new bootie pic!!

HI BBL Sisters im new to the site and will be...

HI BBL Sisters im new to the site and will be having bbl with the amazing Dr Jimerson..Heres a lil info about my self Im 5'6 and weigh 230 lbs I just had a baby in may and gained 40lbs so will be losing that before surgery.
I chose him because after really doing my homework and knowing my goals I want to achieve. He is the man for the job!he is amazing at shaping and his technique is great with keeping most of the fat in your butt. Im hoping to have my surgery in mid oct. I have my first consult with him over the pone Aug 27th, so Im stoked! I will be traveling to Gorgia from Los Angeles with my Husband and Sister just a lil worried about the trip and being on the plane but im So ready for this journey ill keep u all posted on every step:)

Hi Dolls hope all of you are doing well...Ok so...

Hi Dolls hope all of you are doing well...Ok so monday is my consult with Dr J. and I have tons of questions to ask the man:)
Im totally hoping for a date in early november. I am also really confident that I made the right choice based on my needs witch are more Sculpting and a nice bubble butt!! Im thinking about 850 cc's in each cheek will do..I know that any other dr.'s 850 cc will be small but not Dr. j's lol his 750 and 850's are still huge! im really really excited to be finally investing in my body..and im ready to walk into a room and turn every head in the place!!:)

OK now ish just got real!!! had my phone consult...

OK now ish just got real!!! had my phone consult at 10am gorgia time but 7am my l.a time!!! omg i was still so sleepy!
So dr J got on the phone and sounded kinda sleepily his self lol..he was very nice and real with me he told me i needed to lose all the weight i could before surgery to get the maximum results I want and i totally agreed with him...He was real with me and told me he could give me amazing results that fit my body and I trust his word and his work! So im ready!!

Hey Dolls, as my date approaches im starting to...

Hey Dolls, as my date approaches im starting to get nervous about a few things...Ill be traveling with my husband sister and 3month old babygirl..I haven't looked for a hotel near Dr J's office so if anyone knows of a good cheap hotel with a small fridge please let me know...I also worry will I lose all the weight I need to before my date that is fast approaching by the way!!! Ive been owing spin class and eating healthy and drinking diet tea lol so Its coming off! What i have learned is the waist has to be small in order to get the best results so im traning my waist right now with a waist clincher...other then those worries im fine I have no fear of surgery itself GOD will take care of me...ill post up some post op pic so u can see what im working with...

Nov 16 is just around the corner and im about 15...

nov 16 is just around the corner and im about 15 lbs down vie been at the gym daily and eating small portions its so hard to diet under stress but I want this so bad.. Im so close to my goal and Have to step it up and try to lose at least another 15 20 in the next 3 weeks by doing the lemonade master cleanse.. wish me luck dolls .. other then that everything is ready to go I have my room booked flight booked and rental car booked im ready to go!!!

Wow I think its just now hitting me that my sx is...

Wow I think its just now hitting me that my sx is next week...I am super excited and cant wait for the whole thing to be over Dr Jimerson is the best and i see a lot more bbl sisters catching on to his greatness!!! Go team Jimerson Im so happy i cant hardly take it!

OK So its my turn I cant even sleep im so excited...

OK So its my turn I cant even sleep im so excited im still a bit unsure about how big to husband wants me to gouge but i want to look natural but still big lol...ILL keep you all posted tomorrow....

Well Today nov 16th 2012 was supposed to be my...

Well Today nov 16th 2012 was supposed to be my surgery dat.. I get to the office at 9am ready to go!!! The amazing nurse calls me in the back to undress and hands me a cup for a urine sample.. So I change my clothes pee in the cup and hand it back to her bout 10 min later she comes back with the most nervous look on her face and I know something was wrong she said to me Hey I don't know if you know but your PREGNANT!!!!!! OMG I was shocked how why I just had a baby!! I instantly began to cry!!! I asked her to call my husband in and she did and gave us a moment alone After he came in and I told him he was just as shocked and kissed and hugged me and told me don't cry im here its ok...At first I honestly wanted to knock his ass out LOL but then I had to get my self together and figure out what we were going to do know...After sitting in the room for seemed like forever talking me both decided we can not have another baby right now and I felt so much better that we decided this together...So the beautiful nurse came back in and explained my options as far as rescheduling if I have the baby 6months after birth or if not. So i decided to change my date for march 2013 to give myself time to take care of this and workout a bit more ..I feel a lot better but i did shock that whole office i was the first time anyones test came back positive they were al so nice and supportive witch made this a whole lot easier. Also dr came and talked to me and we laughed and he said he wont forget me cause I shocked him lol he is amazing and I cant wait to let him work on my bootie!! by the way on the way out theres was many patients coming in for their post op and their butts looked so damn good and I have to admit it hurt a lil that i had to leave but its all for a reason and now when i come back ill have more money ill bring my sister and daughter and ill see gorgia for the rest of my its not all bad dolls thanks for reading dolls.

Ok ladies its been a while. but Im totally ready...

Ok ladies its been a while. but Im totally ready for my surgery!!! ill be leaving to Gorgia on the 13th and surgery is on the 15th!!! im not pregnant and I have lost some weight so im extra excited about this journey...Ill keep u all posted!!

Wow it seems like its been such a long time...

Wow it seems like its been such a long time coming. My surgery was really \supposed to be on march 15 but my bopped pressure witch is normally controlled went up like crazy right before surgery so i was devastated when Dr J said I couldn't have my surgery that day. but at the same time I rather be alive then have ass and be dead...So he was so kind to make room on a day a week later to do my surgery and told me do everything i have to to get that bp down and i did!! I walked drank two gallons of water a day ND TOOK MY MEDICINE EVERYDAY ON TIME! so when i went back yesterday it went down and I was ready!!! So as of right now im in no pain i feel great its very erred cause im up walking around like nothing. I do feel sore but I knida like the feeling of soreness lol and my but looks really good I don't know how big it is but my husband loves it and I do to all I do know is I asked for a very heart shaped butt and I think thats what i got!! pics coming soon!!!!

Its been about 6 days of surgery and im feeling...

Its been about 6 days of surgery and im feeling great..I had my first massage yesterday and it was so nice to get the lip areas rubbed... my garment is getting a lil big already and I can tell I have lost weight already.. Im so ready for a full recovery and full results would i love the most about my but is that it goes with my legs and looks like its my big ol butt...I got 900 cc to the butt and 200 cc to to each hips i did want bigger hips lol but over all im super happy with my results!!

I love my butt I hope nit stays this size and...

I love my butt I hope nit stays this size and drops a bit cause I feel it's a bit high. What do u guys think ?

I feel great my butt has went down a bit but its...

I feel great my butt has went down a bit but its all good over all I'm extremely happy and can't waif for my tt and breast lift!!!!

I feel great I'm healing nice. I m going to start...

I feel great I'm healing nice. I m going to start working out this week so my waist can shrink. Ill be complete after my tt and breast lift and full body lipo in oct. dr j did a great job.

Im ready to finish up my body work with my tummy...

Im ready to finish up my body work with my tummy tuck now. I love the way my body is changing shape now Im starting to see a real hour glass shape! I lost about 15 lbs since surgery my but went down just a lil not really at all though.. I have decided to go to the DR with dr Duran to finish the job in oct! and im excited as heck i know with the work that dr J already did i will have the body i always wanted!

Going to the D.R to finish my body and get more hips ...Team Duran

im still waiting on a return email on the price from Duran for tt,bl lip and hips but yily has already got back to me but my heart is saying Duran can give me what want.. my but has gone down cause i lost 15 lbs i don't know how? Ill be waiting until i hear from duran. cause im ready for round 2

im not happy with my final results

hey ladies well its been 2months and i must say my butt hass went down so much and my hips are non existent! i totally feel like i threw away 10,000 but I am going to duran do I know she will fix me right up!!
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Your work looks great in the picture! Do you have pics showing how much it went down?
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Not yet hunny I need I been up and about stubborn and not staying in bed so I hurt every day. Give me a few more, sorry and thank for your patience =)
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Sorry I was so drugged up on my meds I thought this was my profile bad
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I'm sorry u were unhappy with your final result. I hope Duran can give u what u want!
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I am now considering going to Duran instead of Jimerson. I have been reading some horror stories about Mr J.
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What horror stories have you read? I'm considering him for my bbl. Thanks in advance!
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I would like to know about the horror stories too#puzzled#
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Can you post a current pic? The pics on here look great. I am going to him in Nov. so I would like to see your current results. I have been considering another doctor.
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the only sure way to keep volume is implant :) that is what I am doing but hope your search for your wish comes true.
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You look amazing girl! I am inspired
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Can u post some updated pics please?
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U look good! Sorry to hear that ur not happy with ur u think ur butt and hips went down so much because u lost so much weight? That could be the case...
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Could you post some pictures of how its absorbed
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Can you post a pic of how much your butt has went down i wanted to go with Dr. J but i don't want to waste money
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Everyone's fat reabsorbs differently hun
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are the pics in the grey pants pre op?
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Yes ma'am! That's all I have to say. ..... You look great =)
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WOW! That last pic made me jealous! lol! You look GREAT!!!
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wow looks amazing! im going to duran in sept. if ever you want to go earlier let me know so we can buddy up. its going to be my round 2
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Looking good girl!
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U look good!!!! Love your shape, it looks so natural!!! Love my team jimerson dolls lol
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