Going to Dr. J in October!!! Roll call for BBL Beauties!

So, I have finally made my appointment. I am so...

So, I have finally made my appointment. I am so excited. Even though it will be next year, I am so happy for those who have already gone! Real Self has been my best friend since August. I will post pics soon. Anybody going to Dr. J in October next year, hit me up. I'm traveling in from Chicago and would love to start a buddy group so that we could share experiences. I have actually already started shopping for supplies...

Consult for Dr. J is coming up. BBL and Breast...

Consult for Dr. J is coming up. BBL and Breast augmentation w/lift. I am so excited and happy for those who are now going through their journey. I cannot wait until it is my turn. I have started getting supplies already..... Congrats ladies and I will post after consult.

I have no boobs, a muffin top and nice hips with a flat butt.
Can't wait for those J-Curves

Supplies so far Robe Boppy (for home) Maxi...

Supplies so far
Boppy (for home)
Maxi Dresses (Black x3)
Breast augmentation bra
Breast stabalizer band
Vedette garment (Butt-out)
Female urinal
Body pillow
Scrunchies, hair scarf and wig brush. (I'm obsessive over my hair)
V-necks, beaters, jogging pants. (all XL)
Upadate me on any thing I may need. I'm not going to do vitamins and toiletries until date gets closer. I'm hoping for the 1st week of September. I graduate nursing school in May and start grad school in May, so I will be busy!

So, my consult is Monday and I am super excited. I...

So, my consult is Monday and I am super excited. I graduate from Nursing school in May and I am hoping for a September date. I heard that he is super booked; so I will take Oct or Nov. I know that he is the Doc for me. Anybody, please let me know if you are going close to that time and all Vets please let me know what to expect for everything! I have already started getting supplies and I can't wait for this to begin. I will be making down payment on Monday and paying cash for the whole procedure. A BBL and Breast augmentation w/lift. I was quoted in Oct 2012 -$16,100 for everything.........I am hoping with my fingers crossed that they will honor that quote. If not I guess I will swallow the cost. (Not in that way...LOL)

I am so excited!!! Official consult is tomorrow @...

I am so excited!!! Official consult is tomorrow @ 10am. I will post with info. I was quoted $16,100 for BBL and Breast augmentation with lift in October. I will let you guys know if anything has changed. I'm hoping for a late September early October date. I heard he was booked up until September, so fingers crossed!!!

I now have an official date!!! Going October 4,...

I now have an official date!!! Going October 4, 2013 @ 7:30am. Now the wait begins. I am so excited. Shelly answered all of my questions and gave me all needed information. She was very pleasant. Now I am waiting for Dr. Jimerson to call back. He is in surgery.

For all of us that are going in September, October...

For all of us that are going in September, October and November; let's keep an update. Hopefully some of us may meet around the dates and even have hotels close to each other so that we can have someone close who truly undestands. Private messages are OK , So happy for those who have gone, Those who are close and those who will be going!! Let's get it!!!

OK, so I have been gathering supplies as funds...

OK, so I have been gathering supplies as funds permit. So far I have 3 Maxi Dresses, 2 Vedette garments (Large and Medium), Female urinal, gloves, alcohol wipes, Bromelain, Iron, Band aids, gauze, tape, socks, house shoes, yoga pants, camis, large shirts, compression bra for augmentation with stabalization band, thermometer and robe. Let me know if there are some must haves (Vets) and things that you may have (Newbies). Thanks ladies and looking forward to Mo' Bootay!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I have been stalking Dr. J since August. I finally got the nerves to make my appointmen. I am so happy for all of those who have gone before me, those who have just been done and those who are waiting for their dates like me!

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Congrats sweetheart on nursing school and booking your date! Wishing u the best!
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Congrats on your upcoming graduation!! I too am in nursing school & graduate Dec 2013!! Can't wait!! We're treating ourselves with these bootays!! Good luck hun
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Love the new pic..... Congrats on graduating from nursing school (i know its not actually til may lol but congratulations in advance)..... Get your money girl!!!!!! Lol
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Damn girl u ready!! Congrats on nursing school grad! Ima c dr j on oct 18th. I was considering a breast aug with lift (lost all my tits with my weight loss) but honestly don't think I can deal with dealing in front and back at the same damn time so power to u!! We gotta keep in touch! I'm 5'5 and 148 now but dr j want me to be 160 for sx but think ima just be 150 (plan on dropping to 135 for summer sexy).. Will continue to follow ur journey!! :)
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Hey now!!! We are going to get it. I figured if I did both at the SAME DAMN TIME (LOL) it would be better for recovery and getting back to work. Boobs point straight to the FLO! If you do need to gain weight get protein shakes and eat whatever you want. It will b good in the end! Keep me posted!
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Congrats on the surgery date and graduation! I am scheduled with Dr. J on 12/4/13. He told me I need to lose 15-20 pounds. I just got off of the treadmill.
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LOL! You are going to make those pounds. I found a pedometer on ebay and they show you how many steps you take a day and they say 10,000 steps = weight loss. I know you are going to do it!! Keep me updated!
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Congrats on almost finishing. I know its a huge deal. Are you doing your preceptorship now? Make sure to test right away though; (I ran away to di islands back in 08 b4 taking my NCLEX and made things way harder on myself). I love your graduation present to yourself........those are always the best. Good luck on your journey Miss LaBella!
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Thanks Chica!!!!! I'm testing in JUne. Did Nurse Extern last summer and have a position set with the health care facility that I worked for. Let's get it! Thanks so much for your encouragement!
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Major congrats on your upcoming graduation! I'm scheduled in Sept. I'll be following your story for sure.
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Thanks sooooo much!
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Thanks ladies!! I am looking forward to talking to people going around the same time as I am. My fiance' is coming with....but he's a man and I am sure he won't be much help besides getting food. LOL
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Hey hun Congrats on nursing school and on ur surgery date!!!
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Congrats!!:)) Always good to hear/see women doing their thang!! Also, good luck on your journey!! #teamjimerson
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Congrats I am excited for you! Also congrats on nursing school, do ya thang boo! Did you choose October, or is that the only month he had available? My consult is on Feb 28th, I was trying to have my surgery done no later than May, if possible.
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He is in September now! I chose that date so that I can have my b-day free. Good luck with your consult.
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Chicago...my home town but i'm in ATL now! Congrats on nursing school it's always good to see a woman making it happen ;) Congrats on your appointment, Shelly is really cool actually the whole office is great. Why wouldn't they be when they work for an amazing doctor... good luck!!
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Thanks so much! I am so looking forward to it. The wait is going to kill me.
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Yay congrats!! Excited to speak to Shelly today myself..
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Let me know how your consult went!
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You GO GIRL!!! *in my martin voice* lol... Bachelors then str8 to Grad school impressive to say the least! :) ive got 2 years left in nursing school. But it'll be well worth it. I wish you well on your bbl journey. :D God bless.
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Let me know when you get to care plans...I got plenty on deck!!!! (Only nursing students!) Can't wait for it to be over. Congrats and I can't wait to be in the ATL!
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best of luck to u. and early congrats on graduation n grad school! im gonna c dr jimerson at that time! #team jimerson
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Keep me posted!
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