yet? BTW.. I LOVEEEEE ExoticAsiaBlue's review. She has me rollin every time I read it. She is now the 3rd beauty on RS that has had me laughing so hard I was crying. Her little man is a heart throb too. Did you see the pic of him making the kissy face in his car seat. So damn cute! As always, lots of love! ;*
Are you using foams under your garment? If so did Salz give them to you or did you need to bring them?

7 day post op appointment :)

I feel soooooo much better today. Feels like i have definitely crossed a hurdle. Yenni just drained me for the 3rd time, I want to make sure she gets as much of the fluid removed a possible before i leave tomorrow. Dr Salzhauer answered all my questions and showed me pics of myself during surgery Yikes! Most of themi really didn't to see but it was exciting seeing the shaping before the swelling settled in. I had them print a couple pics for me and I snapped a pic of one to post. He removed somewhere around 6400 cc's of fat total.
Glad ur recovery is going good! Sending love!
Happy healing it will get better.


Ladies ladies ladies!!! So sorry I've been kinda MIA, I'm not exaggerating when I say this recovery is hard with extended lipo. I had a lot of lipo, arms, full back, full abs, inner and outer thighs. The toughest to recover from so far has been the leg lipo- inner thighs specifically. The swelling after surgery is crazy- when I tell you I looked like the goodyear blimp- my weight before gaining was 143. I put on 16 pds for this procedure- went into surgery at 159. When I got on the scale a few days post op I was 173!!! That's 14 pds + the amount lipo'd in water/swelling. hard to believe huh...about a week later after arriving home I weighed again and I was 169 that was on the 6th and yesterday I weighed in at 158.8. I've already lost 15 pds since surgery. So the swelling is getting better but honestly, it's hard to look in the mirror with your face on swole and your body feeling like your 80 and see results. I've tried taking pics a few times but after a few attempts and not getting what I want I give up. I'm going to shower tomorrow and I will have my hubby take some. It's kinda hard to get a good pic in the garment because I'm wearing foams on my stomach and back triangle. Foams foams foams!!! Be sure to get foams- they compress and flattened (help against fluid build up) and help to make the garment more comfortable against the skin.
I've had I would say 3 really tough days where I had breakdown moments one was Monday night- I had the runs all night and let me tell you being in a garment and having the runs is not a pretty combination- I was able to stoop and go without pulling the garment down a few time but after a while I was having to take my garment down- as soon as I would get cleaned up and get everything hooked and zipped...guess what I had to go again :( that was f--- miserable, I felt horrible all day yesterday. You have great days and then a bad day or two sprinkled in.
I am finally finished with all the antibiotics Dr Salz prescribes and I have decreased my high dose iron and I think my body was releasing all the build up over the past 2 weeks- 14 days of 3 high power antibiotics, 1075mg of iron and vicodin...yep so hopefully it's up hill from here.

Dr. Salzhauer does not necessarily reccomend massages so I have not gotten any. My husband has been rubbing my legs for me because with the swelling and inner thigh lipo, you get hard spots that are swollen and need to be rubbed out. This can be accomplished with self massage but it is nice to have your honey pamper you. I can't even imagine having a professional massage right now- my whole torso feels like plastic- like it's not a part of me yet. My abs and back are hard and still somewhat numb and when touched it's a very weird sensation. I flinch anytime my husband gets near the wrong spot.
Overall I'm going well- we all know this isnt easy so that's no surprise, and I'm here to confirm IT AINT easy.
I promise I will post pics soon- I know that is what everyone wants to see. I am happy with my results- my ass is high and tight right know, so I'm hoping it drops when it softens up but Dr. Salz definitely gave me a phattie and that's what I asked for. I didn't show him any wish pics because I know that a Dr can only work within what your body allows. I am much improved and for that I will be eternally grateful to him.
Awww u ok boo??? Recovery IS ROUGH!!! :/ Gotta get them massages ma! Hope u feel better soon
My inner thighs bothered me too. Your booty will drop mine was high up it felt and looked weird. It will get better I promise hang in there.
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time but I believe the worst is behind you. My Dr. also does not recommend massages and I only got 1 (which was free) but now I wish I had gotten at least 1 a week, I see a lot of girls feel better after having them. Hope your recovery gets better and can't wait to see pictures, when you feel better of course.

A few pics @ 16 days post op

I hate taking selfies but here's a little peek.
Congrats on your journey you look great and Happy Healing!!!!!
You look great, how many ccs did u get? What are your mesurments post op ?
hi, can you share where did you stay in Miami?

20 days post op

I'm feeling so good today! Finally! The swelling is almost gone, still very stiff especially in my lower back and behind my under arms. My stomach feels like hard plastic, Dr Salz lipo'd every ounce of fat from my stomach and back. I'm starting to see muscle definition like I've been doing sit ups for 10 yrs lol :) This recovery is tough as HELL but when you get over the hump it makes it all worth it.
To date I've lost a whopping 20 pds since surgery! Let me explain, I had massive swelling after surgery. Before weight gain I was 143 gained 16 pds for BBL went into surgery at 159, 160. A few days after surgery I get on the scale and I weighed 173!!! I knew I was swollen but I could not believe my eyes. A week later after we got home I weighed in at 169. Got on the scale another week later 156. And today I'm happy you to say I weighed 153.4 this morning. I expected to maintain some of my weight gain after surgery- fat is fat even when it's redistributed. I would to lose 3 more pds but gotta make sure I don't lose my new asset!!! One thing I forgot to mention is the peeling, my skin is shedding like crazy! I'm assuming that is mainly from the swelling the skin stretching. I can't wait to to the spa and get a full body scrub. Just to reiterate the toughest part of this recovery is the thigh lipo! So far no regrets might not get chin lipo if I had do it over but I don't regret getting it. Arms for me haven't been to bad, started experiencing stiffness there just a few days ago but it's all part of the process to obtain the body I want, NO PAIN NO GAIN :)
Wow you look amazing! I can tell you are still very swollen so I can only imagine how much better you are going to look :-)
Oh baby gurl... You just made my day! Your ass is effin HUGE!!!! :) OMGGGGGG! I love it love it love it!!!! I have all the confidence in the world with Salz but you just showed me even more proof! Perfection! Yes I agree I need a profile pic to see projection! I know it's like whoa! Look at your tummy! Of the hook! 38 days til I'm in the land of booty with you! ;)
Babbbbyyyyyy, u look great! Them thighs are nothing to play with, mines are still killing me! And I'm still shedding like a snake too! Take care of yourself boo ;)

My favorite go to clothing item during recovery

The Del Rossa Women's Knit Hooded Button Front Robe or Beach Cover-Up- found it on amazon.com, love it!!

Supplies I ACTUALLY used during my stay in Miami

1) Sheet set- (rented private condo and did not want to ruin their sheets)
2) Plastic drop cloths- placed under sheets to protect mattress (found in painting department $2.97 Walmart)
*FYI Dr. Salz patients, you are only draining heavy for the first 1 maybe 2 days**
3) Chux pads- only used 10 (used a couple inside my garment the first day for drainage, a few to cover the couch- because I'm a germ a fobe and I hate laying on other peoples furniture and another couple on top of the sheets on the bed first couple of days)
4) Medical tape- to tape foams in place the first couple days, when your swollen and sore it's hard to place them and then snap and zip garment. After a few days I didn't use tape- it leaves a lot of residue on your skin.
5) Maxi pads- only use maybe 5
6) Arnica Montana tablets
7) Arnica cream/ointment (I only used maybe 3 or 4 times, can't use 3 x daily as directed because your in your garment)
8) Bromelain tablets (suppose to help with swelling not sure it did much for me)
9) 3 maxi dresses (if and when you leave the hotel/condo, otherwise you will probably live in your robe most of the time)
10) 3 pairs of knee high socks
11) thigh high compression stockings
12) light sweater to wear over maxi dresses
13) slip on shoes (that you can wear with socks- athletic slip ons work great)
14) light weight robe or cover up- snap front or wrap around is most convenient
15) scissors - for cutting foams
* If you are getting arm lipo you don't need t shirts for under garment initially because you'll be wearing a bra/arm compression top.
16) bandaids- to cover incision sites after stitches are removed.
17) personal toiletries of course-
18) straws- so you can drink laying down
19) I wore the same outfit on both travel days to and from Miami (maxi dress, with 3/4 sleeve light weight sweater)
20) boppy or podster pillow ( I used the podster its a supersized boppy and was a life saver on the plane)
-No need to purchase an extra garment, Dr. Salz gives you 2 which will take you thru wks 3-4 post op. I just ordered a smaller size today @ 3 wks post.

I think that's it I brought alot of clothing items that went untouched like panties, tank top t-shirts, pajama pants, long sleeve t-shirts and a sweat jacket.

FOOD items- a few suggestions are:
case of water very important to drink LOTS of water, 6 pack of gatorade (Ruth will ask you to bring 3 with you day of sx- really I only drank 1 before getting back to condo), 6 pack of ensure, unsalted crackers (help if you experience nausea)- I lived on oatmeal, cut up fruit, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies the first week, couldn't really stomach solid food. Want to keep something on your stomach while taking all the meds.

Hope this helps the future Salzhauer beauties as well as all the other ladies traveling, if you're like me you like to plan for the best and the worst which amounts to over packing, over buying and over spending. I have sooo much stuff that I bought and have yet to use :)
Hey where did you stay ? Which hotel ?
Excellent list. Thanks lady because I don't have anymore money to waste.

Forgot to add

Foams!!!! I purchased 4 from amazon.com @ $7.50 each, you definitely need foams for comfort and compression. The nurse brings 2 when she comes to check on you day one post op- I also used 3 of my own during my 9 days in Miami.

If I think of anything else I will update or if any of you ladies have questions feel free to ask ;)
you look great! amazing shape too! :D
Woooo! Look at you!! Looking good!
Soooo bangin I hve to hve dr.s!!! Hes a perfectionist! I love ur results:)


I have spent over a hour yesterday and again this morning replying to messages and questions I received via inbox. This process is so emotional and costly that if I can help someone else be better prepared I'm happy to do so. It's difficult choosing a surgeon that doesn't have a huge following on RS. The temptation to follow the majority, save $$ and go to the DR is just that very tempting. Let me tell you that bargain shopping is for shoes not plastic surgery, this is your life. Reading the sometimes barbaric experiences coming from DR is mind boggling to me, herding patients in like cattle, waking up during surgery and having a blanket thrown over your head when trying to alert the doctor that you are awake, the overnight at Cipla, ill treatment & lack of care from the nurses, sometimes sleeping in your own blood all night, food being dropped off just beyond your reach...Not being able to communicate with medical staff... I could go on but my point is this is your life is saving a few thousand really worth that risk? We have limits in the US for reasons, so just think long and hard before you choose to put your life in the hands of a doctor you can't have a decent conversation or pre op visit with. Sorry I kinda got off on a tangent lol.

In the time leading up to my surgery in boxed several of Dr Salz previous patients asking questions and I guess just seeking some reassurance and most never responded. I thank you very much for the few that did. For those that didn't, what's the purpose of having a review if its not to help those that come after you??? Often times we are going through this experience with little support and being able to reach out and get info and share with someone who has already been through it ESPECIALLY with your surgeon of choice is priceless!
So ladies I am more than happy to help any way I can, to answer questions, share info or just be a listening ear. Always feel free to inbox or post to my comments, I will always answer your questions I will never ignore you. I've been there and to me that's the whole purpose of taking the time to write about this experience.
What a beautiful heart! You were there for me & I really appreciate it!
:) anytime!
Thnk you sweetie you are always such a help to eveeyone with ur posts nd advice to me! I feel the same as you do abt ppl mkn reviews nd then when you hve a question wheres the answer. This is solely what this site is about!!!let me say this though to anybody reading this THANKYOU everyone who has been helpful and helping ppl with simple answers. I think we owe it to eachother but ny ways thnk you for this post azmatazz nd u look beautiful btw!:)

I wasn't going to post these pics but...

Without pre AND post it's hard to really appreciate the surgeon skill and the result. This pre op pic is hard for me to look at, I really didn't pay attention to what the weight gain was doing to my body, probably because I knew it was all for the sake of having a bigger AZZ. Seeing the 2 side is sobering! My hubby said yesterday baby Dr. Salz took 20 yrs off your body. Wow! I didn't know I had 20 yrs to take, I was in pretty decent shape before the weight gain. In the 4 months leading up to the surgery I ate whatever the helli wanted and speed working out and baby it shows! Dr. Salzhauer is not only a amazing person but his sculpting skill and technique is among the best. He does not use drains (which can cause a host of side effects, infections etc.) and does not necessarily recommend massages, you can get them if you want but he says it had no bearing on your final results. I had no nausea, never felt light headed or faint, the garment he uses is so comfortable and easy to get in and out of I could go on. I never experienced any of these post op issues that I read about other girls having on RS. I will forever be greatful for his skill!

Oops pre op didn't post

Getting marked up! All I can say is wow :(


Obviously the first pic is POST op and the second is PRE op. Also excuse the auto correct typos- that's what happens when I post from my phone. ...gotta love technology lol
Hey hun u look amazing!!! I had a bbl 3 weeks ago but I have a question u said something about the foam wrapped in the lower back what Is that for they didn't do that to me?
It's for compression on your lower back triangle
AZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY S%&%!!!!!!!!! I am in complete awe... Your before and after is un-frickin-believable! That after pic compared to the one you sent me a few days ago is even more amazing and I'm literally in shock! Dr. Salzhauer is crazy talented! Wow! Wow! Wow! Your waist is so small and your ass is HUGE! When I look at that after pic I can't imagine a more perfect booty. You best ditch that booty greed because you my friend have perfection. ;) I mean that sis. PERFECTION! When I seen that pic I said a prayer out load to my hubby, PLEASE DEAR LORD BLESS ME WITH RESULTS LIKE THIS! :) Okay... I gotta say it one more time... PERFECTION! :) And!!! IT"S HUGE!!!!! In the greatest way EVERRRRRRR! I'm so glad you decided to post those pics because they say a thousand words. If those don't show someone who is on the fence about him the beautiful results he gives I don't know what will. If you get a chance I'm dying for a profile pic to see your projection. :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE EVER!*

Stage 2 Garment and ab boards

So....I'm getting frustrated trying to get a second stage garment that fits right. Dr. Salzhauer's first post op garment (Clear Point Medical #740) is so comfortable that it makes it hard to move into another brand for second stage. I'm not ordering the same one because I want one that has soft material over the buttocks area so my 'new baby' (that's what my husband calls it since we don't have children I guess lol) can flower.

Found a great deal on Ebay on ab boards- the first pic triangular shaped one was about $13 (they changed the price to $16 yesterday)- and the second pic pear shaped one was $20. I ordered both because I like to have options.

Garment- I initially ordered the Post-Surgery Garment High Compression Faja Butt Lifter, Adjustable Hooks 9152 in a medium because that's my size according the their chart. It arrives and I couldn't even get this this up over my butt, I loved the powernet material and the soft cotton breathable fabric on the inside and also that it has 4 rows of hooks. Judging by the medium, I decided to return it and order the XL thinking okay the XL has GOT to fit. WRONG- the XL arrives and it doesn't seem much larger than the medium. Now mind you this is all by mail order so the process of ordering the first, returning and purchasing a second waiting to receive in the mail all took about a week. I was so anxious to receive my new garments that I'm literally stalking the mailman because my mailman is lazy and will put a slip in the box if the delivery requires a signature instead of walking up the hill to my house to see if someone is home.
So if you order this garment beware that the size chart is waaaay off. I'm thinking I would need a 2XL (I'm 5'6 currently 153pds- 34/28/42)in this garment but I'm moving on back to my first choice.

Tuesday I ordered the Fajas D Prada Shapewear Lipo Powernet Girdle or Everyday Use Tummy Shaper 12047 from shapesecrets - this is the one I originally wanted but after placing my order I get an email saying they were out of stock in their Ebay store. :( after exchanging several emails I requested a refund because I didnt want to wait. Lo and behold I'm searching a googling trying to find this garment and find that shapesecrets also has a independent online store and guess what they are showing this style in stock and on sale! It's $134 on Ebay and $122 on their website. So I use the chat feature and ask if it's really in stock because I need it asap- the person behind the chat says yes we can ship tomorrow. Great! I place the order. Oh I also gave her my measurements, height and weight and she suggests an XS....so based on my experience with the other garments I decide to order a small. In the meantime I'm on facebook and decide to look at the Fajas Disenos D Prada inventory because she is a independent distributor and carries the same garments. (This is the lady that works with Duran and will charge yo $150 to 'help' you schedule your surgery) her prices are more expensive- she wants $150 for this same garment. I decide to look at her size chart and it recommends a medium. !!!??? How in the world did shapesecrets suggest a XS??? It can be really annoying and confusing going between different garments because the sizes are all so different. I really hope this next one fits- because shipping and handling adds up when you have to keep returning, not to mention the time in between waiting. Ugh!!
Looking good hun!! I ordered the triangle ab board last week and it has helped so much. My abs were still looking kinda flabby and since I've being using the board, it is soooo much flatter.
Girl I tries the past shaped board today and its so straight that it doesn't lay flat up against my stomach, I haven't tried putting it in my garment yet, just didn't seem like it would feel comfortable.
*tried the pear shaped

Fajas D Prada Shapewear Lipo Powernet Girdle or Everyday Use Tummy Shaper 12047 from shapesecrets

TOO SMALL!!! the company suggest an XS & I ordered a small- once again it doesn't fit. I was able to get it up over my thighs but there was at least 10 inches in between the left side and the right side. This faja is made very similar the the MariaE garment in size and construction- but I would have to say I like the material of the MariaE better (even though I never got one that fit correctly). The MariaE has a soft cotton lining on the inside and the Fajas D Prada doesn't have a lining. When a garment doesn't have lining I find that the seams can become bothersome. Based on the way this small fits- I'm thinking I would need at least a 2XL?? yes really. The small feels and looks like it's made for someone who is a size 2 in US clothing.
So once again (3rd) I'm returning a mail order garment- I'm really ready to move to a shorter garment and at this point I'm undecided on which one to try next.
Where did you get your thigh high compression socks? There is so many. Are some better than others? Did you try that pear shaped ab board?
One more question... did you get open or closed toe compression socks? Lol... It seems like the "thigh high" would be uncomfortable after thigh lipo? Do they just go above the knee or do they go mid/upper thigh? That was way more than one question... :)
Your robe/cover-up is sold out everywhere! SO SAD! :( I want one so bad! I tried looking for it when you first posted the info on your review but it was sold out then. I thought if I looked harder I might be able to find it on another site but I was wrong. On the hunt for something long sleeved and zips or buttons up the front... I like the hood too but I guess I can't be picky. :)


Whew! What a journey and I'm only half way there! Recovery moving right along, still stiff with some sore to the touch spots on my sides where Dr Salz did really aggressive lipo. My skin is still, numb on my & abs, lower back, peeling a little and I still have some minimal swelling. It's all good though, I have no complaints! I do wish my booty came out a little bigger BUT I can say I will never do this again! My ass was so flat I would need another round to get projection. Oh! Spider veins! i had a few before surgery but since, I have several new ones. :( Must be from the swelling.
Anyho! Nothing another little nip and tuck can't remedy.

NEXT! Breasts lift, eyelids & Spider veins!

Here are a few pics I took today. :) I have not mastered the art of selfies so believe me it took me 10 to get these 2 lol.
WOW!! I am just in awe at how good he sculpted you !!! I am looking at you and just hoping he sucks my fat just as good !!!
You look awesome .... Slammin jammin lol ;) & thanks SO much for the updates & pics !!! I was wondering if you feel massages are needed ? Are you or have you had any ?
What are you doing to your eyelids? What weight were you on sx? U look great

playin in the mirror

A couple pics, trying to the hang of this. Feeling pretty good today, thinking about going back to work a couple weeks.
Wowwww!!!! So natural looking I love it!! Congrats
You have amazing projection. ..
Girl, you are tripping. No disrespect but that ass is fat and it looks like you got it from your momma. Please girl you look amazing. ..

Fallin in love!

So I'm in the mirror after doing my morning massage and I'm falling in love with my body again!! The first several weeks it surprised me how I had very little desire to focus on what my butt looked like. I was such a RS junkie pre op that I just knew I'd be posting pics every other day right away. This recovery for me has been really hard - I did get chin,arms, inner thigh, full abs and full back. It don't even know how many cc's were removed for sure but all you have to do is peak at my pre ops to see it was a WHOLE LOT. I have ZERO fat, my abs look like I've lived in the gym these last 10 yrs and my back is tiiiiiight, bra roll WHOOOOOOOOOOoooo??! My ass looks better everyday, this is definitely a process or an evolution of you will. SHE was very high and tight right after sx, now it's dropping. It's still hard but looks very natural and I can't wait till it softens and my lower back loosens up. It is quite a skill for the surgeon to know to place the transferred fast that the end result is the desired shape. I can say that my results are much improved 1000% I got at least 10 yrs back with a bonus ass which I've never had. My ass was extremely flat! NOW for the first time in my life my ass looks great in lingerie, thongs, jeans & form fitting anything. Will I make a music video soon? Probably not :) but I feel sooo sexy and my husband can't keep his hands off me.
I LOVE trying on clothes again (well as much as possible I'm still pretty stiff lol)
Would I do this again? ABSOLUTELY
Would I choose the same surgeon? WITH OUT A DOUBT! I owe Dr Salzhauer my first born child!
Girl i just looked at ur b4 and after pictures. ...wow!! Amazing transformation girlie. So excited for my surgery Tuesday
I absolutely love your new body! I wish I had that gap too, but that's never going to happen for me unless I get a thigh lift... But back to you lol, Dr. Slazhauer did an absolutely beautiful job, I can feel your joy, so happy for you. Isn't amazing how much better everything fits and looks? Specially the thongs and lingerie, I was looking at old "booty shots" I sent my bf and wow what was I thinking! lmao
Lol!! Thanks girl! I'm really happy with my results- recovery is so hard that I'm just now really starting to 'enjoy' my new booty. Yes! trying on clothes is fun again. Now I wish I could fast forward another 8 weeks further through in recovery.


So! I've been searching for a 2nd strange garment for about 3 weeks and after ordering and returning 4 garments Finally!!!!!!! *the clouds part& angels sing****** AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh! I found it!

Listen to your doctor! Dr Salzhauer told me at my 7 day post op appt that he recommended a body shaper for stage 2 at about 6 to 8 weeks post till ideally 3 months. When my 1st stage began to become uncomfortable at around 4 weeks I started my search. I didn't immediately gravitate toward body shapers because it seemed too simple. I got caught up in the choices, Faja, Vedette, Ann Chery and the list goes on. If you've read my last several post I can make along story short, I found a Heavenly Secrets body shaper@ Burlington Coat Factory & I love it & it's comfortable. I love the continuous compression of the pull on style, no hooks or zippers to irritate areas of the torso so no foam necessary and easy to wear under clothing. I did have to cut a slit for my pee whiz bcuz there's no crotch opening. Best part .....I paid $9.99 for this shaper!!! Ummmmm I'll be back to but the other 3 they had on the rack. Oh wait I forgot mention that shaper had an extra compression band under the cheeks that goes around the insides of the upper thigh, perfect for thigh lipo!!!
How's Salzhauer's Sculptor recovering?
Fantastic results. That's one beautiful booty.
Hey gurly I'll b a month po on the 18 soo my butt will drop does that mean I won't have projection


So I did get my $9.99 worth out of it I guess it lasted about 4 days after I cut a hole for my pee whiz. The material is like thick tights and every time I washed it and out it back on the hole got bigger and traveled up my butt lol. I really like the material and the way it fit my butt! I'm going to get another one just to have options available. I picked up a couple bodysuit shapers from Burlington yesterday I'll take pics when I try them on.

I ordered a Marena second stage on Wednesday morning and it came last night! UPS dropped it off at 7:30pm I was shocked because i didnt pay for next day shipping, then I looked at the shipping address and it's Lawrenceville Ga only about 40 min from where I live. I like this garment- I wore it for about 5 hours last night then took it off before I went to bed because the seam in the center of the stomach and on the inner thighs where bothering me. Today I'll insert foam in those areas when I put it back on. Oh also I wish it didnt have the large hole that lets the booty meat hang out- seems like second stage would only have a pee pee hole because you should be removing it at least once a day but oh well. I'm not ordering any more garments lol at least not for a while. I will be 8 wks post in 4 days and I want to wear garments till 12 wks but because of the trouble with finding my second stage I've only been wearing a garment part time for the last week. My skin still feels super sensitive and mostly I like the protection of garment. I do notice that I still swell a little when I dont have it on and my face is STILL swollen especially in the mornings. My eyes have stayed puffy since surgery, I ice them occasionally but as soon as I lay down they're puffy again. I'm trying to go back to work soon and this is a concern so we'll see.

What else....oh I have been walking on my treadmill for the last couple days ...3 incline at 2.5speed for 35 minutes. Trying to speed up this recovery some and work through the stiffness. I'm sooo ready to get back to regular life!!! The last couple of days I've had the 'when is this going to be over' blues. At this point 7 wks post, I feel like I'm over the hump but it will still be a few weeks at least. Looking forward to 3 mon post op point.
Hey soo I'm n my second stage it has crease in the back I keep pulling it up but will that give Mee a roll on my back
A roll? No it shouldn't. The seams bother me because I can feel the where my skin is still sensitive and it causes a temporary indentation in my skin. A garment won't cause rolls if anything or might help flatten your back.
Thank u gurly soo much

Comparing pics

So I'm standing (still not sitting not even a little) here at my computer and I'm little bored and I'm looking over my pics comparing angles. I didnt take any in the same clothes, didnt think to do that but the difference when compared to the same angles is crazy wow.

My wish pic compared to my result

Not to shabby Dr. Salzhauer!!!!
Girl u look good. Leave that alone don't do nothing else to it but work out
OMG I love the roundness of UR butt. That's the roundness I wanted. I mean mine is round but yours is rounder and I love it!
Wow!!!! Love ur results hun!!!! Thanks for sharing ur journey with us.

Vedette 705 & 707

Same version pull on garment, 705 has shorter legs and the 707 is mid calf longer leg. Just got in the mail today and so far so good, I may have finally found a winner. I have the 707 on now and it does not I repeat does not have seams on the legs!! Yay, that was an issue for me in every other garment I've tried. It does have the seam down the middle of the front but I guess it has to have a seam somewhere. I really like the extra compression around the stomach area- it's like girdle material on top of the lycra/spandex. The legs are like extra thick tights with that extra compression band just under the cheeks and around the inner thighs.


Vedette 705 & 707
How long did it take your butt to drop? You're looking nice mama!!! The doc told me that it was ok to sit with out a boppy and not wear my garment after my month mark.... Kinda skeptic. He looked at my body and graduated me to spanx. He said my body had little to no swollen areas.. Just to be safe I wrap my stomache up with gym sweat wrap to keep my tummy skinty not skinny lol. Any suggestion?
Yes honey you look amazing
I also need to buy what my momma didn't give me!! Shoot! She has a high butt and thighs and I got a tiny one :-/. Women you look so NICE!! That booty is super duper big. Love it!!!


This made my heart sink .....my deepest condolences and prayers to Sisterless and her family :(

Sisterless- March 28, 2014
Thank you so much. I tried to post a review but RS won't post it. My sister is from Washington, D.C. And has two children, ages 12 and 5. She came to DR on March 14th. She had surgery the following day on the 15th. She was sick immediately and called to say so but said she was ok and thought it was the recovery. A day later she still wasn't better and DR.yily took her back to CIPLA. She had three blood transfusions and still did not improve. On the third day she was taken to Centro Moderna Medica, a hospital in DR. My other sister came down to care for her as she had come alone. She was so sick and couldn't breath. She had contracted sepsis infection. the following day she had two heart attacks. mind you she is on 33 and was in good health. after the heart attacks she stabilized some and they removed the tissue from her buttocks. I had a friend who sent her doctor to visit and Dr. yily would not provide him information or my sister who was in DR. She was vague and evasive claiming my sister was at fault for getting sick by going to the wrong recovery house. In the end she was on dialysis as her kidneys began to fail. Her lungs ruptured from the fluid and she passed on Wednesday 3/26/14 at 7am. Yily told my sister if she didn't sign a document waiving the rights to an autopsy we would be responsible for the $30k in hospital charges. My sister who had been with her signed because she just wanted to get her buried and the autopsy required 5-10 business days. We just want to bury her so she can rest in peace. Sorry for he typos just very upset
Sooooo sorry!!! My heart ache's with your news! Is there a newspaper or arbituaties w/ the info? There are 8 girls from the clinic going down. Sending prayers your way for you and your family . :'(
TTLatina- I reposted the comment I found from Nadira Ahmad's sister (young lady who passed away) who's RS name is Sisterless. Thank you lady but THANK GOD no, this was not MY sister


the sister's RS name is Sisterless
Hey there ..I thought I was the only one at Burlington getting body shapers lol they. have the best selection. .awesome post for the ladies.and you look great
You look great
I love following your journey!! Wish you the best and thanks for all the pointers!!! Really appreciate it!


Hey ladies!!! Just wanted to dip in and say hello. I have started doing 30 minutes of cardio 4-5 times wkly, some weight bearing excecises, arms mainly in addition to my stretching routine I've been doing since about 2 wks post op. Still have stiffness on my back and abs. Lump on my inner upper left thigh is finally starting to get smaller, I bought a handheld ultrasound massager and have been faithfully using it on that area 3x wkly. I haven't gone back to work yet (I do contract work so I can take months off in between contracts) and I'm still just taking it easy. Still wearing leggings and maxi dress not use to the feel of real clothes on my abs yet and when I do wear something tighter it leaves an indentation on my stomach- it's like clay 'moldable'. I stopped wearing garments full time at about 7 weeks. When I finally found a stage 2 that I liked, I couldn't tolerate pulling that tight spandex fabric up over my healing skin on my abdomen & sides. Those areas are still peeling and tight and no matter how much oil I put on it still feels like it's dry & might tear if I make a sudden movement. I have 3 garments that I like and do intend to go back to wearing them during the day soon.

This recovery for me has been long and hard- both physically and mentally challenging, I'm tired of recovery and I'm tired of talking about it lol. Just want my normalcy back!!!!!!!!
I had originally planned on having a breast lift in May but all of a sudden these breast dont look so bad lol! These puppies will have to wait because I am not having any more procedures any time soon! Now wonder why Michael Jackson was allegedly hooked on drugs- because he was trying to escape the pain of all them damn surgeries he had!!! Now I love me some Mike, he is arguably the greatest entertainer of all times- so that is in no way a dig...I'm just saying.

I've been in touch with lots of my RS sistas who know I'm always available for questions or just moral support, this surgery is no joke and I'm always happy to help anyway I can to make someone else's experience smoother.

Lots of love to all my RS sistas!!! To all my sistas who are post op, I'm SMDH at the things we'll do to be fine :-/ Krrrrrazy right!!!!!!!! then you look at that ass and somehow it makes all the fits of unexplainable tears, moments of pain and hours, days , weeks and months of discomfort worth it....nothing worth having is easy to get right! This procedure is definitely NOT EASY.

Lots of love to all the sistas (and bros I know there's a few) who are still in the planning stages ENJOY and don't say I didn't warn you because recovery is a B----!!!

I will do a full update with pics at 12 wks post and then I'll set my notifications for an update once monthly.
Hey azz, just stoppin by! I hope youre doing well! Do you hve any recent pics???
Omg ur butt is the shyt u got tht good good C shape love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hello young lady... you still looking plump and delicious! :) We have to connect soon! Happy healing!


No new news. Love my body, Dr Salz literally did a renovation on my torso. I'm still peeling, my skin had a very adverse reaction to the trauma of the lipo. Still some tightness and stiffness in abs & back. Dr Salz worked some magic on me and I'm 99.9999999% satisfied with my result.


A couple pieces of advice, take lots of preop pics & refer to them often post op. Don't obsess with measurements, numbers, cc's etc focus on the improvement.
Hey sis, so happy to see an update from you! All my post op girls have gone MIA :-( You're looking good hun! LOL @99.9999999% satisfied, I know what you mean, I'm so happy but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want more work done. Your advice is on point! We all lose perspective in this process, it is enlightening to see old pictures of yourself an realize what a great transformation we've undergone. Would love to see more pictures when you have time.
Hi :) looking good !!! & thanks for the tips.
Looking good boo! Glad you're doing well!


A couple quick pics

Try again

2 in red dress




I've never had this problem? ???
Tryin again


weird, RS doesn't like my red dress

I'll try again later from my laptop

That's annoying :(
My pics didn't upload yesterday either. I tried three times..
Okay maybe it's just a glitch. Hopefully their fix it soon!
Hey beautiful! Guuuurl! Let me tell you this recovery had me consumed! The last thing I wanted to do was post but I tried. ...then life goes on and now I'm just focused in another direction. I remember wondering why girls stop posting post op and it made me mad lol, i felt like they were being selfish. I use think 'she must be unhappy with her results' but NOW I know that's not always the case. RS is just more 'fun' pre op. Once I'm 6 months post and ALL the discomforts are gone, then I'll feel more like throwin IT in pics ;) I saw ur most recent pics you are looking AMAZing!!! I have to force my self to take selfies I hate it lol!

Testing 1..2.....3

I'm sorry recovery was so tough, but I'm glad to see you are doing better. LOL @they were being selfish, girl it's just different once you're post op. When you are preop you become obsessed and want to take in as much as you can, but after you get over it. Some things start getting old and I can say even annoying. I had not been active the last several weeks, I just got drawn back last week mostly because there were a few girls having sx with my Dr. and I was excited to see their transformations. I'm sad that most of my RS buddies are now nonactive but like you said life goes on. Thanks doll! I feel even more amazing, I'm excited to be working out now, I'm striving for that 28" waist :-) Dont' be shy, take them damn selfies! lol, I hope RS gets it's act together soon so that you can upload your pictures. Sending you much love!

Red dress

Trying to upload pix again
you are hilarious! I have to say you are unique .... Where did you stay for post op? The hotel?
oh and your look fabulous...
Thank you for sharing your trip with Dr. Salzhauer for all the girls that read rs. I would like to know how much fat they injected in each butt cheek. I await your response thank you. xoxo

I'M BAAAAAAACK! 7 mon update

Sorry its been 4 ever!!! My recovery was brutal so I just didn't feel like updating. Anyho I go I'll be seeing the great Dr. Salzhauer for a revision consult tomorrow. I have a hard knot on my left hip, where fat died that has to be fixed and a flat area my left cheek that I might have him round out a tad. That requires more lipo and I reeeally don't want to go through recovery again my skin took 5 mon to heal on my torso. Overall I'm 95% satisfied with my ass & 10000% satisfied with the lipo, this surgery changed my life.
Thanks for your review!! Your body looks great!
so i have been told NOT to gain weight for my bbl i should stay at my ideal weight which is 125-128... four different doctors have told me that the expanded cells from gaining weight will not be perminant they will shrink back after...so im kinda happy about that! lol... thank god for proper research i would not want to gain weight for no reason then go thru hell to lose it after and lose some butt as well...so guys please send your pics to different doctors and read up on everything you possibly can... im a small person already curvy, my choice is dr.duran i believe she can make this little body bangggg!! good luck guys*kisses*
hi how much was his bbl?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salzhauer is simply amazing! Very personable, patient, thorough, kind and skilled. He gives you his cell phone number so you are able to reach him quickly with any questions or concerns you may have pre or post op. My overall experience was stellar! From the beginning to the end you will feel very comfortable in his care not like just another number. Shout out to Rosy who does the pre op -she became my go to for questions and just comfort and she had been available every step of the way. Also to his aftercare nurses who are sisters both you ladies are so sweet and amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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