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I paid cash in full and was able to get an...

I paid cash in full and was able to get an appointment just a month away. I could have gotten a sooner appointment , but I need more time to prepare. I decided to get fat grafting to the hips only. Judging by the reviews, not many people opt for hips only.I may be starting a new trend. lol. I decided not to get my butt done because I didnt like the idea of not being able to sit for weeks. I'm happy with the lil butt I already have. Im so excited and Im looking forward to the procedure. I'll post before and after pics when I'm done. Wish me luck!

3 weeks to go

I went to the dr yesterday for my medical clearance. I ll have to pay about $400 out of pocket for that visit because of my high deductible. Ugh!! My results shoulf be back in a few days. Heres a before pic.

Another before pic

Cant wait till these hips are filled in.

Getting closer

I got my results back from my Dr. visit. I'm cleared for surgery...It took several attempts to fax my results to Dr Jimerson office, but today they finally confirmed that they received everything they needed. 2 more weeks to go!!

One more week!

I hope most of the fat stays. Im getting a little worried after reading some fat grafting reviews. :(

The day has finally come

September 13th is finally here. I woke up this morning a little nervous and anxious but I'll be alright. I'm his first patient today, my appointment is @ 7:30am , but I have to be there @ 6:45. So I'm on my way now! Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me please. Much luv!!

2 day post surgery

Its been 2 days post surgery and I dont feel bad at all. I didnt get sick at the stomach, thank God. Im sore, but not in alot of pain. When i first looked at my hips, i wasnt so crazy about them, they looked too wide. For some reason, they dont look as wide today. I didnt want a dramatic difference, just a lil more curvy. I think i achieved the look I was hoping for. I took the tape off today and took my first shower. I got a little dizzy but it didnt last long. Im still swollen in my inner thighs and stomach. I really dont feel much pain in my hips at all. So far, so good. I ll post more pics later. 800 cc removed and 235 in each hip

3 day post op

After pic

3week post

Haven't lost much volume. My hips about 43 (42 3/4) I'm a little wider from the front than id like, and my butt looks wider too. But still much improvement than before.

Week 5

Hips are just right for my frame. Satisfied!

8 weeks

8 week pic

New pic

Almost 3 months post

Still holding strong

4 month post

Gym pic

4 month post

Gym pic

Updated pic

Still happy.
Measurements are 36 29 42 1/2. Im trying to lose inches around my waist. My goal waist is 27 inches.

Before and after

Another before and after pic. Move curvy in the pic on the right.

My pre-op pic and now

Another side by side comparison.

6 months post

On this pic you can see the incisions on my hip. I have the same on the other hip. Looks likes 3 little dots on both sides.



In a dress

Another pic in a dress

Beach pic

Still loving my results


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You really look great. I just contacted his offices as of Friday and I was informed that it will cost me $7700 for just my hips. That is crazy. I have been looking around for someone to do just my hips and yes I want the best. But $7700 is a little much. I am so glad that I found someone that went to him as well as enjoyed his work.
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You look great!!!! His work is the best I have ever seen
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I agree, he is good at what he does. And thank u. :)
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Thanks for keeping your page updated. I actually scheduled my surgery today for Sept 2014!! I was reading the previous post (perdyone) and I was told I wouldn't get in until nov/ dec ( i paid n cash)but just got a call and was offered an earlier surgery dates including this month. They had a shortage of ivs, but just got more in this week , so I wouldn't lose hope! But thanks again trillgirl for all the pics and info... But now I done got a little nervous! But he seems to be really good so it should be ok. :)
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So I was told a few days ago the wait for my bbl was 9 months to a year and I offered to pay cash up front. Totally discouraged me n I started looking for other docs... very surprised to hear that it only took you a month tonget an appointment ... huuum
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Yeah. Thats crazy. I was able to get an appointment fast. Maybe their backed up or something. Sorry. I know how it is when you're ready to get it done. I hope something changes for ya. Cause i think Dr.jimerson is great at what he does. And i think u would love ur results. Please Let me know how it goes. :).
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Thanks for responding.. I totally agree based on ur pics and others he is awesome.. so far haven't found better.. Im thinking I will still do fast track.. Its just im off work for 6 months for the first time in forever I guess I didnt anticipate when I was ready Id have to wait.. dont know what I was thinking lol.. I seriously want it by him only tho.. tnx ;)
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WOW great job, all this time i was thinking okay i want a BBL done, but once i saw your story/review i want a fat transfer to my hips. im 5'10 slim, with no hips, ive been gaining weight i would love a bigger butt but realistically some hips and a smaller waist would be just perfect.. THANK YOU!
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I agree, as long as you dont have a "pancake" , a smaller waist and wider hips is a better look. Xtra Big asses are kinda over rated these days.. :).
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Ur totally starting a new trend girl..great results!! im seeing really good dr in ga. 2weeks away from getting my tummyt...n i think this is next thing id like to have done
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lol. Thanks. Im happy I went through with it. Good luck on your surgery. :).
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you look great
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Where did you get fat transferred from?
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Inner thighs and lower stomach.
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You look great!
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Thank u!!!! :)
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What was your hip measurement before the surgery if you don't mind me asking?
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No problem. But i didnt start measuring until after the surgery. :(.
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You look good, I want the same size hips
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Thank u!!!
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Hey!! Do u have any pictures you can post of your scars on your hips? If so, could you post them if it's not too much trouble. I called Dr. Jimmerson's office last month to schedule my surgery and was told that I had to do another consultation bc it had been 3 months. I have a consultation this month and will probably move forward w scheduling the surgery this time... I'm just really scared but I know I want to do it. I have a cute shape but can't wear the clothes I want to bc I don't have any hips !!! Lol Anyway was just wondering if you could show a picture of your scars... That's one if the main things I'm worried about. But if you don't want to I totally understand .. Just thought i'd ask. Also thank you so much for posting all if this info. Your page is the only one I can go to about fat grafting to the hips by Dr. J :)
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No problem. I just posted a pic and good luck on your surgery. :).
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