12 weeks post op pics

Ok I have a little more than 2 weeks before I get...

Ok I have a little more than 2 weeks before I get this surgery over with. I have been wanting to do it for a while but then changed my mind years ago but become determined with the decision to do it after having my fourth baby. I am anxious, excited, and onervous bit I am so ready for a flat tummy, its been too long since I've had one.

I had my pre op today and it well. All the...

I had my pre op today and it well. All the aftercare sounds a bit overwelming but i am praying its not as bad as it sounds. 2 weeks left to go!

I have 9 more days left. I'm really ready to get...

I have 9 more days left. I'm really ready to get it over with. I was wondering, I know your stomach looks flatter even with the swelling but can someone tell that you are wearing a compression garment under your clothes? Does your stomach appear smaller or larger with the garment on?

I have 5 more days to wait now. I cant believe the...

I have 5 more days to wait now. I cant believe the time is here already. I'm getting anxious and I am so ready to start the healing process. I will keep you all informed!!

It is the night before my surgery and I am...

It is the night before my surgery and I am wondering if I will get any sleep tonight. I have been up doing things all day trying to get prepared. I am beyond exhausted but I figure I am sure that I will get plenty of rest in the week to come. I have been cuddling with my baby, 1 year old, all day. I am so going to miss picking her up for a while and she is not going to accept it too well. My husband is taking off a week to help so I hope this is enough time and pray that I am feeling like doing alot of things on my own by the following week. I have read this pre-op and post-op paperwork over and over again, I think I will have it memorized soon, LOL.. I think I am going to hate having the drains that most and I hope they wont have to stay in beyond a week. I have read many posts on here and there is different reviews on what each lady feels after there surgery. Some ladies say that it is the worse pain ever and some ladies say that there is no major pain and only soreness. I guess I will be able to see on my own in less than 24 hours.

I have been home from surgery for about 10 hours...

I have been home from surgery for about 10 hours now. I hate to say it but I feel horrible. This feeling of nausea will not go away. I have taken the medicine, ate crackers, and tried ginger ale. I did throw up one and it hurt sooooo bad, I felt like my stomach was coming apart. I am praying I wont throw up again but I do feel like I have to. Does anyone know of a good relief for this or had any past experience?

I found out I was so nauseus and throwing up was...

I found out I was so nauseus and throwing up was because I hadnt ate anything and I had so much medicine on my stomach. Since I wasnt able to eat crackers or soup my PS told me to drink ensure. I have done this now the sick feeling is not so bad. Now i am thinking back on the two times I throwed up bc my PS did say that my sutures on the inside muscle repair can come apart. I wish I had known to hold my stomach really tight at the time. I am still really sore but I will try and walk more today. I feel so handicapped.

Day 3 post op. Im on my way to the PS bc my...

Day 3 post op. Im on my way to the PS bc my draining tubes have me a little concerned. Yesterday one kept filling with a lot of clots then after that they didnt drain anymore. I thought it was a little strange to stop draining so soon.

My nurse noticed the clotting in my drains. She...

My nurse noticed the clotting in my drains. She told me to continue the shots since they are blood thinners. She said not to worry if the fluid stays in my stomach instead of coming in my drains bc they can get it out. I hope that doesnt happen bc I already feel so swollen and bloated.I hate to complain but I feel miserable. I dont want to discourage anyone but I have a low tolerance for pain plus the nausea has started back and not mention so much indegestion. I know it will get better. I will post pictures later today.

Ok so I know everyone hates their drains. Its only...

Ok so I know everyone hates their drains. Its only been 6 days since I had my surgery and I have stopped draining for 2 days so far so I'm looking forward to getting them removed tomorrow. I wonder what causes some ladies to drain 2 and 3 weeks and others just a few days? I still am very much swollen and some areas look bigger than others. I pray that I am one that doesnt stay swollen for months. The pain is more like a soreness at this point. Also, It still hurts to get up. My husband could only take a week off and has to go back to work tomorrow so I will be alone with my 13 month old. I will not pick her up but I have let her climb into my lap while sitting on the couch. I put a pillow in front of my stomach bc she is so active. I will feed her on the go since I cant lift her into her high chair and hopefully before things get to hard my older children will be home from school to help. I will be going back to class Tuesday which I will only be 8 days PO so I hope I can stand up straight by then. Other than those two tasks I will be taking it easy and not going anywhere else or doing anything.

I got my drains removed today and I dont know who...

I got my drains removed today and I dont know who said it didnt hurt bc it hurt me. But it happened fast which is a good thing. I was told the healing goes uphill from here so I will patiently wait on the better days. I have a follow up in 5 weeks and was told most of my swelling should be down by then. I hope so bc I am ready to go shopping and get rid of this big shirts.

8 Days Post Op. I had to go back to class today...

8 Days Post Op. I had to go back to class today and the walk from parking to my class was soooo far. I'm sure I will swell more. I'm feeling better and doing more now. I've uploaded new pics today.

Yesterday I started bleeding from my drain site...

Yesterday I started bleeding from my drain site and continue to bleed throughout the night. I didnt feel this was normal because my drains were removed 2 days prior and I know most people say the site closed immediately. I went to see my PS this morning about the issue. I found out I have developed a hematoma. A hematoma is a collection of blood under the skin, a blood clot. The blood clot begin breaking up and thats why it started coming out from the drain site. The area is bruised and is really hard to touch. I have to massage the area and apply warm compresses to encourage it to continue to drain out. I have to see my PS back in a week to determine if it has drained on its own. If it has not drained on its own then I will have to get the fluid removed with a syringe in the office but if its too much then it will have to be removed by liposuction. Yea yea it sucks but its something that can happen with this type of surgery. My PS said it will not affect my results and that its more of an inconvenience than anything. I am praying that it corrects on its own or that it could be withdrew with a syringe in the office bc I do not want any more lipo. I will keep everyone updated and happy healing to everyone else!!

Hello All! I am 3 weeks post op and I am loving my...

Hello All! I am 3 weeks post op and I am loving my results so far. I would love to see my incision but the steri strips are still on and I was told not to remove them. I am on my way to get a hematoma removed below my belly button above my incision. It has to be liposuctioned out because it is really hard. Other than that, I feel great. I mainly have swelling at night and in the evening. I have posted new pics so you all can see the results so far.

Hello Everyone! I must say this has been quite a...

Hello Everyone! I must say this has been quite a journey but I am really glad that I went through it. I do still have swelling in the evenings and night but other than that I am happy with my results so far. I have begun doing an intense massage of my stomach every night for about 15 min and this has helped alot. All of the hard areas of my stomach are soft now, although I have a little soreness from the massages.I have included a new pics, any questions, please feel free to ask!!

I must say that I am overall happy with my results...

I must say that I am overall happy with my results this far. I admit that there were times I got discouraged with all the swelling but I do realize a tummy tuck is a major surgery and it just takes time to be fully healed. Even though I am back to my normal routine I still know I am not fully healed on the inside and that is the reason for the swelling. I still have numb areas above my incision so I continue to massage the area. Every now and then I get a tingling feeling too but nothing too drastic. I love the fact of being able to put on what I want and not have to worry about looking 3 months pregnant. It's a great feeling!!
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Hi Thanks for your review! How is your tummy now? Did diet and working out make it flatter? I am 3 months post op and feel my upper stomach area has a buldge. I am so freaked out about it because it was flat before now since 2 weeks its not flat :(
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Hi, Just wanted to check in with you.. How are things going with working out/ ab work. I had my surgery in March (7 weeks ago); I started treadmill walking last week but want to amp it up a little - I bought the Hip Hop Abs video to strengthen my muscles more. How are you feeling these days? Do you think ab exercises work?
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Hello. I am still working out like 3-4 days a week. My stomach is better just not as flat as I wanted or expected. Hopefully diet and exercise will do it since the muscles are repaired. At least that's what I've been told. How satisfied are you with your surgery and did you get lipo too?
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Yes, I got lipo of the flanks and back bra roll; no ab lipo. Overall I am happy because my results are better than before surgery.But there are some things that I wish were better . Like my lower abs and fuffiness around the incision. Take a look at the last entry and last 2 pics on my profile and give me your feedback. What type of ab work do you do?
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I think you may still have swelling going on, hopefully. I do sit-ups, crunches, and use the different ab machines at the gym. I was told that overall exercising and muscle toning helps to slim down your stomach too.
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Ok, will be patient and work at it. Thanks!
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Congratulations on your new look! You look GREAT! How are things going as you continue to heal? I am scheduled for a TT with Dr. Jimerson on March 8th. Did you have any lipo done? Abdominal area?
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I did get lipo of just the stomach area. I do still get swelling Even though its been 4 months. My results are better than my stomach was before but it's not as flat as I wanted or expected. I am working out now about 4 times a week strengthening my stomach muscles since Dr.Jimerson recommended this. Your day is coming soon, good luck with everything...
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U look great Hun what type of garment did/do u wear? My TT and BR/BL is in a few weeks. How was everything overall... Dr j, post op, etc.... Inbox me if u can
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You look wonderful!!
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how do you massage your stomach can you tell me
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I massage in small circular motions with medium pressure.
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you look great congrats. happy healing
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Thank you
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You look amazing-congrats!
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Thank you!
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Your results are great!!!!
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excellent results xx
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You looking good girl!!
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I had my 2 week post op yesterday. They took out my staples so I no longer feel like I am being poked anymore. The incision looks great and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was so scared to have the TT and the drains. I didn't even know they took the drains out! I had some juvederm ultra injected into my deep lines around my mouth and fainted. I am so happy with the results though. I have a little bruising from the injections which I hope goes away soon. I love my new tummy!
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Congratulations! I am glad you love your new tummy! I love mine too even with the swelling bc its still so much better thsn before. I will look for your new pics.
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WOW!! You look great! How are you feeling?
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It looks as if your doctor did a GREAT job! you really look good. I really appreciate how low he was able to get your scar!! Money well spent!!!
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I love how low my scar is too. Thank you!!
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I have been very sick to my stomach. I think it is the antibiotic (keflex) because it happened again today when I took it. I don't have to take any more though. Last night I started to vomit and held my stomach but I still feel like I ripped something. Fortunately it was just one quick incident. I'm going to call my surgeon and let him know.
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