Has anyone stayed at Healing Haven? Silhouette recovery? Let me know what you think.

Hey Beauties, after extensive research, I...

Hey Beauties, after extensive research, I scheduled my Tummy Tuck and BBL with Dr. Jimerson. He is very expensive but I think he is the best doctor to acheive my goals (small waist, and a nice bubble with hips to match.) However I am concerned of combining the TT with a BBL. See a lot of the fat on my body is harvested in my trunk region, like my stomach and oblique area. I believe that is the region that Dr. J will get most of the fat for my BBL. When performing a TT, most doctors DO lipo the abdominal area, but not aggressively because they are concerned of the blood flow to the "flap". And I really need a small waist.

Should I just go ahead and have my BBL, heal up and get the best results possible and then schedule my TT for a later time?

Its interesting, when I first started viewing this site I noticed a lot of girls were either going to Salama or Dr. J. Now it seems like everyone is going out of country to yily, or campos or the DR. And theres nothing wrong with that either, just noticing the trends.


I was team jimerson and here are my results after 3 weeks. He took my 20000$ and messed p my body with a deformed butt and a ridiculous j tuck.I m highly disappointed by dr jimerson work.i won't recommend him
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Sorry about your results. Thats crazy, there have been a lot of unhappy campers who went to him lately. Popular doesn't always equate to great work. He has done great and not so great results. Discuss it at your po appt.
#Nycutie...thank you for your input but i am very confident that i have chosen the best physician for my body after 12mos of extensive research and one on one consultations in and out of the state i reside in. Everyones ndd for bbl,tt or ba is different so opinionated statements shld be kept. to a minimum but keeping it positive and encouraging for all! Ues im 100% sure of what my surgical ndds are and after making such a huge investment it will look like ive had the proceedure and not as if the physician just experimented or practiced on my body. Every woman on here im sure os fully aware that she will have to eat healthier and exercise to keep her new physique to prevent flab as she ages. I am ans i alwsys encourage everyone of ny RS sisters that they are already SEXY AND WONDERFULLY MADE before they have their proceedure! Dr Jimersen states he approaches his surgeries in an aggressive approach from day one of speaking to each and everyone of his pts. He is a physician who will not conduct a TT IF ITS NOT NEEDED. CONGRATULATIONS on your satisfied journey :) TEAMJIMERSEN DRJCURVES!!!!!
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Has anyone ever had a BBL and a Tummy Tuck at the same time?

As you can tell from my earlier post, I'm undecided to have my BBL and Tummy Tuck at separate times or have them together. On one hand I want to have them combined because honestly, i dont want to have to put my body through two procedures. I just want to be in there one time and done!! If I combine the procedures it's less expensive and I wont have to look at my saggy skin after the BBL.

On the other hand, I would like to have them separately because i'm concerned my surgeon will not be aggressive with the lipo to my abdominal area because he will be concerned about the blood flow to the "flap" for the tummy tuck. Also, after he does my BBL, he will have to lie me on my back to perform the Tummy Tuck and we all know this is a big no no for the BBL. I'm no plastic Surgeon or anything and I'm sure they have different methods for combining the two procedures but I want to protect my investment. Hell, I'm paying you a lot of money and I want the best possible results for both procedures.... After all we only get one body.


hey bigbootybarbie my surgery is scheduled with dr jimerson for October 2014. gosh our dates are close yet so far...anyway I have been wondering the same thing about the bbl and tt performed together. I was told by my consultant that I would look nothing like my wish pic if I don't get the tummy tuck. yet its not like I wont get it at all...just not together due to recovery issues. i have seen how other girls combine the procedures and noticed how the surgeon must have been focusing on the belly because the ass is usually the department that lacks. i want no distractions. anyway happy to follow your post :)
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hey girl I agree. I was talking to a patient coordinator yesterday and I was telling her that i was concerned about having them combined bc of recovery issues and bc I seen the pics of the girls that have them combined and their BBL looks so so. I want the best BBL possible and the best TT possible.
I had both combined and I won't adviced you that. Because by law he can only take 5000 cc so just to the Bbl before and after if needed you can Do the tummy tuck. And the recovery is very painful.i had my surgeries 4 weeks ago and I m extremly unhappy with my results.
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Does anyone absolutely love their waist cincher/faja?

I'm in search of a good waist cincher/faja/tummy compressor... anything that will make my tummy small wearing clothes


I got my from ebay... Search faja waist cincher.. Very good prices and different options. I think the seller name is bestdeals or something like that. Good luck!
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hey thanks!! do you like it? Does it make your waist small?

I ordered a squeem

Ok, I ordered a waist cincher from Leonisa and the squeem. Hopefully I'll like both of them.

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more wish pics, will post pics of myself as soon as i edit my face and tats out

More wish pics,

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HELP, I'm already on the Schedule for Dr. J but i'm starting to love Yily and Duran's work.........

To me, Its about the results, not about the money. I want a surgeon that is going to give me what I want...the more and more I read these reviews and see the before and after pics on RS. The more I'm starting to love Yily and Durans work. I mean, these women deliver some video vixen hour glass bodies. I don't know if they are allowed to lipo much more in the DR than here in the states. I've been planning this SX for a long time and chose Dr. J as my Surgeon because he was the best. but now i'm starting to think he's just the most expensive. It's like a hit or miss with him and I'm not liking all that. If I'm paying you $12,000, you better lipo all the fat out of my midsection. Not do a half ass job (no pun intended) and leave some there. I see girls with booty's but their waist is still big. O_o


I have seen duran's work in person and it looks amazing!! She had patients from 2010-2011 who still look amazing, I am not just looking for a nice bottom but an entirely new siloutte and looking at her post ops years later she Is amazing yily always is good, but duran is on fire. 8f you are going to spend that kind of money make sure you go to someone who will deliver!
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Check out my blog sister it may help for your decision.
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hi i had sx with dr Jimerson july 16th and he totally deliverd %100 everything i wanted i look amazing i have a tiny waist and a huge booty my back has that awesome custom jcurve dip i couldn't be happier, are u really willing to go to a third world country and not even be put to sleep to have sx?? WHAT THE HELL IS THE "BLUE PILL" ANYWAY?? and as far as rs member "robbed" she was very over weight and told to lose weight and she did not u have to meet ur surgeon half way ladies.... if u have any questions about my experience inbox me and i will answer all of ur questions. good luck with everything :)
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So I've been emailing Duran for a couple weeks,

in English and Spanish. but she wont respond to me, Is this normal? Does anyone know of an alternate route to get a hold of her. Also, I've been researching this plastic surgery Consultant company called "bellavita", Has anyone ever used them to coordinate their surgery and stay in DR? I would love to use them, and the fee is $150, I just don't want to get got. LOL


Real recovery armonia! They have a 24 hour nurse 3 meals , transportation, and a lady for massages everyday. Check them out on Facebook!
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girl,that was my first choice, I seen them on fB and it looks really nice and clean. I just haven't researched any other places....Just want to explore all my options
The best RH N THE DR IS UPSCALE WHCH IS OWNED BY NJPRBEAUTY ur RS SISTER snd she opens Jan 15th,2014!!! Reliable TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM AIRPORT, Doctors POST OPT APPTS, Great healthy food,direct one on pne contact w Dr yily and u need no long list of supplies everyone so u should CONTACT HER!!!
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Confused on how this deposit / setting a date with duran works.

Ok, so I chatted with Dra Duran Via FB and she told me that she could do BBL, Liposculpture, TT on the date I requested (August 25, 2014). She also quoted me for the surgery at $4,500. We chatted for a minute and she sent me the standard info that she sends everyone pretty much explaining what medications to take before surgery, medications you will need after surgery, what the price includes, how long you will have to be in DR, Recovery House info and how to make the deposit.

Ok this is where I start getting confused. Once I wire Duran the money via Citibank, does she send me an email stating "hey Mrs. Big Booty Barbie, I received your deposit, your surgery is set for this date: August 25, 2014 " or is the FB chat that I had with her all I get.... how do I know her offices received my money? I'm just concerned because what I don't want to happen is I buy tickets for me and my husband to go to DR, and I get there and i'm not on the schedule. Can someone help me out and explain this to me...

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is Citibank the only bank that will do wire transfers to durans account

I'm just wondering because duran told me to do the wire transfer through Citibank to her account, but i'm just curious as to why I couldn't just transfer straight through my bank? Also is there another method of paying this deposit besides wire transfer?

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Real recovery Armonia, Healing Haven or Silhouette Recovery???

Hey dolls, my first choice is real recovery Armonia.... but I haven't researched any other places... Is there any that you liked?


How do you pm someone I wanted to look into spending my recovery with NJPRbeauty but don't know how to inbox her.
She's not on here anymore luv, they removed her journal becz she opened a RH facility and thought she was on her to advertise WHN she wasn't ! So either u can watsapp her or I have her number posted on my part two journal! Whn by pm someone u hit on their name and a black box will appear and u hit private message! Pm me and I will get her to call u if she is not over on the d.r but watsapp is the best way
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