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Hello there!!!! I am a newbie to this site. Well...

Hello there!!!! I am a newbie to this site. Well technically I been stalking this sight for about a year now. My consult with Dr. Jimerson was on this past Wednesday. I was so excited that I paid for and had my surgery scheduled for 5/14/14. I would love to get it done sooner but I will be working out of state until 5/10/14. I will definitely be ready for summer!!! Photos and updates to follow!


Here are some of my booty wish pics

Lagging on updating my profile!!!!

Hello Dolls!!! I have been so busy stalking everyone else page that I have neglected my own page. Well a little about myself. I am 44 year young mother of 2 grown kids . I was a single mother for about 14 years after my divorce and worked my butt off (literally) as a Registered Nurse to raise my kids to be productive healthy adults. I have decided that NOW is the time to do something for myself. I am overly excited about this journey to improve my body shape. I am 5'4 and about 170lbs (my ideal weight is about 150). I was told during my consultation with Dr. Jimerson that I needed to lose about 10lbs before my surgery on 5/14. I am currently on a weight loss journey as we speak. I plan on taking some pre-op pics sometime this weekend and post them as soon as I figure out how to doodle out my tats and face.
Aside from taking iron, vitamins, and supplement + working out/dieting, I feel like I haven't done anything else to prepare for this surgery yet. I am beginning to get a little anxious. My consult was in January so I felt like then that MAY was so far away. Not so much anymore. This month I will begin purchasing some supplies and start my count down for surgery.

Very Impressed with the recent Dr. Jimerson results

As I have been stalking...I must say, I am very impressed with the results of recent Dr. J's patients. He is doing the damn thing. I must confess, I was soooo tempted to go see Dr. Yily in the D.R. Her price was so much more palatable....BUT..being a nurse...I was scared to death after hearing some of the stories of other doll's surgical experiences in the D.R. Don't get me wrong...I love Dr. Jimerson's work...and I know he is the right PS for me...but at his prices, I can not get all the work I NEED at one time.
I am in desperate need of a tummy tuck. I have had 2 emergency C-sections (vertical scar) and a hysterectomy (horizontal scar) and I have loose skin and stretch marks only on my lower abs. Currently I am getting a BBL and Lipo of my upper and lower bra roll...and maybe my inner thighs (I may add those on at my pre-op 4/23). I want to wait to get my TT and BL about 6 months after my BBL. I want to give my booty all the chance it needs to heal and to KEEP!!!! I was doing some research on Dr. Horneski for my BL and TT. I like how his BL don't have vertical scaring. Those TT scars scare me too...I wish they didn't have to be so long. I figure I can cover it up with tats eventually....I mean I already have 2 ugly scars...for a flat stomach I will gladly trade it for one big one. I 44, I might as well get it while I

Oh, I forgot to add that I live in Atlanta

I live in Atlanta but am currently working in California now. I am a travel nurse so I travel all over the country for assignments. Having said current contract ends on 5/10/14 and my surgery is scheduled for 5/14/14. Talk about pushing it. The advantages for me is that I live locally so I don't have to pay extra for lodging...and I have nurse friends who will come take care of me for free. I only have to worry about scheduling my massages after surgery. I am actually trying to open up a recovery house for Dr. Jimerson's patients next year. I am trying to develop a business plan and looking at properties. That is only after I finish paying for this booty : ).

With much hesitation. b4 shots

I've been very reluctant to post my pre-op pictures here...but it is only fair to post what I am currently working with. I am hoping to lose another 15 lbs before my surgery.

Less than 2 months until my surgery

So I am less than 2 months out from my BBL. I feel so unprepared. My blood pressure for the first time in my life is still running a little high. I guess I am trying not to get excited about my surgery until I have successfully passed my medical clearance. I am so afraid of getting excited then being disappointed if it doesn't happen for me. My medical clearance is scheduled for 4/22/14. I am flying from California just to have it done. I have been working out, dieting, taking my vitamins and iron. I just have not purchased anything yet. I figure I can get the last minute things while I am home in Atlanta in April.

Need some advice regarding "HIPS"

During my consultation I was told that I need "hips". I did pay for hips at that time. After reading several reviews it seems as the hip shrink almost down to nothing. Can anyone share their experience with getting hips added. I do not want to waste money. I would rather use that money to get my upper bra roll or thighs done. I have always been broad in the back....I may skip the hips and focus on the back, waist, and butt. As I stated earlier in the review...I plan on getting a TT and BL 6 months after my BBL. I can always add lipo on then..where I can not necessarily add hip then. Any thoughts>

Less than 50 days away until my transformation

Just a small update. I have been working out using my Abolene wrap. I am impressed on how well this stuff work. I have not weighed myself yet but I can really see the weight coming off. I am going to be in great shape by my surgery date. As my date moves closer...certain members of my family continue to try to talk me out of it. My mother called the other day...of course she states all the things I could buy with the money I am spending on this procedure. She says "now you know you don't have no problem getting or keeping a man....what u need a booty for?". I had to remind her that I am not doing this for a MAN..I am doing this for ME. So I can feel confident and beautiful in my own skin. My daughter keeps texting me these booty workouts and pics of women who have just done squats. She says "mom just give it a these exercises for the next 2 months and I bet you won't need surgery". They don't understand that all the squats in the world are not going to re-shape my body the way I want to see it. I have to live with my body and see it naked. This is a once and a life time opportunity for me. I hate when people say this is the lazy way out. I work hard, I am active, I workout, I travel, I love life, and I am good person. I hate feeling like I am being judged negatively for something I feel will improve MY body. I imagine a great out come and a bomb look from my surgery. I have waited my whole life for a beautiful body...and dammit...I am getting it!! I stopped doing squats recently because I noticed my butt muscles getting larger and tighter. I don't want to tighten that area anymore because I want the skin to be loose so I can have more fat packed in. I am just going to continue to work on my upper body and abs.

Death at Vanity

I was just watching Nancy Grace tonight and saw a segment about a 51 year old mother of five who recently died as a result of a pulmonary embolism during a BBL procedure. The sad thing is that she wanted to cancel her surgery but would not be refunded her $4000.00 she had already paid. Her life was worth more than $4000.00. Her surgeon turned out to be a dermatologist...NOT A BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON. Please ladies do your homework. Whether your surgery is here in the states or abroad. Please do not take the risks lightly.

how do you remove pics

Does anyone know how to remove pics?

My day is approaching

My day is getting closer. Starting to get a little nervous. Today I flew home to Atlanta from California (were my current job is). I have my medical clearance in the morning and then my pre-op appointment with Dr. Jimerson next week. I am praying my blood pressure stays down and all my blood work comes out o.k. I am so ready to get this done and over with. I want to be nice and healed before the Summer really starts. I have ordered a few supplies. I wanted to wait until my pre-op appointment before I shelled out any more money. Well happy healing to those who have already had surgery...and good luck to all those who are still waiting to be made over!!!

The emotional rollercoaster

I have read many blogs about how this process can truly be both a journey and an emotional rollercoaster. I guess I should not expect to be exempt. Well, I had my medical clearance appointment yesterday. Of course the one thing worried about most was my BP being high....and of course it was. My primary care doctor put my on a low dose BP med. No big least I hope. So I get my EKG and blood work done. My doctor clears me for surgery and I am so step closer to my dream. As I am picking up my prescriptions the doctor's office calls me back and said my EKG was abnormal and that he could not clear me for surgery and that I had to come back to repeat the EKG. Luckily, I was still in the area. Now I am freaking out..more fearful that I could not have my surgery than any actual health condition. My doctor comes into the room and states that because I was having surgery he had to make sure my EKG was normal. He repeated the EKG and everything was fine. I must have been moving the first time and it read some he gave me my clearance and his blessings. My labs came back beautiful Hg 14.7 Hct 44.5.
So physically everything is progressing well for surgery. Emotionally...not so much. Some members of my family are going nuts and have quilted me into almost deciding not to have the surgery. My daughter (24yrs old) is disgusted with me. She can not understand why I am doing this. She said it is selfish, stupid, and ghetto. She states that it is a selfish waste of a lot of money and that I can get the same results by working out. My mom doesn't want me have the surgery...with the money I would save by not having the surgery I could buy her a car or help my brother out financially??? I am close to tears. I was 95% certain that this is what I really wanted to do for ME. Now I am feeling like maybe I should just cancel the surgery and be happy with what I have. Granted, paying for this surgery is rough....I have no back up money now. I don't want to have any regrets either way. I am going to continue to pray over this until my Pre-op appointment on Wednesday with Dr. J. I am so OCD and I have planned everything in my life around this procedure. I am too close to pull out now...Not sure what I am going to do : (
Dr. Jimerson

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Don't worry about what other people say. You have to take care of YOURSELF. Women spend so much time taking care of everyone else around them and neglecting themselves. HAVE THE SURGERY. You're being called selfish, but I think it's the other way around. If you worked for the money, you do WHATEVER you want to do with it. If the doctors have cleared you, GO FOR IT. It's time for YOU!!
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Thanks...I needed some positive feedback. I have taken care of and helped plenty. I look at this as a gift to myself. Of course I don't expect my 24 year old to completely understand. She is young, beautiful, with a great body, and no kids...and at 24 I would have never thought about doing this either...I'm in my mid 40's...if I don't do this now...I will never do it. This is my one and only time and I am so close...but I don't want to have regrets either way.
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Girlllll u r abt to be put on da map! Its going down n 26 more days!
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Thanks Sexeeangel...I am a bag of nerves right now.
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Uw please dont be cause the hardest part is your tecovety!
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I think I can handle recovery...this mental anguish is the pits...I am just trying to imagine being happy with my body for once...I want that.
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Thank you for sharing the info, I will continue to follow your journey.
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Love your wish pics! Can't wait to see your results
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Email kristy and she will assist you.
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Ty Soooo much for your post. I was reluctant to go to dr.hasan at first because i did some research and found out he wasn't on the board certified website. Girls were showing his certificate n his office and anotha girl told me to read the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery. After all that I was convinced because the article basically said when u r certified n certain fields by law you are considered to be a surgeon. Smh n sighs. Either goin to fisher or I'mma try to get my refund back.
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well from the work thing he has done. His work has been great. And granted a pulmonary embolism can happen with anyone. But I definitely need a certified Dr working on me. Good luck on your journey hun
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*work that he has done.
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Hey Sis. Gurl you aint got to worry dr j will definitely put u on the map! Chk ur. Pm ok and yes get ur hips done bur ge's going to automatically dull yr hips in to match and compliment ur new phatty! Best wishes! !!
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Yes, I agree with the other already have a great foundation. Dr J will make you look amazing. I had my hips done and am glad I did. It gives me the "curvy latina" look I was going for! I definitely have lost some volume in the hips, but not much. I am 3 months post op and very happy with my results.
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Ok.. thanks for the feedback. I will definitely consider hips. I really need my bra roll done. Glad you are happy with your results. I can't wait!!
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I'm glad yours stayed! The difference between yours and the other ones I've read about that disappeared is...Yours were done by Dr. J!!! :-D
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Just following you! You have a great body to start so it won't be hard for Dr.J to take you over the top!! Good luck!!!
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Thanks girl...I hope...I still have not got any feedback about hips. Just still wondering if they're a waste of money
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Yeah, I've been hearing about the hips disappearing after a while... Well you can easily get away with not getting them. After your waist is sucked out, your hips are going to look bigger anyway!
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I agree
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Congratulations on your upcoming sx date. Yes Mame the closer you get to your date it feels like time be flying by. When you get ready Dr. J will give you a super flat stomach to go with you bootay. I had my TT with Dr. J and have been nothing less then extremely satisfied with my results. I also had a c-section prior. My obstetrician and I must say Dr. J both did great jobs I say this because my scar originally was pencil thin then Dr. J went over it and it is basically fading away. I can honestly say you really can't see it. I also wish you the best with your recovery house. There are many PS in the nearby area with ladies looking for assistance with their aftercare. Best wishes on your continuous weight loss & upcoming sx ;)
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Thank you so much for the positive motivation. along with trying to lose weight I'm trying to get my blood pressure down. I've never had a blood pressure high blood pressure. .then out of no where my BP starting to run a little high. All I can think about is not getting my health cleared for surgery. I want this sooo bad so I am trying to remain positive.
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OMG! I went through the same thing with my BP. I also never had a problem with my BP prior to sx. But just before my sx my diastolic was a little high. I guess it was the inner butterflies causing it to go rise. But stay positive. Don't let negative thoughts rent space in your head :)
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