3 weeks out!!!!

Hello Ladies, Im new to the sisterhood and wanted...

Hello Ladies, Im new to the sisterhood and wanted share my journey. I have considered lipo for years on years. lol. But was a bit scared until I found out what they could do to the booty with your extra fat. Now Im def all in. I have been searching for surgeons and ran across Dr. Jimerson and wow. He def knows how to make a sexy shape with little waist. So I've scheduled my consultation with him on the 31st of August. I am a mother of a 14 year old son and have disliked my body ever since pregnancy. Im 5'10 and 178lbs. Hoping for the BBL with lipo to the inner thighs and a waist as small as he can get it.
-So excited-


Sorry forgot about that... Measurements are 38,36,44. I already have vacation on December 31st so I'm hoping to get it done then. Will upload pics.
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Welcome to the BBL sisterhood. Make sure you include pics and your pre and post measurements. The weight and height doesnt give much of an impact as the waist to hip ratio.. Look forward to sharing your journey with you.

I am trying to reschedule my surgery date with Dr. Jimmerson for mid October. Do you have a date in mind when you would like to have your surgery?
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Thanks ladies.
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Ok ladies so sorry it took me forever to get back....

Ok ladies so sorry it took me forever to get back. I had my consultation with Dr. Jimmerson and I am scheduled for January 2nd. I have to say he was great, very easy to talk to and answered my questions. Didn't have a ton to ask as I have done much research.I will get lipo to the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lower back and the inner thights. Additional areas is $900 with Dr. J. Im very excited and ready to get it done with..:-) Was going to have my sister go with me but now that has changed so if anyone has info on a nurse to hire in that area i would appreciate it. I have lose a bit more weight, not trying, and am at 174 now. Also, trying to get a list together of things I will need.


OMG we have the same surgery date.. mines is 10:30 on Jan 2 with Dr. J.. So we can support each other since we're going to be there the exact same time.. I'm so excited and can't wait until the new year hits!
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Wow, that's good. Have you decided on where your going to stay and all that? My surgery is scheduled for the first thing but I kinda want to move it a day further so I won't have to make two trips up there. My pre-op is on December 28th...:-(
Welcome to the team. Gl kup

So way more excited to have the BBL done watching...

So way more excited to have the BBL done watching some of the action and Dr.J on the T.I. And Tiny show. Realized that its getting very close, Jan 2nd. Still need to get a few things together but all and all I'm ready. My sister has made plans to come with me so that's a blessing. Can't really say I'm nervous I'm really just excited. Can't wait to see the outcome of Dr. J's skills. I know it's gonna be great.


Yeah @MizzKhandicane & @MODELRole s megace works wonders. I was 101, when I started taking it (I'm 5'5, well technically 5'4 3/4), that next week for my consultation I was 109, was instructed to gain 15-20 lbs (I think it shuld b way more considering I'm not 5'1.I'm not tall but I'm not short either). I'm now about 127. I haven't weighed this much since before my son was born. My surgery is with Jimerson on Dec. 21 & i just got a refill of megace yesterday so I'll start taking that on the first to try & get myself to at least 140 b4 sx. 150 would b great.
Not s megace, just megace or megace es rather. My phone is stupid and wouldn't let me backspace that s typo lol

So I am getting SUPER SUPER excited. My in person...

So I am getting SUPER SUPER excited. My in person consultation is on the 28th of this month and then 5 days later it's BOOTY-DAY...;-) It will be like my birthday all over again. I have told most everyone in my immediate family and they all have supported me with this decision, so that def helps. I am a little worried about how small of a wait I can get since I know physical structure plays a part, but even having this extra fat on my waist and feeling great in a bikini will be awesome. My younger sister is coming with me to help out so I don't have to hire someone, which is good. Learning how to make my own maxi dresses to show off the new me...:-) I am so glad I finally made the decision to do what I've want with my body. And with all the recent bbl results I absolutely can't wait.


Good luck luv everything should go well. Your in great hands I cant wait either I go Feb7 an its more of the excitement that makes me happy lol ugghhhh I cant wait :)
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MizzKhandicane congrats on your date. Wishing you luck on your journey. Remember this can be a very emotional journey so prepare mentally and physically for the recovery process. Blessings for you.
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Thanks for he support. I will have my sis there so it will be good...:-)

Hello lovely ladies. So has anyone had so much...

Hello lovely ladies. So has anyone had so much trouble getting introduce with ppl at Dr. J's office. Seems like if you wanna hear about a procedure they are all over you but once you lock in the leave you out to dry. My final payment was due last week and I have been calling them since my due date 6 days ago to make my payment. SO FRUSTRATING. If I lose my spot ima be livid, especially with all this dag-on planning.
On a good note I have been medically cleared for surgery and am all ready to go (minus the finalizing). I also decided to pick better wish pics of women who started with a body shape similar to mine. One is Dr. Salima's patient (FoundUMissNewBooty) and I love her results, she also has a lot of helpful info. Talk at you ladies later. :-)


So excited for you. I'm sure you will be pleased.
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Yaay clear as a whistle I know ur so excited!!! But yes I know how u feel about getting in touch with them its very annoying especially when ur so close!!! Smh I read a lot of reviews where they said that Monica was real rude an I didnt get that my 1st time speaking to her but afta she was real nasty trynna hurrry me off the phone sound like she didnt wanna be bothered with but I said as long as I got questions I will be callin an if thats everyday until my due date then so be it lol idc!!! So to u luv just keep calling until u get a answer an leave messages cause some1 gotta answer lol!!! Ur not gonna miss anything :) good luck an keep us posted!!! P.S srry for the long comment lol
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Thanks for the encouragement I needed it. Yeah I haven't dealt with her just Shelly and I got the rushed feeling also. Thankfully I have been leaving messages so hopefully they will get to them. :-)

So still been calling the office with no response....

So still been calling the office with no response. Surgery payment was due on the 12 and haven't been able to get anyone to call me back. So annoying. I finally finished getting all of my supplies for my trip and post op. I read a post regarding using a Q10 lotion and heating pad with self massage to help get waistline down and prevent hard spots, so got that stuff...:-) Thanks FoundUMissnewbooty for the advice. Now I'm just waiting.


You are gonna be bangin' when he finishes with you!!!
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i just called and waited on hold until i got somebody. I can't believe they are not calling you back and you are so close to your date... I left a message with them a week or two ago and they got right back at me.
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I been leaving messages since the 11th. Lol. It's crazy. But hopefully after the holiday I will get in touch with someone. Trying not to let it stress me out. Thanks I'm sure he will do a great job on both of us...:-)

So I very excited to meet Dr J-Curves this Friday...

So I very excited to meet Dr J-Curves this Friday in person. Can't wait to discuss what I would like and what he can do for me. I think it is very important for us ladies to have realistic expectation since Dr J, who is the man, is not GOD. I am def wanting as small of a waist as he can give me but I am also very aware that I have a bigger frame since I'm taller than the average female. But I tell you what any improvement to the gut and muffins will be great....:-) I'm a little torn between the shape of the butt. I know I want a heart shape but a mix between a slope and shelf. The two light skinned naked ladies in my wish picks kinda seem to have shelves but I have been more drawn to a bit of a slope????? Hopefully Dr. J can help me with my mixed wish booty. MERRY CHRISTMAS ladies hope your holidays are great.


i called to find out info about BBL and they told me that openings are not available until mid August early Sept for a phone call consultation mid october for in person consultation.....I dont think i want to wait that long....beside everybody is going to him.
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That's cause he's def one of he best, but I understand not wanting to wait. I did my phone consult in August and put my deposit down then. He blew up after the T.I and Tiny show. If you got cash I heard then got spots open sooner for surgery. There are other good Dr. Too so don't feel completely limited cause they all specialized in certain areas and bodies I've noticed....;-) Wish ya the best.
i dont feel limited by him.....I just dont want to go where everybody is trying to go. Im trying to look FAB by summer not for winter. Yeah he's of the best out here but i just dont want to wait besides the expenses to travel plus hotel and all that, i'll stay local.

Hello ladies, hope your holidays was awesome. So I...

Hello ladies, hope your holidays was awesome. So I finally got in touch with Dr.J's office and finalized everything. Interestingly enough I was informed that they had called and left 2 messages?? Crazy since I only use a cellphone and don't have any calls from GA? Oh well, just glad things are taken care of and it's a go. Heading to GA for my pre-op with my niece tomorrow. Then me and my sis are heading back up that way on the 1st....;-) Can't wait to be done with all this. SOOOOOOO EXCITED........


Good luck with your sx and happy healing! We're the same height and your at the weight I was before all the weight gain since I stop smoking. Hope to get back to that size before I have sx.
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Please let me know how u got the megace
Were u able to get the megace

So ladies little more than 2 days to go...:-) Meet...

So ladies little more than 2 days to go...:-) Meet Dr. J-curves Friday and I really like his personality just from the short time I spent with him. The office is def having some growing pains since his appearance on the show and it was very clear at my visit. Meet Kim one of the nurses and she was very nice and informative but didn't get introduced to any of the other ladies there. Heading back up to Ga on Tuesday and surgery Wednesday. Got my medications and even with insurance it costed me a little over $200. The lovenox was the killer. Got all my supplies packed up, hotel reserved and ready to go...:) So excited and can't wait.


I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts Khandi! Good Luck!
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Good luck.
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Best of luck to you babes! Happy healing and sending prayers ur way :)
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Made it to GA at the hotel now. Very clean and...

Made it to GA at the hotel now. Very clean and nice staff. Chose the Hyatt Place at Norcross it's 7.6 miles from the office and was $20 cheaper. Surgery is in the AM. Can't wait. See you ladies on the other side...:-)


Prayers and happy healing!!
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Thanks so much...:-)
Good Luck Dear!! I am scheduled for surgery next Wednesday! xoxo
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So had my BBL yesterday morning, took about 2...

So had my BBL yesterday morning, took about 2 hours. The nurses and CRNA were awesome. Woke up sore but not really in pain. They had me on my back so I turned myself to the side. Recovery was quick but had issue with dizziness when I finally sat up. Got to the hotel and slept a lot. Was nauseous only once when I finally ate my first meal. I've had some dizziness off and on and it usually means I need to eat something. Beside that been walking around the room and have no problem squating, bending and getting in and out of the bed. I sit on the toilet backwards and that works great. The nurse said she thought that Dr. J got 4300cc out and Dr. J said he put 950cc in each cheek. My butt looks way to big so I'm hoping it will go down some. Waist is nice and small already with the garment and padding on. Dr. J was awesome. Glad I picked him. I will post pics soon. And thanks for your prayers and best wishes ladies...:-)


Happy Healing and speedy recovery Im 5'7 164 want to really see how you look i have 28 more days to go excited and scared at the same damn time lol......what are the precriptions he issued?
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Oh my goodness I'm so happy for you. 4 more days for me. Yikes. It's over now girl. Lol. Walk walk & walk. Get well.
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happy healing :)
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Took off my garment and removed bandages. Waist is...

Took off my garment and removed bandages. Waist is still really swollen at the bottom but it went from a 36 to 31 1/2 inches. Butt is at 48in now. Can't wait for my tummy to get flatter and to see my final results. Skin is super tender rubbed some Arnica gel on it. Feeling over much better today. Not as sore or exhausted. Will check in in a few days.


@MizzKhandicane..... U look really good....those measurement are... Pow...!!!..... How long can u walk as of now before getting tired......???....hows ur appetite....???
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You look great! Congratulations. I noticed on one of your after pictures there appeared to be a lot of bruising in the area between your breast/ top of ribs. Is that normal. Did he go that high to lipo?
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Yes, when he says the abdomen he really means the whole abdomen. Lol. It's bruised bad but not really sore. Thanks.

Hello ladies, so it's been 4 days since my surgery...

Hello ladies, so it's been 4 days since my surgery and had mostly been very tired. Last night I noticed I had a bit more energy and felt great this morning. I did have some lightheadedness when I took off my garment to wash up. I have been massaging my sore areas to help reduce the swelling and it's worked good. I was put into an XL garment after surgery but 2 days later went and got a L one which works so much better. Been using a board from Lipo Express and towels to help compress my tummy more which you can see in my pics has come down some more. Can't wait till its flat. Measurements this AM were 38-bust, 33 1/2- under breast, 32 1/2-waist (1 in gain), and 47- hips. Appetite has picked back up past few days just trying to stay healthy but want sweets. Lol. Will keep ya ladies posted.


Looking good girl. Don't rush your recovery, listen to your body. Take it one day at a time. You will have some good days and some bad days, but know it was worth it and the day will come where you will be taking victims. Praying for your renewed strength. Know that the work is now. Lay the foundation for the new you, boo!!!!
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You look amazing girl!! How was your experiance with Dr. J I am going to him next January 9th. Also if you do not mind me asking did you finance and if so who did you finance with off of Jimerson's list?
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Woww you look gteat girl :) may I ask what kind of insurance do you have 300 is still a lot dam
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Hello ladies. I am 2 weeks post op now and I feel...

Hello ladies. I am 2 weeks post op now and I feel a lot better than I expected. I have been pain free and going going going since day 8 post op. soreness when I lay or sit too long and then I just stretch. No pain medication since day 8. Been sitting since week one but with no pressure on the butt. No changes in shape. I thought my butt was way to big at first and I decided to wear a butt in garnet a few times for this. When I got home I put the butt in garment on and went out to have drinks with some friends. The next morning my swelling was cut in half and butt was exactly were I wanted. CRAZY. So waist is still swollen and abdomen. Inner thighs are hard at the top but I have been massaging like crazy so they are getting much better. Measurements are 38, 32 1/2, 46.5. Butt is starting to soften and giggle. My post op was a bit disappointing since I only saw Kim and not Dr. J which to me is crazy since I was a post op patient. Found out I had a small seroma on my lower left abdomen and they drained it. Drained it one more time since then. All and all things are going great. Wish you ladies the best in your journey.


Your results are nice, very proportioned, not too big not too small
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Thanks, that exactly what I was looking for from this surgery. :-)
I'm having issues making my payment as well! They told me if it's not paid by the 17th (tomorrow) the surgery will be cancelled... but Ummm how can I pay if I can't get anyone to return my call or answer the phone? I just hope they don't try to cancel my appointment for something that I have no control over. =/ It makes me nervous! Your results look amazing, Dr J is definitely the man! He knows what he's doing! I can't wait to see my results!!! Did the staff teach you how to massage yourself to help the swelling?
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Hey ladies. Sorry I haven't done newer pics yet...

Hey ladies. Sorry I haven't done newer pics yet been very busy. Well still love my results haven't lost any volume. Stomach is getting flatter and still having to massage the scar tissue. I have one problem I am noticing that my flat spots are getting a bit bigger on each butt cheek????? I noticed them slightly the first day I was able to take of my garment but only on one and since then it is on both and bigger. Can't really notice unless I point it out but to me it's like OMG. besides that I haven't needed the garment to much unless I'm at work. Swelling in the inner thighs is still there but improving slowly. Ladies MASSAGE, MASSAGE, MASSAGE!!!! lol. It does really help. Getting a little nerve pain in the abdomen and lower back so things must be getting back to normal. Butt an inner thighs getting a bit itchy so again I'm progressing. Been working out and starting to jog again, which feels great. Very happy that I finally went ahead and did the surgery. A few things I have noticed in my journey. I was over eager to go down to a smaller garment and truly feel that this hindered my healing. When I switched garments on day 3 or 4 I notice ld that I became more uncomfortable over the following days. Finally it got really unbearable and I wondered if the garment was constricting my flow. So I removed it and the triangle. With in minutes I could feel and different sensation throughout my body and my swelling and pain decreased. So don't over do it with the garment. Also, I'm not a person with low hemoglobin but decided to start taking it a few weeks before surgery and stopped shortly after. I can def say I noticed myself becoming more exhausted and after a week I started taking them again and felt much better. So iron helps. Have a great evening ladies...:-)


Your results look great. We would like to see updated pics if you have any.
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I want to get it done but everybody keep saying I don't need it. I just want a flat tummy again forget the butt. Your results is awesome tho
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How are you doing these days?
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Great before and after pictures. He shows understanding of the hip to waist ratio and how to make great curves. Very courteous man with a great personality. Could not have asked for a better Cosmetic Surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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