Ready for my JCurves! New Date! #April2015 - Suwanee, GA

Hello, all! I am a lurker, just now getting on...

Hello, all!

I am a lurker, just now getting on Real Self! Looking forward to speaking with you ladies!

So, let's get started with a little background, shall we? I'm 23 years old, and a recent college graduate (C/O 2012!!) with two degrees that's on her way to graduate school soon. Ever since my body fully developed, I've struggled with self-esteem issues. I have your "typical Latina shape" (as my mommy calls it, lol); Big boobs, broad shoulders, big hips....NO BUTT!!! -__- Why me. As well, I have hypothyroidism (was hyper- until 2002) and because of that, my weight is dumb and up and down all the time. And it's hard to just LOSE IT!!! And it's always going and coming to my stupid tummy, making me look like a beast.
Every time I look in the mirror I am NOT happy with my body, but especially my butt. I wake up, look, and am depressed. Before I go to bed, I look and am depressed.
One day I woke up and said, okay...ENOUGH OF THIS SH**!!! So I did my research for a BBL. I stumbled upon Dr. Jimerson after seeing his work on Shekinah on T.I. and Tiny's VH1 show. I looked him up and was ecstatic. All of these gorgeous, big-bootied women!! lol
Talked to my mom about it, she supports. Talked to the boo, he was all, "OMG NOOOO YOUR BODY IS PERFECT!" But he always told me, if you aren't happy with you body, CHANGE IT. This is exactly what I'm doing. Now he's fully supportive.
I called and scheduled a consultation for October 2014, and felt disheartened that I'd have to wait so long for my booty. I was quoted 9800 with cash, and 10300 with financing. I prayed that God would show me a solution, and a solution quick. Then, I got an e-mail that they were having webinars for those who are serious about booking their surgeries with Dr. J. I cried in happiness as I booked for a webinar. I spoke to another woman who did a webinar and got her surgery scheduled for early next year!! I'm so excited.
*takes a deep breath* WHEW, that was quite a vent. In any case, I look forward to what the webinar brings, and I will definitely keep you guys updated.

Again, I look forward to speaking with you all! ^_^


Awww boo, I too am suffering from hypothyroid & I feel you on jumping weight, in 1999 I was 30 in the waist & in 2000 I started gaining weight so fast & it now it's just horrible now, I tired of it & been so research on how to bring it back to normal & I found some things. I would do anything to lose this weight, in 99 I went from 180 to 250 now in 2013. I found a regimen & supplements for the hypothyroid bcuz I SO SERIOUS ABOUT LOSING THIS WEIGHT BUT I DON'T IT TO BE A HARD JOURNEY, so I figure to clean out the inside just as well as the outside. Have that dysfunction is HELL, so if you want any info about how to treat it & lose any weight kind of faster then usual, let me know & follow me on my page as I post my weight loss journey on there till it's my turn for DR. J to his magic. I also have high blood pressure & type 2 diabetes along with the hypothyroid, so I'm ready to challenge myself bcuz I had this this thing where I thought couldn't lose any weight knowing in my head imma skinny but not in the mirror & it bring about deep depression bcuz I also feel that I have lost alot of opportunities bcuz of this curse as I call it! Enough is enough, I don't want to die with this weight or conscious & subconscious negative thinking! I wish you the best sweetheart in you journey to Dr. j
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Thank you boo! I'm about to private message you!
Thanks for the love hun and welcome to the family! :) You chose the right doctor! ;) Dr. Jimerson is a genius! Check ur Inbox :)
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Just some wish pics

This is a patient he already worked on, Grrrrr, I have her IG name, I wish I knew her RealSelf name. X___X


Good luck, girl! I was going to go with Jimerson too but I'm too damn impatient. I spoke with them a few days ago and they told me I couldn't get a consult (even over the phone/e-mail) until March 2015. So I'm going with Dr. Salama in Florida. I have the same thing going on with me...hips, breasts, shoulders, no ass. Lol. Wish you the best!!!
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Ohhhh noooo, if you still are kinda interested, you should sign up for the Webinar! My original consultation date was October 2014, but I did the webinar yesterday and got a call back today; they can put me on the table next May! But YAAY! Salama is an amazing doctor as well; we are about to be some curvy beauties! Haha!
Good luck... I think you will look great after «jimmerson is the best
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Webinar was informative

Hello, my darlings!

Okay, so I had my webinar yesterday. It was only 20 minutes long, and they talked about the procedure, costs and etc. and they also showed a video of the procedure. I'm weird, ya'll; I like to see what's going on. So I watch videos like that and LASIK videos lol. But after, you take a survey and say if you are interested in booking. Sarah, the webinar host, also sent an email asking the best date/time to contact you.
I got a call today, and actually just got off the phone with patient coordinator Michelle, who is hilarious and awesome! She was really sweet and informed me that she had the procedure done and loves it, and doesn't regret anything. She gave me some quick tips and answered all of my questions well. I told her I will be paying my deposit on Friday, and she said just call back and we'll go through how much the total is and whatnot.
I'm ready for Dr. J to do his magic and get me on that surgery table. I'm glad I can get in on the month that I was hoping. (June 2014)
I think it won't hit me until I actually make the deposit that this is actually happening, but part of me is like, "Hooooly shit, this is happening...!" ^_^
I'm about to compile a small list of questions to ask on Friday; I feel like there are some things I missed when I talked to Miss Michelle. lol. What were some of the questions you ladies asked?


Are you getting a BBL or butt implants?
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Girl BBL for sure! I got too much fat that can be put to good use lol
Omg I have the same body shape -_-..ugh...when are you doing your surgury? I am always made fun of for having no ass and well I want that ass so I can look good in whatever I wear :P. Good luck girl
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Booked my date!

So I'm officially freaking out. I booked my surgery date today! Sarah was really amazing in helping me get booked up; she is a doll and her voice is adorable! ^_^ Shout-out to sarahatdrjcurves!!
I'm getting the BBL, fat transfer to the hips, and my bra roll lipo'd. She didn't suggest any weight loss, but I'm going to lose at least 20 pounds to get the look I want.
I'm booked for May 19, 2014, and my mom is booked for her surgery May 9, 2014. I'm starting to think we may need to hire a nurse because our surgeries are so close to one another. O_O What do you guys think? Should we, or will we be alright?
I'm kind of freaking out because it's officially real. In less than a year, I'll have a banging new body!
I have to start getting my shit together. ;-)
Who else is going to be a May 2014 J Curves lady? Let's link! ^_^

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Wait, I really have to say this....

Sarah is such a sweetheart! >_< So far, I've spoken to her and Michelle, and they are both amazing. These ladies know how to make a conversation rather than keep it all about money and business. Michelle had me rolling when I talked to her last week, and today Sarah was really professional and sweet and encouraging. I give my hats to Dr. Jimerson's Patient coordinating team so far!


I posted new pics girl!! I'm 6 weeks post o hope your healing is doing well!
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Hey hun I'll be following your story! Will you be posting pre op pics?
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Thank you boo! And yeah once I take some without being all naked....I need to find the time lol

Weight Loss Biiiiih.

Okay, ladies. I wanted to share a tip about weight loss! There are a series of books called "EAT THIS, NOT THAT!" and "COOK THIS, NOT THAT!"
They are AMAZING! I lost 6 pounds, just changing the choices I make when cooking, at restaurants and fast food chains. They are a little expensive, but to be honest you can find them used for like 3 bucks on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Has anyone tried corset training? I heard good things!
Any other weight loss advice is welcomed!

Not only have I been trying to lose weight for surgery but I'm trying to lose inches as I can before a convention I'm going to at the end of September!

Wish me luck!!!

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Finally met the Man

So last weekend, I attended For Sisters Only 2014 in my hometown Atlanta. FSO is an event for women of ALL races, featuring vendors for and by women, and performances from hit artists that women love. I am very happy to have finally met the people who are making my new body possible!
I met Michelle. She is my mom's patient coordinator. She is hilarious and too sweet. She made me and my mom crack up and made us even more excited for our surgeries.
I also met Shelly, who's booty looks FABULOUS in person! I was like, YES LAWD!
I met Geta, who is the nurse of Dr. J. She was a sweetheart too and answered our medical questions with great ease. She also assured us that she is RN certified, so we don't have to worry.
I met Sarah, my fabulous patient coordinator!!! She is a doll. I love her so much and I'm so glad she's my PC. ^_^ We shared our excitement about our surgeries (Hers is in March, mine in May) and had a good little talk!
And of course, I met the man...THE MAN! Dr. Jimerson himself. I was a little nervous because I've read that he's not personable. Guys, take that ish with a grain of salt. lol, he was very nice and made me and my mom laugh! He is a very decent man!! A gentleman as well. He informed us that he just did a Mother Daughter surgery. I told him he'll have his hands full with me and my Mommy because we are a chore. lol, he said he will take good care of us and make us feel super sexy. Then he offered to take a picture with us!
I also asked him---since no one ever gave me a weight loss goal---how much to lose. He told me to at least lose 50, so I can achieve that hourglass, BAOW look I'm looking for. I showed him some wish pictures I had in my phone, and he said they were definitely doable, and to go ahead and start losing the weight. I told him bringing myself down to 175 might make me a stick, but I will do it!! I told him to give my a BOOM BADONK-DONK, and he laughed and said, "I gotcha. See you two ladies in May!"
Finally meeting him and having him kinda look at me made me even more excited and I cannot wait.

Any other ladies having surgery with Dr. J in May? I would love to meet you all and go out to lunch when you get to Atlanta! ^_^


Hey Girly, Wanna KIT? I Am Trying To Schedule For midMay13 Like You. My Consult Is Oct 7th
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Yes ma'am! PM me your number!
Hi Ecu! See i told u so! Great news! Im excited for you! You'll be just fine dropping the desired weight dr j reccomended! U have a great foundation! Tell your mom i sd u go girl ....she is too cute!
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More wishies and weight loss.

More wishies! Bada-boom!

So I'm down almost 10 pounds and down about an inch and a half. THANK GOD!!!! Those with hypothyroidism, PLEASE don't think it's impossible!!! I used to think so until this loss of weight!!! From 244 to 235 so far! Trying to get down to at least 190 before surgery. (I was around 190 as a freshman in high school and I was a little stick thing with big boobs LOL)

I started the HCG diet, but I don't follow the written protocol. I eat smaller portions, eliminate bread and sugar out of my diet, drink green tea every morning and do a 20-minute walk and the Expert level Kickboxing on WiiFit. I also try to get at least 4 20 oz. bottles of water every day. Occasionally, I wear a training corset.

Ummm, that's it....I really just came on to do this. lol

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Pressed Submit too quickly...AUGH

Okay, pressed enter too quickly and have no damn idea how to delete posts. So yeah....PIC TIME!


You go girly! That's the way to do it! Ee must prepare our bodies b4 or sx n order to have a great recovery! I didnt have pain just swelling and discomfort! So proud of you! I knw ur excited?
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Yes I am!!!! I love yours uuuugh you're glorious!!!!!
Thanks if that was directed to me ...kristy is a mgr on here she can assist u!

Reaching out to my RS Sistas....

So I want to finance half of the procedure, but I don't want my price to go up so I'm thinking of doing a personal loan for half (5000-5500) Keep in mind that I'm a recent college graduate with student loans, uuuugh. O_O Can you ladies help me with your experiences in finding a good personal loan for someone with "Ehhh" credit?
ANY and ALL input is appreciated!


Yeah boo I'm trying to build a weightloss team for those who wants to lose weight for better sx results or just want to overall. It's call TEAM DREAM CHASERS bcuz we are chasing our dreams & going to see Dr. J or another doctor is one of them! I Just want encourage ladies who wants to commit to making some chances for themselves. I have some fast weightloss tricks & exercises that I been using that can help, plus I have updated my page so go there & contact me if you ladies are interested & really ready to commit to yourself & yes we can wait til after the holiday! Message me loves!
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Dr j will do great work with u. Just continue to loose weight n ull be all right
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Thank you! Yes, that's what I'm doing, watching what goes into my body. I haven't had fast food in two months, which is amaaaziiiing feeling. lol


Okay, so remember a while ago, I said did the HCG diet? Well, I lost 13 pounds off of it. (YAY!) So I have a good 20-30 more to go. But now it's all stalled, number-wise. Like, my pants are lose as hell, older clothes fit, my measurements reflect change, but that number is stoic.
I had a friend and fellow PS Sister tell me that I need to just toss my scale. That number will mess your head up. And I believe it now. I'm seeing my body slim up and change, but the scale is so stoic around the same number. -___- UGH. I'm tossing it. Seriously ladies. Pay attention to your body changes. The damn scale will mess your head up...
In any case, I laid off Fast Food, I juice stuff (drink fresh juice and green juices) and I Zumba it up and Dance Central it up. lol, I'm a dancer. Dancing gives me life, and apparently likes me too. LOL.
Any other weight loss tips ladies?

P.S. The hunt for a surgery loan is still on....I'm determined and NOT giving up! ;-) May is just around the corner and I know the funds will come to me!!
P.P.S. So I've been meaning to make a payment to the office. Do I just call my PC to make a payment or can I talk to anyone? I'd love your advice my fellow JCurve ladies.


Hope your keeping up the work with your weight loss ,looking forward to following your journey #FutureJimersonDoll
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Wow!!! Another 13lbs you go girl! I did everything w my PC! Keep up the great job!
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Thank you Sexeeangel!!! Yep, I'll just call Sarah!

Feeling Discouraged...=(

Hello RS Sistas,

So today I'm feeling really discouraged. 4 months before my surgery. Weight loss is not an issue, that has been going VERY issue is FUNDS AND FINANCE. I can't get a loan to save the life of me. With student loans under my belt, it's making it damn near for me to finance my procedure. I just need HALF!!! THAT'S ALL I NEED and I'll be good....*sighs* =( I'm just feeling really sad, flustered and irritated because I'm at my wits end. I don't know where to turn right now, so I'm looking to you guys as my guidance....


I know exactly how you feel becz i met the entire staff, drj always went above and beyond to answer all of ny questions and concerns, he and my consultant always rtnd my calls, dtj was rt there for me caring for my girlfriend in time of crisis but whn they change the financing policy mid stream that threw me under the bus! All i can say is have a good cry and your favorite glass of wine and put ur big gurl panties on and choose another physician but do call him explaining your chnge of plans! Do stress too hard ok cause u deserve to feel beautiful no matter who you choose to go with! Just don't choose to soon! Go to meet the PS n person! Its so worth it! Sending a pic will never give u the knowledge if that PS is a conservative PS or not.....that one on one consultation is so IMPORTANT! lol take it frm me kiddo! Also i c ur at 11,900 can u take off something so that u wont loose any invested payments you've made? Or find out if he is running any specials? Then yoy can bring it dwn to ten k and u come up w five g's and finance other five? Gurl i do understand ....its hard cause he is so awesome! In meantime dr. Fisher, dr. Cardenas(Mexico ) is great and they are rt at 5,000!!! They are not conservative at all! Good luck bby girl! Xoxoxo!
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Typo ... my, dont stress....
Hey lady! Thank you! And I am, slowly but surely peeling off. A little more difficult because with hypothyroidism it's easy to gain but DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to lose, lol. But inches are being lost!

This needs to be said....

I'm SO TIRED of the negativity surrounding this procedure. Everyone feels the need to make unnnecessary comments like, "Oh, well thank God my mom blessed me with a NATURAL booty." or "Why waste your money? Just do squats!"

First of all, not all of us were blessed with a booty. That's just how life is. I was always told if you don't like something about yourself, CHANGE IT! I hate my butt, so I'm changing it!
Second of all, a lot of us tried alternatives like squats and etc. Squats never works for me! They make my leg muscles nice, but NEVER did anything to my butt. Even when I was teeny from braces and anorexia, I just always had a flat butt. For me personally, this surgery was always my last resort and HERE I AM! Who are you to tell me where my money can go and what's considered a "waste"? If you don't want to pay for it, no problem. But it's MY money and I'm a GROWN AHH woman. LOL

I low-key feel like the people that make these comments are low-key hating. As women we should uplift each other no matter what, not tear them down and do unnecessary ish. That woman is happy, and beautiful and so proud of her surgery, WHO ARE YOU to make these comments? Momma always said, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. The fact that you wasted your energy to say negativity says a lot about your character and also says a lot about how you really feel; the hate is pouring out those pores, baby.

In the meantime, I am EXCITED for my surgery. Though I'm having some hurdles, IT WILL HAPPEN and I WILL BE GLORIOUS, and I'M READY for the negativity! While you'll be spewing those negative comments this way, your man will be liking my Instagram pics and following me around the club. ;-D *three snaps and a hair flip*

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Pre-Op Pics

As much as I don't wanna upload I feel like I owe it to you all to upload this horrendous-ness. =P lol Don't be scared, it's that bad....


First and foremost, forget wat these bum b****es hve to say. If u wanna change something that u dnt like, then do so. Ppl spend money on materialistic crap all the time, cars, clothes, etc....y not take your hard earned money and fix your body that u will hve for the rest of your life??? Your rite, most of those hoez slick hatin cause they aint got the money to spend to make their horrific bodies better! So wtbs, if u get anymore dumb unwanted comments, tell them hoez to kick rocks with no shoes on and keep it movin
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Girl, they are acting up. Like THEY make my money. Like, girl bye. I feel some hate fuming out of your pores, lol. They're just not ready for the trouble we're gong to cause. ;-)
LMAO and u kno it! They aint talkin about nun..

Sad News Today....

Today, I made the hard decision of pushing my surgery back. Not only have I not lost all the weight I'd like to lose, I simply cannot find a loan to come up with the rest of my money. =(
I e-mailed my PC Sarah and found out Dr. J is booked til July of 2015. This simply broke my heart and I am devastated, but I have to do what I have to do. This gives me time to get the cash up, and get the weight down. I'm trying to get to the point where he has to tell me to gain back more weight. LOL.
I try to look at the bright side. The universe is telling me, if you're going to spend all this money, you'll be mad if you went this May because you won't get the look you want. And I'm content with that.
It just hurts that I have to wait for something that I was actually doing for MYSELF. I'm a very selfless person, and in the 24 years of my life, this is the first thing I'm doing STRICTLY for myself. This truly hurts my heart.
But I gotta do what I gotta do. *sigh*

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So I called today and spoke to my awesome Patient Coordinator, Sarah. I love speaking to her because she has such an aura about her that is sweet and comforting, haha. She definitely understood my sadness in having to rechedule, but she checked her books and saw she had something early next year! I felt my heart swell with joy because I was devastated to have to wait til July, and on top of that, I have grad school in early August so it's not convenient especially since I commute to school.
So my NEW date is April 2nd, 2015 at 9:30am! I believe I may be either the second or third.
I thank GOD for this, because everyone told me a solution will follow and there is a reason this happened. I thank Sarah for checking into it, she is truly an asset to the Dr. J staff. ^_^
So now it's just more weight loss, more money-saving, and taking care of my mommy because her surgery is in May of this year!!


Wow,I love your story sis."low key hating" is now my new saying :-) Im in 2015 also :-) Good luck sis!!! And congratulations on your degrees and accomplishments,you deserve a reward for all that hardwork.
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See girly everything worked out for its good! U are going to be just fine....thought i forgot abt u huh? Nope i have been working nights...hate it!!! Dont stress on not loosing your projected goal u still will be fine as long as you come w/in 10 lbs of ur goal! U have plenty of time! Enjoy ur journey you deserve it!
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Hey babycakes! Thank you, and ewww nightshift, I know you're like, "UUUUGH!" Haha, thank you so much, I love you so much you're so sweet and supportive. I'm working on it hunny, watch April 2015 comes super fast! SMH lol

My mommy's pre-op!

So I'm up early and about to hit the highway to accompany my mom for her Pre-Op with Dr. J! I'm so excited for her! Time is flying and her surgery is around the corner! I'll update when I get to the office!

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One time for APSS!

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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