Surgery to remove tumor.

Hello everyone I'm new to the site but I was on...

Hello everyone I'm new to the site but I was on here all the time til I found which Dr I wanted to do my surgery. And I decided on Dr J. His work is awesome but I wish more of his clients would post about their experiences with him. I have wanted to have a tt for some years now after having two sets of twins. I used to have a small waist and a nice booty until my kids robbed me. I'm 5'3 178 and I don't want to be small I just want to get a big butt and no gut. So I'm here for support, advice, ect. My phone consult isn't till oct.1st Michelle said DR J. is booked til then. But I'm very excited about the whole process especially the end results.

Hello Cinnabuns2011. I am having my consult with Dr. J on Nov 21st. He is totally booked until then! I live in CHI now, but am originally from ATL. I have heard really great things about Dr. J! I am really excited about this- getting at TT and BBL. I am going to try to schedule for Feb or March. Wanna lose as much weight as I can before sx
I too, will be following your post closely. I'm considering Dr J, despite the fact that I live in Louisiana- it's a good thing he does phone consults. Local doctors are far too expensive. I had children at a young age, so my youg skin was grossly stretched and I'm 38 y/o, 5'2", 138 lbs. Since I have to get lipo, why let it go to waste-stick it in my butt lol.
butterflykisses2624 girrrl you speaking the truth. Why waste it.... from the gut to the butt. I know what you mean about the cost locally. The TT itself cost $8700 here and nobody is into the BBL so ATL is in sight. I'll be keeping up with you as well. And good luck!

9 days till my consult!! I'm super excited to...

9 days till my consult!! I'm super excited to hear what he's going to do to get this gut down and this butt up. I was thinking he may want me to lose a little weight. Which I can afford to lose but I don't want to be skinny when it's all said and done.
I have alread lost about 40lbs and have another 25 to go. I asm making it happen!!
I am going to get the upper and lower back, and inner thighs
Hey Nat7080. Dr.J has been booked for months so I know I can't miss my consult cause it'll set me back a few months. I heard a lot about him myself and his pics are great. I also like the fact that you don't have to worry about round two with him. He pretty much gets it right the first time. I want to schedule for April while my kids are on spring break. I wanted to get it done sooner but I just started a new job so you know how that goes. So how much weight are you trying to lose? And are you getting areas lipo'd too?
cinnabuns201 my phone consult is tomorrow. I'll let u know how it goes. (crossing my fingers)

Ok. Here are some picks of my "to be repaired...

Ok. Here are some picks of my "to be repaired body". Sorry so blurry. I hate my gut and can't wait to get rid of it. It's been a problem of mine for years. As you can see I have plenty of fat for Dr J to work with to give me a great booty.
Hey cinnabuns201 gl on ur consult wi dr. J. I also have a consult wi dr. J for oct 1st. It's been a roller coaster got bumped like 3x till I got on d Waitn list they finally called me 3 days ago 2 ask me if I wanted oct.1 i Cried out of joy!! I'm also hoping 4 butt lift & tt but not 2 sure bcuz I haven't had kids & want one:-) but I guess that's something I should ask him on d consult. Well keep us posted on ur journey & god bless
Hey latinlicious! Thx for showing me support on my journey. I'm glad you aren't being tossed around from date to date anymore. That would've drove me crazy. The 1st is monday so things are looking up for you to get your sx end of the year. Good luck!!!
You can ask to get on Dr J's waiting list and that bumped me up two weeks early! I lost about 40 pounds with a doctor down here in GA doing HCG and have been within 3 pounds for a year now. I was cleared to do that with my docs and told another ps that I had done it. He told me not to lose anymore weight but that he had seen great results from it. Its the hardest thing ever but I usually lose 15-20 pounds in a month when I don't cheat. Don't know your timeline but it is an option to give you a jumpstart.

Hey ladies! It's been a while and I hope all is...

Hey ladies! It's been a while and I hope all is well with everyone. So I had my consult with Dr J. after going over things with Nicole who is very informative about the procedures I would be getting. She went over what she saw in my pics and what I 'm requesting of the doctor. When Dr J. got on the phone he was very polite. He asked me what I wanted then gave his suggestions as we both were looking at my pics to point out his vision for the new me. So along with the TT and BBL he suggested fat grafting to my hips and lipo to my back bra roll which I was kind of expecting. I did ask if he thought I should lose weight and if so how much. And he did say I should try to get down to 155 which isn't bad, I'm 178 now so 23 pds....and a little weight loss with toning will just have me looking even better.

He did inform me that having multiple procedures is going make my healing process difficult as far as being able to sleep, getting up and down, not being able to sit etc. That I would need a boppy pillow for sitting and a neck roll for laying on my side and lots of help. I would also need to stay in Ga for 10-14 days due to multiple procedures if I wanted to do one my stay would be 7-10 days. I would be taught how to position the pillows once I got to his office the day before my sx.

My sx date is March 29 so I'm going to be working hard to get this money together. oh!! I also asked Dr J if he did a pain pump with multiple procedures and he said no. I wish he did I hate taking pills. And as much as I'm paying it even could've been be included in the price but hey my insurance will pay for the scripts so no worries. One garment is also included so I'll have some shopping around to do for a second one plus I would like a waist cincher. Well ladies my bout with insomnia is coming to an end so GN and good luck with your journeys to a more beautiful you.

Had to revise my title my oldest son told me I...

Had to revise my title my oldest son told me I forgot to mention the rest of them even though it was the twins that did me in....

Opps!! The woman's name is Monica at Dr J office...

Opps!! The woman's name is Monica at Dr J office that I spoke with.
You had your consult in October and he cannot do the surgery till March? That seems like a long ways out...
I started a new job just before my consult so I chose to have my sx then to give myself some time on the job. In addition to my children are on spring break around that time and it works for me...
Oh ok that makes sense. I was getting nervous because I thought they were going to make me wait awhile after my consult for the operation. I am already having to wait 6 months for my consult which gives me time to get prepared...

So I had surgery a year and a half ago to remove a...

So I had surgery a year and a half ago to remove a nodule from my abdominal wall. It was located near my c-section scar and started out about the size of a pea. I was told it was old scar tissue until it grew the size of a golf ball. I had a biopsy done and it turned out to be a rare case of endometriosis caused by the c-section. Sad to say it's back! I talked to Dr J about it and he suggested I have it reexamined to make sure its been completely removed so there wouldn't be any surprises during surgery.

Well I did yesterday and the Dr I saw specializes in removal of soft tissue masses and wants to completely remove the harden area he felt and then do a biopsy. He said he wants to take the area out to make sure all is well and any good Dr would because they wouldn't want it to spread during sx. He told me the medical term for spreading but I don't remember. The Dr was also concerned at the fact of it coming back and continually asked was I told it was benign. I was, thank God for that. So I signed the release form to have my records sent to the new MD to get this sx and biopsy done.

I'm not nervous at all. I just hate that I have to go through this again. And puzzled at the fact of me not having endometriosis anywhere else so why is it on my abdomen? I did have my sister was there with me and was asking more questions than I was. I love her and truly thank her for her support.

The sx will take an hour to do under general anesthesia and I can go home the same day. I have to go to a follow up appt. before the procedure is done for insurance purposes which is Dec. 14th. Then I have the choice of getting it removed before or after Christmas. I'm thinking of going before, I like to get things done and out of the way.

Well ladies that's what has been going on with me. How have you all been?
I hate delays.....It sounds like the are being cautious and going about it the right way.... This may give you time to settle on your PS and other avenues....
Yeah I 'm being cautious cause endometriosis is painful and to have it spread would be a nightmare. I still want Dr J to be my PS but if it'll be best to have my TT locally and postpone my BBL then that's what I'll do.
Wow, sorry to hear about that. Will u have to postpone ur surgery with Dr. J?

Merry Christmas BBL and TT Fam!!! Hope everyone...

Merry Christmas BBL and TT Fam!!! Hope everyone is having a great time their loved ones!!
Merry Christmas to you too!!!

Well, I had a ct scan on the 5th and the Dr said...

Well, I had a ct scan on the 5th and the Dr said the tumor growing on my abdomen appears to be benign. I'm scheduled to have it removed on Feb. 15th. and he'll study it some more to see exactly what it is. I want to get this over with as quickly as possible. I guess I'm rushing to get this over with cause I'm scheduled for my TT and BBl in march. It's looking like I may have to postpone everything until I get my results and both Dr's approved me to go forward with getting my body repaired. Feeling kind of down about that but my health is more important.

I hope everyone is enjoying the New year so far and for some of you the "New You" as well. I'll keep yall posted.
Glad to hear it is benign. I will keep you in my prayers as well.
Thx Mogirl I need every prayer.
I'll keep u in my prayers. Hope all is well.
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I haven't completely finished my process to answer everything honestly yet so far I love the Dr I've chosen.

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