On my journey down the yellow brick road to the...

On my journey down the yellow brick road to the land of BOOTAY!!! I feel like it's been a long awaited journey to see the wizard (rotfl). I've been unhappy with that thing back there for quite a while. Now it's time to do something about it. I must go back a little bit to share my experience. I came across Dr. J's name of course by watching Ti & Tiny. But then his name kept coming up everywhere (coincident i think not, I'm a believer in things happen for a reason), then I seen one of my FB friends liked his page I then when to his page liked it myself. Then one day I was listening to the radio and he was talking about the BBL procedure on air. I looked Dr. J up online and that's when I discovered RS and Make Me Heal.
I didn't know that this procedure was so popular all I knew was I didn't have a Bootay and I thought I was ass out. But low and behold there is a way to getting that Bootay. After examining different sites and reading different blogs I finally talked with my husband about the procedure and surprisingly he agreed if it's something I want I should do it. ***From there it was on! My husband talked to his friend about it (I don't know why) and he recommended Dr. J he said his girlfriend used him. I told my husband that's the Dr. I was already looking into. (another push towards Dr. J) In late 2012 I finally got up the nerve to make that call to Dr. J's office and I truly did not believe I was told the next available consultation was January 14, 2014??? WTH??? But i took it... At that point I started looking around at other docs.
Brief description of my Consultations;
I was a little discouraged of the far away consult and then knowing after the consult that actual sx dates at that time were like 9 more months away and moving back farther everyday. At that point I started researching RS again looking into other Drs. I'm from the NYC so being there's usually no place like home I started here. Boy was I wrong... I called a Dr. Shahine. I liked Dr. Shahine pics didn't really get into detail with him but when I called to see if I can
schedule a consult and the young lady tried to pressure me into
coming right at that moment my antennas when up. I refused
stayed home and researched him some more and I can say I'm
glad I didnt waste my time. I also seen Dra. Yily I love her results
she give her clients. Dra. Yily and Dr. J are my top picks but I don't
have enough guts to go out of the U.S. for something like this. I
praise all of you dolls that do. Then I came back home again... I
went on a consult with Dr. Schulman. I didn't go with him because I just didn't feel comfortable and welcome when I arrived. And once I was in consult I felt I had to ask too many questions. (I don't know if he thought I was serious or what.) And then I guess my husband body language didnt help. He was upset because he said they acted as if he wasn't even there. So it was on to the next. I then came across Dr. Okoro. I called for an in-house consult with him in which they charge me $75 when it stated on his RS page that it was a free consult. ( I wasn't feeling this but I booked it anyway) I liked that Dr. Okoro does the Smart-Lipo but when Dr. J started the webinars with $100 for the deposit on a sooner consult it was a wrap. It was like a blessing from the Bootay Wizard! :) So do I have to say I never got a chance to meet Dr. Okoro.

My phone is being really disrespectful right now...

My S3 is not allowing me to post like I want so I'll have to continue my review later.

wish pics

Consultation August 2013

After my webinar I called for an in house consultation. That's when I was hooked up with my patient coordinator Michelle. (During this part of the process I must say I had no problems with getting a return call. Lol!) *Appointments were available within days once I did the webinar* so me and my husband drove to Ga. I had a 3:00pm appt. But I wasn't seen until like 5. It wasn't a problem for me. I was told he was in surgery and that was absolutely fine with me. I would not want him to give anyone a rush job. Yes take your time Dr. J cause I was gonna wait anyway. Lol!
I must say Dr. J & Michelle were both professionals in their fields.
1st Michelle... very experienced on the whole bbl procedure. Being a pt. at one time herself she was able to breakdown everything. I had a list of questions that i didn't even have to use because all my questions was being answered. Her recommendations for my body were on point. I say this cause when Dr. J came in he didn't even speak with Michelle and he had the exact suggestions.
Ok on to Dr. J. First of all I was extremely nervous. (I know crazy right) But he was so pleasant. The consultation went so smoothly. He really gives you your just time. Takes plenty of time to give suggestions on the procedures fit for you, give a detail explanation of the procedures, give you alternatives if you need that will work for you. I didn't get the feel of someone that just do things to your body to get pay. I say this because my husband asked about something and Dr. J stated it wasn't neccessary to do. (Honesty... I love that) the consult was like talking to friends. We laughed, joked, & got the consult done. I left out comfortable with trusting Dr. J performing my procedure. Oh yeah he recommended a TT. (Blame it on the kids. Smh!)
But overall the whole Jimerson staff is very welcoming. They all were very friendly, they don't mine taking pics and they let you touch their booties (those that had the bbl) and they don't mine sharing their experience with you. Oh I almost forgot I paid for my procedure in full at the end of the consult. I didn't realize I was suppose to call my bank in advance to let them know I was making a debit out-of-state/over 10gs. Well do I have to tell you I got that shameful message... DECLINE! I couldn't believe my eyes. Rotfl! But Michelle knew exactly what was going on and she even informed me on what to do. It took a couple of calls to get to the right department, then the identity clearance. I held them up from going home. My point in telling this part is to let you know they were very patient with me. They didn't change the way they were treating me or act like I didn't have the funds and I appreciate that. I walked out paid in full with my January 21, 2014 date (i could have had surgery two weeks from my consult date but jan. works for me) & my yellow envelope!!!! Yeah yah its about to be on!!

Help Needed*

How do I post a profile pic?

September 2013

Started going thru my Anxiety. Really don't have anyone to talk to being that i have'nt share this experience with anyone. Not even my closest friend. (I'm like this... if she tells all her d*mn business she will not mine telling mines) For my family... well you know some of them drink from that Haterade pitcher too. I just dont need any negativity right now. So I buried myself into RS and read you ladies stories which helped me more then you know. (But i must say I find it crazy that so many ppl blame not posting anymore updates/pics on here bcuz of ladies talking negatively about their Dr., results, etc. Bull!!! Criticism is everywhere. Its a part of life. Handle it, brush it off, then on to the next. If you're proud of your results... tell it! If you're not... give your warning. But don't let anyone control you.)

In September I was figuring out ways to help with potential barriers that may come between me and my booty. First I'm borderline diabetic, at times anemic, & I'm up for a promotion at work. I have control over the health part. But as far as work. I know im gonna get the. IPromotion. I just hope I don't get that phone call until after my sx and recovery. **Please Lord***

October 2013

Continuning my journey to the land of Bootay... In October I started making changes to my diet. I eliminated the sodas and juices, and cut down my sweets and starchy food intake. Can I say it has been very hard ladies. But I'm doing it. I have also started picking up some supplies.

November 2013

Started better eating habits. And taking my supplements to help a little with the iron. Also got my bloodwork done early to see where im at right now. I received my boppy pillow but it's extremely soft so I had to go to Micheal's to get some filling and I took it to the cleaners so they will add the filling and restitch it for $7. So that brings that pillow price up to $19.95 still cheaper then the other places.

56 days to go!

So I did my medical clearance n everything came back good. I know we sometimes have conmunication problems with Dr. Jimersons' s with the phone but I want to fax my medical but I don't want any problems with it So now its on to purchasing my plane tickets, renting a car, and paying for my room. How are the rooms at Extended Stay? Does anyone know any discount/codes/sites for airtickets? I usually use cheapOair.

NYC Area

I was on my way home when I came across this location. Maybe it can be helpful to some. She said she has special going on now. Ahe also had cards on places to get massages in the different boroughs.


I'm not recommending...just ppl you may want to check out.


I can't recommend because I have not been to her myself.

Boppy Pillow filling

This is the polyester fiberfill I used to add to my boppy pillow. Its like $4. They also sell it in Walmart.


How many of you ladies used these pre-op/post-op vitamins? Vitamedica or Make me heal. Did they help? I was considering the vitamedica.

Total ? Total?? Totals???

Well this A** I always wanted seems to be totaling up to a fortune. And on top of it all I can't even claim it on my income taxes. Lol! There's meds, compression garments, supplements, supplies, new clothes, tips, flights, rental cars, a sitter, etc.
Then there's the incidentals. For me they went as follows;
My car transmission went (That ended up being an enormous bill.), My hot water heater decided it wanted to retired. So we had to buy another one. Then my aunt had a emergency which she needed to borrow some money. Boy-o-boyee! Not to mention everyone in my household birthday is in December. Yep! Mines, my husbands, & my kids. And they want their gifts too and on top of that Christmas is coming. Ugghh!
But I was ready for these financial challeges... I'm so glad I stated a Susu and took two hands just to help me with additional cash during this journey. It has been a blessing! I know when it's all over my final total is gonna be outrageous.

Pre-Surgery pics*

I don't know what it is but I was trying to take some pre-op pics of myself and I'm like "d*mn body you really look like that???" Smh! I dont know if it the fact that im always looking at wish and after surgery pics. And then took a glimpse at reality. Lmao* My sx date can't come soon enough.

A month away***

A month away...Can't wait! Feeling many emotions right now* Thanks to every lady who has share your reviews. RSVP has been a God send thru this journey *


Addicted! I have neva been addicted to anything in my life. But this RealSelf is no joke. I check it before I go to sleep, when I get up, at work, home, & the supermarket. Smh! I guess the first stage to recovery is admitting to your problem. But RS has been a blessings. I love you Ladies. Bounds have been made for life with some of you:)

Time to get down to the Nitty gritty. ...

Time to get down to the Nitty gritty of this journey. Its January 1st. already. Time is flying... Now its time to make sure my T's are cross and my I's are dotted. Going thru a little hassle with my med clearance being send/receive but im not gonna feed into that. I also wanted to wish my RS family a beautiful, blessed, positive New Year!

What to say?????

I believe I've prepare myself for this surgery to the best of my ability. The only thing I feel I'm not prepare for is my youngest child reaction. I know my child and the questions are not gonna stop. If its as noticeable as I want it to be these are some questions I also have to prepare for. Awwwww! Have any of you ladies experience the kids questionnaire and how did you handle it?

well im offically 7 days away....

I don't know how to express how I feel about it. I believe the empty time as far as preparing for my bbl I had on my hands is aggravating me. I wish I would have left something to do in my final days. Now im just sitting and waiting.

2 More days to go

2 days to go and a whole lotta crap arrives at my door. Very last minute but can you ladies PLEASE help me with info on a Nurse. ASAP! Emails; #s, etc.

Finally in the ATL

Sorry ive been neglecting my review. Im gonna update in the morning I had a late flight into ATL in which everything went smoothly. Going to get some rest but will be up early to update my review. Thanks Booty Dolls!

Nerves gon wild!

On my way to the other side. Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your support. I will post my pre/post op pics once I'm able. Muah! Zantac down*

Finally on the other side!!

Finally made it to the other side ladies. Sorry it took so long to update but I ran into some complications after sx. Im feeling a lot better then yesterday but its been rocky. Everyone must realize that some will have surgery and are able to bounce right back and then there Is the other percent that it may take a little longer to recover. My pain level right now is like a 4 on a scale from 1 to 10. I basically have a lot of soreness & stiffness. I was sent back to the hotel with a nurse last night due to being extremely light headed and blood pressure being out of wack. But im starting to feel so much better. I was able to eat some soup and take in some fluids today. Thank God for Nurse Renee & My husband.

* No pain no gain ;-)

pre op

post op sorry about the angle.

I will post do more pics up right when the nurse comes tomorrow. Thanks dolls gor the well wishes. Gonna het some more rest.

feeling alot better*

Im 2 days post-op and I can say that im feeling alot better. Sleeping on and off but im definitely getting my rest. Just wanted to give a quick update and post some pics. Thanks for your well wishes BBL Beauties!


If any ladies have experienced any dehydration after surgery can you please share with me what tips you have. Im trying to drink as much water as I can but water has such a funny taste since I've had surgery. I have Gatorade which I never liked. And im also eating bananas for potassium. Do anyone have any other suggestions?


So Sorry for the delay in an update but as you may have read I had my ups and downs. As you know i stated I was anemic before I had my surgery. I started taking my iron supplements maybe 3 months pre surgery, changed my eating habits, and drinking plenty of water. My hemo was up and at an acceptable level for a BBL, tt, & Lipo. But after this (major) sx my levels were low. I had to visit the emergency room **but Thank God I didn't have to get a blood transfusion***
(My reason for informing you of this part of my recovery is to inform you to take care of your body at all times not just to prepare for something. It has definitely been a lesson learned for me.)
Dr. J's office staff was very attentive during this time and helped me get back on the road to a healthier recovery.
Day 4 I started my massages with Tiana. Yes Ms. Tiana Allen *The Wellness Santuary*. Tiana is the s**t! First off Tiana travels to you! Her prices are affordable and most of all her techniques really help your body heal, drain all that fluid that builds up after sx, and breaks down that scar tissue. Tiana also massages with drains. (Not everyone does) My thing now is finding someone who does massages as well as Tiana when I get back to the NYC
Day 8 The drains were my most annoying part of this procedure. Then on top of it all ATL decides to have a storm which cripples the city so I was stuck with my friends the drains an extra day. Lol! But once I got them removed it was no problem. Came out with ease. I couldn't wait for those48 hours to be up to finally let water flow all over my body.
The supplies I packed I can say I used everything except my Arnica, Bromelain, or Quercetin pills. *I just chose not to use them. But everything else you will need. If you're going to Dr. J check with your PC because some things are gonna be given to you so there is no need to buy these items.
I when out with my husband yesterday and we discovered someone broke into our rental car. Can you believe they stole a case of water and my boppy pillow???? My boppy pillow! We were going to go to Walmart to see if we could get another one and on our way out we stopped at the Walgreens in the little mall across from Dr. J's office next to the IHop and to my surprise they have boppy pillows for $15. Really nice big boppy pillows. So for all those who need them they are right there at Walgreens.


I'm so glad I chose Dr. Jimerson as my surgeon. I'm completely satisfied with my results. My husband also loves my results. Im a little swollen in the stomach area but I'm so close to flatville. My booty is huge and im walking without friction...lol! After my consult with Dr. J I had a little trouble with communication with the office but I change the time I called them and I was able to get my PC/Nurse/Reception on the line (best time to call is before 10am)
My overall experience with the staff was wonderful.
On Surgery day i arrived at 9 for my pre-op because i couldn't do it prior to that date. I was taken in right away. After pre-op Dr. J came right in and marked me up. We conversated about the procedure, & about the upcoming SWV episode. As always he was very pleasant and made me feel very comfortable with him performing my sx. I guess that's why i wasn't nervous. During sx my husband said he was kept updated, and they made sure he was comfortable during his wait.
Everyone from the Anesthesiologist , Nurses, PC, and Receptionists were amazing.
One person I will always remember besides Dr. J is Nurse Renee. When I tell you my Anemia, high sugar, & low blood pressure had me bugging out to the point I just wanted to give up. She has a passion and actually loves what she does. I love the way she help my husband get me back to where I needed to be. She answered all our questions and was there when we needed her. Dr. J has a jem on his team.
Dr. Jimerson
Dr. J definitely has skills because Ms. Niqua218 now has a flat stomach, hips, and a bootay. Heyyyyy!

Home sweet home*

Well I been home 2 days now. The flight was not bad at all. I gave the flight attendant my letter and watch their eyes dance around my body. Lol! But I must say they treated me like a queen. I have
two more weeks off work so im gonna
find me a Lymphatic masseuse in one of
these five boroughs. My husband and I
are doing them now but im still looking.
I forgot to mention ... before I left ATL I
Visited the Garment Queen Ms. Stephanie @ Perfect Bodies (Lipo Express) in the
Discover Mills mall. Its about 20 minutes
away from Dr. J's office. She was so
attentive. I told her I was one of Dr. J's
pts. She measured me for my stage 2
garment and also an corset to pull it all
in. She also offer free shipping if you order from her again, & cheaper prices because they are the manufactors. They also sale slimming teas, abdominal boards, & those Colombian jeans for those big booties with tiny waists.
I'm doing my own massages until my appt friday. Im feeling much better. I've finished all my antibiotics. I stopped taking my pain pills 8 days post-op. I started taking Motrin which I also discontinued. That's one thing I can say is that the pain wasn't that bad. Im compressed in a lg garment now. The only thing I have now is little swelling in my ankles which I noticed today. I will post pics later



While I was in GA I stayed at the Holiday Inn express it was 2 minutes away from the Dr. J's office. I paid $89 a night with Gov discount. Don't forget to ask what discounts they offer.

First massage since I've been home

This evening I had my first massage by Viviana. Well I must say Ms. Viviana really did her thing with my body. The last massage I had was in Suwanee 8 days ago but hunee today I met my new best friend Viviana. She is the best at her craft. Being that I have not had a massage in a couple of days I had a few spot where fluid has hardened. Well my hard fluid is no more. She massaged the hell out of me. My body is so relaxed now that she massage me. Viviana also uses the ultra sound on your stomach. Not to mention she's really genuine*

Yep, Yep!

Im healing well..

Unbelievable transformation

The transformation has been unbelievable. Looking in the mirror nowadays has been nothing but pure delight!
Well I saw my mom's for the first time since having the surgery. As you recall I only told her about the tt. Well went I flashed my mom's with this bootay & curves to my surprise this crazy lady was like "I want me one of those" ROTFL! I was totally amazed at her response to the surgery. (I've had some criticism from her about a prior surgery that's why I was surprised when she reacted the way she did) I must say it helped a lot to have such a positive reaction from my mom :)
Well I also went back to work yesterday; YEP...I was standing the whole 8 hours. I made sure to purchase a boppy pillow for the job as well. Im also still using my female urinal. It makes it so easy at the job to use the ladies room.
I provided a few pics. Im trying these pics myself so angles are really hard to capture.

5 Weeks Post-op!

At my 5 week mark... I've been recovering well. Ive had minor itching but once I increased my H2o intake the itching seem to have decrease (it can just be in my head). I also went back to washing with an anti-bacterial soap again because the skin on my lower back seems so sensitive.
My overall recovery has been good.
*I forgot to inform you ladies on my starting info... I'm 5'6 I went into surgery at 190lbs. My pre-opp measurements were 38-40-40 (Imagine that).
Dr. J took the max out 5000cc of fat.
Butt- 950cc
Im very happy with my results. I started out in a 1x size garment and now im in a medium waist clincher (I haven't wore a medium since 1999. Lol!) My husband calls it the incredible shrinking waist . Mybody looks so unbelievably didifferent & my mirror is one of my best friends, now. Im starting to wrap my waist now. Im using the Abolene, plastic wrap, & belt. So far so good.
I have also ordered a new garment called the butt lift in a box. It helps with strapping. So I can't wait for it to arrive.
A lot of the swelling has gone down and I can thank the massages for that. The massages really help my body move the extra fluids. My original masseuse is in Colombia so im going to Massage Envy which I must say my masseuse Jackie was very gentle but she had my fluids moving.
And yes Im still wearing my garment 23 hours a day. Congratulations to all the upcoming Booty Babes. I posted a couple of pics. Until next time... Muah!




Please RS sisters HELP! The itching on my lower back is driving me Krazee! I took a couple of Benadryl 25mg against the pharmacist advice. But after they wear off I feel the Itch B*tech comes back harder. Any advice ????

Best Wishes

Sending out much love & support to the RS sis brickhouse38 who will be crossing over to the land of Bootay with Dr. J today. GO GET THEM CURVES GURL!!!

Best kept secret*

Well I must say its been a few days (and I hope im not updating too soon) remember the itching I was going through earlier this week? Well I've been
using the Allergra (topical) and I must
say it worked instantly.
say it helpedddddd. You can only use it for 3 days but it really


Now I'm sleeping on my stomach with less pillows. I have it set up with a space for my breast and an extra pillow to compress my stomach.

Valuable Advice

I would like to thank NYcutie on some valuable advice. Well I've been going through the itching faze of my healing process and it has been one gigantic headache. I was using Allergra which
works well but I believe if im not
mistaken you are advised not to use it
more then 7 days. The Allergra also had
some side effects swelling,
uncomfortable numbness, etc. Then I
asked my PCP and he told me
hydrocortisone is very addictive and he
read off a list of side effects I had no
idea of so I decided to leave the Allergra
alone. But NYcutie recommended Gold
Bond body lotion for itchy skin. I'm
using the GB now and it really works. I
apply it 3 times a day to stay comfortable. So if you ladies are going through the itching faze the green Gold Bonds really works.

*Don't purchase from this Garment Company*

Beware ladies of a Garment company called Bodiigarments (AVD Internationals) they are THIEVES!!!!! I usually read the reviews of products and go to see how ppl felt about their product/delivery time but I must admit since I've been purchasing thing for my body before/after sx I've just been ordering things no question in mind. Well I've been got I came across the Brazilian butt lift in a box online (I liked it to help with the cuffing effect under the buttocks) so I ordered it via PayPal on 2/25/14. Well today is 3/19/2014 and I guess you figure out that I did not received anything. I called the company which is owned by Amanda Davis twice and never received a reply and I also emailed the company. No response! So I contacted PayPal and filed a complaint and request for my money back. A mess!I decided to do what I shou have done before which was look up the company's reviews and boy o boy. I can only say I played myself. I bet from now on I won't rush into buying anything else. **Check out the picks I posted from Bodii's 3 Instagram pages** Just making sure none of you ladies loss your money to this opportunist.

3 months post-op

OK Ladies,
Since I've noticed that I can start a long detailed review and some how it doesn't post I'm gonna do it in portions. Well I'm healing well and I'm still in Love with my results. But I'm going to start this review with an update on the company I informed you ladies to beware of Bodigarments. Well I received a full credit from PayPal and will be reporting her to the better business bureau. SMH! What ppl will do to get a quick dollar. But I was able to order the item off ebay for less then half the amount she charged anyway.

3 months post-op-13 weeks this Tuesday

Well my healing has been overall great. I can honestly say that my body has made changes I would not have imagined.
Weight - Dr. J asked what my goal weight was in my consultation (I weighted 196 at the time) I responded"175" . I was told to lose 6lbs in which I did and I finally
weighted myself and I'm 172 lbs. YEAH
Garments - I've spent at least $700 or maybe more on garments alone. I'm now
waiting for my corset to arrive. I'm still wearing my body garment but part time now (12 hours a day). I try to wear my waist clincher as much as I can during a particular day.
Itching- I'm still using the Gold's Bond lotion in combination with Benadryl at times to soothe the occasional itch I STILL get (it helps for about 4/5 hours). There has not been one day since I
started itching 5 weeks post-op that I've haven't itch. I mostly find it to be aggravating when I put on anything tight around my waist (waist clincher). But I'm going to make an appointment with my PCP and see what he says.
Measurements- they're still the same 38-30-45 even though since I've started wearing my garment part time my booty seems to have filled out more.
Diet/Vitamins- My appetite has come back but I still try to eat better. I had stop taking my vitamins and wasn't drinking as much water as I was before then I got a horrible cold. So after I got over that I went back to my regular dose of vitamin C, multi vitamins, iron & increased my water intake again.

3 months post-op -12 weeks

Waist- I still have stiffness in the middle of my lower back. I still itch.... The lotion and benadryl helps for a few hours but that's all. The itching problem prevents me from putting too much compression
on my waist so I wear my clincher for short periods of time. I guess that's why I still at 30 inches.
Thighs- I had Inner thigh lipo and I must
say I've healed very well and had no pain at all there. Now I'm starting to exercise to get/keep them tone.

3 months post-op. . . cont.

Tummy tuck- she is healing wonderfully! My scar is fading and my navel has healed beautifully. I have a flat stomach ya! Can you believe it??? I love it!
Liposuction- I've read on here many
times ladies complain about Dr. J's lipo.
But I love it. He carved and sculpture me nicely.
BBL- I'm in love with my ass. Yes I said LOVE! At first when the swelling began to go down it was very visible that one
cheek was larger then the other(the cheek that had the drain in it was bigger) I went nuts. I complained to my husband and he saw what I was talking about then we called Dr. J's office. I was told to give it 6 months because that's when you see your final results. I can say that Dr. J
& his staff know/understand this BBL field to a T. Because my booty has begun to even out. I still drive and when I have to sit it's with my boppy pillow. Yep I'm still using it. My booty has dropped and I have to say it does feel heavy at times. I call her Suga's Baby. Lol! So Suga's baby is looking good. I do wish she had some more projection but I would be lying if I said I didn't love her just the way she is. And for all those ladies who haven't had your sx yet. Yes she twerks, bounces, feels soft/ natural, and you can booty pop. With no problem. Lol!!!

13 weeks

Today I'm actually 13 weeks post-op. Recovery has gone better then I expected.... so you know what that means ??? Time to continue on with the next adventure on my journey ;) Next is
my Breast. Yes a breastlift is in order. I already had my consult with Dr. J's office last week and I'm having my consult with Dr. Salzhauer (love the after pics of his breast pts.) on Thursday. Will post updated Bbl pics later this evening. Until then if you can recommend any PS that has beautiful breast after pics/reviews please help a sister out. I'm in my decision making stage. Looking for options. Thanking you in advance Ladies and enjoy the rest of your day.

Who that is???

Flirting with clothes I would of never gave a second glance at before.

Purchased a few items I only looked at in the store's window or In the magazine. Never had the confidence to sashay around in any of this b4.


Just a few pics. I also started using the Kelo cote for my TT which seems to be working nicely. I've also changed my Moisturizer.

Memorial Day promo code Classic Shapewear

Classic Shapewear is having a Memorial Day sale 25% off & free shipping (must spent $40 or more) with promo code. Enjoy your weekend ladies.

Scar repair review.

OK I purchased the Kelocote for my TT scar but I must say I'm glad the spray is finished. I will be going back to my Merderma. I don't know why I Switched up my product anyway. The merderma only has to be used once a day and I started seeing my results within a week. The Kelocote cost more, you have to use it twice a day, and the results aren't as rapid (to me) as the merderma. Both products are effective but I prefer Merderma.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I'm team JCurves because Dr. J delivers what he promises. I love his before & afters, his reviews, and most of all he took his time to go over the procedure with me and my husband which made all the difference. I feel we left out of the consultation way more educated on the desired procedures then we did from any other consultation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Amazing results....u look great thumbs up for dr jimerson
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This is the best TT. BBL, lipo review I've read on RS. Thanks for the detail. You look great! I'm contemplating the same sx 10/30/2014 and will be finalizing my decision this week. RS and reviews like yours have been sooo very helpful! I pray I make it to the other side with my health and results I'll be proud of.
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You look so good!! I love your waist. So if your gain weight your but gains too? What about the areas he did lipo? Did you have to gain weight for the procedure? I heard you have to maintain whatever weight your at after surgery?
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Thanks Hun! For the most part you will gain weight in other places but speaking for myself I felt I was going down to much. I gained 10 of the 34lbs I lost back because it worked for me. I started to feel like an anorexic with a booty. But as far as MY weight gain in other locations. .. I've gained a little fat back on my back and sides (which my husband says I'm imagining. Lol!) But in my situation that works for me ....it makes my body look more natural. Before my procedure I was required to lose 6lbs, I didn't have to gain. But it's very important to follow your PS directions post-op because it's ultimately up to you how your final results come out. The way I handle mines worked for me & my bod u type. Best wishes to you ;)
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Where did you purchase your garment from?
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My first few from LipoExpress, also Vedette & Classic Shapewear.
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I'm so glad I'm finding so many women that have had Dr. J procedure.He hooked you up I can't wait for my day!!
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Thanks and Dr. J is gonna hook you up too Hun! Just watch and see.
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you look amazing :) thx for all the info it was really helpful!
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Thanks & you are most welcome!
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Ur results are great! That bootay is on fiyah!
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Thanks Goddess ;)
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I love how helpful u are. Dr. J did a great job! I will be purchasing that gold bond :-)
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Thanks I try to share all parts of the sx that I can remember. I love your detailed review as well. Yes have that Goldbond handy girl. Would you believe I finally stop itching like the first week of May. I had even reported this to Michelle a week prior and she said that was rare. But for me the itching was the worse part of the recovery believe it or not. Lol!
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Hey booskie..... girl I had to look at your pic again.... Dang I want my booty to look juicy like that......Pray that all is well with you lady..... when I get ready to have mines done...I'm show my PS your pic..... and tell him I need to look back at that thang
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Thanks for the compliment Diva. I've been obsessed with this new booty. I'm in love with the new me and the reactions I'm getting from family members and friends who knew how I looked pre-op. How are you loving your results?
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Heck i need too hit this lottery bc i want a Dr J booty....he did u right boo....i so luv your results!
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Chile I need to hit the lottery as well just to dress up this booty now. You're not gonna believe how crazy you are gonna be about clothes and dressing up your new hourglass.
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Can you please give me Viviana's contact info.
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Hey lady I don't have her contact info anymore but maybe you can pm veesthetician and maybe she can give you Vivian's #
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I need one of those bootay
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Well what ya waiting for Shygirl get yourself over there to Suwanee Ga where Dr. J is serving up them hott booties. Lol!
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Amazing results
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