Finally the follow-up!! Almost 6 weeks PO #Pics added #TeamJCurves - Suwanee, Ga

I am so glad that I stumbled onto this site....

I am so glad that I stumbled onto this site. I’ve been stalking it big time. I wish I knew about it last year when I had my first sx. So much wonderful info, things that I hadn’t even thought of has been posted by you lovely ladies. So briefly about me I’m a Cali native, born and bred Bay Area, but I now live in Atlanta and have been for the past 4 yrs. I’m 33 married mother of 2, my daughter 13, son 2. I’ve been considering a BBL for about 3yrs now, but I chose to do a TT and BA in Jan2010 instead and thought I would get over the fact that I had no @ss… Well I got over it briefly and now I’m back on the BBL band wagon. My first procedure was with Dr. Jimerson, I absolutely love my results and his office staff. I have an awesome patient/Dr relationship with Dr. J. Not to mention his BBL work is amazing. True artistry!

I do apologize if I didn't make myself completly...

I do apologize if I didn't make myself completly clear in my intro... I have only had a TT and BA with Dr.J, but I will have my BBL done on Nov 30, 2012.

I'm 5'9 1/2, normal weight while working out is 155, and measurements are
Bust 37 (34D)
Waist 27
Hips 40

I had my consult with Dr. Jimerson on Sept 5th and he advised me that I needed to gain 10-15lbs... UGGGHHHH!! For someone that worksout and put in the time and effort that I did to get to where I was is a rough pill to swallow... But hey, If you want an @ss you gotta do, what you gotta do Right?? I had considered an implant, but the complications of that wasn't something that I wanted to deal with. So I'm packing on the pounds... I hadn't worked out in about a week prior to seeing Dr. J due to my work schedule, so it wasn't hard for me to keep it that way and just pig out.

My current measurments are 37-28-40.5 158lbs
It doesn't seem like a lot has changed, but as you can see in my before and afters. I've definitely gained weight.
I had to come to your page to check out your boobs. They look great! What was your cup size before and what size implant did u get? I have been so focused on the BBL that I pretty much pushed the BA to the side but now I'm suddenly running out of time. Also, when you had the BA, tummy tuck and lipo, in which position did you sleep? I' a stomach sleeper and this is worrying me.
Thanks girlie! I was a B cup.. I got 500cc's now a very full D cup. When I gain weight my cup runs over.. Lol I wanted them to stay at DD which they were after sx, but once they settled in & swelling subsided they stayed a D. With the TT you have to sleep on your back on an incline, which is opposite for the BBL. The office gives advise on how to sleep when your doing boobs & butt, I think it's mostly on your side that you will sleep since you can't put pressure on your chest or buns.
Pull a chair at the table for Thanksgiving. You will get to your goal weight.

It has been a while since I have last updated,...

It has been a while since I have last updated, though I'm on here daily like a stalker in everybody elses business.. LOL I love to read the updates, just don't like to do them. I promised myself that once I have the surgery I will update daily for at least the 1st week and weekly thereafter.
So I had my medical clearance exam on 11/2 with my primary Dr. got my labs done. He drilled me about where I knew Dr.J from and if he was reputable. I explained that he did my first sx, so I know his work. He asked if he was old with shaky hands.. We both laughed, I'm like no Dr. Smith he's in his like late 30's and the bomb. I asked him if he watched the TI and Tiny Show, but of course he didn't.. Thought I'd ask anyway and explained that a bit. He was happy after that. He just wanted to make sure I wasn't going out of the country or to someone I just pulled out of a hat. I used to work in my primary Dr's office so he was going the extra mile! When my labs came back he faxed my results with my clearance to Dr.J's office.
Today I met with Kim one of the nurses in Dr.J's office and did my paperwork, got my prescriptions and reviewed post op care. I heard DrJ in the hall and asked if he could look at me real quick to see if I had enough fat to work with. So he popped in and I lifted my shirt so he could see my gut and back and said with the other areas that I'm having done (inner & possible outer thigh) that I should be good, but keep eating. I said 850? he said "I think 750, but you know I'm gonna hook you up!" We laughed he left.. LOL Of course he hooks everybody up right?!
Speaking of hooking up... Man y'all have got to see Monica's @$$ when y'all go in. He did that! When I say her bootie bankin'! She's like 3 weeks post op and she let me feel it. It's already getting jiggly.
It's finally starting to sink in.............. She got a donk, she got a donk, shake somethin, shake somethin... This is what keeps playing in my head over and over. LOL
Until next time ladies....... xoxo
good luck hon!! your results are going to be very nice!
Thanks doll!
Ur gonna look awesome!!! U already have a great body!! Good luck w u SX ! Keep us posted....

Well ladies I am only a few days away from the...

Well ladies I am only a few days away from the last piece of my body transformation. I have reached my goal weight of 170lbs. I gained the full 15lbs that I needed as of Friday. I barely made it! LOL
I am very much excited for Tuesday to get here, but I can't concentrate on myself until after Monday afternoon. My son has to have a minor sx procedure tomorrow morning. He has to have tubes placed in his ears so they drain properly, he has frequent ear infections & constant fluid in his ears. He's only 2 & will go under general anesthesia. I'm very nervous for him as I haven't had either one of my babies go through any type of surgery. I'm prayerful that all goes well, but when it's your child it's very nerve wrecking. It's only a 15 minute procedure & 30 minute recovery. Praying all goes smoothly for him.

OAN I will update pre op pics that I took today to reflect my weight gain.
Good Luck Hunn!!! It's time!!!! You'll do Great!!

Now I can truly get excited for myself!!! Praising...

Now I can truly get excited for myself!!! Praising God that everything went well with my son's procedure today. He bounced back so fast as if he didn't have anything done to him today. I'm so thanking God for that!!!

Now I have to give a shout out to my husband for all of his support. If it wasn't for him and his finances this journey would have been very stressful.
I need to update my measurements as well
On 11/5/12 38-32.5-42, thigh 24 at 164lbs
as of last night 11/25/12 39-33-43, thigh 25 at 170lbs

I'm the first surgery of the day tomorrow. I have to be at the office at 6:45am. I am too juiced right now. It is all finally hitting me at one time like a ton of bricks... This is finally happening...
Best of luck miss lady! I know you are so excited! I will keep you in my prayers and I wish you a speedy recovery. Keep us updated! Hopefully you are sleeping right now, getting some rest before your big day!
Thank you girl! Naw I ain't sleep.. LOL my nerves are keeping me up.. They are totally getting to me right now.
GL Cali! I will be praying for you!... Your gonna look amazing;) Keep us posted

Well ladies on my way to DrJ's office. Boy my...

Well ladies on my way to DrJ's office. Boy my nerves were getting the best of me last night. I finally went to sleep in the 1 o'clock hour & woke up at 5am. I did some good ol praying & woke up feeling a lot better. I'll holla at you ladies on the other side!! xoxo

Hey beautiful people! I made it to the other side....

Hey beautiful people! I made it to the other side. It has taken me all day to get up enough strength to update. Everything went very well. I was home by like 2p and actual sx was 7:30, though I think it started a little late. Thank for all your prayers and well wishes. I will update detail later with pics.
Girl are you okay?? We haven't heard from you since the day you got out of surgery.. Hope you have been healing well and that everything turned out great!
finally someone who has had tt and ba from dr j. u look great can I inbox u???getting mm march 1
Hey Miss CaliBred! Haven't heard from you since you got out of surgery. Hope you are healing well and feeling better. Would love to hear from you soon. Happy Holidays boo!!

Hello ladies! I know it has been a while since...

Hello ladies! I know it has been a while since I’ve updated, but I’m back! Ok so let me give you a brief run down on my experience…… I was thrilled that I didn’t have any vomiting after sx as I usually do when coming out of general anesthesia. The CRNA Chris was the bomb for that. I told him that I always have nausea and vomiting after and he said he would give me a different cocktail than what I had last time. And when I woke up in recovery Rene gave me a Zofran (anti-nausea med) and that did the trick…. So in recovery I was on my back initially and when I 1st woke up and Rene asked me if I wanted to turn on my side. I was like um yeah, I need to get off my buns. So she and another nurse assisted with that. I had the shakes and was super cold, so they gave me another blanket and put this wonderful blower under the cover to blow hot air on me to warm me up. I then realized how damn sore I was.. She asked me how I felt my response was sore as hell!! Dr.J peeked around the curtain and was like how are you feeling. I could only say sore. He told me he really contoured my abs and that’s why I’m so sore…
I asked for my husband and he was brought back there. After I drank some water & took some pain meds I was feeling better. Rene asked if I was ready to try to get up and I was, so after my IV was removed. I was helped up and they helped me dress. I was draining from what they thought was my drain, but I later found it was one of my sutures. She asked if I wanted to be wheeled to the car? I’m like no I’m good I’ll walk. So she and my husband assisted me in walking ever so slow to the truck. I had pillows and comforter already laid out in the back seat ready for me. It was a little rough climbing in, but it worked. I live an hour away from the facility and that ride seemed hella long…
So the 1st few days post op were the worst. I had no pain, just very sore especially in my abs. It felt like I had done a million sit ups. My butt wasn’t painful, just very heavy, hard and sore. But I can say that this recovery is a cake walk compared to having a TT hands down. I took my garment off on day 2 and was able to assess how bruised I was. And my thighs were bruised something fierce!! They didn’t swell as bad as they did in my previous surgery, but they were bruised way worse. I’m so glad I bought a female urinal. That thing became my BFF. I got the one that’s called EZ-Pee it looks like a funnel and fit right into the opening of the garment and worked wonderfully… I only took my pain meds for about 3 days. I took the muscle relaxers here and there after that. My recovery was very smooth and uneventful. I had 3200cc’s removed and 800cc’s in each cheek and 150cc’s in each hip.
Now when I first got a good look at my butt on day2 po when I took off my garment I was not thrilled. Period. I was like why is it so high and flat on the bottom. I was freaking out because it didn’t look right at all to me. When Rene called me to check up on me she said it was normal and to give it time to get soft and it will drop and take shape. I’m like are you sure cuz it’s lookin a fool right now?? She said She was sure because hers did the same thing and she had the same reaction. So I also text Aziza and she gave me the same spiel. So I’m like well when I have my po I will be talking to Dr.J about this….
So I have my 1week po and saw Kim another nurse, she took out my drain went over my lipo’d areas to see if there was any seromas and low and behold she found one. I totally didn’t notice it. It was very small and on my lower left abdomen. She drained it for me and said if it returns to come back and have it drained again, but to keep more compression on it. It was only 10cc’s that was drained. So we reviewed after care and a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t remember, but I asked her about my concern with the flatness and she said the same thing the other two had said. She answered all of my questions, but I wanted to see Dr.J and hear it from the horses mouth. Luckily he was out of surgery and came in to see me. He said I was healing great and explained that I was a hard case. I’m like really I thought since my butt was loose and jiggly it would be easy. He was like no, you never know what a person is going to be like until you actually get in there. He went on to explain that I almost didn’t have enough good fat and explain how he had to break-up the fat in my butt in order to get the new fat in. And my sx took longer than expected. I addressed my butt concerns and he told me exactly what everyone previously said, that it will drop and fluff as it gets softer and the new fat cells get there blood supply and round out nicely. He said it was round when I was on the table and the fat tends to move up and hold high on some people. Well I guess I’m one of those people who couldn’t see immediate results.
My buns began getting soft around the edges at week 2 and I could see the changes starting to happen. Things were popping out. It seemed like there were changes every few days until my 4 week mark. Now my ass is round and about 90% soft… It jiggles when I walk and I can make it clap.. LOL
I can now say I’m completely happy with my ass. Fluffing is very real. I wasn’t a believer in fluff, but I watched it happen. Now I’m just waiting patiently to get back in the gym to get my arms and thighs on point. No cardio, just weight training.
Lastly thank you to everyone for all of the well wishes and prayers and for checking on me!

Oh and New Years Eve was a day before my 5 week...

Oh and New Years Eve was a day before my 5 week mark. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to or not, but I did shake a tail feather or two when we went out.. LOL
Thank you for this review girl, I am going thru the same problem with my needing to drop and fluff. I had a nice round butt before I had SX and I worked out like a gym rat. Our story is similar. I also received 800ccs on each side and 200 in each hip and he had to dig to get my fat esp in my abdomen. I worry my booty is way too top heavy and hope these fat cells start moving down some. Thanks for sharing this story you give me hope!
How are things with you. Hope you come back and give another update. God bless you and the family..
I'm still amazed by your results. You look great. How are you holding up? Are you still happy with your results?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Jimerson not only because he has "hooked me up" as he likes to say with my first surgery, but because of his skill on the bootie. He has perfected the JCurve. And he knows how to give you that nice, big, round @$$ without it looking sloppy and stank. (IMO)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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