One year Post op JIMERSON - Suwanee, GA

Hey so I'm having surgery on 2/21, I am so ready...

Hey so I'm having surgery on 2/21, I am so ready to get it done and over with. My original consultation was March 5, but I kept calling and was upset that I couldn't reach anyone and then out the blue Shelly from the office called me and asked me I could come there in the next 5 days which was 2/5/2013. So I drove up there with cash in hand and they were able to give me surgery date right away. Michelle at the office is really nice. Even let me see and touch her butt. lol YAY will update post op. oh yea 5'6 178lbs

BBL 8800
back bra roll 900
hip 1000


Good luck on your journey boo!!
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I'm exited to see how your surgery comes along good luck girl !!!!
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best of luck to u! cant wait to c dr j myself!
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Surgery done sore and tired as hell

Surgery done sore and tired as hell

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Newv pics added

Newv pics added


Jul 17th can't wait!!!
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Girl u lookin good!!! And from the pic it even looks like he did his thang on ur bra roll too.... Are you satisfied thus far?
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Girl so far so good. Yes im happy when r u goi.g

Post op day 2 can't sleep. Very difficult to get...

Post op day 2 can't sleep. Very difficult to get comfortable. I have a high pain tolerance in my head I thought I was going to be up and perky but I'm hurting. My back is the worst maybe because that's where he pulled the most fat from. My lower body feels tight. I'm popping these pills like an addict. Lol I'm sure once the pain go away it will be all worthy.


Looking good girl. I am praying the pain subsides soon.
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Hope u feel better soon! That booty looking good! Congrats!
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Congrats!! Hope your pain eases up soon.
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Post op day 3: pain is definitely getting better,...

Post op day 3: pain is definitely getting better, less dizziness. The part that hurts the most is my lower back where this triangle wedge is. Still hard to bend. I added new pics,


i honestly feel your results appear the most natural of any Jimerson patient so far!!! i would take those in a heart beat
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i love your results so far!
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Thanks for all the positive reviews you all will...

Thanks for all the positive reviews you all will be tired of my ass here is more pictures! lol


Just saw your new pics, you wearing that Miss Lady! It must feel SO GOOD to put that thong on and see yourself with your new curvy silhouette! And it looks like your healing is progressing very nicely
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so you live about the same distance as me. it takes about three and a half to get to atlanta from nashville. im just scared that i will get home and something goes wrong or the drain falls out..where did you stay when you were in atlanta?

Post op day 7. i went to follow up today. i had...

post op day 7. i went to follow up today. i had a seroma in my stomach the nurse stuck a huge needle and drew the fluid out of my stomach. i didnt really hurt because that area is so numb. she said i need more lymphatic massage but the fluid is likely to come back. good thing i am a nurse because i will have my nurse friend do it. i found out all my pain was from the garment. when the garmentg is off i have no pain. Im a size 12 but it seem like they squeeze you in a size 2. The said XXL. I felt nausea and reflux with it i couldnt sleep. the nurse said i would wear a corset garment since i didnt have lipo to thighs, but michelle and shelly said i had to where the post surgery garment. IDK. so i went to mall a store leonisa has surgical garments and i bought one that was like one peice swimsuit. it is soooo much better. it is tight for the compression i need but i can breath. still a little sore but hopefully it will be all worth it.

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Oh yea at the follow up today they said that even...

oh yea at the follow up today they said that even if you follow rules that i will still loose some volume. I really cant afford to loose any volume because it is perfect for my body. I feel that at inital consultation they should tell you somewhat on your results will be instead of having you bring wish pictures. Everyone wish pictures are pretty much the same. They should just tell you that those are not realistic expectations. I like my results now but I was a little shocked after surgery because I thought I was goint to have this show stopping ASS.


Before joining RS I stalked the site reading through the Q&A's and the majority of PS agreed that your body will naturally reabsorb the fat. A small %, however. Most reviews talked about their booty growing after a few weeks. The Fluffing Fairy has yet to visit you. I'm still loving your results!!
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thank you im definetly happy as you see where i was before. lol i just heard of bbl in January so i didnt do alot of research. I just thought i was go have a pinky booty. lol
LOL! During my consult I talked about my desired hips/waist/projection/fullness. I certainly hope he's not having an off day on the day I am scheduled because if I walk away with a goofy looking booty we are going to have a problem. LOL.

Ok take back my last post. I do have a show...

ok take back my last post. I do have a show stoping ass. everywhere i go people been on it. I tell my husband i cant help i got a big butt! he just shakes his head And laugh. today is post op day 10 the first day i felt good no dizziness or pain. I even went to church. I stood in the back so I would save my bums. Its my mother church so nobody going to say anything. lol JK. My sister saw my back and she felt as she had to grab she said it was HUGE almost TOO big . I guess pic showing justice. I do have one concern my right hip has a knot on it and is painful to touch. my other one is fine. Its not cellulitis because it is not red, swollen. Im not sure what it is. but bout to upload pics. goodnight


Girl God is sooo good. Do you remember me sayin just a week ago how I didnt want to stay in atlanta by myself and was going back home after sx??? Well my cousin called from orkando yest and said she wa s comin down to stay the whole week with me. So now I dont have to stay in a expensive hotel jist so I can b close to the doctor. She can drive me to were I need to go.

Thanks everyone for the great feed back. I called...

Thanks everyone for the great feed back. I called the office and they said the knot was just scaR tissue and just massage the area. I have an appt with my Primary doc before I go back to work Wednesday.

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New pics. I need more mirrors cant stop looking at...

New pics. I need more mirrors cant stop looking at my butt. Juicy Juicy


You look great!
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hello did dr js office give you the first garment with the butt out?
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one year post op

Loving it as you can see from before I retained most of my graft. I want round two but my husband and everyone says it will be too big and unnatural. . Idk still thinking. New pic added


Glad your loving your results. Dr J is the bomb. Heading there in 20 days.
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What is the best route to go for financing? My consultation isnt untilApril 2014, I would like to get the ball rolling now. Please help if yiu have any suggestions. Thank you

One year Post Op PICTURES


Your result look very thinking about having the same thing done..but I got to save up the money first.
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Thanks for keeping us updated. Just wondering who did u get your lymphatic massages from in Atl? I'm looking for someone?
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Thanks for keeping us updated a yr post op... Any way you can post a clearer pic? If not I understand
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