BBL Round 1 - Maryland

Heyyyy ladies! Sooo I recently had my consultation...

Heyyyy ladies! Sooo I recently had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson, not much to be said about it. It was a basic virtual consultation from what I know, just pretty much a question and answer session. Of course, as soon as you get off the phone you think of a million more questions... Now with that being said I hear so many good experiences but I also want to be well informed of the positive and negatives. I've heard on some blogs that Dr. J has produced some uneven results before but I've also heard the same from some people about other doctors...

My only concern is - do these doctors offer to correct their work at no additional charge? Is this a courtesy that is commonly offered by a reputable doctor? Or is correction offered at discounted rates?

Anyone have good experiences with Dr. J? Any bad experiences? I see this site is pretty much dominated by Dr. S patients but I'm still hoping for some good feedback... Fyi in case your wondering why I am not choosing Dr. S - I cant fathom waiting a year but depending what the response is I may change my mind. Afterall, we only have one body, I just want a doctor that respects and appreciates my body, money, and time it as much as I do...

For the ladies that have done this before - HOW...

For the ladies that have done this before - HOW THE HECK DO YOU REVEAL YOUR NEW BUTT??? I happen to work in a large office setting and I am wondering about everyone's experiences going back to work... Were you the talk of the office? Or did no one notice? Im not overly worried about ppls opinions but I also dont want to be the "butt" of every joke in and out of the office if you catch my drift... I've looked at hundreds of postings and almost no one mentions this part... If anyone has any advice please lett me know... Thanx ladies!!

Hey ladies! I am forever on here but I never...

Hey ladies! I am forever on here but I never update a thing! Well time is truly passing quickly and more or less I realize I'm little more than 45 days out! This is crazy! As I've stated before I am scheduled for surgery w/ Dr. J on Feb 15, but I am still having second thoughts :-/ ... A big factor is I just recently got engaged (yesterday) and my fiance or anyone else I know for that matter wont be able to travel with me so I am going alone. My thoughts are God forbid something happens to me and my loved ones are unable to be there - thats scary! I've had a consult with Dr. James Benjamin (thanks junkinthetrunk) and , a local dr, and I am crossing my fingers that he produces some nice behinds so I wont have to go anywhere (it doesnt hurt that its 4k cheaper plus no travel expense) ... After all who wouldnt take having your husband-to-be waiting on your every need over a lonely 2 weeks away from everyone you love...

Yes ladies I've changed my mind and decided to...

Yes ladies I've changed my mind and decided to stay local and go to Dr. James Benjamin! I'm super nervous and I'm praying to the butt gods that he does some serious work on this booty! Either way I can't stomach spending 12k plus travel expenses when I have a wedding to plan now... I will post before pics soon... Oh and btw I have no clue how to sell a date anyway so advice is appreciated... Thanks

I hope everyone tries being more positive toward...

I hope everyone tries being more positive toward eacother today... *smile! Life is good

I have my pre op today with dr b which I'm so...

I have my pre op today with dr b which I'm so excited about! I only have a little over 2 weeks left omg! Where did the time go??? I feel nervous, anxious, and a little disappointed in myself for not losing the weight I meant to but it's ok... I was sitting here looking at my before pics and its amazing what a camera can tell you that your eyes won't. Seeing my body that way has really been a wake up call to eat and be healthier. I may not have dropped all the weight I wanted to but I have quit smoking for the new year, I regularly exercise at the gym, and I eat much healthier. It takes time to see results but I know that everything I'm doing is a positive Improvement! I mean I honestly looked at my pics after my wonderful fiancé took them and was like "dayuuuuum!!! Is that what you see all the time???" Lol! Funny enough I def don't look like that in my clothes and for me to be 200lbs no one ever believes me, but that back don't lie! I will take a pic in a tank to show the difference but anyway, slowly but surely I am progressing toward a better me and I am happy to welcome the change!

Soon I had my preop Monday and forgot to update...

Soon I had my preop Monday and forgot to update lol! Everything went really well! I went to Dr. Benjamin's Bowie office which is actually an addition to his home but its very nice! I freaked out when he told me that was his home address, I lost just about all the color from my face and asked like dummy would the surgery be there??! Of course he performs his work at a surgery center but hey nowadays you gotta ask.

Well anyway, things went great, he answered my millions of questions explained what he will be doing during surgery and drew on me. At the time I had my fiancé with me and I can't tell you how awkward it was being in a room with two men completely nude, NO GOWN JUST BDAY SUIT! I know it's a professional environment but really.. I felt like a piece of meat lol! And not because of the docs persona but because my fiancé was staring at me the whole time while the doc was drawing and taking pics. He knew it was all apart of the process but I didn't miss that slight twinkle of jealousy... I was trying so hard not to laugh because he was making faces in the reflection of the full length mirror at me omg! (we are a very goofy couple if you cant tell)... But I guess to be fair it would be weird to watch a nurse examine his goodies in front of me lol!

I spent all that time with Dr. B and completely forgot about my prescription :-/ ... He gives us Percocet as the pain killer in case anyone cares...

Oh and side note: it is effin hard to get rid of the lines drawn on by the doc!!! Dude must have used a damn sharpie because I scrubbed the heck out of my skin and I can still see them in certain areas. So ladies when you see other chicks that are like a week post op and still have the surgery lines, it's not because they didn't wash themselves, they are just really really tough to get rid of!

Sorry, RS didnt update my post jus pics the first...

Sorry, RS didnt update my post jus pics the first time lol! I just thought I would post those pics as a good reference of just how much 1000-1200cc's really is! My fiance sent me those pics and I honestly cant imagine that goin in EACH CHEEK! Oh and btw that is an ipad mini so it measures about 7.8" in length, either way thats a helluva lot going into my behind! Beyond that, nothing much to report today jus counting down till next week... 9 days away!

Okay im beyond addicted to the site now......

Okay im beyond addicted to the site now... Everyday Im lookin and comparing butts and trying to imagine what mine will look like... I grabbed my tummy in the shower today and said "you better not let me down!!!" Weird I know but it made me laugh lol... Anyways, so I had a slight itch and cough in my throat tpday and that has me nervous! I refuse to catch a cold! I went to CVS so fast today and picked up every over the counter drug known to man! Im nukingthis shit cuz I am going to sx on thursday!!! NO EXCUSES

On another note, beyond the cauldron of cough syrups and sprays I purchased that had the pharmacist grillin my id extra hard im amped up on vitamins! I got my A, C, Iron and I got the Vitamedica clinical support meds which Ive started taking... Has anyone used Vitamedica before? Kinda makes my skin itch, nothing I havent experienced before with some Vitamins but it is a little annoying...

Okay so final question... has anyone considered waist training post sx? Im not talking about nothing extreme but it seems like a way to keep the small waist, well...small. Ive been watching youtube vids on it and it seems pretty simple and best of all u can wear corsets that make u sweat if u wana still excercise... I think I might experiment post op and see how difficult it is... again im not trying to look like a freak of nature like some ppl do omg

Ok I have less than two days left before Im on the...

Ok I have less than two days left before Im on the table for my sx and its crazy how much my nerves are getting to me. I try to act like its not even happening even though I know it is... I keep thinking about the pain, the aftercare, $$$!! My mind is everywhere! So much so I have had my ipod on full blast non-stop today just to drown out my thoughts... I know some of u are experiencing the same thing I am.

Last night I met with Dr. B last minute for one final Q&A... Truth is I had ckld feet and I was looking for a reason to back out lol! I even brought my fiance with me and we grilled him HARD with questions! We asked him everything we could think of n despite our no BS demeanor and slight attitudes, Dr. B never lost his patience, he explained everything completely, sometimes 2 and 3 times... He explained what he was putting where (4-500cc in the hips btw WOOHOO!!!). He even told me that he would come by house post op if I needed him to! I thought that spoke volumes! I mean we litwrally spent 2 hours talking to him about the procedure and not once did he make me feel rushed... I told him I was unsure about the procedure and he explained everything n that meant alot especially considering I can become hard to deal with when Im nervous.... Im glad to say Im confident to go thru with it

Im in a world of pain but i made it to the other...

Im in a world of pain but i made it to the other side! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Dr. B was wonderful! Great staff at the sx center, I had the funniest anesthisiologist (sp?)... Im doped up, sore, my throat hurts and is raw, my ass and sides feel like someone took a bat to them but how much of a soldier am I? I bring u pics just hours after sx lol... my butt is so big Dr. B had to cut the garment before I even woke up! I will give details later when I can think straight... sorry for the graphic pic btw, he doesnt use drains...

I added a few more pics. Each day gets easier than...

I added a few more pics. Each day gets easier than the last. Im still stiff and sore but overall im in good spirits. I miss being able to sit lol! I lost 3 inches i my waiste yesterday from 36" to 33"... my hips went from 44" to 47"..... Im bout to take a nap so talk later...

My hips are growing like crazy!! I feel like...

My hips are growing like crazy!! I feel like Jessica Rabbit now lol! Pics really dont do everything justice.. Im still very very stiff and sore but I love my results more and more everyday... I have to order new work pants because now nothing fits :-/

Just thought i would give the scoop on my first...

Just thought i would give the scoop on my first few days:
So I go to the sx center, they put in the IV, I meet the nurses, anesthesiologist, get marked up by Dr. B, kiss my fiancé goodbye then I'm wheeled to the back on a gurney. I'm in the sx room and the nurse asks me to get completely nude and I'm scrubbed down with iodine or whatever it was it was super cold and so was the room! I was asked to lay on the sx table and after that I remember NOTHING!!! No countdown at all lol! The next thing I know I wake up and I'm in horrible pain sitting up on a gurney and ON MY ASS!!! I lost it with the nurses! I just kept telling them to get me off my butt and they refused! It hurt so bad! My body was shaking, I felt like my throat got raped, and I was dizzy as hell! The room was spinning and nurse asked if I had to pee... HE'LL YEA I DID, I thought I was dying or at least I thought my ass was so I took the excuse and let them wheel me in a wheel chair to the toilet and did a miraculous job of peeing standing over the toilet, in complete pain... I was given a Percocet by this time which had me on cloud 9, at least enough to make it home. The nurses dressed me (do not wear bra or undies, u don't need them!) in my sweatpants and big tee and jacket and to the backseat of my car I went. I highly recommend a body pillow for post op, it saved my life on the ride home which I was not conscience for but felt really comfy when my fiancé woke me up to go inside the house...

My biggest enemy - THE STAIRS!!! Every step felt like it ate my energy and fueled my nausea! I was a zombie after making it up the stairs which my fiancé practically carried me up. I slowly inched my way down the hall only to realize I needed to pee AGAIN! Peed for the first time using my urinal which is absolutely wonderful!!! (Link will b posted). Mid stream I puked up straight Gatorade and air! Then after being handed a trashcan came all the crackers I tried eating and my anti nausea meds and Percocet :-/ ... After I threw up I felt AWESOME! I felt like it was almost necessary for me to start feeling halfway normal lol!

After that my fiancé placed me on the bed that was covered in a plastic sheet and cheap black sheets from Walmart and an absorbent pad given too me as part of a package from the nurses at the sx center, they thought of everything!!! They gave me bandages and even a plastic covered pillow for me when I got home, and extra compression stockings all there a big plastic bag. Needless to say I was we'll taken care of by everyone involved and it made my first night of recovery bearable but memorable! The next day of recovery I slept ALL DAY, Dr. B kept in contact with my fiancé constantly and gave him aftercare instructions and advice which was great! ... By Saturday it was time for my postop visit and Dr. B went out his way and came to my house to see me because I was too lightheaded to make it out the house. I can't ask for more in a doctor... Doc said I was recovering nicely and I have been doing great ever since!

My butt is getting a little softer everyday! I'm 6...

My butt is getting a little softer everyday! I'm 6 days post op and feeling great! But the purpose of my update is to talk about the best thing since sliced bread and my best friend thru this ordeal, the pstyles female urinal! I know it's kind of gross to talk about but I've read so many reviews where females have accidently urinated on their garment at some point and I haven't had this problem at all. I'm not good at trying to aim or standing over the toilet and peeing, it usually ends up dripping down my leg and leaving a mess, I suck at giving urine samples (idk maybe I'm just slow). Either way I bit the bullet and purchased this urinal off amazon, and I cant say enough good things about it! Maybe this is tmi but vijay jay is on the plump side and when I bought the urinal I was worried it wouldn't fit right but its not a prob at all. It pretty much works by you pressing the cup against ur vaj and peeing like a boy, the shape of the cup directs the stream to the toilet, when ur done u just scoop the cup forward as it drips the residual in the toilet. No drips, no mess, no conscious brainpower needed lol! It takes getting used to because u feel like a man but it's so simple I had to say something about it - it's worth buying. Check the link below, hope this helps someone:

Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA, I finally made it...

Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA, I finally made it back to work.... That was, well...interesting. I only took a little over two weeks off so I was still a little sore coming back to work but I made sure to bring a neck roll pillow (the bopper hurt my hips!). The neck roll pillow has worked wonderful! I just place it under my thighs and my butt stays suspended above the seat ever so slightly so I can be comfortable and not look like I'm at my seat trying to hold the bathroom, (very important when trying to keep a low profile). I'm sure ur wondering at this point what ppl have said to me about my new shape, and the answer is - NOTHING. lol! I laugh because prior to sx I wore really oversized clothes and was in the process of going to the gym so I was losing weight which created the perfect cover for me. I have worn nothing but chunky cardigans and black pants but as time goes on i will wear more form fitting clothes. Dont get me wrong there is no hiding this big booty, I still catch stares from both men and women and my confidence is on 1000 but I like being subtle... as subtle as possible.

Hands down, my ass is HUGE!!!! It continues to get bigger and softer and my hips are crazy! I'm happy with how things have healed up and ladies fluffing is very real! IT JIGGLES, IT CLAPPED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER LOL! I still have some hard parts but I'm sure those will soon soften. I massage my stomach and butt once a day with the heated wahl massager ($20 on amazon) which breaks up any hard parts and tension. This has helped me so much. As far as pics I will try to get more up, I've been lazy, I will admit and somewhat preoccupied. I'm in love with my body and that's a great feeling!

*** Added pics ;-)

*** Added pics ;-)

Hey ladies, I was asked to post the link for the...

Hey ladies, I was asked to post the link for the massager I used so here goes:

Just a bit of advice to anyone about to get there bbl done, buy Pedialite (I used orange flavor) to stay hydrated and help with nausea right after surgery. Gatorade was a bit too intense for me but Pedialite has a subtle taste and I just felt refreshed drinking it. The first few days I switched between this, Gatorade, and water constantly. Every time I took my meds I drank a full 8 oz glass of water and for days 2-5 I prolly went through 2-3 gallons of Gatorade and 3 large containers of Pedialite. I was so well hydrated that my best friend swore that I just came back from the Bahamas because my skin was clear and glowing. Hydration is essential and I feel it kept me from a long drawn out recovery.

Just for the record, no I did not take iron supplements, I started taking vitamin a week before sx then slowly forgot about it, I took one bottle of vitamin e until it ran out after sx (50 pill), I took vita medics for 9 days but it made me itchy, i used arnica gel (never took the pills) and it worked great, I took bromaline and didn't really notice a big change. Out of all these things staying hydrated made me feel better than any supplement along with eating fresh fruits and veggies ONLY! It sounds rough but avoid salt at all costs, or you will swell up and it hurts! If you must eat meat than have something baked like chicken or salmon. Also taking all the vitamins and meds gave me an awful rash so be careful and watch your body.

Im not sure if I said this before but body pillows are a must for comfy sleep on your stomach! I laid mine out directly under me and straddled it so my spine stayed level with my neck and head. It also felt good to have a barrier between ur stomach and mattress because you will be stiff and very sore. As time goes on its great to bunch up in different ways to elevate your legs or chest when watching tv. I suggest buying two but you can survive with one. I got mine online on walmarts website and it has been great! Here is the link:

Hi ladies over the last week or so I have been...

Hi ladies over the last week or so I have been going back and forth about my results until one day it just seemed like all the booty I thought I had kinda disappeared on me and my stomach fluffed up which isnt cool... Dont get me wrong my tummy is still flatter than it was but I strongly remember goin n for a bbl not lipo and I still hav my back rolls. And even to speak on the lipo my stomach pudges where my naval is and has yet to come down, add to that I took pics and I felt like crying with all the scars on my once fllawless (although fat) stomach... and its dented n some areas, not smooth like it should b but that may change idk

As far as my booty its slightly better but far from what ive seen popular docs on this site do... My pre op pants fit me for crying out loud! I guess I took a chance and it didnt pan out for me so well unfortunately... I will post pics of what I looked like PRIOR to all my swelling going down because those are the most recent pics I have and even those are mediocre at best; NOT what I asked for! Heck I even went to my male best friends house and he didnt even notice a thing! I guy will b the first to notice if u look diffrent!... Dont get me wrong Dr. B is a wonderful person but what I paid for and what I got are two diffrent things... I guess the last straw was a couple of days after I met with dr b (last friday) I asked my fiance if my butt was still big and he usually says im trippin cuz its huge but wen I had him look at it he was like "its ok..." I was like should I get a round two (he normally says no) he was like "yea I think that wohld make it stand out a lil more"... :-/ .... I mentioned to Dr. B about a round two he said I would hav to pay 1/4 his fee plus the cost of the facility fee and anesthisia... THATS $4000!!! Im not about to pay that wen Salama patients can pay $800 and he actually is capable of producing nice results and has...

Now I am looking at the DR for a round 2 perhaps n september with my godsister which is the LAST thing I wanted because I dont like the thought of sx n another country but I refuse to waste another 8k on this surgery but I also refuse to live without the results I want... Now I will hav to dig into the funds I hav saved for my wedding and now im pissed!

Now if my butt magically fluffs in a month or two I change my review but as of right now I have yet to see

Not trying to bash my doc but I told him going n that I will be completely honest regardless...

I sent a message to Dr. B and I have an...

I sent a message to Dr. B and I have an appointment set up with him for Monday at 6:30... he said we can look into doing a touch up but as of right now I cant fathom spending anymore money and being disappointed again... its too much! Plus add to this im putting my body thru this again... I considering just working a bunch of overtime and saving up to go to Dr. Jimerson like I had originally planned...
These results are completely trashing my dreams cuz I might hav to put the wedding off till fuckin 2015!! Wtf! I'm in tears...

So its time for me to consider a round 2 to...

So its time for me to consider a round 2 to correct this failed bbl I had. I have an appointment scheduled with doctor b for Monday to discuss possible ways to correct things but how im lookin right now im not about to go thru this again, I think im better off spending my money elsewhere...

Im caught between deciding on going to Jimerson; I never cancelled my date with him I just moved it to october. Or going with this new chic Duran.. who is she??? What is up with the Duran craze?? I went to her site and it didnt seem like anything too special but mayb im wrong... So to all the ladies going to Duran, where are ppl posting their results? I mean Im hearing about her like a famous celeb went to her... But all I see are ppl planning to go on RS no post op...

Sooo Ive been on here but I really havent felt...

Sooo Ive been on here but I really havent felt inspired to really update because, well, not much has changed... I met with Dr. B awhile back about needing revisions done because im not happy with my results... he offered to redo it for a grand total of $2400 which is better than the $4000 he originally told me; however I just cant see myself going thru this with the same doc again especially if im nowhere near what I wanted. I am considering going out of the country which I was originally against but the $$$ already spent leaves me with few options... Huff... I swear why cant shit be done right the first time. Dont get me wrong I will not doubt Dr. B's shaping skills because I have wide hips and a nice hourglass but he is inexperienced in the bbl procedure and leaves a hell of a lot of hole scars on u! Add to that I have serveral burn marks that where left and my stomach is still pudgy and jiggly around my belly button... Long story short I cant wait till september for my round 2!!! I am considering Duran who quoted me $3500 and I might get a quote from Salzhauer in Miami just in case I stay in the U.S.

Oh and yes I have fluffed... I literally can tell where he added fat above and below my butt BUT NONE IN THE MIDDLE FOR PROJECTION! I have a flat spot that shows in gray pants on both butt cheeks right in the middle of my behind its weird because my butt is wide and flat so it looks great untill i turn to the side...

Its decided DURAN for sure!!!

Hi ladies! So much has changed since my last update. I really understand how much of a rollercoaster this whole process can be and seeing how so many of us update 3-4 weeks or even 1-2 months after and believe we have some idea of our final result, this is not true. I really believe after surgery we almost go through an awkward phase that leaves you very unsure of your results and even brings you to the point of depression. I definitely felt this, hence my last very depressed review; however, as your body heals more and more and fat begins to settle, it all takes shape. My butt has definitely changed since I last updated, its really BIG and my hips are pretty huge, but I still dont quite have the projection I want but I do feel better about the money I spent...

Sooooo I still would like to fix the uneven areas of lipo on my stomach so i will be making the journey to DR to see Duran! Plus why not add more while I'm at it??? I actually spoke to Duran this morning and I was soooo excited to actually catch her on the phone. She speaks really good english but its funny how she tells you she isn't confident in her ability to speak because she barely has an accent. Anyways she confirmed that I'm on for September 2nd and I wont need to send my deposit, even better!!! I'm hoping to satisfy my booty greed even though my friends have been left scratching their heads at how I got all the ass I already have lol!

I will be updating with new pics to show the changes i've gone through and I will provide pics of the areas I wish to have lipo to correct.

Some massage places for my DMV ladies ;)

Ok so I wish i knew about these places back in February! Im sure my recovery would have been much smoother, oh well I know now! So here is a list of affordable massage clinics n our area in case ur wonderin. If anyone has any places to add please do so and keep in mind I havent tried these places yet but I plan to after my round 2 in september. If u are really itching for reviews on these places please look on

Northern VA School of Therapudic Massage
Falls Church, VA (703)533-3113 $35

Best Health Massage
Alexandria, VA (703)548-3411 $40

National Massage Therapy Institute
Falls Church, VA (703)237-3905 $35

Potomac Massage Training Institute
Wash, DC (202)686-7046 $37/$55

Lanham Massage Center
Lanham, MD (301)459-0765 $60

Okay, one more thing. Most of these places are massage schools thus the discounted rate, so please understand that. Also, no I do not know if these places offer lymphatic so dont ask me just call. This is simply a list I was building for myself n rather than hoard the info to myself for the next 3 months I wanted to share since massages seem to b ridiculously expensive in this area. But anywho enjoy ladies n if u have been to these places let me know ur experience!

Northern VA School of Therapudic

Cabral $5800!!???? Sheesh!!!

Okay so just to keep my options open I hit up Cabral for a quote n would u know that man quoted me $5,800???! Ummm did he forget that he lives n a 3rd world country and his precious CIPLA jus shut down for health violations??? No offense but I mean honestly that is $200 shy of stateside prices....

Is anyone else getting expensive quotes like this?? I expected him to b a bit more than duran or yilly but no more than $4500. Im very disappointed...

Well moving on... Does anyone know whats goin on with these stories im hearing about Duran??? After reading solidgold's post (thank u btw) im more than a lil nervous to go n September, which is y I WAS considering Cabral... anyone know anymore dirt on duran? I been tryin to get on the fb group for months!

Oops!!! I forgot to put what the quote is for

I forgot to put what the $5800 quote was for... I jus wanted a bbl, lipo of my whole back, abdomen, n arms. No TT jus lipo n this is the price he gave me... I think not!!!!

Soooo I was wrong lol! Cabral or Duran???

Okay so correction on the $5800 quote! I have been chatting with Cabral via whatsapp since I posted earlier today and might I say he is super responsive which I like alot. Its actually $3800 for my quote yes!!!! And no deposit necessary woohoo! Thank u lawd!!! If I can get the date I want I am going to hop on that. Yes I know his history but it seems like all these CIPLA docs are sketchy. I am/was scheduled for Duran but flesh eating bacteria is not my thing (neither are burns) but that Duran issue is really freaking me out.. So I have some serious thinkn to do

Any ladies on the Duran FB group? Has anyone mentioned this incident on there?

Also for the Cabral vets is he first come first serve? I dont want to get their n have to fight for an appt!

Hibiclens is important!!!

I posted this link because considering all the ppl gettin staph/MRSA infections its important to know ur options in preventing these bacteria. To all my DR ladies or anyone seeking to get sx soon consider adding hibiclens to ur list of supplies. Its made for pre n post op bactericidal cleansing to prevent these horrible bacteria spreading!

Fyi its for external use only but I know Im going to make sure I scrub down with it before sx n clean my stitches po... Its about $9 a bottle but I will say its worth it!

Updated pics

So I was asked for updated pics. Hate taking pics n hard to take pics... my body is better than it used to b but not nearly where I wana b. When ur butt fluffs, fat left behind after lipo fluffs so all ur uneveness is magnified. U will see y i want/need a round 2 n hopefully i will get the results I want this time

more photos

BBL Round 2 Review

You can follow my BBL Round 2 review, here.

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hello all. although your blogs are a year old. im glad that i read them. they are all very very helpful. i have signed up for a consultation with Dr. B since il local in the MD/DC area. im doing the BBL so i hope it works. some of the blogs scarred me but after research and reading about DR. B looks like he may have created a mast of bodies here in the DMV. i will keep you all posted. if smile 9 and amapleh are still on here i need some encouragement! :)
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After my consult, I was a ball of nerves.. Sooooooo, I'm 10 days post op and the ONLY regret I have is, not doing this sooner. I FEEL LIKE A GIRL AGAIN
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Had a consult with Dr B. Today. It went well. After reading some of these posts, I'm not feeling so confident.
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Thanks this was so informative I was going to see Dr B tomorrow but after seeing this review he clearly has no idea what he is doing.
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Hey thanks for the advice on hebiclins, just bought some on amazon. Any other "must haves" for bbl? Keep us updated!! So excited for you, you'll have great results!!
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Well the first thing that comes to mind is a grabber, u know like older folks use lol! Its funny now that i think of it but believe me when you drop your bottle of medicine and no one is around to help you, you will wish you had one!
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what is this about duran? I never heard of what your talking about? Can i have Cabrals whatsup ap. Thanks
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If you read solidgold's blog he talks about his friend that recieved a bad infection after goin to Duran... I believe the girl posted the pics on fb as well but knowin now that it was MRSA and not some rare bacteria I feel better about my choice... Cabral whatsapp (829) 548-8443
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Hello im thinking about getting a bbl with dr B in March. Can u post some up dated pictures.
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Sure can... i will try to do some asap
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Ok thanks. It was your before and after pic 20 day post op on his website and junkintrunk review which left me impressed. I kinda shaped like your b4 pic and I hate my love handles so I went to him yesterday for a consult, but after reading your whole review I'm a lil worried because u said you butt got smaller. I also noticed that u said it fluffed out some as time passed that's why I asked to see a recent pic. R the marks and scars still on your stomach or did they go away
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Yup still got lots of scars n I got burned a lil during lipo so I have a long scar from that. I have about 6 hole scars which do depress me n my stomach is lumpy which is y I'm doin the round 2, that and I need more projection n shaping of my butt cuz it's a bit square but it is bigger...
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Ok thanks for the update and recent pics. I see what u mean. I would want more projection in the middle too but it still looks great in your clothes.
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EXACTLY!! It does look good n clothes n its much better than before but I needed more aggressive lipo n a nice round ass... so DR here i come lol...
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Lol I feel you. Good luck im going to continue to follow your progress
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Lol I love this line, " Every step felt like it ate my energy and fueled my nausea!" very well put! And to add to what you said, I would recommend ANYONE having surgery to get Hibiclens not just girls going to the D.R.! Salama patients and a Doc in NY got MRSA so it's not just for people going abroad! God bless and good luck on your round two.
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Thank u lady n so very true! All ladies need hibiclens! Its wonderful!
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I'm in the Duran FB group now. Yes they are talking about it. Let's just say I'm sticking with Duran as my choice.
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Who did u ask to join?
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is the girl on here that has the staph infection...
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I dont know... I know one girl a while back posted on here n she had MRSA n i think she went to yily but im not sure
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Cabral quoted mt the same price as Duran $3500 although he did not say what areas of lipo that included... Idk, I'm pretty much done with CIPLA altogether after reading Solidgold revieew about his friend who went to Duran and got infected badly. And also his comments on Yily..... I'm pissed because I feel like I'm starting from square 1 all over again! It's depressing because I LOVED Duran's work. SMH... I recently sent a FB message to Duran asking about the infected girl (flesh eating e coli infection). I'll update my review with her answer when she replies. Good luck to you!
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Yea it definitely sucks because I had so much faith n duran but flesh eating bacteria is pure neglect! So I am very torn too but I figure if I get freaked out at CIPLA by the conditions my ass is ghost!!!! My visit will become a vacation!
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