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Hello Ladies, I am so excited to join in on all...

Hello Ladies, I am so excited to join in on all the transformations and good advice. I have so many questions and hope you will be able to assist me. My preop is the day before my surgery, so I'm not sure of what I'll need. Please get me on track because I have less than two weeks to prepare. I literally received my appointment after paying cash to get on the VIP waiting list. So please let me know what I need to order and get. What hotels treat you nicely.

im scheduled to c dr. j exactly 3 months after ur date! #teamjimerson 5/21
welcome! bootiebeauty78 is a jimerson vet who has an amazingly detailed review.. congrats on ur date! cant wait to c ur pre op photos!
Thanks! Pics coming soon! I'm excited and feel a little rushed also. I need to gain 10 pounds, after losing 40 pounds! Are you excited Bklyn beauty?

Hello. I hope all is well! Is anyone having...

Hello. I hope all is well! Is anyone having surgery with Team Jimerson in February? Also, are there any suggestions on what I will need to bring?
can't wait to see your results!
Can someone tell me if I can post pics from my iphone?
You can if you have an iPhone 5

Hi Ladies. So my sx. is scheduled for Thursday,...

Hi Ladies. So my sx. is scheduled for Thursday, with my preop on tomorrow. I have had all kind of crazy thoughts in my head. I have been keeping myself busy by doing what I do! I am sitting in bed now looking at all my postop supplies and comforts. I have 2 children so I have been busy trying to get them in order while I'm away. Ok, so I have had periods of extreme anxiety. My appointment was given to me quickly, so I have had to prepare myself mentally fast. My boyfriend is some timey! Some times he acts as if he is with this sx. and sometimes not! He told me tonight, he is not going to be able to come down til Friday night. So I will have one of my supportive besties accompany me! I have a couple of friends that think this is such a waste of money and is not a good example for my 12 year old daughter. It really hurts my feelings because I believe a friend should give their opinion and still be able to support without making you feel like you have issues! She is saying things to me, like who will take care of my babies if I DIE! JUST DO IT THE HARD WAY WITH EXERCISE AND DIETING! So all of that negativity have had me unable to sleep well and have me worrying like crazy. Not to mention thoughts of deformaties and people not being able to tell a difference. I have so much faith in Dr. J and even though my sx. was scheduled pretty fast after my consult, I have been wanting a big butt and a small waist for years! Anyways, I'm a stop ranting! On the other other positive side, which is where I am as a person 98% of the time is super excited! I have seen some amazing results! I am super excited and hope that all my RS Sisters will be in prayer for me as I embark on my body contouring transformation! I have recently lost about 40 pounds so I am definately going to have to tighten up some loose skin, which will require some hard work! I was told to gain 10 lbs, but I only was able to gain 5. I have seen many women smaller than me, who have made some amazing transformations. I am hoping for 850-900cc in buttocks, 200-250 in the hips, and a small waist line. Wish me luck and prayers, I will chat with you ladies soon...............
Girl when it is our time it is our time. Your friend is concerned (or hating. I don't know her)and is having a hard time expressing it. Let that go, get your mind right for your transformation! Good luck!
Girl!! Reevaluate those "friendships" friends don't tell you things like that before thinking of your feelings. & like you said, if they felt the need to share their opinion that much, they could have shared and still supported you. Sounds like it could be a tad but of jealousy. Don't allow anyone to make you feel bad abt your decision. Bad example for your daughter? Ask your friend did she pay for it. I'm sure the answer is no, so her opinion/ commebt is truly irrelevant. Keep your head up & stay positive!! Best wishes boo
Thanks Pretty Physique! I did tell her that it hurt my feelings that she was not supportive. I'm a get my mind right, but dang on it, I can't sleep. I keep sticking stuff in my bag. I am excited and nervous at the same time....thanks and keep me in prayer!

I am super excited and a little scared. Just made...

I am super excited and a little scared. Just made up my bed with my liner and chux pads. About to take my drugs and shower and head to the best surgeon ever.....Dr. J. I slept peacefully, now I ask that God be in control of my transformation through his man servant Dr. J. In Jesus's spoken and if we touch on the subject and agree its done! Well my RS sisters I will see you on the other side......Muah!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Mz. LookbaCkAtiT! I just wanted to let you know that I apologize for having to clown this child on your page. I don't indulge in mess, but when something is directed towards me and basically questioning my faith, it becomes an issue. So again, my apology. I hope you are healing well & enjoying that body that Miss SoGorg thinks is ungodly! Smh happy healing boo
It's all good lady! Everyone has an opinion, I just look over people that have strong beliefs as if they are perfect. I put God first in my journey, and was blessed to have my body contoured! Have a good day lady, I'm trying to get some fluid off me!
I hear that! God is always first!! Try a massage if you haven't. It should help with the fluid

Ok, I am so swollen and bruised! I just got on...

Ok, I am so swollen and bruised! I just got on the scale and I'm 20 pounds heavier than before my surgery. I have my postop appt. tomorrow, so hopefully I will get some answers! I have been drinking water and pineapple juice and staying away from salt. I'm super worried! Any suggestions?
So far your results are great doll. You happy with that new sexy booty?
Love your results Mz. LooKbaCkATiT. "Beautiful" just wanted to know over time how do you feel about your results and did you heal well.
I cant wait till have mines done. I have to get up the money first. You look great, happy healing !
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