NEW PICS!!!! 3 weeks and 3 days Post Op!!! Team Jimerson

Over the past year I have did major research when...

Over the past year I have did major research when choosing a doctor and procedure. I started off researching Dr. Jimerson, then started looking at a Dr. in Brazil and Dr. Campos. After long consideration and research I have found myself back to square one and staring at the page of Dr. Jimerson. I have had my virtual consultation and scheduled my surgery for December 5, 2012. His results are awesome and I am looking forward to my new look. I am now 5'6, 162 pounds and he encouraged me to gain at least 15 pounds to get the small waist, nice hips and big butt that I want. Merry Christmas to me!!!

Thanks for all the greetings, @ RedBonz, Yes it is so hard to gain weight when your trying, and im so apprehensive about doing it. I am vegan and my diet is very limited so it makes it even harder. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! @thomas7824 I will keep you posted!!!
Congrats!! I'm going to have mine BBL on december 10 2012. I pray that ALL goes well. I know that you will be happy with the results as I will be too. Please inbox me when you have it done so that I can know what to do or not do!!!
Welcome. Were the same height. I was 155 and today i weighed in at 166. If I gain another pound ima go crazy. Its so hard to gain weight and still have to go out in the public, but I know soon I will be happy in my body. Congrats on choosing your doctor and good luck with your weight gain.

Ok, I spoke with the Dr.s office today, the ladies...

Ok, I spoke with the Dr.s office today, the ladies there are so helpful.... And I was advised to stop working out... And eat! she told me for the results I want I need to have more fat available. I'm a vegan and can't drink the Ensure that they suggest, so she told me to step my carbohydrate game up, she didn't want to tell me to eat badly, so she said eat stuff that I would normally avoid... Makes sense, and I basically don't have a choice if I want the results that I want.... ANY SUGGESTIONS LADIES! For all the women who've done this already, give me some tips please!
For all you BBL sisterhood women out there who have already had your surgery, which compression garments did you use and where did you purchase them?
Thanks mixedbarbie21, I cant wait for December... @ButterPecanRican Im so excited!!!
omg im so excited for u!!

Ok I am hearing so many different opinions about...

Ok I am hearing so many different opinions about gaining and losing the weight.... I read more then a dozen times that u shouldnt be no more then 15 pounds pass your goal weight... Well I started at 162, and my goal weight is 150 which would mean I shouldn't gain no more then 5 pounds. Dr. J.states I should gain 15 pounds for surgery... That would put me at about 180.... I'm now at 170, and my face is getting chubby!!! HATE IT... I wanna stop here.... ANY SUGGESTIONS LADIES...
I would stop at the 170 ... best of luck ... looking forward to seeing your results!
But ur taller than me I'm 5'1 so the weight looks worse on me lol
I'm 171 and I thought that was jus waayy over board I feel soo huge! But

So I have 2 weeks to go exactly, and Im so...

So I have 2 weeks to go exactly, and Im so excited!!! Starting to gather my stuff together and get read for this journey! I have a question for the BBL sisters having already taken this trip... Can you give me some advice and insight on some of the must haves that I should take along with me, and things that are positively necessary for this trip...

Because of all the excitement I dont want to forget anything... Also Id like to add, I have gained about 12 pounds for this surgery and this has to be one of the most uncomfortable things that Ive done on purpose... will this weight disappear with surgery? How does this work with all this extra fat... (cant wait to get in the gym) I have also added the bra rolls to my surgery and would like to know what type of compression garment do you use for that?

Happy surgeries ladies and your help and insight is soooo appreciated!
It's almost time!!!!!!!
Hey boo. I would not gain more then you can live with. I'm very unhappy with the weight I gained.

1 week to go and counting... Very anxious and...

1 week to go and counting... Very anxious and excited at the same dang time... I paused for a moment the other day and asked myself why I was doing this... Because its so easy to get caught in the moment when talkin to others about it... I answered to myself that this surgery represents the self improvement that I want... And realistically looking forward too.. There are many things in life that we embark on to improve, and this happens to be one of mine... This one is definitely for me!

For the sisters out there who made it to the other side, if you we're to do it all again, what would u do differently, to make recovery easier?
Your going to look great post op! Good luck boo! I just wouldnt have bought a whole bunch of shit that i ended up not needing lol. I would just wait to see what i need as it comes a long. I also would have got something that will help you pick up things from the floor like a little grabber or something.
Thank you and point well taken... Being that Im coming in from out of town, im gonna by most things later anyway, thanks for the info!
no prob. boo

Landed in the ATL where the weather is 76 degrees....

Landed in the ATL where the weather is 76 degrees.. Pre-op is tomorrow.. Surgery on Wednesday... So excited! I will be purchasing the fold up chair to cut out... To sit when needed and any other items I need... What type of undershirts and undies do the BBL sistas recommend? I also need to find a lymphatic massage therapist that will come to my hotel... Any suggestions?
hey where r u staying there ??? found rooms but look like ill be spending over 1000.00
Good luck JerzeyGreenEyez! Sending you healing thoughts and prayers momma! Keep us posted when you can.
Will do sweety, thanks for the prayers!!!

Today's per-op went great, I picked up all the...

Today's per-op went great, I picked up all the rest of the necessary items and filled my prescriptions... I believe I am ready. Nothing really left to post, so until after surgery ladies... Talk to u later and God Bless!!!
Your results should come out amazing! I'm excited for you.

Tomorrow is my day, and im so excited... My...

Tomorrow is my day, and im so excited... My surgery was rescheduled for an hour earlier today, so this adds to my anxiousness! Until after ladies, Be Blessed!!!
Hope everything went well with your ax. Can't wait to hear an update. Wishing you a smoothand speedy recovery.
Best wishes today

On the other side now, and I'm feeling mighty...

On the other side now, and I'm feeling mighty mighty fine! I will post pics tomorrow when I take the garment off... Thanks ladies for all the prayers and well wishes!!!! So far walking every two hours and pushing small meals and fluids every two hours is working good. Oh and I do get up to pee about every hour and half!!!!

Dr. J. And his team are impeccable... The two surgeries ahead ran late and the whole staff was apologetic because my surgery started like 3 hours late... But it was fine and again like I said, his team was impeccable... I informed the anesthesiologist of my fear of throwing up and he really hooked me up with a patch and mess and the IV... Love, love, the team!
Thanks u; still praying for you and your happy healing. I can see your smile from SC :)
So excited for u doll! Glad u didn't throw up! I hope ur getting rest:)
Thanks ladies for the prayers and well wishes...@thomas, prayers going up for your surgery and recovery!!!

I Feel pretty good , although my butt looks pretty...

I Feel pretty good , although my butt looks pretty flat to me... I have a few questions for jimerson or his staff... the fact that he only took out 3600 annoys me especially since it seems like I still have much fat, n clearly my butt doesn't have the projection I want. I'm wondering if this flat look is gonna change after the swelling goes down?

I know I'm still mega swollen, but doesn't it look...

I know I'm still mega swollen, but doesn't it look kinda flat n boxy... Or is it too early too judge? It's probably too soon to be critically thinking out it!!!

Has anyone else had the problem of their butt...

Has anyone else had the problem of their butt initially looking flat? checkout the pics and let me know!
it looks good to me:) keep me updated
i have my surgery feb 21 2013
it definitely doesnt look flat! you look great hon

Today was my post op visit, and i got my questions...

Today was my post op visit, and i got my questions answered!!! Firstly, ive been MIA for the last couple of days because i was kickin that pain/narcotic med.. i hate how it makes me feel... Secondly, the booty has evolved over the week, the top heaviness is redistributing and i was told that it will continue... my butt is beginning to take shape and soften up. i didnt take before stats but as of week one, i am 38,31,46... i also asked questions about changing the garment and taken OTC tyelenol.. Oh, i also got the drain removed today..
i seen and read different women voicing concern about shape, volume and size. it seems like as their bodies heals it is ever evolving. so they dont really know until about 3weeks. i would still expres your concerns to Dr. J.
I feel that it looks good in the pics without the garment but the pics with the garment does not appear to have as much projection? Have you spoke to the dr about your concerns?

Foreverbooty altered a chair for post op, i...

Foreverbooty altered a chair for post op, i re-posted a pic of the chair that she altered, and let me tell u it works... I put the boopybin the rear before I sat and it rendered more back support... And I basically use my thighs and back for support... It's great!!
Hpney, your results look Nice! Trust.. wait until you finish healing.. you are going to be killin' 'em out here.. lol! Happy healing doll
Thanks to all you ladies for your input and advice cause this recovery is no joke... Very easy to underestimate...

Hello BBL ladies... its been a while, so happy...

Hello BBL ladies... its been a while, so happy Holidays to All... Well its been 3 weeks and 3 days today, and over all im very satisfied... Like a lot of women post op, I would love for my booty to be bigger, but it works.... Im still swollen as you can see in the pics, but im not in any pain... I actually only took the meds for 4 day because i didnt like the way they made me feel. One thing that i would have done if i had a chance was measure myself before surgery... as of now, i am 38chest, 30waist, and 44butt/hips... I have not gotten on the scale yet because I had to gain so much weight for the surgery, Im not gonna start torturing myself with the scales until ive been in the gym for at least a month.

I am still wearing the garment most times, if i go out i switch to the the victoria secret embracer... but when home and sleeping, the garment is a must. I got the front bra roll done, and i really dont see a difference. I just purchased a compression vest that covers that area, hopefully this will help with the swelling in that area, so i can see the results, because the garment provided really doesnt compress that area.

Id like to add that surprisingly i did not have any bruising after surgery from the surgery itself other then the holes/scars and tape scarring, id like to say that the vitamin c and iron tablets had something to do with that... because thats all i was taking prior to surgery! id also like to add that I did not have one ounce of nausea or sickness, and i want to attribute this to holding off on the meds right after surgery until i ate... that was definitely the right call for me... Happy surgeries and healing ladies, will update again soon!!!
Hi and congratulations on your sx, you look great! And I'm sure you'll look even hotter in your clothes whenever you get a chance to post those pics! My sx is next week and I need answers fast, does anyone know any good and reasonably priced nurses??? Any advice on how to sleep with a TT & BBL??? Getting so nervous!!!
It does look a little flat, but if you like it I love it!
Absolutely beautiful ;)

This is my official week 6... And I'm sitting now...

This is my official week 6... And I'm sitting now on soft surfaces... I won't sit on hard surfaces and I still lay on my stomach... Has any women noticed a change in size after sitting, I haven't as of yet, but I would like to hear from you guys!!! Oh n I will post week 6 pics this weekend!
U look great!!! I have a question u got you pills filled , did your doctor give u the list of pills that u will need ??
Jimersons office gave me the prescriptions for the meds the day of my pre-op visit which was 2 days before surgery!
Im six week post op too. Are you still a little sore on the butt and back and waist. I still have some soreness nothing major. I still have my husband give me booty rubs (lol)

Wish it was more projection... Going back in two...

Wish it was more projection... Going back in two weeks for a consult!!!!

And I'm at 8 weeks ... Same numbers 45 at hip/butt...

And I'm at 8 weeks ... Same numbers 45 at hip/butt.... But I expected more projection, since it dropped, its a lot smaller then I wanted!!!
You look beautiful...
I agree. ... you look beautiful
You look Great! Congrats!! ! I'm emailing Dr. Jimerson Monday and I've been on here for a year myself just researching and no luck to date ;( but I am going to make a decision soon. Thanks for your review
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