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But so glad I am. Hi ladies. I feel like I already...

But so glad I am. Hi ladies. I feel like I already have friends here that I have never met or spoken to. About two weeks ago I went to see a Dr. here in Philly for a lipo consult. Now my belly might not be as tight as a trampoline but it ain't as big as one either. He wanted me to get a TT, insisted, said I needed it! Said there was no way he would give me lipo. So I said well there is no way that you will be my Dr. So I came home, went on line and joila! I found this site. I had never heard of fat grafting before. I knew Kim K and little Kim had fake booties because it's so obvious but I didn't know that there was a way to obtain a natural looking big booty. Originally, I was going to go with Dr. S, some of his booty's look round. So I call to tell the receptionist that I'd like to schedule my surgery appt. for Dec. After she regained her composure from laughing so hard, she told me that he's booked up till Sept. of 13. Oh hell no! The summer will be over by then. I need to be fully recovered by next summer. I need to be struttin my stuff by April. So I'm looking at all the before and after pics and I notice that all the booties that look the way I want mine to look were done by Dr J. Oh but he's so expensive I said to myself. But do I want to have to go back for a revision because the first Dr. was too scared to put more than 10cc's in each booty cheek, cause that's what some of these after's on here look like. I can't take that chance. So I had my phone consult with Dr. J today. From looking at my pics, he said he'd take fat from my abdomen, waist and lower back. The bra roll would be extra. I may still get that done. He sounded really cool tho and down to earth you know like somebody who can talk to anybody. Michelle was a sweetheart as well. He said that that I might need to gain weight because it didn't look like I would have enough belly fat. I said "oh no honey, that's an optical illusion. I just didn't send you the pics that show my belly fat, plus I was holding it in". I didn't want him to tell me I needed to have a dam tt too. Also, I'll be traveling alone and Michelle told me of some agencies that she could refer me to that will help with transportation and after care. I can't think of a soul who would keep their mouth shut about my procedure. I'm very private. So my only options are to call CNN and Headline news so they can tell the whole world, have a friend or family member take me so they can tell the whole world. Or go alone and keep my business to myself. I would love to have scheduled a little sooner but after Feb. is the only time that I really won't have any obligations for about 6 wks. so I can relax and recover. I have learned so much from you ladies and thank you! so I really didn't have any questions for the Dr. I pretty much know everything thanks to ya'll. With Dr. J, I no longer have to worry about what my booty will look like after the procedure. He said "don't worry, Imma hook you up". And I believe him.


Thank you!
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Welcome to Team Dr.J
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Welcome to the BBL world and Dr js team...I will be having my Sx on February 5th. good luck with your journey....your already have a love curvy figure so i know with this enhancement youre going be banging....
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When I saw adv. plast surg. on my cell I had to...

When I saw adv. plast surg. on my cell I had to hurry up and answer. I have been having the hardest time trying to contact someone about a question. So when she called I had forgotten what the question was. I told her I had previous lipo of the abdomen and flanks and was concerned that I wouldn't have good quality fat. She reassured me that since I have a lot of new fat I would be fine. Thank goodness, I was stressing like crazy about that one. I also asked her about him completing the procedure in a shorter period of time than other drs. She said it was because he's so used to it and like anything else that you do all the time you become very good and fast at it. She said when he first started it took him 10 hours to do one bbl. She is sooo funny and very nice. After reading so many horror stories I was becoming less enthused. I'm good now. So ladies who have had previous lipo but have lots of new fat now, you will be ok. Also she said Dr. J is booked for surgeries till May and phone consults, till Sept.


Lust a few days go honz......#excitement!
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I know, I can't believe it!!
That should be "just a few more days to go" Omg! this phone is gonna drive me crazy! lol

Since Fri, I have been worrying about everything...

Since Fri, I have been worrying about everything going wrong that could possible go wrong. If I could have gotten my money back and just canceled the whole thing, I would have. I was really loosing it. I'm ok now tho. The time has come so quickly. I am so not ready for this emotionally. It's funny how when we book the surgery, we're all happy with not a worry in the world, then when the time comes you're all scared and having second thoughts and everything. I just hope I don't have any regrets with this. It seems like some people get big booty's and some people still end up with flat booty's. I guess it's the luck of the draw sad to say. If I make it to the other side I'll def. post pics tomorrow.


Prayers going up for God to give u peace, for zero complications, and for God to guide the surgeon's hands. When the prayers/praises go up, the blessings come down. U are in great (Divine) hands.
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Good luck. I hope you get the body you always wanted :)
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I'm thinking about you and praying girl! I can't wait to see your after pics! Get some rest!! Wahoo!! So exciting!
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Ok, first I'd like to thank God, then my bbl buddy...

Ok, first I'd like to thank God, then my bbl buddy who if it had not been for her being here i would have probably not made it. My caretaker got into an accident on her way to pick me up so we had to get a shuttle to the office, the driver dropped me off at 6:25 am even tho their shuttle service doesn't start till 7. My bbl buddy came with me and stayed with me till my surgery was complete. So about 5 mins after arrival a nurse pulls up, lets us in and immediately began to prep me for surgery. I wasn't comfortable with her inserting my iv since she said i had rolling veins, so the anestesiologist inserted it. She was really really nice and answered all of our question as if it wasn't her 1000th time answering the same dam questions. I don't even remember getting on the bed. At some point my caretaker arrived at the facility. I was suprised to see her after I had awakened. She is great and is taking wonderful care of me plus she has a very sweet personality and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Dr. J. asked me how big i wanted to go. I said humongous. Just in case I loose volume, I'll still be big. He removed 5000cc. He injected 1200 into each buttock, 1000 from abdomen, 2400 from lower back 800 from flank. I'm taking my meds as scheduled so i'm not in any pain right now. Just achiness in my back and especiall when I lay down. Thanks ladies for your support and well wishes. I'll take some more pics when I can remove this garment.

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Actually that was 800 from each flank,

Actually that was 800 from each flank,


Your body looks amazing and your healing really well
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Hope you're healing well
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girl u have one heck of a booty there behind u, 1200cc is alot lol! so happy that u got what u wanted...and im so proud of u for doing so well...u r really a trooper girl...wish u a happy and speedy recovery...xoxo!
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It's hard to tell with this garment on. My...

It's hard to tell with this garment on. My measurements are 49 around the hips and 37 around the waist. I expect to loose a couple of inches but not more than that. From the side there is nice projection but I can't get excited this soon. There's no more pain just extreme uncomfortableness in the abdomen. It feels like i did 10000 situps when before i couldn't even do 1. I was trying to not use anymore meds. but I had to take the muscle relaxant and the pain pills. It is truly helping.


im actually shocked he was able to take out the max on u.. looked like u had half of that.. yay
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I was shocked too. At first he was like oh no you need a tummy tuck and I'm like oh no, we didn't discuss that. I told him it was just a little fat now and if I loose weight it will get flatter. He said ok then. He didn't try to push the tt. I don't see 1200 in each cheek tho at all. I have a long booty maybe that's why.
I think that you will be very suprised when you tale that garment off and put on clothes!!!

I took the garment off to wash and to see what I...

I took the garment off to wash and to see what I was working with. I see 1200cc's of big square ass. Realself should make spongebob square ass a real category. My but sits up so high right now. I have a square ass with a shelf. All I can do is cry. I guess I should be happy I'm alive but I could have woken up alive for free. I look a mess. I guess I'll have to wait and see if it gets any better but until then, I'm just done.


yes yes girl. ff!! fluff fairy! dont forget ur only days post op!!!
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I know, I'm going to stop worrying about it. I just wasn't expecting to see two big giant squares that's all.. My abdomen is flatter, a little mushy so I'm just not going to look in the mirror for about a month.
I'm about 3 weeks and today I feel like its highly, no more hard spots!
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I am in severe pain. The medication that was...

I am in severe pain. The medication that was prescribed to control the pain is no longer working. Your body can build up a resistance to it. So I called to request a different type of pain medication and the nurse kim told me that it was impossible for my body to have built up a resistance to it this quickly.That's bullshit! She obviously is not aware that I'm a nurse also and I administer medication to drug addicts so I know all about opiates, benzo's, amphetamines etc. and how they work on your body. One thing you can't do is tell me how these types of medications work. This is not my first time at the rodeo. I had lipo before, when that medication stopped working after a couple of days, my Dr. just called in something else and I was just fine for the duration of that recovery period. The real issue is that they swear everybody is drug seeking. As a pt. I have a right to not be in pain. And I can pull up tons of studies that show how certain groups of people will not be given pain medication and others will with no questions asked. So now I have a flat ass AND I have to suffer for it. She told me a little discomfort is to be expected. It's not a little, it's a lot. She didn't ask what my pain level was or anything, it didn't even matter. It's bad enough I can't get comfortable but I am not able to sleep through this level of pain. Having this surgery was one of the worse decisions I have ever made. What I got out of the deal, over 12 grand lost, a flat ass and some serious pain. Lesson learned. Oh yea, and how nice everybody is till they get your money.


I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I went to Salama and they gave me Percs and they didn't work for nothing, called the office and they gave me Vicodin, those helped. You need to call them and demand something, that's hard with no pain meds. Now about your butt being high, believe me, it will drop and soften, give it time :) that's one thing about thos surgery, it's an emotional roller coaster. Hang In There!
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I know! The Dr prescribed hydrocodone. That's what my dentist prescribed for me after a filling. This is way more traumatic than a dam filling. And then kim had the nerve to tell me "well that's what we prescribe for everybody". Everything doesn't work for everybody everytime. Aftercare is as important as the surgery. She didn't ask if I had a temp. I could have had an infection. They just really didn't want to be bothered. That's the bottom line. I've heard all kinds of stories about how other drs. called them after their surgery to make sure they were fine or how compassionate or caring their Dr. was. I got none of that. I'm so glad I made the decision to not have more areas done with him.
All I see in your pics is a big ass just with a garment on lol !!! I am sure in a couple of days you will be able to tell the difference!!! Best wishes love!!
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You really do have to be pt with this. I...

You really do have to be pt with this. I absolutely hate to wait for anything at all. I need immediate gratification and I have gotten myself into so much trouble in my lifetime simply because I should have just sat my ass down somewhere and just waited. So I said all of that to say this. My booty is pretty big as of today. Now I hate to document that because it may go flat again tomorrow, or maybe the fat will reabsorb. My pain level today is about a 6 where yesterday it was a 9 even with the pain meds that didn't work for me so at least I feel a little better. Thank you ladies for your support.


hey baby girl, how r u doing today? i hope ur better
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I agree with you. Tell the haters to take a few seats.....and while they're seating down be quite.... hang in there.
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Did u take your pictures off or is my phone just messing up? I am trying to see your results and can't find them...
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