34 Days Post Op--Dr. Perry

So my phone consultation was on March 4 at 12 pm...

So my phone consultation was on March 4 at 12 pm but I did not get a call from Dr. Jimerson's office until 4:30 pm. I was really expecting to speak with Dr. J but it was a patient coordinator. After she answered most of my questions, I asked when I could speak with Dr. J since I had questions for him. Well she told me he would give me a call that evening...never received it. So on March 5, I called and left a message wanting to know when I could speak to Dr. J, well that afternoon I received a voicemail from Shelly saying that she was going to email me some paperwork and to call her if I have any questions. I still haven't received a call from Dr. J. I have been waiting since December when I was given my consultation date to speak to him. I mean as much money as this surgery is, I would at least like to speak to the dr that's going to be operating on me before the actual surgery! (which is scheduled for next month) I was just really turned off.

Dr. Perry was always my second choice and I'm now thinking he should have always been my first choice based on the way he is more hands on with his patients and the results he has been turning out. I called his office yesterday and spoke to Norma. It was so refreshing for someone to actually answer the phone and not have to leave tons of voicemails! She answered all of my questions and said she would email me all of the information I requested. Well 2 minutes later that information was in my inbox. She sent me information on hotels, where to get massages, and pre-op & post-op instructions. I went ahead and emailed Dr. Perry my pics yesterday and now I'm just waiting on him to email me back or call me. She said I could have the surgery this month if I wanted to, but I rather wait until next month. I also get additional areas lipoed and still come out cheaper than Dr. J's prices. The entire back and arm lipo is included with Dr. Perry. I was definitely sold with Dr. J's butts, but I think Dr. Perry gives a great butt along with the hips and curvy shape that I NEED. Yes ladies, I said need :)

So looks like I will be losing my $500 deposit that I paid months ago if I do decide to go with Dr. Perry. Oh well, we shall see!

Goodluck on your journey. I was in the same situation as you. Doctors take for granted the communication that they should provide directly to their patients. Dr. Perry is awesome and in the whole scheme of things that deposit will save u more money and headache. My limit was $10k I got that with Perry(including lodging, airfare, transport,etc). With jimerson I was paying $10k for surgery alone, period. You will be very pleased.
Thanks girl, i have been following your journey taking notes. You've provided a lot of good information. I spoke with Dr. Perry last night and he answered every question i had. I didn't feel rushed and he made me feel very comfortable. Spoke with Norma this morning. She is so sweet, she gave me so much information about everything. Cant wait to get there!
Hello girl, I am sorry to hear about the bad experience with Dr. J, - I have had a total different experiece with Dr. J. Have you tried reaching out to Dr J on his personal Facebook page? I dont know if you have ever read my story on RS but I messaged Dr. J on Facebook around 12noon and I got a response from his personal asstant Monica (WHO IS AMAZING) Im not saying that Dr. J will call you but even if Monica calls you... then Im sure if anyone can get him on the phone its Monica. Of course as you know Dr. J is very busy.. but you are correct if someone is going to spend this amount of money on SX then you atleast want to speak to the Dr. performing the procedure. Let me know what happens and I wish you the best. ! :)

Tomorrow is my dr's appt for clearance and labs....

Tomorrow is my dr's appt for clearance and labs. Trying to wait on medical clearance before I book flights and hotel. Will be turning in fmla paperwork this week. I dont think im going to claim short term disability since that would mean the ins company obtaining my medical records. Oh well.
Im on the 5th!!!! good luck!
Good luck to you too!! How long are u staying in Miami?

Went to get medical clearance and bloodwork done...

Went to get medical clearance and bloodwork done today. I dont have a pcp so i just made an appointment with any doctor that could see me asap. Well during my exam (he didnt do anthing but ask questions) he kept saying all of those tests were unneccesary because im young & healthy and i dont need them and how Dr Perry could do those tests while im there and that he feels like his secretary...WTF? I was thinking...man if u dont shut the hell up and just do what the damn paper says. Im glad the nurse had already took my bp cuz i already know it prob it had risen after talking to that fool. The only good thing was that i was able to do my EKG, chest x-rays, and bloodwork all at the dr office. They also gave me a tetanus shot. I went ahead and called Miriam this morning and set up my stay with her for the first 3 days. Nowvi just need to find a hotel for the remaining days. Dont wanna go over $100 a night tho.

I found a foam massage roller at walmart that is...

I found a foam massage roller at walmart that is perfect to sit on but its 18 inches ling, too big for the plane seat. So what i did is cut my yoga mat down to 15 inches wide and bought on of those long foam rollers that kids use for swimming. They are only $1.88. Well i cut the foam and rolled my yoga mat around it. And it works great. The right length and still sturdy.

I leave for Miami early Tuesday morning. I can't wait!! I paid most of thr surgery off. I just need to make one last payment on Monday or most likely Tuesday when Norma is in the office. Are u guys just printing your wish pics to show the Dr. or using your Ipads or phones?
I am sending booty dust your way!
Thanks girl, Dr Perry hooked me up!

Ladies im gonna make this short since my...

Ladies im gonna make this short since my medication is kicking in. I had surgery this morning, i was the only one of the day so i got plenty of attention! Let me just say i have so much ass & hips!!!! Love it!!@@ Dr. perry gave me exactly what i asked for! Im staying with Miriam who is a complete sweetheart! She has catered to my every need! Love her!! Im feeling ok right now. I will update later with more details and try to take pics!! So happppyyyyy!!!!! :) :)

How is your recovery going?
I have been extremely lazy, but for the most part its been ok apart from the stiffness.
How r u feeling?

So I wrote a longggggg update but dropped my phone...

So I wrote a longggggg update but dropped my phone and the battery fell out.....so I posted my pics again but I will have to write another update!!!
Hey now I see you got work done a lil while ago! Im going in with Dr.Perry in June and you look amazing is it anyway you can update? Would love to see how you look now.
U look great but not sure if I'd go with him ur like the only Perry doll I've seen that came out bootylicious
Thanks for posting and sharing your review. You have helped me make my decision.
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