The Brickhouse Diaries: Deleting Profile- Suwanee, GA

I have been squatting, lunging, rubbing and...

I have been squatting, lunging, rubbing and praying for my booty to be perky for years. Conventional methods have not worked, so I plan to see Dr. Jimmerson in Suwanee, Ga to help me get the look that i want. I am not looking to be big as Delishis, but I do want a backside that compliments my thighs and hips which is appropriate in the boardroom and irresitable in the bedroom. :)

I plan to have two procedures to get the ultimate...

I plan to have two procedures to get the ultimate look, Ive always wanted. An ultimate breast lift by Dr. Horndeski (November 12, 2012) and BBL w/ Dr. Jimmerson (Feb 6, 2013I am having breast first because the downtime is a lot less than the BBL I would get both of theses procedures sooner if I could but Dr. Jimmerson doesnt recommend a return trip to the OR until I have 90 days recovery. Not to mention, I am paying for both of these procedures cash and need to work hella OT to build my account back up..

I am a healthcare revenue cycle consultant so I work from home. At what point after my surgery will the pain be bearable for me to begin working again? I get anxiety when I am not working..

Dr. Jimmerson recommended inner thigh lipo and hip injections. But I like my big legs and was hoping to shape them to compliment my butt rather than reduce them with lipo.. What do you guys think? Should I start working them out now? I am afraid if i do, I will lose weight in my abdomen and not have enough fat to graft.

I meant to get a tape measurement to post my measurements. I know my breast are a 36DD and I am 5'7 185 pounds. More interesting facts, I am 32 with 2 children (10 & 12) and not planning on have anymore kids, unless I adopt...

Also, can someone send me a list of all the supplies and incidentals I will need pre and post op to prepare for surgery?

Thinking about rescheduling my surgery for October...

Thinking about rescheduling my surgery for October or November so I can be ready for my bday in March.. Being that I have to wear a girdle for 3-6 months post surgery...

Preop Measurements: 5' 7" -185 pounds.. I would...

Preop Measurements:

5' 7" -185 pounds.. I would say that my weight seems to be evenly distributed.

There is no way, that i am getting hip injections.. Judging from my pictures, should I loose about 20 pounds before surgery? Ive sent this question post consult with Dr. Jimmerson, but I cant get my coordinator to respond. The customer service there sucks. i dont think it is fair as client who is spending over $10K with this practice, that I should be treated unimportant because I have given my deposit already. Im a little ticked off about the customer service there.

Couldnt stand it any longer.. I rescheduled my...

Couldnt stand it any longer.. I rescheduled my surgery for Thursday, October 18 @ 6:45 am.. Scheduling medical clearance now.. Yes!!

30 DAYS AND A WAKE UP!! I will be at the Jspot...

30 DAYS AND A WAKE UP!! I will be at the Jspot getting my curve on.. (lol) I really dont have any updates, just excited about my surgery. Flight, hotel and car is booked. Medical clearance and labs scheduled. Work is delegated. Babysitter arranged & photoshoot on deck in December. Yippeee!!!

So I am less than 30 days out from my surgery and...

So I am less than 30 days out from my surgery and I am a ball of nerves. I really could use some support while Im there from one of my BBL sisers who plan to have the surgery during the time I will be in Atlanta (17-27 October).If you are going to the J spot for your BBL during that time, can you inbox me your number. I wouldnt mind sharing my room once my mom leaves. She is not excited at all that I am having this surgery, so I really need some positive reinforcement.


Ladies, We are all excited about our new figures...

We are all excited about our new figures from BBL, but please make sure you ask for your plastic surgery medical record when you attend your post op appointment. The medical records will give you the details of what was administered and perfomed on you, in the event any issues were to arise when you return to your home of record and your primary physician needs to take any corrective action because you develop a complication or adverse affect due to Ps years down the line. There may be a cost for them copying this up to .45 cents per page depending on state requirements.

I have read too many posts were women developed complications, didn't see any or minimal results and wonder why. One bbl sister was told so many different stories by her plastic surgeon and it wasnt until 6 months later he decided to revise it. HELL NO! It wont happen to me. I am going to take control of my results and make it clear and known, I want my medical records within 72 hours post op, with signatures from PS and anesthesiologist per The Joint Commission requirements. (all operative notes must be dictated within 24 hours of surgery).

I love Dr. Jimmersons work, but someone made a comment that made so much sense. He is not God and will not do everything perfect. I just need to make sure Im his anomaly.


Correction** **not his anomaly**


**not his anomaly**

Hi ladies, I was wondering if I plan to go to...

Hi ladies,
I was wondering if I plan to go to normal weight of 150-165 pounds post surgery, shoud I ask for more than 1000 CC's more due to reabsorption rate and postop weight loss plans? I undertstand that once the cells have permanently attached they will remain in the grafted area. The fat cells will increase and decrease based on your genetic makeup. However, I want to maintain a natural projection with curves, should I over compensate?

Also, to the ladies that went to Dr. Jimmerson for their surgeries, in the basic bbl price how many injecetions does he make in each buttocks and where are the injections made? For example, does he make one injection in each check in one area. for example bottom of each cheek. If you want the side or the cheek injected, is that considered the hip? Is there an additional cost if you want the top of the check injected as well?

These may be questions I need to ask him, but you all know how Monica's a** is about answering questions.

Where can I get these arnica pills? I am also planning on doing a homemade body wrap while in my garment to reduce inches on my thighs and arm while I am laying up. What do you guys think about that? If so, what minerals do you recommend I should use?

Also, how did you guys know what size garment to purchase to have as an additional garment while you were recovering?

Ok ladies, I have 3 days and a wake up until its...

Ok ladies, I have 3 days and a wake up until its time for my surgery. My anxiety has reached its peak and I am ready just to get it done. I will be sure to post pics before and after I go into surgery. Toodles ladies.

Hello ladies, I landed in Atlanta today and went...

Hello ladies,
I landed in Atlanta today and went to my pre-op clearance where I was given my pre and post op instructions. I met two ladies in the office who were 6 and a year post op patients of Dr. J ( who also works there). There booties were so pretty, perky and soft... I loved itI Touching it and talking to those ladies eliminated all the anxiety and doubt. They answered all of my questions and even gave me hints and cautious facts that will occur post op. For example, after your surgery many ladies in the office that had the surgery had a drop in metabolism and a spike in appetitie. They attribute it to the tranfer of the fat. Be sure to eat right afterwards and create a healthy lifestyle so you don't gain the weight back in your stomach due to over eating. Drink lots of water, take vitamin C and the CRNA highly recommends lymphatic drainage massages. 2 lymphatic drainages twice per week for 3 weeks and once a week as needed if there is still a lot of swelling. The CRNA said that with the use of her arnica pills and massages all of her swelling went away in before the end of the first month.. I have to figure out where to get some arnica pills.

Other info: I love Atlanta.. The people are so friendly and nice. The speed limit is only 55 miles per hour on the highway so, so try to get where you need to go before rush hour. That would be hell!
I am staying in the Hampton Inn that has a kitchenette and living room and dining room. Which is awesome, because my mom is here and she is going to make some of my favorite meals.. Can't wait! The rate was $89/night and it is 10 miles from the office. In Texas 10 miles is about 10-15 minute ride. In Atlanta its about 20-30 minutes. I
If you have to get your meds go to Walmart because it was certainly a lot cheaper than CVS. Your most expensive medicine is going to be the blood thinner (lovenox). My antibiotic was $4 and pain med was $36. I didnt get zofran because it is a prn drug and I can fill it if i need it. That drug was about $60. I bought milk of magnesia otc because the CRNA said it work better for her than the colace. Also, because I am irregular, I need all the help I can get. Sorry, TMI.
I did not buy the urinal or diapers because they said it was ok to sit for brief intervals to use the bathroom. No need to poop and pee on yourself or garment.
I did have to buy peroxide, cloth tape and gauze to redress my wounds and clean drain. I also bought some maxipads to line the bottom of the garment to prevent permanent indentations!!
I am really excited and will post pics of my hotel, more pre-op pics and post op pics in a few. Talk to you soon

Its day 2 post op and I am still in a lot of pain....

Its day 2 post op and I am still in a lot of pain. The nurse said day 2 will be the hardest for me and the pain will decrease starting tomorrow. He gave me 800 cc's in each cheek and 400 in each hip. i will post a few pics via phone in a few. The pics do not do it justice. Once the gauze come off tomorrow, you should be able to see the pics better.

Ok, so the nurse told me I could sit to pee, however, the pain is so bad. I pee standing up in a large macdonalds cup. The mouth of the cup fits perfectly in the opening of the garment to prevent accidents.

Someone asked what are prn drugs.. prn means as needed.

The address to the hotel I stayed in is 1725 Pineland Dr. Duluth, Ga. But the Hyatt is right down the road from his office. I just dont know there rates and if they offer kitchenettes.

Also, I found out that the pharmacy across the street from Dr. J's office is a lot cheaper. I had to get my lovonox there and it was only $225 for cash patients. At walmart it was $232 and CVS $257.

That's it for now. I will update you tomorrow.

Ive updated this review two times but real self is...

Ive updated this review two times but real self is not svaing pics or entry.. Just checking to see if working before i tr

Day 4: this morning I woke up in a lot of pain. I...

Day 4: this morning I woke up in a lot of pain. I didn't sleep well and i felt like I was busting out of my garment. I called the office and spoke with dr. Jimmerson and told him about my drainage and how i felt like I was busting out of my garment in the abdomen area. He asked if I had a bowel movement and I told him no. He told me to take magnesium citrate and if I don't make a bowel movement come in the office today.
I took off the garment because I felt so bloated I fel like I was going to bleed if I kept it on. My mom went to walgreens and bought me some grape magnesium sulfate. I drunk the entire 10oz bottle per the instructions and washed it down with a 16oz bottle of water. Within 3 hours my bowels finally moved and it kept moving. It was awful. I am afraid too put my garment back on, because my stomach is still upset and its an orchestrated event to take that thing on and off. Im really worried how not having the garment on for a 24 hour period is going to affect my results. I will call in the morning to see if I can get the drained removed early to make sure that my drainage results is accurate or if i have an obstruction somewhere. I don't want to have to stay longer than I have to because of an inaccurate drain read.
I have a very infrequent bowel pattern and i was taking 4 tbsp of milk of magnesia along with my stool softener to help, but that didnt work. Ladies, word of advice, make sure you are eating green leafy vegetables and have a high fiber intake to keep yourself irregular. Drink 64 oz of water a day and 100% juice at least a month before surger if you are irregular like me. All the narcotics and anesthesia in your body will affect colonic output.
Enough of that!
I am absolutely in love with the folding chair with a hole in it that forever booty posted. I plan to head to walmart to get one tomorrow. \
I will update you guys tomorrow with more pics of my room, me, chair and measurements tomorrow after my visit to dr. Jimmerson tomorrow.

Toodles, ladies

Lets pray that real self uploads my review and pics..



I have been contemplating if I should update my post or not, because I am unsure how I feel about my results.

ELEVATED BLOOD PRESSURE: During my surgery, my blood pressure elevated and caused for me to be in OR 4 hours instead of 2. I had 3800 cc's removed and total of 2400 injected inmy buttocks. I asked Dr. Jimmerson for bigger hips and natural butt to compliment it. Which he gave, but I wish it was a little bigger. I wish he would have lipo'd the max 5000 cc's to give me the leaner torso, I desired, but I believe, my intraoperative complication affected that.. :(

MY SEROMA: Kim, told me that before I could get my drains out, I would have to drain less than 30 cc's by my post op appointment. Well I noticed on day 4 I was draining less than 30 cc's and thought that may be a little odd. I asked to come in early to make sure there is not a clog anywhere and low and behold, I had two seromas on the left and right side of my abdomen. I had them drained that wednesday and came back friday for another aspiration. I was told, I need to see if my primary md will drain them for me when I returned home otherwise, I would have to stay in atlanta for up to 7 weeks. why 7 weeks, because It may take 7 weeks of draining for the seroma to finally go away. does anyone remember the name of the member who had a seroma? she was dr. salama's patient. I need to find her blog to see all the things she did to get rid of it. I was told to keep a lot of compression on it, get it drained and do lymphatic massages. Luckily, I found a doctor back home who would do it for me and I only have to pay the $25 copay.

MY FLIGHT: I was so paranoid on my flight back it was unreal. I wish I would have gotten an aisle seat on the last row. I had a window seat on the 7th row and my seat mate didnt want to switch. As soon as the fasten seat belt light went out, i was litterally using my arms to lift my butt off the cushion every ten minutes because i didnt want to lose my booty.

CONTEMPLATING 2ND BBL OR MORE ABDOMNIAL LIPO: I posted my before and after pics taken in the office, because I really haven't been in the mood to take pics of myself. I am not really happy with the lipo, but i know its not his fault. I am disappointed because he is one of the most expensive bbl ps and i was expecting to get my money worth in lipo. I was really hoping he would have gotten more fat out so I could concentrate on maintaining the results so I can be ready for my Ultimate Breast Lift in December. Because of this seroma, i will have to wait until feb. to make sure everything is healed and back in place.

I really hope, I am just going through postop blues and the swelling in my stomach will drastically decrease to remove my back roll, I have left to really enoy my new shape. I know I can exercise or diet it away, but I honestly didn't think my built was that bad that he couldnt get it all gone. so I could work on building up thighs and arms without focusing so much on my abs and back. Don't think I will be watching the TI and Tiny show. It will make me feel even worse if her results came out better.. enjoy the show.

I am going to delete my profile to avoid saying...

I am going to delete my profile to avoid saying anything negative about the office staff of the plastic surgeon I really admire. For those of you, I became close with inbox me your info. I would like to thank you guys for all of your encouraging words and prayers.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I spent 100's of hours revieiwing surgeons who do BBL's and finally came across Dr. Jimmerson artwork. It wasn't until I came across Dr. Jimmersons photos when the angelic cherubs begin to sing.. His work is pure masterpeice and worth every dime he charges. I had a consultation with Dr. Jeneby in San Antonio, and the experience was horrible.. He didnt even ask me what I want to look like. He was dictating my case while I was asking questions. He wouldnt even give me a quote on the BBL. His staff wouldnt even smile at me. The same day, I started googling BBL's and this site popped up with Dr. Jimmersons photos. He is a definitly a miracle worker. I knew he was the doctor for me. His staff is so friendly and took their time to answer my questions and made me feel like I was the only person that mattered for 20 minutes I was on the phone with them.. When I had my phone consultation with Dr, Jimmerson, he was extremely down to earth and personable. I asked him are his photos real, because I haven't come across another surgeon who's pictures look like his. He laughed and said, " I just know what a butt is supposed to look like." I can't wait until he builds my brickhouse. Stay tuned!!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope he did your revision and this is the reason you deleted profile, women need to be aware of bad results
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Hey how are u.and are u liking ya results any more I know its been a few mts how r u coming along ????
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I have mixed emotions. It's been six weeks and I only feel good when I have my garment and my stomach is sucked in. When I take my garment off I look bloated and still have a bra roll. I decided to reopen my post to let everyone see my progression. I'm lucky because I had a little bootie to begin with so what he added was an improvement but a far cry from the work he has displayed on his website.
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Hi Brickhouse;) how are you feeling? we haven't touch bases for awhile;) I am 2 1/2 months post op;) already and thanks God! all is settling down;) how about yourself? did you schedule an appointment with your new surgeon? let me know if there is anything I can help with;) Take care.
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Hi dolce, I will be going for a round two but wanted to get breast and butt done at the same time. I hate surgery and don't want to put my body under unnecessary stress. I am considering Dr. Salama, dr. Cortez, dr. Campos and dr. Mendieta. I'll keep you posted
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Well hold up Brick...I want to see your pics! I'm like the other ladies I'm just glad that you are here. But your story/pics can motivate, encourage and assist us along our journey. Don't go ...stay and help the rest of us.
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I peeked ur pics on yesterday! U look great! I've been following ur post we r same height, weight and build and I hoped to get do's, dont's and should haves. When I saw ur pics I was like..... "Oh yea it's on now"
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Whoa, wait a minute! I have an appointment soon. You may have useful info we ALL need to know.
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Girl no! Don't go. Everybody needs to know how real this is. The ups and downs too. This storm will pass and you will see how good u look now. Because ur going thru it u can't see how we the world see you. You look amazing really!!! There's some people who share only the good stuff but we all know that not the way it will go for most of us. You are not alone. We all will have something that we wish we could change and could have done different. I know you will snap out of it and see how nice that body you hating on truely is!!!
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Im sorry you have to go through this. I know you were suer excited about this surgery and to not get the results you wanted for the money you paid must be devastating. I enjoyed all you post and followed you throughout your time here. I wish you the very best!!
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Sorry tht your experience is happening like this. Saying less than positive things are what help people make a decision. If everything on here was good it would not provide an accurate insight. I hope that you change your mind. Everyone has to be able to accept the good and the bad, because in reality it is not all roses. I can appreciate what you have shared and hope that you consider not to leave. What ever you decide, do what will make you happy. Thanks
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I agree with bbeautiful2. In addition, Expressing your view will not make you out to be a negative person, we don't know you On a personal level but we can see from reading the beginning of your journey that you are not a negative person. I understand that everything has its pros and cons, and everyones experience Is different And that is what your doing at the end of the day sharing your experience. Nevertheless, I wish you a speedy recovery.
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I second this sister comment. We need it all the good bad and indifferent. Even tough I have already start making payments for my surgery knowing your concerns help us all sis. The reality is you have shined so bright in here we all have the utmost respect and bbl sis love for you. We came together as a community of ladies to help one another and encourage each other. Let us do that for you too sis. Be encourage I wish there was more I could do to really help you. Hope you feel better and heal Wonderfully. Blessings.
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I have already contacted realself to close my account. I am deleting because I am not generally a negative person and I dont want to be out of character. good luck guys on your journey.
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Well Brickhouse baby, we need you because you already gone through and your our hope. We would like to follow your results, happiness along with your sorrows too. It willhelp us with our decision procss. throw us away. You are the reason I joined realself in the first place. We need to hear the negative part. It won't hurt Dr J trust me. But it may hurt us if we are unaware of certain things. Please reconsider.
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you look wonderful....hang in there.... give it a little more should take a look at your before pics vs after, there is a big difference.... stay strong and positive. Good Luck
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Hey, Don't delete. Give it more time. I think u look wonderful already.
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Don't delete.. stay with us a lil longer so we can follow your progress and healing. We are here to support you in this time in need. We got your back xoxo!!
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Girl I had to look back at your pics and I still think your results look soo good. I do see what you are saying about the back roll though. Is that area painful or swollen. Just maybe when all that swelling goes down, you will absolutely love your results. It is unfortunate that you are going through the headaches of a seroma, but I am wishing you the very best with it draining as fast as possible.
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I think you look amazing. Stay up honey. I'm sure once the swelling goes down, your body will change even more. I plan on putting my deposit down this week and booking Dr. J. for summer 2013.
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Sorry for asking, but what is a seroma and does it hurt? Personally I think you look wonderful, but I agree with JLO1, wait until you've completely healed, you might grow to prefer your physic
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Katiedear, it is a pocket of fluid that is stuck in the abdomen, that can occur after lipo. It is treated by getting the fluid aspirated.
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Im happy they got your blood pressure under control......and your here....God is so merciful.....I pray your Seroma heals and your healing process in general gets better and better. Thanks You for sharing and letting us know how U are doing.....and yes U do really look good #RealTalk
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Just checked out pics looks like your healing very well. Give your body time to heal and the swelling to go down. Don't be so harsh just yet.. looking good to me and coming along quite well.
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Sorry to hear things didn't go as planned. You will be in my prayer s and hope that your body heals sooner than later. Xoxox I'm sure your body looks amazing please bless us with a few pics.
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