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Hello BBL gals, I am getting a BBL with...

Hello BBL gals,

I am getting a BBL with famous Dr. Curves himself; Andrew Jimerson!
I have always wanted a big booty with hips to match; but unfortunately didn't get these at birth!!!!!!
I will be updating my post regularly;feel free to ask any questions.
The story so far:
I had to take pictures of my front,back and both sides and send to the patient co coordinator; you will be assigned one. Mine is Monica and she's so friendly and helpful. About a week later; I spoke to Dr. Jimerson. He looks at your pictures and assesses what can do with your body! Its important you note this point.,,. Its good to send him pictures of the look you are trying to achieve;but its also important that you understand everyone's body and shape is unique.
As for Jimerson; the before and after pictures I have seen; are pure genius. He really is a perfectionist.
My surgery is 2 weeks away and I am so excited! I will upadte you all;every step of the way. I am traveling in from Europe so it will be interesting to see how Jimerson and his team take care of me!
The Costs-Now Jimerson is a bit expensive. Below is an outline of the initial costs:
Additional Hip Fat Transfer - $1,000
Meds- $350 (I think its cheaper if you are a USA citizen and have insurance)
48hr Care- $350- if you are travelling alone this is mandatory.
Additional Garment- $100- a new garment is compulsory; you have to wear these for 6 weeks. The initial garment you put on after the operation will be too big after 10days. So,you need to buy another smaller one. Alternatively, you can take in the first one; but its worthwhile having a spare...
Hotel- $700 (budget on staying about 10 days)
Food- $200
Misc- $500
Total is $12,000
These are just the initial costs outlined; I imagine that food will be quite a bit more and so will the hotel. That's why I have such a large misc amount.

And the above does not inc my ticket!!!!!!!

Any-hoo chicas; will update accordingly!!!!!!!!


Im soooo excited for u! Im team Jimerson too, but my consult isnt until November! Keep us posted, cant wait to see pics! : )
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Where are you staying? I'm looking all over for a nice hotel..
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Staying at the Hyatt Place. Not sure if you were talking to me, lol.

Hotel Costs are more than $700... I am staying for...

Hotel Costs are more than $700... I am staying for 10 days and my final bill came to $1,100. I am staying at the Hyatt Place right next to the surgery. My reasons are, its close to Dr. Jimerson, right across the road from the hospital and they offer a free shuttle service within a 3 miles radius. They are also used to dealing with recovering patients and are very accommodating. Rooms are also very nice and I think this should be taken in consideration as you will be in there for btw 7-10 days.

Cabs within the area are also very expensive- so please budget for this. For a 4 mile ride you will pay btw $20-$25.


Thanks for the info Liscious. I have never heard of a hotel offering shuttle service I guess, because I always rent a car or have family members to drive if is a short stay. This is a huge plus. This accomadation is very convenient for us. I will definitily keep this hotel in mind when booking.
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I know especially where I am from $25 is alot. I am thinking when time comes to book for a hotel, I want to stay as near as I can to the facility. Just in case I need to follow up with the Dr. and to cut down on transportation cost. I was hoping I did not have to rent a car though, I am wondering if that is being realistic? I know you have to go food shopping but not sure how close is the nearest supermarket or food store.
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Hyatt Place (all of them) offer a shuttle bus btw 3-5 radius depending on the hotel.
I am staying @ the John's Creek Hyatt and the shuttle drop off is only a 3 miles radius; but it takes you to ALL necessary places. The surgery, Whole Foods (for me that's a must!!!) and the local grocery stores. No other hotel offers this service; so be careful when booking. It may be cheaper lodgings; but how will you get around???
I would stay at the Hyatt in John''s Creek; hospital and the surgery are all within a mile and the staff are used to taking care of BBL patients.

Pk, so my BBL is the day after tomorrow; I am...

Pk, so my BBL is the day after tomorrow; I am crapping myself!!!! I fly out tonight and land @ 5am Will update once I have had my pre-op appointment. Please keep me in your prayers!!! xxx


Have a safe flight. Try and keeps those nervous jitters in your stomach under control. S no crapping on yourself. Lol Everything will be alright.
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Wow how exciting and scary at the same time. I hope everything goes well which I am sure it will. Have a safe flight!
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Sorry, I am now at nearly 150lbs.. have been stuffing my face in order to fatten up for surgery!

OK, so today's is the big day. My surgery is in...

OK, so today's is the big day. My surgery is in just over 2 hours!!! I am very excited but nervous at the same time. Pls say a prayer for me!
Will update as soon as I am well enough to do so. xxx


Hey ladies! I don't know how to post pics... I am healing very well! Had my drain out yesterday and my final post operation visit is today. I am sure they will give me the all clear as I have been going there everyday. As soon as I figure out how to post pics; I will! xx Thanks for all the love and support; it has helped more than you know. xxx
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Hi Liscious! Hope you are healing beautifully and looking forward to seeing pics of your beautiful results!
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So happy for you!!
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Hello BBL Gals! Sorry I have been MIA- very hectic...

Hello BBL Gals! Sorry I have been MIA- very hectic the last couple of days...

So, after the BBL the pain was a 9 during the first 48 hours. After that it subsided down to a 7 and was even more manageable with the pain meds. I am happy to say that 13 days after my BBL I am pain med free and back home and healing nicely.

Ladies; any of you looking to do this procedure must not under estimate the recovery process; it is rough and there are no short cuts. It is 100% worth it but its tough. I had a long trip and on the way back home (during my flight)- i got edema and i was sooooooo swollen. I can only thank God Almighty that I did not clot and I am stable. I am still a bit swollen and still have some edema in my legs. But it is subsiding and so is my swelling. I have a first class support system and house maid back home; that's why I have recovered so quickly. Also, I followed Dr. Jimerson's post op instructions down to a T.. During my first 10 days while I was in the USA; i was at the surgery everyday. They washed me (on day 3 and 4) and helped me get back into my garment. By day 5 i was able to wash myself and by day 8 I could remove and put back on my garment on my own. I took all my meds, I ate right (even though I didn't have an appetite) and walked about every 2 hours (this is critical in the first 48 hours). Do not be in a rush to leave; stay the absolute minimum - 11 days after the procedure. You may think you are fine; but your body has just undergone major surgery; internally it is still healing.

For me, I have no regrets and I am so happy that I used Dr. Jimerson. He and his team are absolutely phenomenon. I also had good support at the Hotel- Hyatt Place in John's Creek. It's 2 minutes from Jimerson and the hospital and the staff are very accommodating. There is also a free shuttle bus (3 mile radius) that will take you where ever you need to go.

Well, that's all I can think of for now... Will update as I heal (and if I think of anything more!!) xxx


I hope you have a speedy recovery! You look fantastic girl!!
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I am glad you are doing well. your butt looks good. how did you describe your wish booty To Dr. J? I will continue to keep you in my prayers for a smooth recovery.
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To Liscious69, your booty looks fabulous! Wish you kick recovery. Keep us updated with your results.
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Ok- update ladies. First off- thanks so much for...

ok- update ladies.
First off- thanks so much for all the compliments and support. Greatly appreciated.

So I am now 15 days post op and still a bit swollen.
I had my first massage today and honestly it was a bit uncomfortable but it did the world of good. I ventured out in the car and it was awkward sitting down but i eventually found a comfortable position. I am fortunate enough to have a chauffeur so I was able to relax. Only problem was my ankles were a bit swollen by the time i got back home. I did stand up for a couple of hours; so maybe that's why. I edema is healing up nicely- I have been chugging back watermelon and pineapple juice. I have also been taking my Arnica tablets everyday!! Ladies, helps immensely with the swelling.

Took off all my steri stripes- have black spots; but plan to use fade cream.


Thanks for providing such awesome details on your experience liscious69!  You seem like you are recovering really well after you healed from your edema.  Your after photos are amazing, and you said your volume has stayed which is wonderful!

Please keep us posting on your healing. ;)

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you look really good. Do you think dr j did good on your lipo part?
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I don't have anything to compare it to... He did quite aggressive lipo becos I didn't have enough fat on my belly or flanks. My thighs and belly are smaller so I guess he did a good job. My waist could have been smaller; but its still a bit swollen. My thighs still hurt and I am 22 days post op! If I had to do it all again; I would stay in the states for 3 weeks prior to my surgery; put on the weight (protein shakes etc..) so he wouldn't touch my thighs. I wouldn't say his forte is lipo- I would say its butts!! He was supposed to do my bra rolls; but if i turn around- I can still see rolls. But maybe I have a different idea of what lipo'd bodies should look like.

Hello BBL Chicas- I am now 27 days post op and...

Hello BBL Chicas- I am now 27 days post op and doing very well. All if not most of the swelling has gone down and I am loving my new shape. I get so many compliments...

The only hick up is my ankles are still quite sore.

Other than that its all good.

My hips are still 40"... they have been this size since 13 days post op. I am not too sure what I was immediately after the surgery; but from clothes I have been trying on; I dont think I have lost much volume; maybe half an inch. I am praying that it stays that way.

In terms of clothes- none of my trousers fit-except for the ones that had loads of lycra. All my tailored stuff is too tight.... 'Jeans no longer fit. I am happy I will be back in the states for thanksgiving; will be able to stock up on some more jeans at a good price.

I have more or less resumed back to eating my normal foods- I didn't really follow the diet Jimerson gave me; I am quite skinny so I am not too worried about putting on weight. If I do- it will go to my hips, ass and thighs. As you know they were lipo'd- but to be honest if I had a choice I would not have lipo'd them. I like big thighs!

Garment- I am still wearing it 23 hours per day; I have been very careful about that. I had some adjustments done; made the hip and bum area bigger (I had to- garment was digging into my hips!) and took it in at the abdomen. I am still wearing the same size garment as after the surgery; there was no way my hips and ass were getting into a small.

That's all I can think of for now... laters chicas!


did you get your thighs lipo'd
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Hey PrettyP! I called the office and Kevin confirmed it but they were not sure when..I just told another friend of mine that I may need to choose another surgeon...I would hate to because Dr. J is what I've been looking for but when you factor in travel, meds, food, transportation etc that's another $5,000 for me plus my surgery that's $20,000 that's over my budget. Therefore my search continues for a new surgeon...Nevertheless, I did ask Kevin to make sure that they create a post on the site to inform everyone of the new prices and effective date. Oh, also he said that paying your deposit would lock you in to the old prices as opposed to the this maybe an option for you ladies...I hope it works out for you~Good luck!
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Hey honey, I'm so sorry that you have to continue your search. I do believe that he is going to lose a lot of business due to this. Thank goodness I have my date already. Good luck love

Hello BBL Ladies- I am now 6 1/2 weeks post op and...

Hello BBL Ladies- I am now 6 1/2 weeks post op and doing great.
I still have some swelling in my thighs. I am thankful that all my Edema has gone- WHOOP!
The only complaint that I have is if I walk around for a lot of hours- my ankles still swell. I was worried about this but Kim said that some of the swelling could transfer and this could happen for about 6 months (it better not!!).
I am still sitting with my Boppy Pillow - 2 more weeks and I throw it away.... Even if I have a revision; I will need a new one; this one is flat as hell! My thighs must still be kind of big to do that damage... LOL.

Will update again in a week or so.


u look great!
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Hey babe! U look amazing! One of my favorite results! How r u feeling?? Happy healing! Xoxo
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Killin em in those black pants girl!!!!!! Yessssssss

Happy New Year Chica's Nothing new to report......

Happy New Year Chica's

Nothing new to report..... Butt is still fab and things have healed up nicely. Updated a new pic- was taken last weekend.
Happy Healing Ladies.


Too much booty in the pants Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! (that's a song people... I'm not crazy lol) Great results! Did you get implants with a combination of fat transfer? Your projection is on point! You appear to not have a lot of fat b4 but he did a great job finding it & hooking u up! Congratulations on your oh so fabulous results!
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Very nice it!!!!
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Thanks very much.

Hey Ladies- I am now 23 weeks post op and doing...

Hey Ladies- I am now 23 weeks post op and doing well. Its hard to even believe that i had the sx as I have no pains, no swelling, just fab results.
Happy Healing to all.


Is it easy to find new clothing that fits appropriately? Or do you have to have pants, dresses and shorts specially made after the surgery?
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hi there- i went up a size down below becos of my butt =- but all my trousers and skirts have to be taken in at the waist. Any decent tailor can amend
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I am now a year and 8 months out. Hips are a 41" (i fluffed) and my booty looks better than ever.
Would I do it again- "HELL YEA". Would I use Jimerson- "YUP"; but I am hearing great stuff about Dr. Duran; just not sure if her work is long lasting.
Pls inbox me if you want some more pics. I still maintain that it was totally worth it. xx


I went to jimerson and although he is good I would totally do salama instead
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Hi, I had my in house consult last week. I'm still skeptical...Email me please
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jimerson is a funny, caring doctor. He is also very professional and understanding. I wished I spent more time with him; but I guess because he has so many patients to deal with. You cannot go wrong with this doctor; Team Jimerson all the way.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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